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I am 45 and I decided now is the time to get my...

I am 45 and I decided now is the time to get my breasts done--at my age they were sagging and a size B. I wanted big boobs at this point in my life so I went with silicone 550 cc HP Mentor smooth round implants. I didn't care if I looked fake--that is the new in thing anyway. BUT, mine look relatively natural--if being this big and perfect is natural?? :-) I am a very full size 38 D/DD now. I don't have a "shelf" which you usually get with HP implants. That is what I mean about fake vs. natural. My size makes me look like I could work at Hooters and I love it!!!!!

I would recommend breast augmentation for anyone. I just hope that everyone could have as pain-free a surgery and post op care as I did. p.s. I had the peri-areolar incisions (quicker healing time) and sub-muscular which I had absolutely no pain with.

See i told you no problem .... ill use that line with my Mom lol..Holly of course i will and i really do hope they drop and fluff because they certainly shouldnt stay like this large or not ... they are still rather squarish ....i see my Doc soon and its nice to have someone reassure at times..Thanks ..Take care kittling
Hi Kittling,

My Mom's reaction was good. She said I looked very voluptuous and wanted to know what kind of bra I had on LOL!!! I said the "silicone" kind! It is all good :-). Keep me posted on your progress with dropping and fluffing okay! Sounds like you are doing everything right--having patience will be easier now, knowing that you aren't a "freak" that you look normal for the post op recovery time frame. I am just so glad my Fiance had gone through this before with his old, old girlfriend--so he knew to warn me about the implants sitting right under my clavicle and that it would take 2 months or more to settle.
Hi Holly,
You dont need any luck im sure your mom will be fine with it she might even like them ...When i go home it might be hard to hide mine so im going to have the same problem as you ...
I really hope not Holly because im still somewhat stressed..i do the massages my doctor showed me like compassion tecnhiques except for the bottom he didnt want me touching that area....yes i still wear my surgical bra and my ace strap until he tells me otherwise...i did post a question but wanted to post another one but dont know how?
Your pics look great by the way and thankyou again for posting them i so appreciate it... Kittling

Hi, it has been 6 months since my BA and my...

Hi, it has been 6 months since my BA and my breasts look and feel totally natural. People are amazed that they are so "squishy" and real feeling--not firm like melons. I have never been more happy with my decision. I had no pain, no complications throughout the recovery process. My boobs dropped and fluffed 2 months after surgery and they feel like they are a part of my body. They are heavy though! They weigh 3 lbs.

I lift weights, do push ups, swim and jog--I have to wear one sports bra and a sports bra lined tank top to do it but I can! I can do everything that I used to do, even sleep on my stomach!

I listened to my PS and his nurse about how big I could go--I tried on implant sizers in the office. My Fiance and I both liked the 550cc and Dr. Creech is adamant about only using silicone which is the only way I would go too. The silicone makes your breasts feel like your own. I thought of going 600cc but Dr. Creech and staff including Fiance said that the 600cc would only give me "side boobs" not increase the profile. And they said I looked matronly and top heavy. So I went with the 550cc. And I couldn't be happier. Even my PS said that my boobs were perfect! That is great coming from him!

I would HIGHLY recommend breast augmentation--it rejuvenates you and makes you feel so womanly! Of course my PS was one of the best around--I didn't even have pain the day of my surgery--I went shopping! Dr. Creech in Chandler, AZ is an amazing PS.
hey i sent you some pics ..did you ever recieve them..
HI KayDoll!

Thank you! I got my implants under the muscle--I am able to work out and run doing everything I could before my BA. They feel much more a part of my body by placing them under not like melons strapped to my chest. (that is what some girls say about having them on top). I can't read your profile so I don't know how big you are going and your stats so my suggestion is always go bigger than smaller. If you are on the fence about a size--stick with the higher cc's. When they are placed under the muscle you loose some cc's. So when you try on the rice sizers--remember that! I don't care what the PS says in THIS case--I am on numerous forums and they all agree. I went with 550cc because I knew from my research that around 10-20cc are lost that way. Of course I went larger than nearly everyone else but my PS said that my 'breast pockets" and the amount of skin (breast pinch) were large enough to accomodate a DD size.

