After 5 Kids I'm Finally Getting my Breasts Back on my Chest! And a Little Liposuction of the Abs - Charlotte, NC

9 days til my big day. I'm so excited and scared...

9 days til my big day. I'm so excited and scared too! My oldest daughter is 18, I always knew I'd do it, but had to finish having babies. My youngest is now 4 and I turned 40 this year, decided I wanted my college body back. Lost 30 pounds, 60+ inches and knew it was time. I want to drop another 10-15 pounds, but dr said I will be fine to lift now.

As a photographer I am super busy leading up to the holidays then usually have some what of a lull, so thought that would be the best time to do it. I interviewed 4 PS and found one that made me feel confident he could do a good job. I asked about a tummy tuck, especially after having 5 kids, and losing some weight, but he said I really didn't need one. That made me feel good, but he suggested I do a little lipo to get the remainder of the abdominal fat that was hanging on.

So on Nov 26 after Thanksgiving, I'm biting the bullet and going for it. So excited to have youthful breasts again. After 18 years of droop, it's been a long time coming. I will post before and afters when I take them.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm expecting some pretty awesome before and afters from a pro photographer. ;0)

Seriously, I'm happy you're able to do this for yourself and am looking forward to following along on your journey.

Thanks Angie! I hope so too! I can't promise my before and afters will be spectacular as I will probably have some help from my daughter ;) ill do my best though. Thanks for the support!

36 hours til surgery and I'm getting a bit nervous...

36 hours til surgery and I'm getting a bit nervous. I'm afraid ill wake up in a lot of pain, or they won't be right or the scars will be really bad, or something. Guess there is no turning back now. I will post my before pics tomorrow. Hoping the swelling from the abdominal lipo isn't too bad. I just bought new jeans ;)

Well I am 1 day post op and couldn't be happier....

Well I am 1 day post op and couldn't be happier. My breast are exactly how I had hoped and can only get better from here. I did think the skin would be tighter, but I guess he wanted them to have a nice shape. I also did lipo of my abs and hips and that was way worse. I am bruised and sore like crazy. My breast feel fine! I am going to post my before and afters, please excuse the gore, they were just operated on yesterday :)
What size were your breasts before and after? did the lift effect size at all?
The PS said it was an optical illusion that they would appear to be smaller, but they only remove skin. I was a D cup, and as far as I can tell still a D. I might be better able to fit into a C though now. Before they seemed to crawl out the top of my C cup bras. I am super happy with them though and can't believe how natural they look and feel. (I didn't have implants). Good luck if you decide to go this route!
Hi Faith73893, congrats ! They look great! Hope you are not in too much pain? Take it easy and one day at a time, keep us updated on your progress.

Well I am 5 days out and the bruising is looking...

Well I am 5 days out and the bruising is looking better. I still have had almost no pain from my breast. The lipo areas hurt like crazy though. I manages to put a pair of jeans on today over my super sore and still swollen hips and abs, but it is still very tender. I was advised by one of the PS I interviewed that he recommends not wearing a bra during the first 3 weeks, just a fitted cami or top that is not going to cause too much pressure on the incisions. My current PS said I would probably want to wear a surgical bro or sports bra for support. I have found it much more comfortable to wear a light cotton cami under my clothes, than a bra, so that is what I have been doing. I am adding a new photo from today. Cant wait to see them without stitches and bruising.
Your lift looks great. I have wondered if a lift without implants was possible, so glad you shared your experience. I have wanted a lift ever since I quit breastfeeding my youngest 8 years ago. After 5 babies I would like them back where God put them. Thank you again for sharing your experience.
You're welcome, its totally worth it! They are better than before I had babies :)
Congrats, you look great. I'm having surgery Dec 27th. My PS says to wear an underwire bra for 3 weeks. The sports bra seems like it would aggravate the healing....

Well we are a month out and I am still super happy...

Well we are a month out and I am still super happy with the results. I do get twinges of pain every now and again in my nipples which seem to be a little bit more sensitive. I have one area that the nurse pulled on a stitch that looks like it will need to be revised. A dog ear as they call them. Other than that I have been using my scar recovery gel faithfully, and everything seems to be healing up fine. My abs and hips are still a bit tender from the lipo, but that all looks good too. I am posting updated pics.
Hey Faith. Is the twinning you feel a muscle spasm? I had something that felt like thats, but it only happened once.
I think its just the nerves where the nipple was reattached. It only happens periodically, but isnt a big deal. Im so excited I get to start wearing a normal bra again soon :) Victoria Secret here I come!
Ok. Yes Vicky Secrets here we come!!!
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