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Help me lawd!!! 29y/5'9"/190. I have been eyeing...

Help me lawd!!! 29y/5'9"/190. I have been eyeing this site for months and you ladies have given me the confidence to go through with it... I'm hoping to have a BReduction and BBL combo.
1. No assatall
2. Too much boob.. Enough for 5
3. A stupid belly... Just plain stupid... No kids...

Make sure you have many consults! It is like dating ;-)
Hello and welcome to the sister hood! Hope u keep us posted on ur journey! Where did u find ur Dr? I love to see new Drs!!:-)

So my consult with Dr. Marko.... Hmmm.. Where do I...

So my consult with Dr. Marko.... Hmmm.. Where do I start... Ok.. To sum it up, he just didn't do it for me..
1. The pix were not impressive
2. I didn't get to talk to him personally
3. I found out he is not a board certified PS rather a "fellow" (whatever that means..).. He is actually an OBGYN by profession. some point in the conversation the consultant encouraged me to keep my bra fat?!?!?!? What for, I wondered...!!!

So I am switching to Dr. Gabay in Philly... Yay!!! The doc is super nice.. He actually called me personally. I was pleasantly surprised. He answered all my questions too.

Update later...
congrats on picking a dr, now to pick a date... gl with everything.
Thanks Miss
Omg, u are sooooo right..

So, to confirm, I am having BBL and breast...

So, to confirm, I am having BBL and breast reduction done. 38 more days... Can't wait!
hey daflyone how much did dr. gabay quote you on the reduction? im going to dr s for my bbl and was thinkin about dr g for my reduction since i live in philly
$9k is my total charge.. I know he took some off the top since I will be traveling and will incur extra charges... I know he said the BR is around $5-5.5k depending on how much needs to be taken out, of course.. I know I am also getting a slight discount because its a combo... I would have done the same thing u're doing except I want to be put under just once...
Omg that's really good compared to dr j 14000 dollars. I can't wait to see you results girl your going to look good!!!!!

1. The majority of the ladies here are very very...

1. The majority of the ladies here are very very supportive..
2. Thanks to SodaInPhilly1; SexyLegz, for calling me within 5 mins of reaching out... I truly appreciate it.. ForeverBooty also sent me a checklist which I find very helpful
3. 34 more days... Yay!!!

I need a technique on how to sleep following my combo procedure... That's the only thing that scares me... Yikes...
hi daflyone. if you dont mind me asking, what sz are you currently? im getting my bbl done i feb and i desperatly want a breast reduction and lift. i am a a full 34DD and the weight on my shoulders is outta control!!! and it does effect your posture i struggle with sitting straight up, i have to constantly remind myself to sit up straight and finding clothes that fit forget about it. plus i dont want to loose any sensation in my breast area at all so im still undecided.
I don't know how your going to do it but best wishes and sending lots of prayer your way. You better get the practicing on how your going to sleep. You can't lay on your booty and you won't be able to lay on your chest. Have you found other women that did both how was there experience?
I need all the prayers ... Send em my way.. Lol... I've tried practicing but wake up flat on my back every morning...*** I do not want to be a statistic...*** lol..

So ladies, after all the debate and chatter, which...

So ladies, after all the debate and chatter, which is the best compression garment?!?!?
I actually heard that the butt out garments were not recommended for after a bbl for the simple fact the garment is for compression and swelling if the butt is out it defeats the whole purpose but like everyone else said doctor knows best!
I know every doctor is different. But if you think about it, the butt does not need compression, I dont want my butt compressed what so ever. Now sense the tummy has been lipod aggresively then that does need compression to get it flat and to stay flat. But what ever doctor anyone goes to it is best to follow that doctors orders, but if you go to Jimerson he will suggest butt out garments and my doc doesnt use garments at all only waist binders. Either way at the end of the day we all just want big booties and flat tummies, especially after coughin up thousands of dollars.
I think you should just follow your doctors order. All the girls are going to have different opinions. Like i do not think the butt out garmets are good to wear nor do i think it would be comfortable. All docs have different techniques so its in your best interest to do what they say. Hope this helps. Good luck with your recovery!

Scar treatment ladies... Which is the best to zap...

Scar treatment ladies... Which is the best to zap the lipo scars???
Good luck!
RB where will u get spanx from?
It is cheaper on amazon it is the Spanx Slim Cognito Shape Suit 139_345 or you can go to I tried to paste a link but it wouldnt let me.

