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I was SO scared to do permalip! I wasnt even able...

I was SO scared to do permalip! I wasnt even able to sleep at night because I was kinda scared after watching the procedure on youtube but knew I really wanted the look they give after a lot of research and others experience. I had it done today and I can not believe that I was scared this whole time! It was painless and so very quick. The worse part is the numbing needles and even that was finished so quickly. I am swollen but am taking medications for the pain, swelling and a natural supplement called Anika Forte for the bruising as opted and recommended by Dr. Hochmans office. So far I am in love! I would deff recommend this to everyone that wants fuller lips. I did restylane once and was like I cant afford this every 4-6 months. Any questions I would love to answer to the best of my ability and experience. My sister is going to get hers done in 2 weeks. I can not wait to update you guys when my lips are healed up a little bit more.

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Day 3- The first two days my lips felt a little...

Day 3- The first two days my lips felt a little tight which is probably from the stretching of my skin. I also wasnt taking the pain killer because pain killers always give me nausea so I rather deal with the "tightness" than the nausea. I do make sure that I take all the other medication on schedule. All the discomfort has resided. I am still not quite able to smile due to the stitches. Everyday the swelling goes down. I have been using colgate wisp because brushing teeth have been kinda a challenge. I also use listerine. As far as helping the skin stay soft and not cracking, I highly recommend Aquaphor. I am pretty big with tattoos and Aquaphor heals them best also so I saw this to be fit for healing my lips also. I will most deff post another update in about another 4 days!


they look good.what size are your implants?please keep posting pics.
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Thank you so much! I am going to make sure to post at my one week mark. The swelling and bruising is still present. I am on day 5 now and I can not wait to wear some bright red lipstick lol..They are the large. My surgeon said that he doesnt implant the Medium because people always come back for the large and also since there isnt much of a difference between the two. Okay I will keep you posted on the results, Any other questions just ask =) My sister is getting hers done in a week. I will be posting hers also lol its become a family affair

Thank you for posting your fantastic review with photos! I can't wait to watch the progression of your lips as the swelling comes down. Glad this wasn't too difficult and that you're happy with the results.

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Its been a week. Today I have much more mobility...

Its been a week. Today I have much more mobility (Less tightness/Stiffness) in my lips. There is still some swelling on my top lip in particular. There is also still some bruising on the wet dry line. So far I am still very happy with the results. I am continuing to use the aquaphor because they get very dry and chapped.


Zabber how is your recovery coming along, perhaps you could post some pics. I am thinking about this procedure as well just too scared at the moment.
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xhavefaithx hello I was just wondering if you had an update on your lips. How's your recovery going. They look great.
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Hello Paula! Thank you lots for the comment. I am so sorry, I meant to update sooner but my sister just has the procedure done also lol yes its been a family affair! So at Two weeks, My lips look natural enough to go in public and feel confident that no one is thinking I am Big Angs long lost twin sister =) I can smile openly and laugh with ease. The only thing is I cant make kissing lips yet. I am posting a photo that shows my attempt at it but its just not there yet. I know I read on the forums that for a lot of others it took about 7 weeks to get full mobility. They are still pretty dry and I need to keep the aquaphor on them. They feel a little firmer...the implant sits towards your teeth kinda so you can feel them with your tongue. I dont think any one else would be able to notice because when I touch the front it feels soft. What were you scared about? The procedure or the results or more than likely both lol.. I was nervous too because its such an intimate part of oneself. I watched the Youtube video and was scared to death. I am not going to lie the nerve blocking injections hurt but they are done super fast. I just kept thinking labor is deff worse so I can do it lol but after that you dont feel a thing. I mean maybe some tugging but no pain. I think my wisdom teeth were worse. Post op I wasn't exactly in pain and I only took the pain meds once on the day of the surgery because strong pain meds make me nauseous and to me thats worse. Eating and sleeping isnt painful, its just uncomfortable for the first few days ( 3 or 4 ).. Day 7 I was still ducky but no more discomfort really. The stitches dissolved right about then too. As far as the results... I had my scared of omg are they crooked or ducky when I smile but they're not and I forget theyre there a lot of the times. I splurged and bought a few new Mac lipstick and really say they were worth it because I love lipstick but never thought it looked good on me because of my thin top lip. It added a lot to the sides of the top which prior was just skin. I mean I still cant stand up to Scarlett Johansson or Angelina but it feels good to feel more feminine. I actually never and still havent told certain family members and when they saw me all they said was I look different and asked if it was pregnancy ( I tried to take it as a compliment lol ) but they couldnt pin point what was exactly different. Id say keep reading peoples experiences as it does seem to be becoming more popular and really take your time to think it over and find the right surgeon. Well I hope my novel helped =) I just know I was really scared to do it also and wanted every bit of information and experience. KK Good Luck!

New Photos @ 2 Weeks post op =)

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2 Weeks post op

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SISTER- Before Permalip

My Sister is not the blogging/forum type so I told her Id do it for her lol I want other women (men too!) to see the results and help the best way I can =)

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very beautiful lips....I'll talking with my surgeon!!!
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What size did you get?
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I woke up this morning with the right side of my face swollen puffy and distorted. I am 16 days out from her my permalip. I called my PS to have them removed. he said I'm throwing in the towel way too early. has anyone else had this weirdness happen to them?. I need help. ng in the towel way too. early.
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