In Love with my NEW Girls. Said Goodbye to Thelma & Louise Aug 20th, 2012 - Charlotte, NC

Hello Everyone!!!...I have been reading all the...

Hello Everyone!!!...I have been reading all the comments before and after my surgery and I have to say to everyone that your comments and photos have reallyyyy helped. Because of all the info I found here I went to my PS's office on my pre-op with a long list of questions... but you guys have helped me TREMENDOUSLY. THANK YOU.
I have wanted to do this reduction since teenage yrs. Finally did it on 8/20/12. No insurance because I am 52 and wanted it done like NOW. Waited long enough and did NOT want to wait for insurance approval etc.

Surgery was 10 am 8/20/12... got home at around 3pm and don't even recall the ride home. I have somewhat of a high tolerance for pain and so I did not take any of the pain meds or any OTC. My husband had already prepared his man cave for me... so when I got home I was placed in his recliner with everything one could possibly need. He then prepared the air mattress so he could be in the room with me at all times. It has now been over three weeks and we are both still in his man cave with him on the air mattress.

I am healing perfectly I think. I am just STILL very sensitive/tender/takes a min or so to straighten up after I get up from sitting/laying for any long period of time. I still wear the surgical bra because whenever I go without it and wear a sports bra I end up having little pains here and there.

I am also feeling these really sharp cram pings here and there (nipples/breast). My nipples are EXTREMELY sensitive so even today I cannot let anything touch them. So I wear a gauze pad inside the bra at all times. Still need help putting on that bra. I feel that whenever I shower I get little cramping at the incision areas under the breast... I guess when they get wet/damp. I try not to push it by bending all the way down to do my toes/feet etc.

I went from a G to what seems to be maybe a C. My next visit is on Tues 9/18 so I will get measurements then.
Did anyone still have sharp cramps and overly sensitivity to their nipples even at this time? almost a month. I had the Lollipop cut.
Also wanted to ask how long does the pouch under the arm/sides of breast where they did the lipo.... How long does that take to go away? or does it?

Your progress is amazing. I will be one week postoperative on Wednesday. My pain has been minimal. I am anxious about my nipples. They look very dry, but the PS did not instruct me to apply cream to them. My breasts looked like A/B after surgery, but this morning they look more like C. They are not warm so I don't think that there is an infection.

You are an inspiration. Thank you!
Yes you look fantastic!! So happy for you!!!

Wow, you look amazing and have been so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your story.



Hello Everyone.... I'm now 1 month Post Op......

Hello Everyone.... I'm now 1 month Post Op... feeling great.. back to work. By Friday I was feeling some pain on left side of breast/under arm jowls... could not put my arm down completely.. so I guess it may have been from the week of driving/train rides/walking etc.. so I will be resting a bit this weekend.
I have tried to reply to all the comments several times and it never seems to get carried over to this page... not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Iowa71...Thanks!!!!.... can you explain "zingers" for me? are those the sharp pains/cramps in the breasts as they heal/reconnect?... any how long did it take for those swollen/painfull jowls/under the arm to go away for you? I am going on a cruise/vacation 10/7 and so Dr said by then I can lift my carry-on but she wants me to ask someone on the plane to lift it up into the overhead. I just hope by then I will be able to wear regular bra.

Symone75.....Hi,Thank you. My right nipple is settling down some. Still waiting for everything to be a bit more relaxed as you mentioned.

Kimberly216... Hello... You will be sooo happy. I am very happy I did it. I just can't even find the words the explain how happy I really am. My clothing fits sooooo much better. Even jewelry that would sit ON TOP of my chest now just lays flat the way they are supposed to be.,,, and not to mention how my new tops fits perfectly. I LOVE IT. Best of Luck/Wishes. You Will Be Great!!!!

Alicia.... Thank you and you're welcome : )


strummer12.... Hi..How are you doing? What size were you expecting? A/B or C? Are you coming along ok?
LOL!!! Thelma and Louise?! Whaha! I called my under arm jowls, jowls too! I was originally told I'd have lipo so when I later encountered these jowls I was a bit confused! I had intense nipple sensitivity around 3 and 4 weeks. I've never been so unhappy with cold places. I'm 6 weeks out now and I don't have the sharp pains our nipple intensity for you. Happy cruising! You're gonna feel like a star with your new girls.

For the first couple of weeks I was strictly on my back. Then I went to where I would wedge a pillow under my back and kind of propped myself up so that I was sleeping more on my side, but there was no weight on my breasts. I also placed a pillow below my breasts under my tummy to keep me from rolling over further. As time went on I was finding that I was waking up more and more toward my side and eventually tummy. I figured if it was hurting it would wake me up in the night if I was trying to turn over (and there were times it did!) My PS did not give me a specific amount of time that I was to keep off of my side.

Yes the zingers that you are feeling (the sharp little jabs of pain) are the nerves reconnecting. This is a very good sign that things are progressing perfectly! By six months I had them infrequently, though I occassionally still have one, but it is rare. I think by abour 3 months I didn't notice them too often.

I think you could wear a bra for your trip. An underwire may not be very comfortable at that point though. A lot of the girls found the the Bali Comfort Revolution bra to be amazingly comfortable at this point in their recovery. Maybe you could give that a try and see what you think.

Glad to hear you are doing so well. Make sure you are getting your rest this weekend!
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