Breast Reduction Scar Cover Tattoo - Charlotte, NC

After ending up with alot of ugly scarring, I...

After ending up with alot of ugly scarring, I decided that rather than risk poor healing twice, I would just cover the scars with a tattoo that I love. Since I struggled to find example pictures, I've decided to post mine to help the next lady out with this desicion. Here are my post breast reduction surgery scar and tattoo cover up pictures.


WoW that is a beautiful tattoo! and a GREAT idea, thank you for sharing:)
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Sorry about your scarring but what an amazing tattoo! Hi did a beautiful piece of art to showcase your perfect nipple. Looks awesome. I would love to see the one on your hip ;)
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I have to say I have never been a big fan of tattoos but yours are absolutely beautiful & more than that they will help you feel more beautiful which is the most important thing. Thank you for sharing!
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I should also share, that I am one of those women...

I should also share, that I am one of those women who took MONTHS to heal. I had terrible necrosis! A home health care aid came twice a week to pack, and repack, the holes that were in my chest, for months.....until it could heal from the inside out. Keep hope, struggling healers! I still would do it all over again! G to B....What a differance!

p.s my tattoo has healed and pealed....and pealed, with no troubles! Hurrayyy!


I love the fact that even though it didn't all go as planned you would still do it all over again it give other women who are trying to decide insight on how wonderful it is and how much the pro's out weigh the cons when it comes to this type of surgery. I also have to add that your tattoo is absolutely beautiful what a great idea you came up with.
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I too was a long healer almost 3 months and had to have a 2nd surgery because of trouble with 46 J also have the scars and "lost" a nipple but I'm 59 and wish I'd done it long ago, would so do it again too. Never thought I could go "braless"... now a large c/ small d they look so small I think I need a padded
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That's exactly what motivated me to share my pics!

Thank you, to all who've appreciated them.
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**Thank you, ladies. Every time I come back to...

**Thank you, ladies.

Every time I come back to this page, and run through all the thoughts in my head, about having shared my new “girls” with the WHOLE world, via the internet, I remember, too, the days of looking at myself in the mirror and wondering if I’d made the right choice in having the reduction in the first place. Your understanding of why I posted these pictures is very reassuring to me. I am absolutely glad I had the surgery; My life really is better, because of it. These pictures and this posting, help to remind me of what a path of transformation our lives really are, and I hope my pics continue to help others when making this sometimes scary decision.


I just lve your tattoos, they are beautiful. I have several tattoos andI would like to get one over my left breast. My plastic surgeon died suddenly on 4/22/13. I was not even discharged from his care and he was a dear friend and a truly gifted surgeon. I will either have his initials or his birthdate hidden in my tattoo. Thank you for your strength and courage to put yourselfout there on the internet. I still cannot believe I did it too.
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Awe, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. That is terrible...& he was so young still. I think hidden initials are a great way to pay homage to him. Any idea's about what the rest of your tattoo will be? Thank you for your reassurances to me of my pics. Like you, I think that this site is very helpful for woman still standing on the fence in fear. Even people like me, who didn't heal well, would still recommend breast reduction surgery. It really is a life changer...and such a good change! Hearing others journeys must be helpful to those who are still undecided. Thank you for sharing your story and pics, too, you look great!
Thank you. My ps was only 57 and still no definitive answer on the cause of death which leaves a lot of speculation, most of which is not at all flattering. I would love to get a vine of pink cabbage roses on my breast. Right now I am going to have more surgery on 6/6/13 . I have a mass of scar tissue right above my right nipple. It is probably fat necrosis from such a large reduction. Of course I had to find a new ps which was pretty scary since there are a lot of not so good ones out there. He is also going to revise my drain scars which are deep. I will post my new tattoo on my space , it will be later in the summer.

Tatto artist update

The fantastic artist, whom I used, has moved. John Williams is now working out of Diamond Thieves Marion. A tattoo shop in Marion, North Carolina.


Omg my second post, man I love that tattoo omg! Can u email me the details please ive been lookn for months! Ive lost 100pounds so I had breast skin and stomach skin removed, I feel better just lookn at urs, it make me feel I can be sexy again please email me, did it hurt?
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What kind of details are you looking for? Sorry I didn't get back to you more quickly....For some reason I didn't get any notification of your message.
brilliant! i agree tats are permanent, and should be fully thought out/ considered prior! your's is lovely! i've thought of a tat myself to cover up ba removal marks, but i promised myself i would give it a full 6 months to a year to fully weight the pros and cons.
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All's well

Hope everyone else is doing well too.


I just ran across your post here and am glad that you have found a positive way to deal with what must have been a horrible bunch of months! Since I am preop your story does make me nervous. All surgery has risks. Do you have any idea why the necrosis in both breasts. G to B sounds like they took a lot, perhaps too much and they should have done a free nipple graft to go that small?
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I am going to North Carolina next month, your tattoo is beautiful. But I think it is to soon for me to cover my scars.. I only did my surgery in January, and I have some scars I hate, as well as the end of my scars are fat and elevated.
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What an amazing idea! It looks brilliant!
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John Williams of Absolute Tattoo

Be sure to find an artist who listens! This is a PERMANENT option that requires serious thought and planning, beforehand.

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