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Hi ladies, 9 days to go before by Boobie-Day...

Hi ladies,

9 days to go before by Boobie-Day (b-day) and the nerves are finally starting to set in. I am currently (beyond) flat chested (32a) and honestly only wear a bra to give me cleavage (bc I don't really have anything to support). My doctor has recommended that I get 350cc to give me a full C cup but based off my measurements and looking at photos of others I think ill look gigantic! The thought of going from an A to ac(potential) D scares the crap out of me!! Honestly I would be thrilled to be a full B cup. I just want to comfortably wear a swim suit and not feel self conscious about it. Any advice from those of you who are petite is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!!!

Height - 5'5"
Weight - 125 lbs
31 years old

Pre-op: 32AA Post-op: Hope to be 32C

325cc HP Smooth Natrelle Silicone Gel unders on April 19th!

How tall are you? Weight? Height?
I'm 5'5 - 125. Mostly muscle. Wear XS tops. Hoping to change that soon! ;-)

Sorry for the confusing replies, ladies. I thought...

Sorry for the confusing replies, ladies. I thought that if I just hit reply under the reply that you all made, that it would notify you and would be obvious. I'm sorry. This site is super confusing when it comes to responses. Lol. Ill go back and add the names and see if that helps. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm doing this from my iPhone.

The countdown is ON! As of tomorrow, Ill have one...

The countdown is ON! As of tomorrow, Ill have one week to go before I can finally have the chest that I've wanted for so very very long. I wanted to take a second a update with some pre-op photos of my 32As. Honestly a training bra would probably fit me better but hopefully after next week I won't have to worry about that any more. ;-)

Question - for those of you who have had your surgury, is there anything out there that you wish you would have purchased. Im going out this weekend to get everythibg ill need after the surgury, but abything that you all can think if would be helpful. From reading other post (and from info my PS provided, I've already got (or will soon have) the following:

1. A comfy zip up jacket to wear home from the hospital
2. Some sports bras
3. A pillow with arms
4. Heating pad for my back
5. Laxatives (I'm still not sure why but others have said it)
6. Soft foods
7. Entertainment - books, movies, etc.
8. Scar cream
9. Oil for itching (again, not sure about this one)

Am I missing anything???
We're going the same day??? Are you nervous as hell like I am?? Im getting 500cc under the muscle moderate profile... We only have one more week!!!!!!!!!!
Damn iPhone that was suppose to read.... We're going the same day!!!!!! Lol
@ Tallglass - WOOOHOOO!!! I'm so excited. It was so hard to sleep last night and I've got an entire week to go!! Good luck. Ill be thinking of all the ladies out there getting boobies the same day as me. Post pics!!! ;-)

Hey ladies!! Just had my pre-op and decided...

Hey ladies!! Just had my pre-op and decided (confidently) on going with the 350s high profiles. I tried then on today with my top and I loved them. Well honestly I tried on 375 because my ps said ill lose 25ccs since I'm going under the muscle. I took some pics with my 375 and I'm attaching them. I finally really really really excited. Next week this time ill have a full C cup!!! I know that doesn't seem like much for some if you but it's all I've ever wanted plus so much more.
Excitedforboobies, What wonderful feedback! There are so many wonderful women on here! Love it! :) Good luck with your surgery! :) We are about the same size, but I'm going with the 325HP, originally it was going to be 286mod then 300HP or 304MP, but the more stories I read the more I see "wish I would have went a little bigger" I'm going for the big 325HP, the size I felt like a pornstar in, when I first tried them on! LOL Those are the size that my PS recommenced initially, but I told him they were way too big...and here I am! I can't wait to see your pictures, as I will be 1.5weeks behind you! :) Good luck to you, it sounds like you are prepared, good girl! That's what I'm trying to do now. Just went shopping for bras yesterday. Wishing you a fast recovery! :) -KL
Kden I hear ya 100%! The first time I tried on the 300s and looked down I was pretty certain that I was a DDD. LOL. That's when I was originally going to 250s. But my PS told me that I could basically achieve the look of 250s with a good padded bra. I told him that I didn't care and that I didn't want my chest to be the focus if attention when ppl saw me. But since then (like you) I have read so many stories of women who wished they had gone bigger. So when I went in for my pre-op consult the doctor reiterated the fact that even though I was small, he would not recomend a size that wasn't flattering to me (that's why I love my doctor). So after trying on pretty much every size they had in the office I settled on the 375HP. Doctor said they'll be 25ccs smaller than what I see (which I'm good with). I can't tell you how excited I am! I'm sending soooooo many well wishes your way. Ill be sure to check in on ya a week after my big day. I know your going to look great!!
Just remember ladies you lose some ccs when you go under the muscle. When it doubt - GO BIGGER! ;) I have 34DDD's and they are my undercover boobs - no one knows I have had anything done unless I am naked or in a bathing suit. :) xoxo

I can't believe I've made it to the week of my...

