755 Alexandrite Burn - Charleston, SC

I had laser hair removal with a 755 Alexadrite...

I had laser hair removal with a 755 Alexadrite laser, received burns. After the scabs peeled, I was left with hypopigmentation. Should I use bleaching cream? it's been 3 months with no real improvement with the white spots. I used aloe vera twice a day until it flaked. I just started using Jergins lotion to help give the white sport color...

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Charleston, I live in Charleston, too, and get lots of laser treatments, etc. Can you please tell me which office did your procedure can I can be sure to avoid them? ? Thanks, and best of luck with recovery. .. I've got the same issue from recent cellulze.
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So important with hypopig to leave the area alone, no sun exposure for at least 6 months or more. After that then expose your skin to sun in small doses and hopefully ur melanocytes (if not too damaged) will start to produce pigment again. The use of bleaching creams and laser to "correct" this problem is a horribly uneducated idea.
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If it really is hypopigmentation isn't that the loss of pigment, which can not be restored? Is it that or possibly still healing and looks a lot lighter than the other skin?
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This kind of thing happens all too often with laser hair removal, which is why I won't touch it. I chose electrolysis for my hair removal needs, which I feel is much safer. Anyway, you need to see a dermatologist about this. A MEDICAL DOCTOR. Not a "laser tech" and not some "clinic," especially considering what such types have already done to you. With skin damage like this, the prognosis isn't good, I'm afraid, but a trained physician might be able to do something to blend in some of the colour. Very sorry this happened to you. Laser is just too dangerous to be used by non-medical providers.
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To the laser tech: it is not as though this type of damage is limited to one person. 100s on this site and others have been damaged by one laser or light device or another whether the newest or oldest device out there was used and at the hands of some of the top doctors in the world.

Respectfully, using one laser or light device to fix the damage of another is not the answer for most who've been damaged by these devices.
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I am also a laser tech and our clinic now uses the Soprano which is fantastic as it's pain free for clients and risks of burning are very rare. It's very safe and effective and had a cooling nib which keeps the epidermis cool and protected. The last thing that you would want is laser right now but i recommend looking into which laser the clinic is using and go for a safe pain free one.
Hope you heal soon :-)
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Also sorry that this has happened to you as it's not a nice thing to happen to anyone. I am also a laser tech and have worked with lasers for many years so have seen this happen before when a colleague of mine burnt someone with an IPL machine.Our Clinic now uses a Soprano machine which is absolutely fantastic as it's pain free for clients and very very safe to use. It has a cooling nib which cools your epidermis down so risks of burning are very rare.Probably the last thing on your mind is having laser again but if you ever decide you would like it in the future i suggest you go somewhere that has a Soprano. Hope all heals well :-)
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is there any update?
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I am sorry this happened to you. If you have not, please file a report with the FDA, via their adverse event report filing system. It is important to have an official record of these injuries so that they are documented. There is no time limit for filing the report.

Your name and the name of the doctor will not be on public display but only viewable by the FDA. If you reported this outcome to your doctor as it was their obligation to notify the mfg, who was then supposed to file a report with the FDA but that does not always happen. Each patient still needs to file their own report with the FDA so you will have a voice and you can be sure the damage was reported and documented.

You can file the report online at this link below, just click the "Begin" button to the right. You will need the manufacturer and model (or at least that would be helpful) of device that harmed you.

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I am a laser technician...and believe it or not, many years ago, I actually got burns like this at a clinic I used to go to. The only assurance I can give you is that it will fully heal, but it will take a long time. Bleaching creams may help, but those are large areas so it will take some commitment and a lot of tubes of cream!

This next suggestion is not textbook advice -- but speaking from personal experience. I have seen improvement on these conditions when the YAG laser is used over the damaged area. My belief is that it stimulates the collagen in that area -- speeding up the recovery. It may or may not work for you, but when I've tried it on some of my own clients I have seen much faster recoveries than doing nothing at all. And you get the added benefit of more hair removal at the same time.

Ask your clinic if they have that machine and let them give you a few sessions for free.

Also, find a good spray tan girl.

Keep me posted.
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Thank you
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