Day 30, healing, changes and what to be prepared forl!!

I will begin by saying that I found this website...

I will begin by saying that I found this website just 2 days prior to my explant surgery date of March 15th 2013. I read and soaked up all the reviews I could only to find my feelings confirmed and reassured by the many women who have had the same feelings and experience with implants. I am now 24 hours out (I had my surgery 8 am yesterday morning!) So here is my story in an effort to hopefully help others, support others and answer any questions that I can to help those who are about to go through this same experience.

I am 47 years old, had my implants at age 34 after having 3 children. I was a 34 B and a good one at that! However breast feeding (40 months total) and being pregnant in between breast feeding with my next child in a 5 year period left me at a 34A or AA and less than confident with my body and the changes it went through. I have always been a very confident individual, health conscious and fit, an avid exerciser, runner and in the past three years a 'yogi'. (Let me tell you when I was doing yoga poses I became disgusted that I ever even got these things!) After I made the decision to get implants I had many years where I was ambivalent about the decision I had made because of the way I felt about healthy habits. To think I went and electively allowed someone else to put something in my body that wasn't very healthy.
Over the course of the next 9 years I started to experience things that never happened before I had the implants like, rapid heart rate out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, pounding heart rate, optical migraines, and non-optical migraines, and about 2 years ago I started to notice my hands and feet becoming very cold (I was not diagnosed with Raynaud's). I also started to experience anxiety attacks. After many years and tests I began to think that it may be related to my implants (that was at about 9 years) even though both my primary care doctor and my PS did not think it was related, but did say that they couldn't be 100 % sure that it 'wasn't'.

I had my first consultation in September 2009 to discuss my explant, but chickened out because I just couldn't bear the thought of going under anesthesia (To top it all off I am a nurse and know way too much!). So I waited, I prayed, life happened and the kids kept me busy with sports, school and work. I dealt with migraines ( I was put on prescriptive meds at this point ) and the other ailments I stated above, however I kept focused on doing everything I could to remain healthy( eat right, exercise, get my sleep, etc.)

In August of 2011 I started a new full time job which consumed me (learning this new position for about a year), and in September of 2012 after much prayer and thought I made my appointment for my consultation to do the explant. I went back to my same doctor as I trusted him and felt he would listen to me and honor what my decision was. HE did! He asked my reasons for wanting them out (all those listed above) as well as telling him, I just don't want them and don't need them. A bigger reason I conveyed to him is that I have two daughters who are not very big in that area and then there I am, not being a good role model letting them know that they are beautiful however God made them. We all come into this world and whatever God gives us we are in our own right all 'beautiful'! I started feeling embarrassed and ashamed of them I told him. He really truly conveyed his understanding, which made me trust him and his expertise. He told me all the risks, the possibility of being even 'droopier' than before the implant and warned me about the potential for psychological distress from the appearance. He did ask me if I would think about smaller implants or a lift, but as he knew my reasons and my wishes I was adamant about not having anything foreign in my body anymore or anything else being changed ( a lift) with my breast. He did not push the issue and was very responsive to my desire to be implant free. Then came the examination: Upon examination of my breast tissue he did say that I had good elasticity still at my age and that giving myself a few months after the surgery he felt optimistic that I would have very good results and bounce back to close to what I was before the surgery. He said I may be a bit boggier from the stretch of the implant however he felt that I would have excellent results. I was so happy to hear that and so we scheduled my surgery date.

My first date was scheduled for Nov. 8th but wound up being cancelled as my husband had to go out of town. I did not want to do anything around the holidays so the first date I could schedule between my work, my husband’s work and the kids schedules was March 15th. And so girls here I am on March 16th! 1 day post op explant and I feel fabulous and empowered!!!! I am so elated that they are out and 'gone'!! Granted the first 24 hours were rough (nausea, no vomiting, little headachy...side effect of the anesthesia...but kept up with the pain meds and pain was the least of my worries) I will not lie (I am only 28 hours out right now), but ladies I am feeling better and it is so good to welcome my old friends home! I am still having tolerable pain. Keeping up with my meds, didn't sleep the greatest, but am feeling better each hour that passes by.

