Finally BOOBS!!!!(: Coming December 5, 2013 - Charleston, WV

Hello, how are you all today. I'm 19 years old and...

Hello, how are you all today. I'm 19 years old and I have decided to get a breast augmentation. See when I was 8 I was diagnosed with cancer. I had all kinds of surgeries and a number of chemotherapy and radiation. And because of all of this I never developed any breast. I don't want to get them for anyone else but my self. I want to feel more feminine and right now I don't have that. My surgery date is December 5, 2013 and I'm super excited. I only have 17 days til my BA! But anyways just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my story and why I decided to go with BA surgery!!(:


Well I'm extremely nervous. I have 16 days and it just hit me suddenly. I'm afraid that something's gonna go wrong.. I really like to see and hear all of y'all's experiences and they are really helping me get through this nervous stage. I'm also afraid that I am going to end up with dd and I only want a c. Well anyways I am just praying that I recover really good and they d&f fairly fast.


Well my ex wanted to get back together with me and I told him that I made a decision to get a breast augmentation and he went off telling me I was only doing it for attention and that it's nasty and fake and no guy will ever want to be with me. And all of this.. :( way to make me feel awful. I'm doing this for me.. I found out I had cancer at 8 years old and I went through rounds and rounds and even more rounds of chemotherapy and then even more rounds of radiation and I also had a bone marrow transplant. And because of all of the head-to-toe radiation and all the doses of chemotherapy I never developed and I feel like less of a woman. I'm 19 I shouldn't be depressed with anything but I am because I know that even through the years my girls will never develop and that's not fair to me. I am doing it for me and for my life and happiness no one else's. Sorry girls just had to vent a little bit. But anyways girls will be here December 5th which is 15 days...(:


I look around and see all of these women walkin around with really big boobs. It's sad. I'm super excited to have my own boobs. In the picture I just posted my size is the top and my sisters size is the bottom. As you can tell I can't even fill my own shirt. It's sucks because I have really pretty tops and can't wear them because my chest is too small. It just makes me more and more happy and excited to have boobs. I am counting down the days til December 5, 2013. No one will ever change my mind about getting this done. My family is supportive but everyone else in the world thinks I'm just gonna turn into some kind of bimbo. I went through school as the girl that never spoke unless she was spoken to and I was so afraid of being judged for my true self that I just stayed quiet and never spoke a word. I'm not gonna be like that anymore I'm not going to be embarrassed about getting a BA because my body won't do it itself. This is me. Think of me however you want. Judge me if you want. I don't care anymore.


Here is a picture of the front and the side. I don't even fill an A cup!!): but anyways I only have like 14 days left...(: getting excited..


Well tomorrow I am getting my nieces (: I'm so happy. I'm glad I can spend some time with them before my surgery. I'm so anxious when I think about my surgery. I get on my sisters nerves when I talk about the new addition I'm adding to my life((: but I'm excited. I have 13 days left and I'm almost in the single digits!!(: well this is all for now I'm just gonna head downstairs. Thanks for all the love and support...

Less then 2 weeks!(:

I'm getting so nervous. It all seems so unreal. Does anyone have any advice about healing quicker or things I should get before my surgery? I would greatly appreciate all the help and advice I could get. Well anyways next week I have to get my blood work done before I can get my BA and honestly I'm super excited!! You girls have really helped me through a lot. And I really appreciate everything. Thank you girls!!(:

10 days!!!(:

I'm super ecstatic I'm so happy!! But I have a few questions for you girls. Is it okay to dye hair 5 days before surgery? And what should I do about my tongue piercing? I can't leave it out. Well anyone that can help me with these questions please do. I really need help!!(:


Meant 11 days! Lol.

10 days 4 hours 35 minutes!

I have 10 days 4 hours and 35 minutes. It almost here!! I'm super excited. I don't think my family understands but this is a dream. I have dreams every night and they are fantastic. After my surgery I'm gonna get back into shape and I'm hoping to get a tan and everything. I'm just hoping everything works out and goes wonderfully!! Well off to bed!!


Welp we are in the single digits now!! 9 days 1 hour and 45 minutes! How exciting is that!! I'm super excited that in 1 week and 2 days I will be a new transformed self confident girl!!!(: oh goodness this is really happening!!(: I can't wait. But it's time for some sleep girls..

Calling doctor tomorrow am!!

I had called my drs office last week and talked to the nurse cause I had some questions. And I'm gonna have to go in cause she said that the ones that they wrote down was the 475 cc and I really don't know if that was right or not so I'm gonna go in and resize these. Cause I'm a small person I'm only 5'2 & 1/2 and I don't want dd ds!!!

Almost Time!

