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V Beam Purpula- What They Won't Tell You - Charlotte, NC

I rarely review anything but after all of the...

I rarely review anything but after all of the research I did on laser therapy before and after my procedure, I strongly feel this may help someone make their decision on whether or not to have this elective procedure done. (along with the gruesome pics). I, like many of you, have Rosacea. I got a referral from a friend of a friend who thought this could really benefit me and went in for a consultation on June 3rd. After speaking with the nurse for approx 10 minutes (going over medical history), she handed me one piece of paper on laser therapy for rosacea and left me to read it over. Next, the doctor comes in and says "Good news! I can do it in about an hour!" I hadn't even had the consultation on the procedure yet! I asked him lots of questions and asked him the cost. He explained how the procedure worked and told me I could do 3 treatments with no bruising or 1 super treatment with bruising. He told me that there would be bruising and some swelling but it would heal between 7-10 days. I opted for the one time procedure. They put numbing cream on my face and went to handle other patients ahead of me. In the hour they left me in the room, I researched the procedure on my phone. I also looked for pics and found none that come close to resembling what actually happened to me. When it was my turn, they put goggles over my eyes and started with the laser. It wasn't too bad at first, but the more it went on it became extremely painful. I wonder if the laser gets hotter as it goes along as the left side of my face hurts much worse, is more swollen, and has more blisters. (he did right side first) I came off of the table several times. I could only imagine this is how bugs felt when they met their death in a bug zapper. The procedure took about 10 minutes. When it was finished, they had me sit up. I felt like I would vomit. They had me look in the mirror and I was not prepared for what I saw. Every time they touched me with the laser, I had a deep purple bruise. Possibly 100 bruises. My skin felt hot and was pulsating. They ushered me out the back so no one could see me. I had no one with me and had to drive home a hysterical mess. The first pic is a couple of hours after the procedure. My face was on fire all evening and I had to keep ice on it and took some Advil which didn't begin to help the throbbing. The next morning when I woke up, my face was swollen like a basketball. My eyes were almost swollen shut. I had blisters starting to form on my face. There was no real change between day 2 and day 3 apart from more blisters forming. I still applied ice every couple of hours and the swelling started to go down a little and gathered under my chin. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any worse, I now have a gizzard that literally shakes when I walk! (which I'm sure will go away). The 3rd picture is today. (Friday 6/6). The swelling is going down. Still have a gizzard. My face doesn't feel as hot. Bruising is the same. Under my eyes are yellow. All the blisters seem to be clustering together in one giant yellow crusty mess. I can't even speculate about when I'll be able to leave my house which is really depressing. I've read other reviews and am terrified I will never look normal again. All of this because I was embarrassed by my red skin. I had lots of broken capillaries and really hope this procedure takes care of all that redness but cannot say going through this agony is worth it. I would not go through this again. I'm extremely angry that I allowed this to be done to me. When they tell you there will be bruising, I don't think anyone could expect to look like this. My face went through a windshield during a car wreck a few years ago and did not come close to looking like this! If you are considering this, I hope this information helps. The dermatologists sure won’t tell you!

16 days after V Beam Purpura treatment

Today marks the 16th day after my treatment. I still have large, red bruising but the scabs and swelling are completely gone . Because of all of the redness, I cannot tell if the broken capillaries are gone. Under my nose has healed and there is still the one broken capillary there (only had one under my nose to begin with) . Day 11 was the first day my blisters/scabs healed enough to try makeup. I used the green powder from Physician's Formula to cancel out the redness. I had to use so much to cover the bruising that after I put my regular makeup on, I ended up the color of ET :) That's ok, though, easier to leave the house gray than all the looks I got the day I walked to the mailbox! I eased up on the green and you could still see the bruising underneath-kind of looked like large, bad acne scars I imagine. The leaving the house part is not because I am too vain it is because people literally think you have something they can catch from you! Turns out my eye doctor had this procedure last year and experienced the same feelings. Embarrassed that he did this to himself, embarrassed that people crossed the aisle in the grocery store to get away from him. He even had to cancel all of the kids on his schedule until he fully healed. The first one was so terrified and screaming. I can't tell you at this time if this procedure is worth it. The dermatologist told me I'd heal within 7-10 days and again, this is day 16. Important note, I have taken really good care of my skin though out this process. From the day I could first touch my face without extreme pain (day 5, I think), I slathered Vitamin E oil on it every two hours. This seemed to really help with the blisters as well as lightening the bruises. After the vitamin oil stage (about 5 more days), I use a really high price serum at night and MD Formulations "Critical Care" in the morning before my sunscreen. You look at my pics and think that I was the extreme case and my face must have been hideous before, but it wasn't! I could barely see any broken capillaries at all. I know with their magnifiers they see a lot more ;) I'll keep updating. Hopefully after going through all of this, it will work.