Surgery Day: March 15th 2013 8:00 am
Yesterday my nurse that welcomed me into the pre op area was great; she and the nurse anesthetist who started my IV were wonderful and very reassuring that everything was going to be ok. The doctor came in and spoke with me prior to the surgery. My intentions in our consultations were to go under the breast to remove the implants. I had the 'undies' or under the muscle saline filled Mentor implants with 400 cc's each that was originally done with a peri-areolear incision. Since I lost some sensation in the right nipple, I feared the chance of losing sensation he left nipple going in through the old incisions. He at that point told me that because we were creating a new incision ( infra-mammary or under the breast) to remove them there would be a better 'chance' of the possibility of losing of sensation in the new area rather than going through the old incision. This is the only decision I changed prior to my surgery (again because I trusted him). Then it was time they walked me to the OR, gave me a bit of versed after they placed me under a warming blanket, said breathe this oxygen Karen, and next thing I remember was waking up.

I was placed in a bra similar to the ones they give (sports bra type) when you get implants, and a triangle of tape around the areola with gauze over the nipples. So there you have it. It is a new day...a new beginning, the old me...but then the new 'natural' me...I already feel empowered, happy and yes I have looked at them several times and know they will be what they will be and I will be okay with whatever that is!

March 23rd, 2013 Hello everyone, it is day 9 and...

March 23rd, 2013
Hello everyone, it is day 9 and I am healing well! I apologize for not getting on this site everyday, but I have journaled everything and taken pictures so I will catch you up to date now and throughout the day.

Day 2- Saturday March 16th
This day was pretty much a loopy day, some off and on nausea, not much pain, however towards the end of the day, I started to get a bit of a headache. My doctor had me on Hydrocodone 7.5/325 mg ( for pain); Promethazine 25 mg as needed every 4 hours (for nausea) and Cephalexin 500 mg 2 times/day for 5 days ( propholactic antibiotic). I did take 1 1/4 mile casual walk (which I do not recommend) I was annihilated (but that is the fitness nut in me). Please 'REST' the
whole first four days. By Sat night didn't rest real well proped up on pilows so neck and back were sore by Sun. morning.

Day 3 - March 17- Sunday

Sunday was no picnic, I will not lie to you, I had a worse headache upon waking up this morning which had clearly turned to a migraine. I have a history of migraines so I did have my migraine medication on hand. I was taking the other meds so I was not real fond about taking any additional medications, but for anyone who has suffered from migraines you know they are horrific, and nausea was coupled with it, which was not fun. Needless to say I was down and out most of Sunday and I was praying for the day to be 'done'. I took my migraine medication at 2 pm when the promethazine finally kicked in enough for me to be sure I could 'hold down' food and water. One bad thing about this day is I did not get as much water in as I probably should have and I felt dehydrated. In the stages before and leading up to the migraine I was only able to hold down sips of ginger ale. In my defense, water couldn't have gone down because I couldn't drink or eat! By the evening and after dozing in and out all day, I felt better, migraine was 80-85% gone and I was at least coherent.

Day 4- Monday March 18th-
At 2:00am in the wee hours of Monday March 18th, I woke up because the migraine had returned and was unbelievably painful. I wound up taking another round of migraine medication, threw ice packs on my head and prayed to fall asleep again. My husband was very supportive in helping me get comfortable again, thankfully... Pain from surgery was under control as none of the medications I was taking had interactions. Most of the times I was told that the anesthesia can trigger a migraine, because of the nature of anesthesia causing vaso-dialation within our bodies. By Monday afternoon I was feeling 75% better, however still very tired and feeling drained from dealing with not only the surgery, but also the migraine.

Follow Up Post Op visit:
At 4pm I saw my PS and he said that I was healing beautifully and that I could resume normal activity over the next two weeks gradually!! He asked me to leave the tape on for at least a few more days and until Sat. or Sunday of this week- which I will. Next week I will see him again so he can take final pictures of before implants, after implants, and after explants. I have asked him for a copy so I can track my progress, and I will see if I can share when I get them. :-)

Day 5- Tuesday- March 19th

Tuesday was a decent day, tired but woke up without a migraine or much pain, although I did start back to work today ( against my wishes). If you have the opportunity I recommend taking the whole week off!! By the 5th day, I was in a normal push up bra, I am between a size 34 A-maybe with a hope and a prayer a B !! My right breast is smaller than my left breast, but it always has been. Tape is still on and I am feeling pretty well. I am only taking Acetominophen 1000mg (OTC) for occasional pain. I was tired by end of the day Tuesday but at least NO migraine and I was finally getting an appetite back!
More to come ladies!!!

Hi all I am healing well! And still so happy with...

