Capsular Contracture Again After Capsulectomy - Charlotte, NC

My original implant date was 2/15/12 as part of a...

My original implant date was 2/15/12 as part of a Mommy Makeover you can read that review as well. I developed a CC around 4 months PO. I did a capsulectomy on 2/18/12 where we used the same implant after removing the capsule. At around 6 weeks later approximately 3/21/13 I developed a CC. This time it happened sooo fast. One day it wasn't there and the next it was in FULL effect!!! I had no time to react. I immediately began taking vitamin e and accolate and aggressive massage and still nothing happened. It continued to develop rapidly. My PS discontinued the accolate and recommended another capsulectomy w/Strattice or another ADM.

So here I am scheduled for 5/15/13 to hopefully get this over with once and for all. This time with Strattice or Alloderm and a new implant! My original PS will be performing the surgery for the 3rd time. I am so grateful he hasn't left my side thru all of these complications I have experienced.

The explant thing is not really an option for me personally as I have waited too long to have boobies and not sure what will happen after I remove them. I think I maybe worse off. Besides I have went thru too much to get them...both time AND $ therefore...I'm KEEPING them! : )

Only other option is Strattice or Alloderm w/capsulectomy or another capsulectomy with trying a new implant. And still it can develop again so maybe I will give it the best shot now with Strattice or Alloderm.

I heard that grafting is an option as well. I wonder how that compares to using Alloderm or Strattice? Hmmm still more research to do. I asked doctor about that and he said it wasn't a good option for me.

Has anyone used Strattice or Alloderm after having a CC? I am wondering which I should go with? Basically Pig or Human? That's the main difference between the two. I just want this chapter in the book to be closed so I can get back to enjoying my new boobies! Summer is almost here.


So sorry to hear about the challenges you're experiencing with CC. This must be so frustrating for you! I don't blame you for wanting to keep your new breasts. I'll pray that your upcoming surgery is successful. Here is a link from our Doctor Q&A that touches on your question regarding Strattice being used for breast revisions. Keep us posted!

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             i know its frustrating; i have several revisions myself; hang in there it will get better; ive never has strattice or alloderm but im curious about those as well: i had cc eith my previous set of implants but it i think it was because i never massage; now i do! good luck for your revision:   
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So I was supposed to have surgery today but I...

So I was supposed to have surgery today but I pushed it back until next week on Friday. I have to make a final decision so I needed more time. Here are my 2 options:
Doc said you have two options
1. Less invasive- take out capsule by doing a complete capsulectomy (again) but this time put in a brand new implant this time and also with the Alloderm/Strattice.

God forbid it comes back but if it does our last and final resort will be option 2.

Option 2- do a complete redo and place brand new implants under muscle with the Alloderm/Strattice on both sides. This option offers the best option of it not to recur but its more invasive because it involves both breasts and its more money. This alloderm is 2-3k per sheet plus an extra implant.

So now I need to decide what route to take. Should I start with least invasive and keep my subfascial position and repair the affected breast or go for the gusto and do a complete redo (option 2) and change the position to under the muscle with alloderm/Strattice.

One good thing is that I hear that under the muscle has better mammo readings but the reason I went subfacial is because I was afraid of the distortion since I'm in the fitness field. But my friends that have unders say it's not that bad.

Lots to think about. This is very overwhelming but I want it fixed so I can go back to enjoying them. It's been a year and I've had a capsule almost the entire time. But when they were soft I LOVED them.

I'm excited to hear if anyone else had a capsule and how they treated it.


I had capsule contracture on both at my first BA and had removed with replacement of same implant on one side because other had ruptured, nothing put in as didn't even know of strattice then or other things. They were fine except for scar tissue problems on left and distortion so that brought me into entire different problem. I think if you feel comfortable as can be with your first gut feeling thought then go with it because it is such a tuff road. Wishing you all the best.
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I just read your last post, you postponed yours. I will keep you updated about fat grafting . I just peeked at the 'girls', sitting nice and high. He tucked it up with an internal stitches ( both) and injected the fat around, especially on the top and bottom. Not the sides, as I don't want more side boobs. I'm in a lot of pain , as he had to look for fat from here and there. My waist is so tiny I love it. No flanks. Funny, I always wanted the natural little droopy look and now want a bit higher fake look. It's that crazy??
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Hey Subsista!!!I had my revision yesterday. Capsule out, using same implant. Did a lipo on me and grafted aroun implant and did a mini tuck lift. I have to say I'm in pain but mostly from my flank , inner outer thigh lipo. He could hardly get 150cc off of me. But funny, I can already see that I have no love handles anymore . Boobs all tucked in bandages , so I can't see how it looks only that the one with a capsular is soft again. But full of bruise from fat injection and nice and high. Please update on yours , as you had it today! Good luck
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Capsular Contracture Revision

