Boob Journey from Reduction to Implants to Removal and Fat Transfer. Charlotte, NC

So my boobs and I have been through quite a...

So my boobs and I have been through quite a journey. I was a 40F when I was in high school. The first thing I did when I got a job with benefits at 19 was to get a breast reduction down to a 38 full C/D. Then several years later I had Gastric Bypass and when down to an A cup so I decided to get implants and a tummy tuck after I lost 100lbs. I got 350cc saline implants that put me back to a 38DD. After 8 years my right implant deflated out of the blue. So I started researching options to fix it and stumbled across this site and was happy to see the great reviews of a local surgeon. I had always joked about taking out fat from my sides and putting it in the places I needed it but didn't know it was an actual procedure.

I had my surgery yesterday 5/13/14. Everything went well except I was extremely nauseous when I woke up and was sick a few times. Once I got home I felt extreme pain in the back of my thighs and didn't start feeling relief until after my second round of pain pills and ice packs. They told me I couldn't take my pain pills at the office because I needed to get something on my stomach. For any of you in the future, have who ever is driving you home to showup with a milkshake, it will let you take your pain pills sooner and will soothe your throat from the tube they have to use.

Other than the initial pain the first several hours I'm really not in any pain 24 hours later. I am sore and bruised and a little itchy but feeling surprisingly well. I go for follow up in Friday and will update after.
Hi darlin, thank you for posting your review, I look forward to following your journey. Do you know how much fat was transferred? Did you use BRAVA?
I did not use BRAVA but I'm sure it's because I had loose skin before the implants and would have plenty once they were taken out. I believe he put 900cc's in each but I am going for my postop visit tomorrow and will update for sure.

3 Days Post Op

Adding a few more pictures of before and today after taking the bandages off. Dr. Bednar said he put 950ccs in each boob. They are huge and swollen so it will be interesting to see how they change over the next few months.

I will post more on the lipo areas next week when I get my drains out and have my compression garment off.

I changed into a genie bra today after my shower but it almost didn't feel like enough support. I'm torn between the feeling of keeping them supported and keeping pressure off of them. I'm scared I may be doing something wrong that will negatively affect the end look. I will try to ask about that more when I go back Monday.
Hi. Great results so far. Could you tell me how long it took Dr. Bednar to perform the procedure? Was it longer than 4 hours, and did you have IV sedation or a GA? Thanks and good luck.
Thank you! I think it was around 4 hours. If longer it wasn't by much. I had IV sedation. I don't know if it's because I was getting my implants out at the same time or if he does all of these procedures that way.
Congrats on being implant free. Did Dr. Bednar remove your implants at the same time he did the fat transfer? You're the first person here that has had that much transferred. I hope you get the results you are looking for. I will be having my 2nd transfer on July 11th ( lost 21 pounds and unfortunately the fat from the 1st transfer) Keep us posted on your results. Post lots of pics, they really help other ladies to make the decision to do or not to do the surgery.

1 week post-op and more info

OK so after investing several hours and 2 updates being deleted I'm getting frustrated so let's hope the th time is a charm. Anyway, I thought I could edit my previous posts to add additional information but I can't. I was wanting to post something as soon as I could but between the npping, pain pills and recovery I missed some. I didn't take many stats before the surgery and my loving but patience-challenged husband didn't take near enough before pictures. So for those that decide to do this surgery in the future I would suggest doing more than you think. I am a visual person so I like to see the results as they progress. I am 5'2 and weighed 150 before the surgery. I had plenty of host sites to take the fat from. Mainly it was taken from my waist, trunk and back and a small amount from my thighs. I feel like a big jersey cow since I am still super swollen and bruised all over. I know it's normal to be bigger than before the surgery but it just feels weird.

I think a major part of this is the emotional roller coaster you go on. Dr. Bednar said it is completely normal to go through these ups and downs. I was freaking out the other day reading way too much and questioning if I am messing things up... Are my bandages too tight... doesra have enough support... I dropped my phone on my boob did I kill some precious fat...was my stomach really empty enough to take my meds..ughh! Let's not even factor in that I started my period the day after surgery so add all that fun and you just want to scream. The hardest part for me so far has been the sleeping. I have always had problems with sleep and usually take Ambien at night but it is just not working. The meds have given me some pretty crazy nightmares. I sleep on our love seat and ottoman propped up with tons of pillows, because I normally sleep on my stomach. I'm so paranoid of rolling over and squishing out booby fat I don't know when I will be able to sleep in my bed again.

Other than being swollen and bruised I am surprised how good I feel. I honestly only hurt the one day after I got out of surgery, the soreness is still there but I really only feel it when getting up and down. My boobs seem to be getting softer and looking a bit more normal. I am posting a picture of my incisions from underneath my boobs. I had my implants taken out so I'm guessing this is how they took them out and put the fat in. I can't say if this is how it would be on someone else but I at least want to share what it has been like for me. Dr. Bednar said he put in 950cc's in each breast, 1900cc's total! It does make me nervous that such a large amount was put in and how much of it will stay. I wish there was more out there as far as reviews and what to expect. So I guess that is why I am wanting to put as much as I can about my journey. Feel free to ask me any questions at all.

