755 Alexandrite Burn - Charleston, SC

I had laser hair removal with a 755 Alexadrite...

I had laser hair removal with a 755 Alexadrite laser, received burns. After the scabs peeled, I was left with hypopigmentation. Should I use bleaching cream? it's been 3 months with no real improvement with the white spots. I used aloe vera twice a day until it flaked. I just started using Jergins lotion to help give the white sport color...

Charleston, I live in Charleston, too, and get lots of laser treatments, etc. Can you please tell me which office did your procedure can I can be sure to avoid them? ? Thanks, and best of luck with recovery. .. I've got the same issue from recent cellulze.
So important with hypopig to leave the area alone, no sun exposure for at least 6 months or more. After that then expose your skin to sun in small doses and hopefully ur melanocytes (if not too damaged) will start to produce pigment again. The use of bleaching creams and laser to "correct" this problem is a horribly uneducated idea.
If it really is hypopigmentation isn't that the loss of pigment, which can not be restored? Is it that or possibly still healing and looks a lot lighter than the other skin?
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