Hi all I am healing well! And still so happy with my decision!! I am healing well, some 'puckering' beneath the nipple to the right breast ( the smaller one), however I am confident that it is going to work itself out according to what my PS said today. I am going to begin massages as it feels kind of 'lumpy' where the incision line is ( nipple line) from the healing of all the 'layers'. I really feel like it will work itself out, and I am prayerful and hopeful!! Today I did my first full 'jog' of 2.0 miles and no pain!! I felt great!! I look forward to getting back into the ful swing of my exercise routine ( yoga, jogging, speed walking) soon. I am set to run my first 5K this Saturday post explant, so wish me luck!! I will post pics soon!! I promise ladies... Talk to you all soon. Heads held high ladies!!

Hello girls, It does and it will get better! I...

Hello girls, It does and it will get better! I have faith! That is a great deal of what this takes. I am going to post some pictures and the progressive 'time frame' of them being taken so you can judge how it will go for you when you have your explant surgery. There are 10 days in between the first day and the 10th day of pics. I figured since there really wasn't much change from 1st - 9th days, no need. So here is the 1 day after explant (15 hours after surgery), on up to day 11 when the tape comes off. I will be in touch all :-)
Have a Blessed Easter and great weekend!

Day 14!! OOPs there was a typo in the last...

Day 14!!
OOPs there was a typo in the last update; It says in the last review,"Day 19 and still healing well" but I am only at day 14 :-) Sorry for the typo in the last "update title".

Hell all, I am now 30 days (4 weeks) out and...

Hell all,
I am now 30 days (4 weeks) out and there are constant changes every day. Some good, some a bit hard to handle. Overall I am still happy I did it. I saw some neighbors today who seemed to look at me a bit different. I really didn't care if they wondered about my breasts, but I do think they noticed that I wasn't quite as 'voluptuous'. It really is hard at times to handle, but I know that in the end this was my choice and it was the right choice to have them out.

So the hard parts have been the 'pulling in or puckering' at the nipple incision line and the caving in at the lower half of the breast. As the healing process goes on I have been massaging and manipulating the incision area to 'help' with this, as my PS said this would help. I honestly do not think that things will change much more, but who knows, I will say this has been a hard last week with seeing both of them continue to 'shrink'. I didn't think there was that much swelling initially but now I know 'there was'. I don't know if this happens with the inframammary incision line. My one thought is that I should have stuck with having them out under the breast, but I decided to 'trust' what my PS said and pray that he would not be wrong. I don't blame him, but I do think that maybe I could have preserved my areola area A bit. What I mean is that my areaola areas are not symmetrical and they pull in so that is disappointing for me. My areolas as I know some other women had mentioned in their postings were very nice and now I feel that with this surgery they were compromised greatly. Again I do not place blame on my PS, because as you might imagine, the flaps of skin that you are left with once you take the implants out are probably very 'boggy' and flimsy and it is probably like putting the border of a puzzle with no clear edge back together again.
If anyone reading this has any words of wisdom please share :-)

I will post pictures soon, just not thrilled with them at this stage yet.

