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I am 2 weeks pre op and will be getting fat...

I am 2 weeks pre op and will be getting fat transferred from abdomen/flanks to breasts. I am 28 years old, 5'5", 130 pounds, size 34AA breasts. I previously had 350cc implants removed. Breasts are loose but don't sag so I am hoping there will already be enough room for the new fat. My main concern is some internal scarring from the removal that has left my breast indented but I chose this much more expensive procedure because I thought if I already have to have surgery I might as well get the benefit of lipo and fuller breasts. I had a full A almost B cup before implants and lost shape and fullness from it so I want a more normal looking shape back.
As soon as i have some after photos I will show my before pics also.

1 day post op

So I had surgery yesterday. Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and has made this surgery so much easier. Without them this would have been a nightmare. Surgery was 8 am and I had to be an hour earlier. The nurse who put in my IV talked a lot and sat with me to keep me distracted as I had a bad experience last time I had an IV put in (I went into shock). I didn't get sick this time thanks to her. Surgery went well and doctor Bednar ended up lipoing my thighs as well. I didn't want to get them done but he said my midsection wouldn't be enough fat. I am worried about not having my nice big thighs but he insisted they will still look good and I won't even really notice. So I will update on that when I see the final results. At this point I do trust him as he seems very honest and confident in his work. So, I might just love my thighs when they are healed.
When I woke up I was in excruciating pain. It hurt as much as labor contraction. It made me cry and I didn't even cry while in contractions. As soon as i ate a few crackers I was given pain pills and was in pain only about 15 minutes so it was ok. I must say though it could have just been me becuase I do get allergic reactions from cold and vibration which is a rare condition and I think that might of been why I was in so much pain. So please don't let my experience influence you. My previous surgeries of implants then explant six year later both were painless and this time my breast are fine with no pain just swollen and hot. So it's my thighs that hurt and my sensitivity to vibrations could have just agitated the situation.
The nurse stayed with me the fist 24 hours in my hotel and was an absolute must. I thought I wasn't going to need it but I would have died without her. She was a lifesaver. I also had bought a go girl so I can stand up and pee. It is a must. With the pain pills my legs never hurt again except the two times I tried to sit to pee and it hurt for the rest of the day. Also the surgery made me feel numb and so I couldn't push to pee while sitting.
So far I've been too sleepy to do any reading and have just been relaxing.
If you are trying to decide between the holiday Inn and the hyatt house to stay, definitely do the hyatt house. I stayed my first night at the Holiday Inn and the bed was hard and the hallway was so noisy. It was still really nice but they are about the same price and the Hyatt is a big upgrade. Not Hyatt place which is next door to the Hyatt House.
I have to keep my garment on for three days so I will post more pics then. I am so swollen anyways that the fist pics are going to be way off. My whole body is swollem, face, hands, neck, everywhere.

day two with garment

I posted a pic of day 2. You can't really capture it in a picture but my entire body is swollen not just the places that were worked on. Also the ace bandage has caused welts right at the edge of where the bad age rubs on my skin. I hope this welts won't affect the results. I didn't see anyone else mention it, did you other ladies get swollen everywhere or experience welts from the ace bandage?

day 3

I am feeling a lot better. I was worried about being alone but I am not in as much pain and feel good on my own to just relax. The first two days I was taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours but I have cut back today to only 1 every 4 hours. Tomorrow I am going to try 1 every 5 hours. I haven't had a bowel movement and read that it's because of the pills. If anyone can tell me how many pain pills they took and how their bowel movements progressed I would be greatfull.


I just got the amounts from the Doctor.
350cc taken from each thigh
1650cc taken from stomach/flanks area
Total removed 2 350cc
Then each breast got 565cc
I am finally starting to get excited and can't wait to see the results when swelling has gone.

photos before lipo and fat transfer

These pics are not the best but I might put some better ones up when I'm farther along.

day 3 after shower

I'm swollen everywhere even my hands so you can't see the lipo yet

day 7

Breast look almost the same but the shape does look normal after letting them loose without a bandage.
The garment feels like it's way too tight and cutting off the circulation to one of my legs. My waist pre op was 33 inches and right now it's 34 inches. So I'm hoping the breast have a lot of swelling and won't stay this large. I have been feeling out about the size. They are bigger than some of the victorias secret size D cups that I have from when I had implants in. Even if they go down 50% I am afraid they will still be too big.
One nipple is looking great so far but the other one seems to be inverted....but this might go away after the swelling goes. I have been walking around fine as long as I take my pain pill every 4 hours.

