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My procedure is several weeks away. I'm planning...

My procedure is several weeks away. I'm planning to post post-op comments days, weeks and months post-op to help as many of you as I can. I'm not looking forward to the scars involved with an anchor incision, but it's really my only option. I'm 5'9" with an athletic build. My height and muscle tone make it possible for me to go from a b cup to a d cup, so I'm all in! More to come as I start to freak out before the procedure!
Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Yes, I totally agree that taller woman can gracefully and naturally carry larger breasts. Do you know what type and size implants you'll be getting? I have seen some excellent lift results with minimal scarring. Often times the scars fade to almost nothing within a year. Looking forward to your updates. April will be here before you know it!
I'm adding around 450c and silicone implants. The size may change since we will redo the 3D imaging at the post op visit. My husband is going with me for that visit, and we like to joke that we are "shoe shopping" (trying things on for size).

Before Pictures

My boobs have never been perky, not even when I was a teenager. Then, two kids have taken any volume I might have had away and left them asymmetrical. Dr Y said I will have scars on both breasts from nipple down to the crease. He's hoping not to need to do a horizontal incision, but he might have to once surgery begins. Here I am, 4 weeks prior to surgery ...
I think you're going to be so happy you did the lift along with the implants. I love the shoe shopping analogy. Here is a list of recovery supplies you may want shop for too!

Pre-Op Visit Details

I had my pre-op visit on Tuesday. We had one final opportunity to take pictures and see the results on the 3D imagery system. Unfortunately, the system wouldn't program my virtual lift in the picture, but it would at least show me what various sizes would look like.

If you've never used one of these imaging systems, what they'll do is take your picture from several angles at once (it's a pretty cool system, if you're a nerd like me!). Then, you get to see a virtual version of what you might look like at various cc's and with the lift done. If I'm guessing, my asymetric boobs confused the system and the "lift" wouldn't work because of this. But, I got to see a relatively robotic, wax-figure image of what I might look like after surgery.

Otherwise, I met with Dr. Y one more time. He is optimistic about the final results, but also very realistic about the risks. Because I'm doing a combined lift and augmentation, there is a 25% chance of having to do a revision, and he was very honest about this fact. We will budget for possible revisions this summer if needed. I asked him if there was any possible way to avoid the anchor scar (verticle incision). He said he would try, but would not know until the time of surgery. It really depends on my skin, the lay of the implant and how much excess skin remains. So, again, I am realistic and appreciate his willingness to try.

I was given perscriptions for pain meds to fill before the day of surgery. I also signed consent forms and paid the full balance. Blood work was also done and they asked me to take a pregnancy test.

Surgery day is Monday, April 7th!

Day of Surgeru

The pain meds are going to make me type silly, but I'll do my best. Today was the surgery. I waited in the pre-op room in a big comfy chair under a blanket. They all treated me so well. The nurse anesthetist put in the IV while to discussed anesthesia risks. I hate the IV ... I've had two children and three other surgeries for various reasons and I still hate the IV above all! It's like going against all instinct to let someone out that big needle in your hand. But, he did a great job and it was only annoying to have it in my hand, not painful.

I walked myself to the table, but needed some help. They have me some happy juice to relax me. The NA was kind enough to tell me when I was about to go under.

The next memory I have is waking up in another room in a regular hospital bed. Probably due to the anesthesia, my memories of getting up, dressed and to the car are all just flashes. I can't really give you a detailed account of this part of the day. I was home by noon and propped up in my recliner and I've slept most of the afternoon.

My breasts, themselves don't hurt, right now. My pectoral muscles are where the real pain resides. It feels like a really severe aching throne like when you're sore from a workout, but much worse. So, I don't have incision pain right now ... Just aches from the muscle. That was unexpected.

More later. I'm taking pain meds and a muscle relaxer, so sleepy is the primary feeling. Here are some pictures from today. I also had some lipo around my chin so that's why I'm all wrapped up there. It is absolutely painless right now!

1 Day Post Op

I got my bandages off, today. I am very pleased with the way they are turning out. Obviously, they are swollen and not yet normal shaped, but they are bigger, Perkier and I'm so happy. Dr Y did end up having to do an anchor incision on both. The scar will fade. And, if the shape an size are symmetrical after the swelling goes away, I will be so proud.
Your results are awesome already, can't wait to see how you recover. Not many posts on a BL with implants, so excited to reads your review. Thanks for sharing!

2 Days Post Op

I was given a strap to wear under my bra that applies pressure to the top of my breasts and subtly pushes them downward. This is mildly uncomfortable. I also was able to take a shower and notices some light spotting of blood on the incisions. It stopped quickly, so nothing too alarming.