On Friday I had my revision story to remove the capsule. This time around its much more painful. I have a drain placed in my boob due to Strattice being put in. I also have two parachute stitches outside of my skin. Doc said this was to hold Strattice in place. Well I'm happy this is over! Agree with me that this resolved this CC once and for all.

So far so good. Just feeling a little drugged up be side of the pain and pressure. Will update with pics as soon as I can. I'm pretty sure it's nothing pretty looking under here drains and all. I'll update again after my followup appointment.


Hi. I am glad That you finally got your revision and wish u all the best.sad part is that no matter what we do there is not a guarantee for us, they should come with at least a 10 yr guarantee of ps do over and implant charge included with all our fees free of charge as we are the ones paying with our bodies and minds just for being women in this society. Again good luck and enjoy
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Thanks country girl yes it's been a long road but I am hoping this is the last time.

Breast Revision using Strattice for Capsular Contractute

5 days post op. I decided to do the least invasive procedure and that is a capsulectomy and Strattice. Pain has been much worse this go round. I attribute it to the drain and the Strattice due to the external stitches to hold it up.
This drain is a pain but I'm working with it. I can't wait to get past this part ; (
Once the drain comes out I think I'll feel soo much better.
The first few days I just slept and popped pain pills because it was necessary. I am now just as needed.
My post op appt was yesterday...good report. I hope drain will come out tomorrow at my next post op but it's still draining a little at this point. Fingers crossed its coming out soon its a yucky feeling this drain hurts!
Each time I get tired I say "save the tatas" wow at times I can't believe I am going they all this but I have to save the tatas.


Hey FitDiva, I thought I should ask about your recovery while it is still fresh in your mind. What did you feel that you were capable of after 10 days post op? Did you still tire easily? I am trying to figure out what I'll feel like after 10 days after surgery.
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Hey FitDiva, I'm coming to check on you! It's been about 6 weeks post op now, right? How are you doing? The last time your CC came back by this time. I imagine your drain is out now and you are getting back to normal life. I would love to hear how you are doing---both emotionally and physically. I hope all is well!  Hugs!
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Hey Scrappy! Thank you for checking on me. I am doing well girl! Still soft although not as soft as the left but hoping that will change. I don't go back to see doctor until next month. Massaging like crazy and hoping it stays away! No urges to oink either!!!

Still soft

So far so great! Still soft. The Strattice is working to keep me soft.


Hey scrappy. You have a date yet? 10 days po was hard for me. The drains were a b$*^h. The scars I got from holding up the Strattice were unexpected and a nuisance. It got caught on everything and hurt like hell. It was definitely harder than the initial surgery or my last cc revision capsulectomy. But all in all bearable and worth it since its working. Last time my cc came back in like 5 or 6 weeks. Now I think about 11 weeks. I'm a happy camper.

Different but much better

Around 2 weeks ago I went in to see my PS because I felt hardness in my revised breast. It wasn't the same hardness I'd grown used to from dealing with the other cc's but just felt different not as soft.
He examined me and said it has formed a capsule and it's not contracted. At first my heart sank as I heard capsule but a capsule is a natural part of the healing process. That was great news I was told to continue massage and watch it. That was 2 weeks ago and it's fine. To me it looks different than the other. I think my pocket has widened due to two capsulectomies so that's a bummer. I can tell but I don't really think others can. Just a part of the process I guess. That last one was very hard and distorted for so long it did damage I think. One day I wll redo them both under. I need more coverage. I had minimal skin to deal with initially it's even less now after the two capsulectomies so I can feel the implant under my skin and see them a little when I bend over. Maybe I'll get used to it. Ill add a picture later.