I can't believe I've made it to the week of my surgury. By next week this time (3 days PO), I'll have new girls and hopefully no longer taking the pain meds. This weekend, I took the advice if so many others on here and did some intense house cleaning. My husband and I dusted everything, cleaned floors (we have hardwoods and two dogs so they needed a good cleaning), cleaned windows, etc. we also changed out all of your winter clothes for summer stuff. On Wednesday I'm going to do all the laundry and make sure all of the linens are clean. My house looks fantastic and I know it will feel nice to come home to a clean place on Friday.

I also went and got most of the items on my list and filler my scripts. I bought a few sports bras (two sizes bigger than what I normally wear) even though I don't think ill be able to wear them for about two weeks. I also bought some camisols just for coverage under my tops when I return to work.

Friday will be here before I know it! I'm sooo excited. Oh, here's something that will make you laugh: last night my husband asked if I was excited about the surgury. I said of course I am. He asked what I was most looking forward to when I got them. I kind of smirked and said, "One they are healed, I would really like you to motor-boat me". LOL. My husband died laughing and said, "your wish is my command." LOL.

Have a great week ladies. I can't wait to reach out to you all on Friday after my surgury.


Hey there! It may be too late for you to change your size, but I wanted to invite you to look at my profile. We have similar stats except I am only 5'2. I was a 34D and went to a 34DDD and YOU CANNOT TELL I HAVE HAD ANYTHING DONE IN CLOTHES. They slim me!! So, my point is, I would not worry about going too big. People NEVER ask me about my boobs (which is kind of sad). I had extra skin and went with 457 cc's, silicone, unders. I, along with MANY, MANY, MANY women on this site wish they went bigger. The #1 complaint for women to their docs after a BA is that they wish they went bigger. Unless you are getting 1200 ccs UHP I promise you you will not look obnoxious! Good luck!!!
Thanks for the encouragement NoMoreBoobEnvy. My doctor said the same thing (that the biggest complaint from women is that they wished they had gone bigger). I think I'm at a good point with 350s. It's just really hard for someone like me who has been as flat as a sheet of paper all my life to huge breast (or any breast for that matter). The first time I tried on the 300s I almost had a panic attack in the doctors office! I have to trust my body (along with a little but of encouragement from ppl on here like you) and pray for the best. I think I'm going to be really happy that I bumped it up from 300 to 350. We'll see on Friday. ;-)

Well in less than 12 hours I'll have some brand...

Well in less than 12 hours I'll have some brand new tatas. I can't believe the day is just about here. I've waited 31 years to have breast and the day is just about here. Believe it or not - I'm not nervous. Just excited about what tomorrow holds. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. I'm looking forward to posting updated pics soon.

Good luck today
Thanks so much, Kay!! It means the world to me to have such an awesome support system from women that don't even know me. You guys are the best!!!
Good luck sweetie! We are all thinking of ya:-)

Hi ladies, Well. I did it! The surgury was...

Hi ladies,

Well. I did it! The surgury was yesterday and I absolutely LOVE my girls!!!! I wanted to update yesterday, but I was too put of it. I pretty much popped a pain pull every 4 hours. Not so much because I was in pain - but so I could stay ahead of the pain.

So my surgury was at 12noon yesterday and I had to arrive at my PS's office by 11. It kind of sucked having an appointment that late, because I had to stop eating and drinking everything (including water). So by the time we (my husband and I) headed to the office I was hungry and thirsty.

When I got there they took my husband and I to the private waiting room and we were able to relax (and pray). They also hooked up my IV in there and wheeled me to the OR. My husband kissing me was the last thing I remember before him taking me to the car.

I read that a lot of ladies say they didn't have an appetite afterwards but I was starving. My husband made me soup and a sandwich and I could only eat half the sandwich.

I don't remember much else from yesterday. We put the recliner in the spare bedroom and I slept great! It didn't hurt that we have the worlds most comfortable lazy-boy recliner.

Today has also been really good. Had my first PO appointment and the doctor said that everything looked really good. He made me try and raise my hand over my head which hurt like crap, but overall not too bad. He's got me wearing the band and he said I have to wear it for three weeks. He said its because I didn't have much fatty tissue and he wants to make sure they move down. This strap is super tight and makes my chest even tighter, but if it will lower my boobs, I have no problem wearing it (I'm sure my thoughts about it will change after about a week.

I'm still taking my pain meds every four hours, but I think by Sunday night ill stop taking the pain pills and just take the muscle relaxers.

Right now I feel good (but I did take a pain pill an hour ago). Everything just feels really really really tight and heavy. I feel like I'm wearing a bra that's two sizes too small stuffed with 10lb bowling balls. It's tight but not painful.