Not doing so great today

I've been feeling horrible about the size of my breast. I don't think you guys can really see in the pictures how big they are compared to my whole body because I need a picture with more distance. They are. Bigger than I am! I feel like I made a huge mistake and if I am going to end up with size D or C I just rather not even have breasts. I've been so depressed about it and don't know what to do. I keep looking at all the others pictures to see how much you all shrank to get some hope that i will get significantly smaller but the shrinking seems minimal as far as I can see.

Doing better

So I was freaking out earlier about the size. I got a chance to speak to the doctor and he reminded me that since I had a bunch of scaring that he had to release that I was swollen more than his average patient. So I will be going down more to the size I want. I am just going to relax and not worry about it until I fully recover. I think this is a good reminder that everyone's situation is different so too much weight on comparison can Be misleading.

10th day pics of lipo areas

I apologize that the pics don't show the bruises better. It's hard to take pics without help.

pics today, 15 days out

15 days out and still swollen. I don't see any improvements since day one. The only difference is that I'm not in as much pain. Now I am in pain when something touches me or if I sit up to fast.

Tomorrow will be four weeks post op

The needle marks on breast and their size hasn't changed so I'm waiting to take pics. The bruising has gone significantly but still some there and slight pain when I touch certain spots it's not bothersome at all.
The breast are not doing well and are still size double DD. The wound on the left nipple started leaking lots of fluid starring 8 days ago. 2 of the days it leaked a half a cup or so and yesterday I leaked at least a cup. That is when I change the gauze. The rest of the time I keep the wrapped tightly down with an ace bandage. I see the doctor for a follow up in a week. I feel like I am in a nightmare but I'm hoping since the rest of my body is almost healed, hopefully my breast will start to heal more quickly.

5 wks and 2 days out

I just wanted to show you guys some new pics. Since my last update both breast have become different shapes and sizes from each other. First the left one was larger by a whole size but now it has gone down a little and changed shape. And now the right is bigger. The right is fuller all around but especially below the nipple while the left is not as full on bottom but still full on top.




I forgot to say the wrinkles on the skin of left breast are from the bandage so disregard those. And the lighting was bright so you can't see them as well but they are still exactly the same as the previous update.

2 months pics

Quick update......my main concern at this point is the size difference between the breasts. I just wish I had normal looking boobs already.

Before pic

Pic before surgery

lipo scars at 10 weeks

Just giving a quick update on some lipo scars. It looks worse in person but I think they are starting to fade a little.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I will give a more comprehensive review after surgery and recovery but so far the doctor and staff has shown integrity and professionalism.