Regarding the following; Scar treatment: I...

Regarding the following;

Scar treatment: I got Kelo-Cote Advanced-Formula Scar Gel

Vitamins: VitaMedica- MakeMeHeal (MMH) is bugging. I ordered VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain). Received the package 11/9/12. Something told me to look a the expiation date and to me surprise, the vitamins expire Dec12...wth?!?!? These vitamins are not cheap $$$. I hope they fix this ASAP so I can get it by next Monday.

Waist cincher: I got Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression Waist Cincher at On sale $30

Sleeping position: As previously stated I'm having a BReduction/BBL combo. Thank u ladies for all ur suggestions on sleeping positions. So another great idea I read on on lady's blog; buy an extra firm thick mattress(4+ inches). Cut out a square for the boobs and the butt/hips... Basically the mattress has to be firm and thick enough so your butt falls through but does not touch the bed mattress.... Pure genius...

Pray 4 me..
:-) thanks...

Mmh customer service...#terrible I want to round...

Mmh customer service...#terrible
I want to round up my own vitamins.. Please let me know what u used...and what u recommend..

I am super excited...nervous too... I have...

I am super excited...nervous too...
I have gotten everything ready and will be completing my blood work tomorrow... I am hopeful that it will go well.
Please tell me how many times you saw Dr Gabay after the surgery... So far I know about the 24hr appt and 2 week appt. also, how soon can I start getting a massage?

Hi ladies; hope all is well. I am wishing okay...

Hi ladies; hope all is well.
I am wishing okay was the day...
I got my lab results back and I'm good to go!!!
I also completed my payments.
Good luck on your journey honey
ok so now I'm 3 wks away what, how, when, where do i get my labs and take the pregnancy test and all that i really need help with this. is that all on that small blue slip they sent and what about our prescriptions do we have to wait until after sx for that thanks
Hey lady... If you have health insurance u can go to any lab like quest diagnostics or lab corp (google for locations). If you don't have insurance you can use or something of the like. They are low cost and mine was about 85$ for all tests. Can't beat it. You should do your tests 2 weeks before surgery or preferably before you pay it off.. Also, call Dr. Gabay office for your prescriptions. Ideally u want to have them filled before surgery day. Also start taking your vitamins 2 weeks before time...

2 days to go... I had a dream my shape was so on...

2 days to go...
I had a dream my shape was so on point that I started crying... Lol
I want hips... On y vas, Dr. G..
Praying or a speedy recovery as well...
Good luck girl!!!
Soon lady, you will have ass4days.. Thanks Maa...

Getting ready to head to the surgery facility...

Getting ready to head to the surgery facility.
I'm nervous, I'm happy then nervous again..,
Will update you ladies in the evening....

1st off praise God!!! Got to the facility at 9am...

1st off praise God!!!
Got to the facility at 9am...
Signed some paper work..
Got changed and met DR. Gabay...
(He is a courteous man and I appreciated that...)
After starting the IV and all the other stuff, I went in the OR..
I laid down and asked the team if I had enough time for a short prayer...
They replied yes, and all I remember was getting out about 4 words and I was out!!!!

Woke up with a smile on my face... It felt like I had only a 5 min power nap...
Then the pain in the breast kicked in... Not as bad as I expected it to be... About a 6 on a a 1-10 scale..
My mommy was very helpful. She set-up the back seat nicely and got us back to the hotel. Not too bumpy, no nausea or vomiting, no shakes....
Honestly speaking the BBL portion is a cake walk, it's not painful, just intense soreness like from a good butt workout...
Ladies, thanks for your encouragement and prayers... I will post pick in a few....
Btw I can't wait to wear a matching bra&pantie set. Never doe so in my life...
Thanks God... Je t'aime beaucoup... Et Dr. Gabay, Merci a toi
Glad u r doing well. ...can't wait to c pics!!!
i been on here like every couple hours to c ya pics happy healing tho mama
lol @ prettysquare22 me toooooo I want to see so badly. I just hung up the phone with his office.

Lets all pray for Ass4Days... She had her sx Dec 7...

Lets all pray for Ass4Days... She had her sx Dec 7 and is not doing well..
Father, attend to this BBL sister in Jesus name!!!

Ooh no!..Is ass4days" improving on her recovery.
I think that was an old update
Oh. Ok
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great communication so far...and has answered all my questions in a prompt and timely fashion.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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