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I'm Took the Plunge and am still sooo Excited! :-D - Charleston, SC

I'm a very busy mother of 4, ages 16, 13, 12...

I'm a very busy mother of 4, ages 16, 13, 12 & 2! I work full time and teach aerobics 2 nights a week at my church. I have been doing and teaching aerobics since my oldest was about 1, so 15 years! I have a very athletic build...I'm 5' 9" and weight around 165. I wear between a size 8 to 10. I inherited the stretch mark gene from my mother...my tummy looks just like hers! They are the scars from having my beautiful babies, but I hate them as much as I love my children!

I'm pretty fit physically, but you would never be able to tell it with my tummy! My PS was astonished at how hard my abs are and said that it was sad that I cannot show off those rock hard abs because of all the saggy skin/belly. He said he would not have to do any ab repair work, so hopefully my recovery won't be as painful. Yay! :-)

My hubby has been so supportive through this decision to go ahead and get this done. I am having surgery on my foot to fix a bunion on Tuesday, October 25th, so I will be down with that till January, so I decided to go ahead and get my TT done a few weeks later. Hopefully I will be healed from both of these surgeries to go back to teaching aerobics in January.

Finding this site and reading all the real experiences women have had with TT, has just fueled my excitement! I can't wait til November 9th and a flat tummy!

Welcome to RealSelf!

I would say you are a pretty busy lady with four children:)  The older children will be able to help you during recovery both with you and your youngest child.  That will be nice.  

Definitely by not having the Ab work done you will have less pain.  Having that stitched up really hurts and adds to the recovery time.  

I am happy you found us and that the ladies were able to fuel your excitement.  Keep us up to date on your journey.


I go for my preop appointment in the morning...

I go for my preop appointment in the morning (10/31/11). I bought my compression garmets this weekend so I'll take those in with me to make sure that is what I need. I had surgery on my foot on Tuesday and was in some pain with that, but it wasn't too bad. I'm hoping that with my TT the pain will be about the same. I'll post tomorrow how my preop appt goes.
From the sounds of it your going to look awesome when you have your TT. I love aerobics, which kind do you teach?
What time do you go for your operation on the 9th? Mine is at 7:30 have to be there at 5:30.
I teach dancy aerobics st my church for a ministry called Body & Soul. We had classes all over the world. Not sure if there are any I'm your neck of the world, but you can check our website to see. It is www.bodyandsoul.org.

My surgery will be at 9:30. Not sure if that is when it will start or if that's when I need to be there. I will get all that info in the morning.

So I went for my preop yesterday. It all went...

So I went for my preop yesterday. It all went well and he still says he doesn't need to do any ab repair! Yay me! :) He said my recovery won't be as painful. I got my prescriptions and all my preop instructions and the betadine that I will need to wash with for 2 days prior to my surgery. I also learned that my PS does a Foley catheter to make it easier the first 12 hours of recovery. I will be staying in his recovery suite for 2 nights, so this will be a relief for my husband. :) I bought a couple of girdle style compression garments over the weekend and I took them in for him to approve. He said they were perfect but we probably wouldn’t use them for the first week. He said we need to make sure the circulation of blood is good before we apply compression. I really like my doctor…he’s old, but that means he is very experienced. His nurses tell me he is a perfectionist…I think that is a good trait to have as a PS. I have lots to get done this week to get prepared: house cleaning, grocery shopping, PJ shopping (I need PJ’s that button up the front as they don’t want me putting anything on over my head), getting all that I need to stay away for 2 nights. And on top of this I’m still recovering from my foot surgery. But, I can do this….still so excited! :)

How nice that you get to stay for two nights after surgery:)  I bet your hubby likes that idea!

Not having the muscle repair will definitely make this an easier recovery.  

Let us know how your preop went.
congratulations on your pending tt. Mine is TOMORROW! It's good to see someone else so excited. Since you have lots of free time due to bunion surgery, you can just obsess over this great site, like I am. I admire your courage having both surgeries at the same time. ( canceled my bunion surgery 20 yrs ago, lol. Now THAT was scary!) Keep us posted

OMGoodness!!! My doctors office just called and...

OMGoodness!!! My doctors office just called and moved my surgery up to Monday! Yes, as in this Monday the 7th!!! Wow! I'm really feeling anxious right now! I have so much to do before
Monday. I really haven't thought about this til now! Can you say nerves!
It's nice to follOw another SC gIrl. It Is exciting and You are going To do grEat.my first 2 days haven't been bad at all & I've been at home. Keep Us posted.
sounds like you will have enough to keep you busy between now and monday...thats good...less time to worry! :)
Hi! Another fellow TT scheduled for November 8th. There are 4 or 5 of us now. Just wanted to tag your page so I can follow your recovery. Keep in touch!

Ok...got my nerve up, so here's my before pics. ...

Ok...got my nerve up, so here's my before pics. Can't wait to see this gone! I'm under the 48 hour mark now! :)
Stopping by to let you know i am thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way!
Hope all is well and that you have a beautiful new tummy!
Thinking of you today.... check in when you can!!

Wow! What a day! I'm 2 days post op and am having...

Wow! What a day! I'm 2 days post op and am having some circulation issues with my skin flap. I was in an oxygen tank for 2 hours today and will have to have at least 2 more treatments tomorrow. I'm still in my recovery suite and hopefully will go home tomorrow after my 2nd oxygen tank treatment. My PS says this type thing happens usually to smokers, but I'm a non-smoker. I'm still extremely sore and walk like a 90 year old woman all hunched over with a walker! This surgery is definitely thougher than I expected it to be. Still on pain meds...actually I have been alternating extra strength Tylenol with the pain meds. I'm so ready to be home to my babies though. Thanks for the continued prayers!
checkin in on you... how are you doing?
I'm feeling good, but very, very sore! Of course the back soreness has set in too. Still moving very slow and trying not to overdo it. Still taking pain meds every 4 hours to stay ahead of it. Got both of my drains removed yesterday, so it's great not having to fight with those things. I slept really good last night. I'm going to try my first real outing tonight...going to see my children along with our church youth group do a comedy show. Looking forward to that! Hope you are doing well to!
Thanks for checking in. I was getting a little concerned. Post when you get back so we can catch up.

This recovery thing is much slower than I would...

This recovery thing is much slower than I would like. I am still walking a bit hunched over and I believe if I could walk normal, my back wouldn't kill me as bad. I've been using a heating pad for my back at night and that has been helping. I have ventured out of the house a couple of times on short outings. Saturday night I went to see my children perform in a comedy show at church, and that was pure torture. Sitting in a metal chair way too long made it very painful to get around afterward. I ended up leaving a little early just to get home to my bed.

I still haven't been released for a shower or driving. I had my 12 yo daughter help me yesterday take a bird bath in the tub. I was able to shave my legs and wash my body pretty good, but it still wasnt' a shower. Hopefully tomorrow at my appointment he will say I can shower.
Do you have any pictures after the surgery? I'm considering your doctor and would love to see the results.
Hi sdc. I did the same thing as you. I had a bunion removed with arthroplasty on each toe on my right foot, then had my TT and BA afterwards. Figured while I was off work might as well do everything. Feeling good a week out from surgery. Hope you're feeling better!
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