Thanks for sharing your review.I will have had my drains in 15 days by next Tues and have more pain then I ever anticipated. I'm shocked at the shape of my breast and nipple location but have assured that will all change.
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I am SOOOO happy to hear that it is working for you!! No date for me yet. I am debating about end of year or early next year. I am thinking about vacation time and if work will be slow. What do you mean you got scars from holding up the strattice? I am trying to picture it. One of your updates says you had EXTERNAL stitches. Did I read that right?? Why aren't they on the inside?
FitDiva, I'd be interested in seeing pics if you dont mind sharing. I had to go back and reread your previous updates and I saw the post about the parachute stitches. That must be what you were talking about. I was thinking a whole row like Frankenstein or something. Lol. You say it looks different than the other? Is it the shape of the bottom?


So far no CC! However i am noticing a difference between the 2 breasts.
1. Its over to the right more
2. It fills like a ballon
3. It ripples
4. No feeling in my nipple
5. Nipple points down still

Doc said 1-3 is because each time you have a cc when it gets scraped out leaves less tissue. Since i didnt have much tissue to begin with then its now nothing left to cover the implant. I wish i would have known this was a posdibility because I would have waited an opted for under for sure. Its what i wanted but was a lot more $ and more invasive but perhaps this info would have swayed me to other side for sure. I also have 3 more scars that i didnt have before because of using the strattice. : (
He said he can reposition my niple again to bring it up. Not sure if that will help with the last of feeling.

I will also ask at my bext appt if he can do sonething to enciurage it to get closer more centered so my clevage wont look weird. Also if there is a way to cover up the rippling with body fat?
Still not happy with the way things are looking. The left side is petfect. The cc really did a number on this let one. I am wondering if i should go ahead and get them under now? The ripplong scream fake and ugly and i hate looking at it myself. When i lay down flat it falls to the right and ripples. But all in all its CC free.


Hey girl! How are you doing?? Checkin on you!
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Hey Scrappy!!! How are you? Im doing well. Im CC free. I will jave to have another revision though because because of the 2 scrapes i dont have enough tissue to cover the implant. All is good! How are you? Do you have a date yet?
I might be going for it Dec. 21st. I'll make my decision tomorrow. Glad all is still well with you, gives me hope!

Another capsular contracture

Wow this was a second one. So now I went for the full overhaul of redoing it all over again and placing them under the muscle.


Hi fitdiva. I remember reading your story last year. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. My fingers are crossed not to get a cc again. I don't work out with heavy weights anymore but still feel my left breast shifting to the side. It's a waiting came. You one strong woman and kudos for not giving up. Recoup can be hard and the drains are a pain. Good luck to you.
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Newmeaug13 thank u for your encouraging words. Wow has this been something i wouldnt have even expected! I just had new ones put under 3 days ago. Im still in a lot of pain now and trying to stay drugged up. The pain is getting better though as the days go on.
The cc came back so I opted to get new implants under the muscle. Hopefully thus is it once and for all.

3 days PO Implant exchange 510cc Gummy Bears Under from subfascial

In pain today although its lesseninh as the days go on. Day 1 and day 2 hurt like hell!!!! I was told i woke up from anestethia moaning and groaning in pain. I kept begging for medicine. Im usially pretty good about tolerating pain but this threw me for a loop. If i let the pain meds wear off... without staying on top of them I would be screaming in pain w/tears and that says a lot for me! I wS having trouble sleeping and my husband didst want to wake me for my meds...i woke up in pain and wanted to hurt him for not waking me up. Every since then i was in charge of administering my own meds.
Well i am hurting now so I'm about to pop a pill now.
I am so worried about the way they are looking now. I am not used to the under the muscle thing. The shape is weird and it looks smashed and small. I told him i wanted bigger but these seem small. I hope they are in fact bigger. We will see. Maybe this shape is normal for po day 3 unders. Im gonna look at some more reviews.


I'll pray for you girl!!! And I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Cuz you know I could be you, we are sisters in this. I saw you said your in lots of pain. I pray you pull through this quickly, keep us posted! *Hugs*

5 days po

So annoyed! I just typed a long review and it didnt save. ???? i went to take a picture and my whole post was gone ????. Omg i am so annoyed. It took me 30 minutes to type all that??? Ok i must turn in now.