I went today to buy a 2nd stage compression garment. I ended up buying one by Maidenform that has straps and goes to mid thighs and one by Dr. Rey that is high-waisted and a little bit lighter control. Since I didn't have much done on my legs the one they gave me is loose around the lower thighs and calves. Plus these don't have zippers which should make my clothing a bit smoother. It hurt like a B**CH trying them on. So maybe future advice is to purchase a few before hand.

One last thing I want to give my piece on. When they tell you to take a stool softener...DO IT! The meds will stop you up, which i didn't think would be a problem since I have glycerin suppositories that will make you go, but they don't make it easy so to speak. So just trust me and add that to the mound of pills you will be taking.

1 week pictures

How are you doing? Have you lost any of the fat in your breasts?
You're lucky your surgeon was smart enough to take you implants out through your old scar instead of from the sides of your chest, through unsightly incisions which are visible to all.... If you want to feel confident and better about your experience, read my blog--especially my last entry.
Thanks for sharing your journey. Could we have an update please! Hope things are going great. x

4 & 8 week pictures

4 and 8 weeks pictures.

2 months post-op

At 2 months out it is still too early to give a full opinion on the results. I have lost size in the breast as expected, they do seem to be a more natural shape now than with the implants. I am still sleeping propped up with pillows so I don't sleep stomach down like I normally do. I am also wearing only a genie bra, although it feels less supportive than a bra but a sports bra feels like too much pressure. Still avoiding alcohol, exercise and sun. Summertime was probably the worst time to have the surgery but I didn't have a choice. I still have some soreness in the lipo areas every now and then but otherwise I haven't had any issues.

Dr. Bednar answered a lot of questions I had when I went back for my one month check up. The issues brought up by another doctor in my comments section, which were very unprofessional, were addressed. I stayed away from this site while deciding if I should delete my profile or not. I did not choose this procedure because it was the special of the day. I decided based on research and updates from other patients so I feel it is only appropriate to update my journey in order to help others.

I made the decision to get my implants taken out. I was ok with my boobs actually being smaller. I knew that the final result of the fat transfer to my boobs was impossible to predict. I do think I should have discussed the lipo procedure further. I was told the fat would be taken from my trunk and back, which is where I have the most available. We didn't discuss very specific areas, how much would be taken nor the results to be expected. I was focused more on my boobs I guess. I know that it takes longer to see final results with the type of lipo I had, so again I am not making a judgment yet until more time had passed. But I do feel like I had fat taken from my thighs, which weren't an issue for me and not enough from the trunk areas. I didn't mind it being taken if there wasn't enough that could be taken from other areas, but I would have preferred not having additional scarring and having to avoid wearing shorts and bathing suits. I read after the surgery that fat can be stored and used again later if secondary procedures needed to be done to add more fat to the transfer areas. We did not discuss this option and whether it was applicable in my case or not. I've read it can take a year to see the full results of lipo, so I am still giving it time but I think I had a different idea in my head of how things would turn out. So I just wished I had spent more time going over the results I was looking for and if they were reasonable or not. I have a fear of speaking up sometimes especially when it comes to questioning a professional about how they do their job but in this case I should have. I'm not saying that Dr. Bednar did anything wrong. I am still healing and things could be much different at 3 months and I will do my best to keep you updated even after that. But my advice to those considering the procedure is to voice all of your concerns and don't be afraid to ask questions. Just because doctors are good at their jobs doesn't mean they can read our minds.

I go back on 8/18 for my next checkup. I hope I can get copies of the pictures showing before and after to add here. They say by the 3rd month you will know how much of the fat survived in the beasts. So far they look great and I am happy with the turnout.
How are doing mercurybody? Still the same breast size as your last update? I hope you're feeling very well. Update us with your new pics please and let us know how the lipo sites are.
Your 8 week pics look really good.
I have but that's what I expected. Posted update and pictures.

3 Month Pictures

Yes Tia & Mercury- I had suggested that to Beth & some others on here who were using Dr. Bednar about asking about where the scars would be. Dr. Bednar seems to do a great job with the breasts but the lipo is just as important and the location of the scars. The scars are very obvious and there is an abundance of them. They can easily be placed in better hidden places. Any women considering fat transfers need to discuss with their doctor where the scars will be placed and expectations gone over for the lipo. A good thing to do is bring a photo of yourself marked where would would like the lipo done and your request for your new "ideal self" as well as wish pics and find out if they are possible. The rest of the body should not be sacrificed for the look of the breasts. Having said all that, I myself have not had perfect lipo but I am very happen with the location of the scars and how few there are. But, I do need some touch ups on the lipo itself. Best wishes to Tia and Mercury and all women considering this procedure.
I wasn't expecting lipo on my legs so I had no reason to ask. I was told it would be taken from my back and sides not my legs.
Hmm..sometimes doctors seem to do things that are not "in the plan". Are you happy with all of your results? (lipo and breasts)
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