Alright y'all!! The time is just about here. I have my countdown going!! I'm not even nervous anymore. I am gonna go to the dr and resize cause when I called she said they wrote down 475 cc and that seems a little too big. Especially looking at all the pictures. But I'm super excited and it's so close. Less then 5 days. Thursday will be the big day and honestly I'm happy. I won't be picked on or feel like I'm less of a woman anymore. This feels fantastic. My dreams are coming true and it will be here in the blink of an eye.
QUESTION: Should I go in early? The nurse told me to be there by 6:30am but I think I might show up at 6:00am just to be on the safe side. I got all of my christmas shopping done thank god. But anyways I figure I'm gonna stay up all night Wednesday night so I can sleep all day.. I'm hoping I heal pretty fast and can start doing my everyday routines about a month afterwards! Oh just everyone pray for me and I'll make sure to put up some pictures in 4 1/2 days!!(: thanks for all the love and support y'all!! You've all really helped me get through this!!!(:

Blood work!!

I'm going to get blood work done tomorrow so I can get everything done. I'm so excited..(: only a few more days and I'll be waking up with breasts! (:

Oh Goodness!!(:

Well it's only a few days away. I've only got to wait 2 days sand the time will be here. I will post picture after I get out of surgery. Can't wait til I can share my experience with everyone! I'm a little nervous I'm not gonna lie but my joy takes over and I just can't stop thinking about December the 5th!! I get on my sister's nerve when I say something about them but I can't help it. I had to get my blood work done and they stuck me 3 times at first then had to call someone else in and she got it on the 1st try. I was stuck 4 times :( but anyways I just want to say thank you to all of you that I have read about and to everyone that has read my story it means a lot and has helped me so much through this pre op time! Thank you girls so much. I will update you all tomorrow.. (:


Well y'all tomorrow is the day. At 6:30am I have to be to the dr for all the paperwork then I'll be falling asleep. Just pray for me.


Well girls today is the day! I'm so excited. I can't wait to share my results with you all. Anyways I have to be at the hospital at 9am and my surgery is at 10am!!! Please pray for me!!(:


Well I'm finally back home. Propped up in moms bed!(: in pain. And still drowsy! But instead of giving me a surgical bra they just wrapped it up in ace bandages! You can't see anything right now! :(


Well girls right now the pain is awful. I've been sleeping so I wouldn't feel it and I just took my pain med muscle relaxer and my antibiotic. I've been trying to walk around some but I keep hunching my back up. Ugh just not relaxing right now

Post op: day 1

I'm post op day 1. I can't really sleep. I'm in a lot of pain. This ace bandage is so tight that it's hard to move! The dr didn't even give me a surgical bra Incase I had to leave the house. I can't use my arms at all because when I try to use them to push myself up it puts a great amount of pressure and pain in my chest. I knew I would hurt some but this is a lot of pain to endure for quite sometime. As soon as I change my bandages and gauss I'll take some picture. I didn't have a hard time breathing when I woke up from surgery which is a good thing. The only bad thing is they had a hard time getting my vitals. It's only 5 something in the morning and it's just been awful. Last night I took everything I was supposed to and it really didn't help that much. And with this ace bandage on I can't even see if they are too small or too big. Well anyways I guess it's time to try and sleep.

Got to see!(:

I changed my bandages today and took a picture. They are still riding really high but they look really good. My pain is still awful. I hope to kick it of town! Lol. Well here's the after results. Post op day 2!

It's 2 o'clock in the morning!!!

Well it's 2am and I haven't been sleeping well at all. The first 2 nights I was waking up at 2:22am and tonight I woke up at like 12:30am. Why is it so hard for me to sleep all through the night. I just took all my medicine and I'm hoping it kicks in soon and I can sleep through the rest of the night. This pain is awful. It's not even my breast it's my arms/armpits!! Just keep me in y'all's prayers!(: and thanks for all the support!

Sore! :(

I've been extremely sore lately and I've also been really swollen and kinda numb!!! Is the numbness normal at all or should I talk to my dr about it! I was also wondering how long it takes the implants to fully drop. I've noticed that they have slightly dropped but not enough for the eye to see!! And one more question... How long should the pain in my muscles last? If anyone could help me it's greatly appreciated!!


Well ladies I'm finally home from my mothers. She really helped me. Anyways I had an awful case of the morning boob!! :( but other then that I'm feeling a lot better! I've got a dr appointment Friday and hopefully that's when they take the stitches out because the stitches are supper ichy!!


Well today hasn't been that good. In a lot of pain but I go to see the dr tomorrow! Hopefully getting the stitches out.. Well anyways I can ly on my side but still uncomfortable! I can lay on my stomach but also uncomfy!! And I have HORRIBLE morning boob!! Been able to do a lot more with my arms and everything but still can't lift over 10lbs!! Well here are a few pics from last night..


Well today has been really good! No pain. Went to the dr today and they cut the stitches and gave me steri-strips! Yay. I'm healing like I'm supposed to. I'm so happy. The only time I ever have discomfort is in the mornings when I wake up from sleeping on my back but other then that no pain. I'm so pleased with the way everything looks! I'm happy happy happy!!! Can't wait to see the final product!!!

Hey girls.

Well I know I haven't been on in a few weeks but everything's been going very well. I don't have to wear the steri-strips anymore!!(: I have a dr appointment on February 14th lol way to keep up the love!(: anyways they are dropping and look absolutely wonderful. I feel amazing. My dr was great. I've not had one complication. Well here a a few pictures with bras and shirts!(:

Over A Month!!