It will be okay, as it has to be. It is a tough thing we go through ladies....So glad I don't have to go it alone. You are all wonderful :-)
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Thank you for sharing... My left breast is also puckering and shriveling up. Ive been really having a hard time with this. Im really hoping that it will work itself out. I got my explant on March 12, 2014... Did yours ever resolve??
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Thank you for sharing your story. May I ask who your PS was and if he did a capsulectomy when removing your implants? Thank you so much, looking forward to your response.
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I think you look so gorgeous!!! You boobies are going to fill in. Your super athletic so that really helps. You really look great!!!! Continued happy healing. Much Love, Birdie
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Hi TT songbirdie, You are soo sweet and I hope you are right, that my boobs will fill in. It is a good thing I am soo busy at work or I would have too much time to think about it. I hope to keep healing and following up with some pics soon.. I hope you too are well :-)
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Hi. I have made the decision to get my 7 year old implants removed soon and I would lovw to know yoyr doctor. I am very close to Charlotte and that was a great price. Your story is helping me prepare for the changes so I appreciate you sharing!!!
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Sorry you are struggling a little on this. I have been wondering about removing mine under the brest instead. my PS is one of the few doctors that go thru the nipple. This is how my surgery was done and he wants to remove them the same way. I am hoping my nipple sensation would go back to the way they were. I'm seeing him before surgery on May 9th. I'm going to address this then. I'm sure everything will be fine. Like most of the girls here say it takes a good 6 months for things to change for the better. Hugs to you.
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Hi Yusu, Haven't been on for quite some time, was feeling as though I needed some time. II appreciate your support and your kind words. Yes I would discuss this with your PS and see what he thinks. I will be addressing this on the 8th of May when I go back to see him. I really did not anticipate this which is why I did not want to go back through the nipple. Who knows though what it would have been like under the breast...could have been just the same. Good luck to you on the 9th! Be strong :-)
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This journey is a confusing one at best and I am sure with more time things will sort themselves out. I know its hard not to judge ourselves and to think about our old fake boobs but we will adjust and he healthier for it. Hang in there sweetheart it will all work itself out.
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Hi nomoreplactic, I have not been on the site for quite some time, as I didn't want to be a downer ( aside of being so busy). I have gone through some ups and downs, and I SOOO appreciate all and any support that all of you give. You are right we will be healthier for it, or so that is the hope. I am still puckering in under the nipple but as days go by I am just trying to accept it. I see my PS on the 8th of May and will see what he says about the healing and if anything can be done. I hope your are well!
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I have a trip planned for may 3rd to 5th to Corona Ca for my girlfriends birthday party. I might have my surgery like the week before. Do you think I should wait tell after the party to schedule my x plant? I don't actually have it sit in stone yet. Thanks
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Yusu I don't know the answer to that question because we all heal differently. I would suggest that you take at least 5-7 days before going back to work. I had only 4 days and was sooooo sorry I did not plan for more time off, as I could have used it :-)
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Thank you I have decided on the 24th for surgery. I'm waiting to hear back to see if I have someone to work my Friday shift. I will have 5 days off, then back to work on Monday. Hopefully that's enough time. Thank you I think that's good advice:-)
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Hey Yusu, Im going to explant on either 24th or 25th aswell. I am checking today I can get the time off work. hopefully it will be ok, then I can concentrate on getting as fits and healthy as possible before the op.
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did you undergo general anaesthesia? Or was it like propol, what you get for colonoscopy
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I was asleep, had propafol, and some other meds. Never had a colonoscopy so I don't know what they give for that...not looking forward to it either :-( in the years to come when I do have t have it.
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Ahh...another nurse-how was your experience on "the other side?" When I had the implants put in, I had a little versed on board before going to the OR-not this time. The good & bad of knowing what to expect :) Hope you are still doing better w/the migraines. I can totally relate to wanting to be a good role model for your daughters (mine are almost 6 & 8). I hope they will be wiser for it! Good luck w/your healing & Happy Easter!
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You know everyone was actually really great! I really couldn't have asked for more caring nurses. CRNA was the sweetest thing! The only smudge in the 'crew' was the Med Techician that walked me into the OR room. She never introduced herself, and didn't have much compassion or personality, but not intentionally mean either. I figured I was going to sleep and the 'nurse, CRNA, and NP' that were there assured me that they were going to be with me the entire time. So I was nervous being put under, however content knowing I had a good crew :-).
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Happy Easter to you too!
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You look great! Looks like you have plenty of tissue! Glad you're feeling great. Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter to you too!! Thank you for your lovely compliments! I am changing every day :-).
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You look wonderful! You have me so excited for smaller bikini tops! My scar pulls in too, but it is softening/ improving (I'm 4 mos post). I have noticed most of us that have scar issues tend to have them on the right side. It has been suggested to me that it might have something to do with being right-handed(?). I am so impressed that you went jogging so early in your recovery. It took me a good while before I felt comfortable with 'the girls' bouncing. ;)
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So then you too have some pulling inward? I am hoping that it gets better with time. I am doing the massage, also wearing a fairly tight and supportive bra, as I have heard there is some good to this? Bizarre about the 'right sided issues'. That may hold some truth though. I did run a 5 K this past weekend with my daughters, and put on two bras ( very supportive, with good padding) and went on my way. It was exhilerating truely!! I am shrinking down a bit more each day. I will not mind being 'small' but I really pray that this 'puckering will go away. Thanks for the compliments...and cheers to wearing small cute, bikini tops!!
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Nice Documentation! I'm sure all the Pre and Post Explant Ladies will appreciate all this information. You are looking Great! Happy Easter weekend!
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Thanks a bunch! If I can help someone from my postings, then I've done my part on this site. Hope your Easter weekend was wonderful! Thank you for the compliments!
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You are looking great. Big difference from day 1 and they suit your petite frame so much better. Thank you for you well documented journey so far. It is extremely helpful for us waiting to explant so we know what to expect. I think this is the biggest concern for all of us. Continued healthy healing and a Happy Easter to you to. xoxoxo
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