Day 30

It's been 30 days now and there is still a considerable amount of redness. Saw doctor last week and he says there's still bruising and the iron my face will go away in the next couple of weeks. Took close up of my cheek where it looks like I've been clawed. Still can't say if it has helped since it's redder now than when I had the procedure done. Only time will tell. Will keep updating.

8 1/2 weeks-definitely not worth it!

After almost 9 weeks, I still have lots of redness in my face. It's about the same as before I had the procedure. In the last couple of weeks, it hasn't changed so I guess after all of the pain and all of the money spent, it's no better or worse. Very disappointed. I did the drastic procedure because it was supposed to be a one time treatment. When I went back for my follow up, they said they could try it again and started offering other procedures as well for sun spots, etc. I'm left feeling that it's all about the money. I will never have this done again nor will I have another painful laser procedure in the name of vanity.
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Hi. As long as it goes away with no damage if be thankful. I had one VBeam procedure for broken capillaries and it absolutely definitely damaged my face. A doctor recently confirmed it. I had great skin prior to the VBeam procedure. Now I have wrinkles, dents, enlarged pores. Very very bad. I had mine done in a good hospital too. She said she had 10 years of laser experience with great results. They downplay the nasty risks of lasers. If I had the time and money I'd sue the dermatology office that did this too me. I told her so too. Your on your own if they damage you. I found that out. I also heard that the laser device makers are protected from lawsuits now thanks to the FDA or whatever powers that be. I also have more damage on the left side of my cheek so you may be right that the device heats up as it's used. She did my right side first. The left side was much more painful. And people close to me have noticed it and gently asked me what happened. I'd strongly urge people to stay away from lasers. If you've had good results with them, stop now while your ahead. Take care
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Your practitioner blew it. They must have used the wrong settings or something. This shouldn't reflect on v-beam! I would seek redress in small claims court myself. You spent quite a lot. I was quoted $200 for same procedure you have.
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Thanks for letting me know! Wow, I was charged 5 times the price AND it didn't really work. Unbelievable!
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I had the iron staining after one of my v beam treatments. It can happen with a bruising treatment. There is a long technical name for it, but it is the blood from the bruising staining your skin and it does go away. One day you will wake up and realize it is all gone. I am really sorry you have gone through all this. I know how frustrating rosacea, and or redness of your face is, and then to be scared to death by the results of the treatment is so frustrating, but it will get better. Promise. I would find a good vbeam technician for your next treatment that knows how to bring you just to the threshold of bruising, but not bruise you. You will get the best results that way.
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Thank you!
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Any update? I have been hoping that all has turned out well for you and you are happy with the results. And please show pics to doctor tell the doctor that his 7-10 day estimate is way off and should not have gone so deep.
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I had this treatment and ended up similar to you. I am disgusted they can leave you like that. Where did you have your treatment? disgruntled.
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I am so glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it's very scary and it seems like an extremely long time to wait for the purple spots to clear up, but I am so glad you have gotten through the worst. If you want to cover things up and protect your face from the sun use the Physicians Formula green stick concealer over your moisturizer, then apply a good foundation that works for you. I promise, every day the redness will go down, and some of those blood vessels that are still there still might shut down. Keep us posted.
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I promise you, you will look good again. After that heals you might even look better. You might not believe it, but I had my whole face turn blue from a pulse dye laser treatment, with blistering, and my face (two weeks later) looked better than ever, and continued to look better all the time for the next couple of months. I know it is frightening to look at, and the doc should not have done that to you without warning. Very few docs will do that without a good reason. But, please don't freak out. You will heal. Keep the skin very well moisturized and don't pick at anything. Everyday will get better.
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