Thank you scrappy this CC thing is tough! I hope after all this its gone for good!!! The pain is much better today i am off of meds just managing. It feels like ive been punched in the chest or sore for a drunken bar brawl! Lol! Seriously i just cant wait to lay on my tummy or side my whole body is sore!!!

6 Days PO Pics BA redo

Everything went well at my po appt today. I am still not sure how this size thing will workout.
I am not able to do much I'm still in a lot of pain on my right side which is really swollen and high.
All i can think is going under the muscle is no joke. I miss my subfascial position because i got instant gratification and it was no where near this painful.
Im beginning to wonder why I tortured myself with this st the beginning of summer. They way these puppies look they might still be high and crazy looking in 6 months. I may have to spend the summer hiding them. I thought i couldn't wear a triangle bikini top then now is a triple no no. I def look like i just got fake boobs. I so wasn't expecting this!
Im wondering if its anything i can do to help them drop. What is it about this "strap" I'm hearing about. Will that help? Is there anything that can help me assist these things to drop?
My right is much more swollen than my left which is my only source of pain. I think ill try to sleep on my side in my bed tonight.
I got to see them today without the tape and planned on posting a pic I took there but its too dreadful to show now. He ended up giving me another lift and stitches puckering etc is not pretty.
If anyone has any suggestions for reducing swelling or helping them to drop please advise! ????


How are you feeling? I have CC too and I'm going in for a revision June 25th. I'm so nervous. I'm going in for an augmentation and to take care of the CC then when I'm healed I'll be coming back for a lift. He couldn't do all at once since I've had a previous lift and it was done all wrong. Plus this time he said that since I'm going under there is a risk if I did a lift my nipple would turn black and and DIE!!! OMG. I said no then I'll come back. He said I'm having a lot of work done and that is a risk. I'm trusting this doc since the last one didn't feel the need to mention that so instead did the lift incorrectly. Ugh makes me so mad. I hope you are feeling better each day and you get the results you are wanting :)
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Hey Fitdiva, I am feeling you girl! Hang in there! As far as helping the girls drop, you'll just have to be patient. Since he lifted, you shouldn't put any excessive pressure on those stitches as would happen with a strap. Once the incisions have healed you can probably do that and/or massage. They are high and tight due to tight pectoral muscles. But don't jump the gun and follow your surgeons post surgery protocol. And yes, it can take a few months to drop before they get to where they are going to be. Hang in there girl, and just focus on recovery!
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Hi fitdiva. Just checking in again. I'm sorry you are in pain. Under the muscle revision is tough. Hang in there, take meds and rest. ((Hugs))
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8 days PO

Finally starting to feel better! And after seeing everything with bandages off I think my size will be sufficient.
This sloshing sound in my right breast bothers me a bit. Its not in my left. I can already see the left dropping and looking better. My right again is taking longer maybe because its been thru 4 surgeries. Right now they look different but I hope they even out and I can live happily ever after.
I go back again in 7 days. Will post pics then. He will be removing the tapes off my areola area. I had to get another lift and areola reduction as the CC changed my areaola size.


I too went through multiple surgeries to finally get a pair I'm happy with; so don't give up in having the pair you feel you deserve; I spent a lot of $ as well but it was all worth it in the end; my implants are under the muscle and I also have very thin skin; I have some rippling but it doesn't bother me much it could be a lot worse; good luck on having your revision!
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BA Revision for CC 9 days PO pic much better now

Wow the post surgery blues are real. I am feeling so much better now. Only thing is that my stomach is still quite bloated! Im used to having a six pack at least a 2 pack ???? and the surgery has left me quite bloated still. Hoping that goes away soon!
Here is a pic! Things looking and feeling much better!