Well I've hit the 1 month mark! I'm so happy. The breast augmentation was amazing and it changed my life. I used to feel like I was nothing because I was so insecure and now I feel so wonderful! I feel complete! Thank you dr wood!! He was amazing!!
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Hi I just read all your posts and I'm so glad you shared your story cause I'm kind of in the same boat as you! I'm 18 with tiny AA cup boobies and I am having a breast augmentation in March!(: I wanted to ask if you had any thoughts after your surgery that maybe you would have liked to go bigger? I picked out 400cc implants but I'm worried I might wanna go bigger! I also have a very small frame I am only 5 ft and 95 pounds.
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Honestly I love my size. I don't know exactly what I'm gonna be just yet but hopefully in a month they will be down where they need to be and I'll know exactly what I'll be!(: but my dr did 492cc in each. Honestly just becareful you don't want to look to out of wack!!(: but I can tell you trying to get up for the first week is going to be awful you will want to cry. But anyways I got 492cc and I'm 5 2 and 130 so like I said just be careful especially if you are wanting to look natural. I didn't have any boob greed but a lot of people do. And just trust your dr because my dr said that he would either fill them up more or take less then what I picked out just to make me look as natural as possible!!(: hope this helped if you have any questions just let me know. I hope I helped you in some way shape or form!!(:
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Glad you are feeling better today. Looking good too!
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I hope you are feeling better today! :-)
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I am thank you so much girl!
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Your comments about the disturbed sleep and pain are all familiar and commonplace. The first three to five days can challenge you the most. Implants riding high after surgery is normal....mine didn't settle down for about eight weeks. The hard part is over though!!!!! My best as you heal.
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I've been following your review! I'm from Charleston too and have decided to get BA. I'm calling Dr. Wood tomorrow to schedule a consultation. I can't wait to see how you like yours once they've settled. Hope you have a speedy recovery! : )
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I'll keep posting pics so you can see! Keep following!
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All still normal! Hang in there :)
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I appreciated your posts. I too am having a BA because of medical complications during my youth. It was not cancer...and congratulations to you for your strength and healing!!!...but I was on prednisone for 5 years from age 1-5, which caused all kinds of terrible side-effects and I had to have 5 very intense surgeries (one was 8 and a 1/2 hrs long) to correct growth defects that the childhood meds caused. I am now doing/looking quite well, and feel that getting my BA is 'sealing the deal' on the childhood issues, making the final product what I was actually supposed to have to start with. Some get things the quick, natural way...others have to be strong and fight for what they believe in and for what they want. I too am so small that I don't fill even the smallest cup size...but will be joining ladies such as yourself, very soon...with fuller happier breasts. (-: Happy healing to you, and congratulations on everything! xo
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Good luck with everything. Hope you are more confident and take care of yourself. Keep us posted with your results.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery and a great result! Just take it easy and let your body heal. Congratulations!
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Thank you so much. I've been in so much pain. I guess it's from him placing them under the muscle. I just hope and pray that by Friday I'm fine and don't have any pain. They are still high and really hard. I just pray to have a speedy recovery!
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Bless your heart ( yes, I am from the South). I also had horrible pain for the first week or so. I know it's hard to pull your shoulders back but one night I had a dream I healed that way. Great boobs but I was hunched over so far nobody could see them! Weird dream, I know. So pick an activity you do everyday and slowly pull them back only at that time each day. I did that so I would remember to do it everyday and I didn't over do it by doing it too much. Another tip for when you can wear a post op bra...if the incesion is in the crease and it is irritated by the bra band, use a folded maxi pad between the band and your incesion to cushion and protect it. It's sterile and soft and it really helps a lot. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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Congratulations! Hang in there with the pain. The tough part is just the first few days. I'm pretty sure there are some breasts under that ace bandage. :) You're going to have some amazing before and after photos. If you have a chance, check out greenolive. She also just got implants and would like some support!

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So happy you (and me) are on the other side!! Pain is quite uncomfortable. :-/. Do you know how many cc's you ended up getting? Did you get Saline or Silicone.
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I got Natrelle Silicone and 492cc in both left and right! And oh god yes very uncomfortable. I can barely get up off the couch.
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Hang in there mate, you're doing great! We've all been through this and know just how you feel. It's all normal too, first 48 hours are the toughest! You have the same bandaging that I had, the suspense is worse than the pain! Just remember it will all be worth it!!
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I know. They really didn't give me an estimate time for pain. How long til you could walk without hunching over?
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Probably about 3 days. I think hunching over is just our way of protecting our chest. I just rolled my shoulders back a little at a time, slowly relaxing my chest. Your back will be sore too from being in this position. Just know it all gets better. I am only 5 weeks post op and played a game of tag footy last night!! You'll be amazed how quickly you will get back to normal!!
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I really can't wait to be feeling normal again. And my throat also hurts extremely bad due to the tubes it hurts to cough!
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I've been following your review! Congrats on surgery hope your pain subsides some! Have a great recovery sending speedy healing thoughts your way! Mines in 3days!
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Hope you have an easy recovery!
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Hope you are doing well!!
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Good luck on your BA, an happy healing hun :)
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