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Sao, the scars don't look as bad (visible/big/deep) as I was expecting. Or maybe the pictures don't show them as they are... Have you tried hiding them using foundation creme or powder? I'm wondering if that would work. Your lipo sites seem very smooth.... I'm very concerned about the possibility of having loose skin, lumps, or irregularities...
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It was suggested to me to have this procedure done coupled with implants to achieve the results I was looking for since I started off with very asymmetrical breast. I refused and decided to go with just implants. So he placed a round in one breast and shaped in the other and said this would make them even and even out my lower poles. I'm nearly 2 weeks post op now and not even near matching. The one breast doesn't even compare to the other when looking at lower poles as he said they would. Now I'm wondering if I should do fat grafting ontop of my implants to straighten out my breast. But I feel like if he said using two different implants would work then it should have worked. I feel like I spent right at $8,000 for nothing but more lopsided breast. I don't think I can afford a fat transfer ontop of what I just put out to not know if it will work. I also kind of want him to switch out my shaped implant for a round to match the other side but don't feel like I should have to pay for that. I did ask him to do both round at our last appointment but he confidently said that I would achieve the best results with the different implants. I'll talk to him this week at my post op and hope that he is willing to fix my breast. I have been so depressed and cried daily since having my breasts augmentation. :(
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Southernboobies- what is the doctor's name that did your augmentation?
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Dr Bednar
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From my experience I think implants are a mistake for anyone. They always have to be replaced and time will fly by faster than u think. Then they will leave scar tissue from the removal that will distorted them and make them look deformed. I'm not trying to add more stress to your situation but I have to be honest. Yours are fairly new and might night leave scar tissue if removed in a year or so. I had mine for 6yrs and they didn't sag just looked weird. I wish I had done the fat transfer from the get go. My right breast turn out beautiful and the left might have if not for the scarring. I understand how you feel. I too was upset daily after removal because of the how they looked. But it doesn't help to be stressed and slows the healing process.
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I just saw your pic. One of the Dr's suggested a mini nipple lift and implants. Why not a mini lift a fat transfer? I think that would look the best and you would never need another surgery.
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Wow southernboobies, you are probably the 4th person that I know that has had an issue with Dr.Bednar and assymetry including implants (2 women) and fat transfer(2 women). This is not a good sign. Thank you for sharing & please keep us posted of the long range outcome of your situation. I do hope it gets resolved.
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Oh my!!! That makes me very nervous!!! I think I'll shop around for the best PS to do work with asymmetric breast. First I'll hear what Dr B wants to do and then get several second opinions. I just want to be happy with my breast.
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I see your dilemma. Feel free to pm me if you want. Amelia
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I have to agree with sao151, that implants are a mistake for anyone. When you had them yourself you hate to see anyone go through what you did, and honestly its only a matter of time until they have problems.
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Hi, I hope u feel better:) I saw pictures, u had big amount of fat transfer to your breast, did u know before how much cc he will put? I did the same procedure a month ago and I remember doctor said that it's too risky to transfer big amount of fat to breast( although for my bad lack I had only around 210cc fat after cleaning it and preparing, so u lucky in one way that u had more fat, With time I think your breast will become smaller ( because of fat absorb toon,) is your left breast smaller because of leaking? I think doctor should fix it without charging you! Also in future maybe u can even out breast by putting more in left breast if u will have enough fat for that, I hope that everything will work for you!!!!
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I would be fine with it if the breast got smaller and the right is doing well where I feel lumps of hard fat in the left so the fat just didn't survive on that side and by a big difference. I think yes the only option for me is to get fat transferred but only in the left breast but I don't want to get ahead of myself. The dr has been great so far and seems willing to help me out so we will see later. I am only 2 months out right now so I need to wait. I don't know where I would get fat from now though
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Ok I hope he will find solution, do u gave any fat to take from?
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I don't think there is any fat to take and I'm afraid if I want it done he will want to take more from my thighs which is out of the question for me.oh and no I had no idea before hand how much he was going to put it.
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Do you have scars on thighs? I have and I hope they will fade :( otherwise I would say it's not worth to do what I did,
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Yes that are really dark.....I'm so scared they are not gonna fade. 2 on each thigh. So I can't wear any type of bathing suit
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How big are they? Can u post pictures? I need to post mine too, I think it's also depends where are they located, I had grafting two years ago ( I didn't know I could put fat in my breast such a waist!!! I had on outher thigh and side of knees they preety much we're not visible after awhile, it does take long time for them to fade! But this time they are bigger, color is purple/blue:(
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I am not that far out yet but I will continue to post pics
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Ok I will also post more pictures
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I see your concern. Waiting a year for a correction is a really long time. I hope the size balances out, but I wonder? It seems like you would have an accurate picture by 6 months or so? Is your lipo even? You are a very patient and positive person. You have been very kind in your reviews and fair. You really do deserve for this to work out. I hope that the right thing is done for correction. You are a cute young woman. I am hoping in the end that you will be glad you did this. With kindness, Amelia
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Sao, were your breasts symmetrical in size before the fat transfer??
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.maybe a tiny bit. Maybe by an ounce. I posted a before pic so you can see. Now you can see it's a whole cup size difference.
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Oh I just realized I must of deleted the wrong pic the other day. I will post another before pic so you can see
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The size difference wasn't so pronounced before the fat transfer. You probably had more natural breast tissue in your right breast. That's the way I was before fat transfer and I seemed to loose more fat in the breast that had less natural tissue. I will be having another transfer done soon.
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Fat transfer is not the same as gaining or losing weight. So a fat transfer in most situations would even out tissue proportionately. So if your inferring that the whole size difference was due to previous asymmetry, that is impossible to this extent. It doesn't equate the same as a weight gain which distributes fat between cells, fat transfer is going to transfer ruffly the same amount of cells that are in the same size. Hope your situation works out, I will be watching :)
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