I developed CC after a year of having my overs and I went with under the muscle and Strattice also, even though we can't afford even my first procedure. The first few days of recovery were excruciating!! And I had natural childbirth!! But by day 3 I was pain free and recovering. I didn't want a whole bunch of revisions, so I went with Strattice this first time, even though it seems extreme.
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Mamamel that was a very smart choice to avoid the possibility of multiple revisions and go with the most extreme the first time! I was thinking positive and hoping it would be cured with the minimal invasive procedure first. I cant believe I tried that twice! Looking back and knowing the minimally invasive procedure didn't work I wish I would have went with most invasive. At any rate I hope this cures it for me (us) after 4 surgeries I don't know whats left to do. Decisions decisions! Well i do feel like every thing happens for a purpose and I really feel like I can help someone else down the road who may find themselves in my situation provided what I experienced and the route I chose. I see it as paying it forward I guess. I am grateful now that its done and excited to enjoy them and go on with my life! Soft boobies forever! : )
Don't beat yourself up for what you've done. It makes total sense what you did. My first surgeon offered me $2000 to fix just that one side, yet I went with a new surgeon and paid $11,000. Like my hubby said, you can do 5 revisions for the price of one Strattice surgery!!! For me, I chose the more invasive because of the fear of it coming back unless I did something completely different. I did not want to recover from these surgeries a whole bunch of times, and every surgery has risks and scar tissue and all.... Best of luck this time around. This Strattice could be the answer for sure that we've been looking for.

Ouch- 13 days PO - Fluid Build up in left breast pocket

Wow all I can say is listen to your body. I have been saying that the liquid sound in my left breast didn't sound right. After calling my PS after hours on Friday he said he wanted to see me on Monday. I was traveling and couldn't get there until 1st thing today. Well he confirmed that I had an unnecessary accumulation of fluids. So he numbed me up and stuck a needle in my boob and drained out over 110cc's of fluid!!!!
Even though he sealed that other pocket off my body was accommodating for the extra space it found. Im guessing after 4 surgeries over there that makes it harder.
Super glad I listened to my inner voice on this one.
Now that the fluid is drained I have to wear a super duper compression bra with foam. I go back in 2 days for a follow up to see next steps.


Hopefully you will recover quicker now. What size implants were they before?
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425cc silicon overs! So far I am loving my results!!! I had a serima but its gone now and I feel soo much better! Cant wait to see my final result
Hi ;) I'm sorry u had that happen and I'm so glad everything is well now ;) I just had a BL AND BA two weeks ago. I just had a question do the doctors give a discount for u having to re do it? Is it covered? Or do u have to pay full price? Hope all is well ;)
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No more fluid!

I am seroma free! Today is my first day without a compression bra and foam. For the past almost 2 weeks I have had to wear 24/7 compression and I was getting numbed and drained daily minus the weekends.
My back is sooo happy. When I finally took off that bra it looked as though it was painted on me the indentations were soo deep!
Now I am in a regular bra and I couldn't be happier! My rightie is trying to drop now and even out with the left side.
I feel great!!! I will post pics in 2 days at my 4 week mark! I still have tapes on but these puppies are looking amazing!! Time to celebrate being compression free!!!


You have been through so much! I pray no more cc for you. I'm almost 11 post and praying I don't have another cc. Take care.
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Thank you newme! I pray no more cc for you too! Let's think positive. My affirmation...I am happy and healthy and free of any complications! : )
Good news!!
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Almost 5 weeks po PIC's included!!

Still keeping the tapes on to minimize the scarring. Im awaiting my lollipop silicone strips to arrive so I can start wearing those. They are soooo expensive but work great. I used these on my TT incision and its healing nicely finally! : )

So my rightie is still higher than the left. Left looks completely settled and happy! The right is dropping slowly but surely. I ended up having to go back to compression after my last post. I was traveling and I thought i saw fluid so PS said do it until I can get back in to see him. So I went in for a check up today no fluid so all is good!!!
Still taking it easy tho. I got to see my boobies with the tape off today.
I am happy with the size. I have posted a pic from today. Since I got revision on my lift my boobies are usually taped so it was nice to see them today.
I will post my pre BA pic soon...when I look at that I will say all this is still worth it even after all my revisions and the complications I've had.


Your story is a lot like mine :/ I am trying to save up for surgery and waiting for round gummys to be available as my pocket is to too large for a good result with anatomical. Would you be able to let us know how your recovery has been post gummy?? :)
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Post gummy has been great! The result is awesome and I still have more time before they settle completely. Since i have had so many revision recovery was not a breeze as I ended up with a seroma but after that subsided I am doing great and they look FAB!!
That is so encouraging to hear! I have been put through the ringer for over 10 years.
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