3 Days Post Op and Back at Work

Let me preface this segment with the fact that my surgeon suggested I take a week off from work after the surgery. Well, I went back today. I work a desk job and rarely move from my seat during the day. However, I'm a systems analyst, so keeping a clear head is most important. So, instead of taking my heavy duty pain meds, I opted for Tylenol and headed off to work.

The morning went great. I was uncomfortable, but not in severe pain. By lunchtime, I started feeling fatigued. By about 2:00, I realized I was hitting the wall and would need to come home. So, after working most of the day, I am back in my recliner and taking my prescription pain meds and a muscle relaxer.

So, can you go back to work sooner than a week? Yes, but you will feel like you ran a marathon and you won't have energy for anything else when you get home. If you have sick days at work, use them. Energy after surgery seems to come in bursts.
You look great so far! How are you feeling? I also have a random question...I see that your nails are painted in your picture with the IV. I've read that you aren't supposed to have anything at all on fingernails and toe nails. Was that not something that your PS was worried about?
Actually, they asked that I not pain my index finger because that is the finger they use for the oxygen monitor. In the PS's instructions, it just said leave the index finger clean. Along those same lines, it wasn't in my instructions, but I bathed with antibacterial hand soap the morning before my surgery. It might not have been necessary, but it made me feel better. Good question!
Oh, okay. That's good to know. I hate not having my toe nails painted, and my surgery is in the summer. Hopefully my PS will be similar to yours. Thanks! I'm also purchasing some antibacterial soap and will be using it before and after the surgery either way.

8 days and a post-op visit

Not much to update, today. Dr. Yanez showed me how to massage them to help with the stiffness I'm feeling. He didn't remove tape or take out stitches. That might happen next week. We'll see. Things are going so well, I can't complain! I am still sleeping in my recliner, because the bed seems to put too much pressure on them. Hopefully, I'll learn how to accommodate them and sleep on my back or with a pillow.
Looking great!!
You look great!! I'm loving ur skin tone too;) you make me feel so white, lol. I'm bout to start tanning next week. Ur shape and size look beautiful on ur body girl;)
Thanks, hon. It's only because we took a trip to Jamaica pre-op! :). Normally, I'm very pale and probably will be soon, since I have to avoid the sun for a while.

2 Weeks Post Op - Bandages Off

Well, today I got my first glimpse of the girls without tape! Gotta say, bug picture outlook is very good. Short term ... They are stitched up and it shows. I like to be realistic and I want others out there to have realistic expectations, too. The reality is that your boobs have been cut up, remade, stuffed and sewn together. So, 2 weeks post op, expect to have stitches and to see a dose of reality. Now, in a year, they will be beautiful and I know this. But, I want you guys out there to be prepared! Overall, I am extremely happy and I know that every day will bring improvement.

I have one stitch that was a little infected. No big deal, but it will need some antibiotic ointment (prescription strength) and I'll go back in 2 weeks. Dr Y says the wounds should be completely closed by week 4 and I can start swimming again. For now, workouts are no impact and eating healty, clean foods.

Onward ... To healing!
How does the incision feel do you feel pain I so want to do my breast augmentation I'm just so scared of the scars and the sensitivity going away on the nipples...
At this point (almost 4 weeks) there is only soreness. It's kind of like the feeling you have after a new workout when you're not used to using those muscles. The incisions are tender to touch. I recommend a really soft cotton bra when you start moving back to wearing normal bras (I have been for about a week). The incision marks are still very noticeable. The verticle line going up and down is suprisingly less noticeable than the ariola incision marks. As for the sensitivity, it hasn't come back yet. I can feel something, but it's not the same as before the surgery. It's really too soon to tell. I'll do another update with pictures on Monday!
They look good girl!

Week 4 and a half

Just dropping in for an update. Swelling is almost gone, although I still feel bloated around my midsection. If you study them, you'll see differences between them. One side doesn't quite want to drop as far as the other. Overall, they look great, so keep in mind this is just me knit-picking myself and being critical. I'm still 1000 times happier than I was before the surgery.
hey how is everything going??? can you plz upload more pics i would love to see how your scars are healing....thanks
so how ccs did you end up doing...and does your price also include anesthesia fees etc..
I was asymetrical, so I got 450 cc's in one and 425 in the other one to help even them out. They are still different, but that's to be expected with any surgery. My total bill including the lift, augmentation, and some lip I had done on my chin was approximately $10,500. The chin procedure was about $2,000. The doctor's office gave me bras, bandages and even threw in Latisse for eyelash growth as a bonus. I still had to pay for prescribed drugs through my own expense (and through insurance). Yes, anesthesia was included in the fees I'm mentioning.
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