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Hello!! So I'm 26 years old.. 5'1'' and 115 lbs. I...

Hello!! So I'm 26 years old.. 5'1'' and 115 lbs. I am very active, and since high school I have lost around 12-15 lbs!! And guess what.. The first thing to go was my boobs :( I used to be a full C... now I am lucky to get into a B! I have completely lost all tissue at the top of my boobs .. So now it's like a small slope up top and a small boob. I miss feeling like a woman!! Also one boob is noticeably smaller than the other. I am a runner and also do things like cycling, weight lifting, and yoga. My diet is high protein but balanced. I just don't see myself ever getting my boobs back.. even when I have gained weight here and there they have stayed small.

So I am calling tomorrow to set up some consultations with a few doctors in the area!! Very excited :)

I'm excited for you! Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. How many consultations do you think you'll go on?


Ok so as of now I have two consultations set up,...

Ok so as of now I have two consultations set up, one at the end of this month and the other at the end of march! I would love to see another surgeon I have heard wonderful things about, but he does his surgeries in the same hospital I work in! Awkward :/
I am also from Charlotte. I just had mine done 3 weeks ago by Dr. Thomas Liszka at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery. My surgery was at PHM, but most of his surgeries are at an outpatient center in Ballantyne (I was having hernia repair too by another surgeon). Good luck to you!
If you're willing to do a little traveling, you may want to check out Dr. Kalus: http://www.plasticsurgerycarolina.com/surgeon-dr-kalus-charleston-sc/ I had my consultation with him after a 2 hour drive from Columbia on Monday, and I feel very confident he can deliver the results I'm looking for. I will have my surgery on Valentine's Day! I can't believe it's just 1 week away....WOW! I'll post before and after pics soon. Good luck with your journey!
Thank you love! Good luck!

So I went to my first consultation yesterday. I...

So I went to my first consultation yesterday. I can't even begin to explain how disappointed I felt after leaving. The entire time I was rushed, no one took their time with me and I hardly had a chance to ask questions. I am completely reconsidering everything.
Ahh that's the worst when you feel rushed and unanswered questions. Hopefully your next consultation will go better. I think it will be great for you to get things done in June if your surgery isn't too late in the summer, then you'll have some time left to enjoy summer with boobs! I can't freakin wait!! But still hope I made the right choice.sigh...good luck at your consultation!
Thanks!! I wonder if it is the right decision too. Every sign points to yes for me--the only thing that concerns me is possible decreased nipple sensation (permanently). I know at first it can be temporary but I would never forgive myself if it lasted forever! Anyway thanks so much for the encouragement and I think you are going to be so happy once it is done! Most women wouldn't change it for the world :)
You should get another opinion. This is for YOU. And you're paying for it directly so they should treat you really well. I would just go see another couple of PS. Let me know if you have any questions! I would be happy to help :)! Good luck!

Ok ladies, so after taking a couple months hiatus...

Ok ladies, so after taking a couple months hiatus from seeing a plastic surgeon, I have decided to go see one who gets rave reviews from the nurses and other staff at the hospital I work at. From what I've heard, people love him and his work is fantastic! But I have a couple main concerns I wanted to hear your stories or experiences with, one being loss or decrease in nipple sensation, and the other being incision site.

How many of you have experienced a permanent loss of nipple sensation? I expect I may have some for several weeks, just as long as it comes back I will be okay. If I lost it for good, I don't know that I could ever forgive myself :( it is just very important to me.

Also, I have heard really good and really bad things about the armpit incision. First, I read the doctor is more limited on placement of the implant than if he did an incision under the breast or around the nipple. Also, I've heard of incisional infections in the armpits leading to bad scarring. I would LOVE to hear your experiences!!

Thanks a bunch and happy healing to everyone who recently had surgery!!
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