Looks Like I Have a Butt on my Stomach - Charleston, SC

My tummy is just a hot mess. It started in 2003...

My tummy is just a hot mess. It started in 2003 when I had a lap band done to loose weight. That make my gallbladder take a poop, so it was removed in 2004. After loosing 65 pounds, I had major pains & found out the band erroded & perforated my stomach. Next was 2 more surgeries to sew my stomach back together & remove the band. I managed to maintain the weight for several years until I needed to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant. That made some weight go back on. Fortunately, we were blessed with a baby girl who arrived via c-section. Had bad tummy pains again & wound up with a hernia that needed repair. 2 weeks later, we found out we were blessed with another pregnancy for our 2nd daughter, who was also delivered by another c-section.. While pregnant, I I had major discomfort & thought the hernia mesh was tearing. Nope. It was another hernia. So that totals 5 abdominal surgeries plus 2 c-sections. Seriously, my stomach was always a bone of contention for me. Now, I hate it. My husband hasn't even seen it in years because yes - I try to hide it from him. My upcoming TT with muscle & hernia repair is for me. It's something I've contemplated for years & finally am treating myself - with our tax return, of all things - lol. I'm excited & scared at the same time. Some ladies have compared the TT to c-sections & said the TT is so much worse. Others have said the c-section was worse. I"m hoping with all the surgeries I've had, that this won't be too bad. The pain doesn't worry me too much - it's the idea of not showering for a week because of the drains! Seriously! I'm the kind who showers like 2 or 3 times a day in the summer. Hello. I live in SC. It's summer already!


I love that - safe trip to the flat side! Thanks so much!
You will be OK. I had one done May 8, 2012, and I live in South Louisiana. You just won't get much of a summer. And I know you don't want to, but make sure you get some really good, clear before pics. I still get amazed when I go back and look at mine compared to how my abs look now. If you want some help with building strong core muscles a few months from now, check out diastasisrehab.com and thetummyteam.com for tips in safe ways to strengthen what has been repaired. You can do this. It will be tough, but worth it. I posted a lot of recovery thoughts on my review here if you are looking for reading to distract and inform. Have a safe trip to the flat side!
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I love that - safe trip to the flat side! Thanks so much!

Pix of my lumpy, bumpy, tummy

Tons of scar tissue plus a hernia have my upper abs sticking out further than the mommy pouch. Seriously, I could pass for being 5 or 6 months pregnant now.


Oh & my PS told my hubby that he removed 6 pounds of tissue. Anyone know what's average?
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Well, you did have a butt cut off of your belly, so 6 pounds is not bad, for a butt. I had a giant scrotum on mine. Guess they weigh less than butts, cause my surgeon said he took about a pound, and lipo took about 1/2 a pound. Everyone is unique. No such thing as average! :) Glad it is not too bad for you so far.
How are you feeling and doing?
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5 days post op

Every once in a while I get a pins and needles sensation on my stomach. My guess is it's the nerves "waking up". Thankfully things still haven't been too bad. But I'm hurting today more so than yesterday. I haven't pooped yet so I took milk of magnesia twice today. Also I was up for some hours & most likely over did it. It's hard to just stay in bed with a 3 year old & a 1 year old. Maybe I'll post a pic for Tuesday when it will be 1 week post op.


Im excited to see a pic! Ill be taking care of a two yr old 4 days after surgery so ill soon be in your position.. Its one of the things im worried about.
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You decide...

This is a pic of before and then 8 days post Op. Definitely a big difference but I sure hope it gets better. What do you think?


we have so much in common. I also live in South Carolina. I have the same green underwear lol! And our stomachs were very similar before surgery. I also had a hernia repaired, 6 inches wide muscle repair, lipo and the tummy tuck. He removed 8 pounds of skin and another one and a half pounds with lipo. My weight is now going back and forth. I was down 14 pounds from the day of surgery, but that fluctuates now to about 10 pounds. If I don't constantly where the compression garment the swelling feels unbearable. I didn't get to start wearing it until 2 weeks after surgery because I still had my drains in. But I think when they do so much work we are going to have a lot more swelling for a longer amount of time. Just be sure to rest and do what the Dr says and I'll be thinking about you. If you have any questions just give me a yell.
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I just read your profile.....we do have a lot in common. We are even the same age :-) what are all the different creams & stuff for? My doc only told me to get bromelaine & arnica supplements to take. He supplied my binder which i've been wearing since surgery. My next move is to just get some good spanx to use for a while. Oh!!! You said about swell hell..,, after having fish tacos. Well - they were salty, right? I read to avoid salt & anything carbonated (beer or soda) because it will cause swelling. But what a huge difference for you!! You look great. And I'm glad they said you can swim. We too, have a pool and my doc's nurse said no swimming for 6 to 8 weeks. Thats so not cool. I stare at it through the window dying to just jump, ok walk, in. My 3 year old keeps asking to go in because she wants her sister , my 1 year old, to swim. Hopefully they'll let me in sooner. But these drains really need to go. They are driving me nuts. Watch it'll be Saturday when they hit the right numbers & I'll be stuck having to wait with them in. Ugh. I should try sleeping again, its 3:30 now. Talk to you soon.
I had my drains out about a week before they let me swim. One of the creams is a farming and slimming lotion that is supposed to help you lose 1 to 2 inches in your waist over a 60 day. It was not cheap about 130 bucks And the bio corneum was another hundred and it is a silicone scar gel. I just started using both of them so I can't really say if they're working well Or not yet.
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

So far, I love Dr. Widenhouse. He had certainly taken his time with me. My consult with him was at least an hour of just talking with him. My husband had questions & Dr. W gladly made time for us again.

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