Athletic, Fit 39yo Seeks Liposuction for Trouble Spots on Abdomen, Flanks, Butt - Charlotte, NC

I've thought about liposuction for some time but...

I've thought about liposuction for some time but hesitated because I was already fit with a good figure. That said, my abdomen, flanks and buttocks had some stubborn areas that were exercise resistant. I finally decided that I work hard enough and should have the body I want, so I took the plunge. It's been a roller-coaster ride ever since. So, this has been a complete roller coaster ride. I was so excited after the first few days, but when the swelling started to reduce

I began to see three serious dips, dimples, lumps, waviness (need I go on) right under my belly button. See photos. It is heightened depending on lighting. Bad lighting really shows them. So at two weeks (see photos) I started to really freak out. I thought my surgery was BOTCHED. I found Real Self and started posting. I was literally having a meltdown because I didn't have a bad figure to begin with and here I went and ruined it. Thank god for the Drs who take the time to post on Real Self. I got some good feedback, went and saw my doctor (I will share name and 3 mos post) and he reassured me that I was still swollen and to keep massaging and wear compression for 6 weeks. Way longer than expected. So I've been diligent about massage 3x daily, good diet, lots of water, limited alcohol and my compression. Finally at 4-5 weeks, the dimple on the left side is all but gone and the one on the right is getting smaller, though I have a very hard lump there. I wish I had posted all along to truly chronicle my thoughts, but I couldn't handle it emotionally. I have so much more to share. I will gather my thoughts and post more. Now, you can see the dimples only in overhead lighting. The results are really looking incredible. I've swung back from OMG what did I do to myself to feeling glad I did it. What a roller-coaster ride. Phew. I'm exhausted. BUT, I have so much to share that I've learned. I'm a researcher, so I have absorbed so much great info and a result of my panic. I will share it all. For now, that's all. :)
Thank you for this. Athletic as well; lost 110lbs about ten years ago. I'm at twelve-days post op from an abdominoplasty (and lipsuction of flanks) and am freaking out about the shapes and lumps. Your post, as well as a ton of others, are helping me to be patient.
I am like you, athletic with some trouble areas. So are you saying it was worth it or should I save the money and keep working out?
You have a great figure! I had a tummy tuck and breast implants last October. My tummy did not turn out as flat as I had expected. So I had tummy and back lipo on Friday. I'm worried about the lumps and dimples but will do everything my plastic surgeon says to do. But it's helpful to see you and your results and read about your experience. You look amazing.

More Problems Emerge

Unfortunately, as the swelling has gone down on my side/back thighs it's obvious that too much fat was taken. I have a pretty significant hollow and indent on my back left thigh, with a noticeable but not as severe one on the right. It looks totally unnatural. I am definitely feeling that it was not worth it. Only a small amount was to be taken to improve the sub-gluteal crease, so I have no clue why this ended up this extreme. So depressed. Going back to Dr on Tues.
Hey girl. I'm in NC too. :) Your abs look freakin' amazing! I know what you mean about trying to be a perfectionist with our bodies. I have scheduled some lipo for next month and it was a hard decision to make, knowing there are people who would love to have my figure and here I am wanting to change it like this. You look great, though. Try not to have any regrets - you really look fantastic. It's clear you are super fit. And I would have probably just thought you had some crazy muscle, not a dent, if you didn't mention it. :)
I am 5 weeks out and my legs are doing the same thing! I see my doctor on Thursday. Are yours getting better?
Hi jillbean. Unfortunately, mine are getting worse as swelling goes down. Check out my post about it when you look at my profile. I posted the same pictures of my legs and the majority of doctors are saying im likely to need revision. I'm also got a lot of feedback that you have to be extremely careful in this area especially if you don't have a lot to take off in the first place. For now I'm steeling myself for having to have some sort of revision in the future. That said, I meet with my doctor today and I'll give you an update.
Dr. John Doe

I'd like to wait to post this to give my overall experience, but if I don't blog now I'll forget things.

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