My husband and I went for a short walk (like 15 mins) because my PS said the best and quickest way to heal is to walk around every couple of hours and stretch my arms.

Ill try and ad some pictures tomorrow. Good luck to the rest of my April ladies out there. I hope you all love your boobs as much as I do. I just can't stop looking at them. Lol.

Congratulations and thanks for the update!  :)

Thanks so much! I could not be happier!!!!

Well it's been one week and Im doing great. I've...

Well it's been one week and Im doing great. I've loved my girls since the moment I left from the PS's office. Ill try and do a recap of what's been going in the last week and I've updated my photo gallery. Thanks for all if the support.

Day of Breast Augmentation Surgury - Don't remember a whole lot. Apt was at 11am and I was doing my best to keep my mind off food (since I couldn't eat or drink after midnight if the night before). I wore yoga pants, uggs, warm socks (my PA told my the operating room would be cold and to wear warm socks and pants without any medal - like jeans). I also wore a zip up jacket that would be easy to put on and take off afterwards. I don't recall being in any pain afterwards; everything just felt really tight and heavy. I was awake on the ride home and I remember every bump in the road feeling like someone was pulling at my breast. One I got home - Im pretty sure I slept for the next 12 hours. My husband came in at some point to feed me and give me pain meds, but that was about it. I ate yogurt and 1/2 a sandwich and lots and lots of water. We put the recliner in the guest room and that was my recovery area all week. We set everything up in the room the night before so that when I fit gone all I had to do was relax. (See pics). All scripts were filled the week before. I was given pain pills (Percocet), pills for nasua (which I never took or experienced), muscle relaxers (my best friends) and antibiotics.

Day 1 Post Op. - I had a 8am follow up apt. I was not allowed to shower and I remember that it was pretty painful to try and brush my teeth. I ate yogurt before leaving so that I could also take pain meds before going to my apt.

At the apt they took off the strap (which I absolute loath) and removed/changed my dressing. That was the first time I really got to see my girls and I knew it was love! Lol. The doctor told me that not many ppl look this good Immdiately after surgury. I'm sure he was talking about my boobs and not me - bc I looked a hot mess!! Lol. They gave me new dressing to change daily and I was instructed not to remove the dressing actually covering my scar for one week but to change the dressing outside of that and to wear the dreaded strap for the next week 24/7. I'm pretty sure all I did was slept and popped pain pills for the rest of the day. Oh, I took a bath that night. The hubbs had to do most of the work but he enjoyed it. ;-)

Day 2 post op - Sunday was good. I discovered that I feel the most discomfort/pain when I first wake up so I made sure to wake up and pop a pain pill around 3am so that I would hurt so much the following morning. I still slept a lot but I was ready for real food (didnt want any more soup) and I walked to the end if my street and back. It was slow going at first but the doctor said that was the best/fastest way to recover. The walk was nice but I remember being super tired afterwards. Hung out in the backyard and watched the dogs run around. Friends (who knew about the surgury) came over with goodie baskets and it was nice to chat. I do remember that laughing hurt really bad so I tried not to do it too often. I was also still taking pain meds every 4 hours and muscle relaxers three times a day.

Day 3 post op (Monday) - was good. I showered on my own and aside from trying to wash my hair it was ok. Bending over to wash my feet hurt really bad though. I thought about trying to shave my legs but didnt think that woukd be a good idea until u felt a little better. I was moving around, eating normal, and taking walks to the end if the street. I wasn't doing too much (still couldn't really lift my arms up too much), but I was trying to stay active and not get too lazy. Took a pain pill at 8am and didn't take anymore that day.

Day 4 post op - (Tuesday) still a little sore when I woke up but otherwise ok. Didn't take any pain meds (still taking the muscle relaxers bc I was having muscle spazums (sp??)). I was feeling great. No real pain - just very tight. Keep in mind I was still wearing the strap all the time except when in the shower. I was working on arm exercises daily (where I raise my arms over my head) to get the breast muscle to stretch out.

Post-Op Day 5 (Wednesday). I went back to work. Was planning on being out all week but I felt great so no reason to be a slacker. I work at a desk so the hardest part was forcing myself to get up every hour and walk around. By the time I got home I was exhausted and in a lil pain so I took a pain pill before bed (my first in two days) and was fine the rest of the week.

Post op day 6 and 7 were great. No pain pills and one muscle relaxer a day and things have been fantastic.

I have my next follow up appointment on Monday. Hopefully the PS will tell me I can stop wearing this aweful strap.
You look great ! I am going this Thursday but still nervous about cancer and replacement later . Please update how r u recovering !
Everything sounds great so far! I like that you added the picture of your b.r.a! I just am wondering where I need to be sleeping to my cats don't jump on me. Oh wow 5 days after you were back to work! You sound like your strong! I have 4 days til my surgery!ekkk
You look fantastic! Congratulations! (I love the note on the door!)
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