Depressed :( I'm Not Losing Weight

I had the gastric bypass on dec 14th . and i...

I had the gastric bypass on dec 14th . and i weighed 229 when i came out the hosp .I now weigh 202 and have weighed 202 for the last 2 weeks . should i start looking in to revisions options .im getting so depressed . i want this weight off ! im 43 years old had a baby march 2008 i dont know if any of this has an effect on me loosing weight please help :(

should I start looking into revisions options ?


Hi everyone i first weighed in at 268 then i started my two wk post diet, my date of surgery i was 256 i had gbs on 1/27/14. Today's date is 4/14/14 and i am only 228. I have been stuck on 228 for about three weeks now. I still have 90lbs to go. I am at the point where i am so frusterated. I have to admet i dont take my vitamens or protine shacks. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week for an hour. I try to drink water but its hard, i drink about 4 glasses a day. I dont eat breakfest for lunch ill have a salad with chicken and dinner would be the same. Please help i did this surgery as a last resort.
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Hello I am post op 7 months very important to eat from breakfast to dinner small meals all day is what I do. Sometimes I don't lose for 2 to 3 weeks then I catch up.I have small snacks in between. I do not always get to work out but do . I have lost 70 pounds to day of surgery and 83 to pre surgery .Hang in there!!
I didn't really notice until now that this is mainly Gastric Bypass ....I had the Sleeve....I knew three other people that had it and did well......but not me....they will tell you over and over that this is just a tool its up to you to use it correctly. After 8 weeks I finally lost 6 lbs.....I thought it would be faster. I originally had to surgery to be healthy...losing weight would be a huge far I feel great....diabetes is gone (4 shots a day plus meds) walking so much better. I lost 27 lbs on the liquid diet before surgery then nothing until last week.....from Nov 4,2013 until Jan.16,2014 ...up then down up then down...a pound at a time...yay finally 6 lbs.....but I' happy ....hope it continues. Plus I had a salad last week ...first one in months...delicious and I felt so guilty.......Don't anyone tell you this is the easy way(surgery) its still hard work hard that I'm wondering if I could of done it with out surgery?????
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dr timothy kuwada

very thourgh in making decisions and aftercare

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