Don't be nervous about your surgery--it will be one of the best things that ever happened to you! I didn't have any pain whatsoever post surgery but I kept on my pain meds and stayed ahead of the pain. I also had them through the areola which has less recovery time than under the breast. I was shopping and out to dinner the next night! I've had no complications whatsoever. Please post some pics of before and after--it really helps other women out. And please keep me posted as much as you'd like!!
"Breast Buddies"! :-)
Hi doll! Your boobs look great! Question did you go under the muscle? My surgery is 26 days away getting nervous
XoXo Kayla

It has been 9 months since my BA and I couldn't be...

It has been 9 months since my BA and I couldn't be happier. My implants feel like my own real boobs. They don't feel like an appendage anymore. I can sleep on my stomach and even jog--although I have to wear two sports bras. I sometimes feel self-conscious when I am around my family members so will down play them but when my husband and I are out or with friends--I let them be what they are intended to be attention-getters :-) which of course he loves. After being rather flat chested 36B all my life, I am not used to the attention, but I am GETTING used to it LOL!! I love being able to wear tops that are a little sexy, even plain t-shirts look sexy now! At 45 I thought it was all down hill, but thanks to making the decision to get implants for my 45th Birthday--things are really looking great and 45 is only a number! I would highly recommend getting implants if you've had kids, or have always been flat chested. It does amazing things for your self esteem. It isn't about men looking at you (AND women) it is about carrying yourself with a regalness that wasn't there before. At least that is my story and a happy ending it is! :-)
It's great you love your boobies . There beautiful !
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It has been two years exactly that I had my breast implants done.

After 2 years, my implants feel like part of my body. My girl (friend) wants to get hers done after giving birth. So I told her to feel mine. She is also an OB/GYN nurse who handles breasts daily. Anyway she squeezed and poked and could not find the edge of the implant. Now that is impressive. I have to give a shout out to my PS, Dr. David Creech, Chandler, AZ for doing such a great job. He will only do areola inserts with a funnel. There is NO recuperation time. I was up and shopping the very same day I had the surgery. The under the crease method is much more painful and the recovery is long. He fits 6oo-700cc silicone in easily with a funnel tube. My breasts have settled and are actually slightly smaller than they were. I normally a 38 D, but recently I lost weight and found myself buying a 34 D. Mine are 550cc HP Silicone under the muscle--important if you don't want them to feel fake. Looking fake is great too--no shame in getting a boob job! :-) Either way your confidence will go through the roof!! I want to thank you all for posting such nice comments! My advice: If you are on the fence about 350 vs 500 go with the bigger size. They will shrink to fit (at least the under the muscle ones do). I believe the ones over the muscle would probably not shrink. But I have heard from countless women, say that they wished they'd gone bigger. The rice sacks are huge and hard and don't represent the implants AT ALL. Buy a cheap bra in the size you want to be and stuff it with socks. Go around that way for a few days and then decide based on that feeling. I also recommend HP because it gives you much more side visibility, so they present a nice curvy profile. I will post new 2 years pics soon.
Hey Babe its G .....email me
I see you have already took care of pics . 
Thanks Sissy for the compliments and for getting my back with that mean post from a GUY?! I don't know what he said. I am so sorry you are having trouble, I am little confused--not sure how to navigate this site very well. I hope someone here can help you...Dr. Pousti is one of the best PSs in the U.S. so I know he can get you fixed up. Do they know what caused the one to turn away? And the pain down your arm? I can't tell if you are post 2 or 3rd? revision? I see a female dr who did you 600 HP implants but nothing from Dr. Pousti, so are you still waiting to see him? So Cal will be awesome--vacation and boobs all at once! I wish you the best of luck and I am glad you got the discount from Real Self! I love this website; I haven't been on it much but I love to hear how happy the women are once they get them done! Take care and keep us posted!! :-)
Chandler Plastic Surgeon

The Dr. is extremely busy, but he knows what he is doing and he relies on his highly competent office staff to share his/their thoughts and experience with you regarding size, outcome, what to expect etc. He doesn't hold your hand in other words but if you have problems he'll be right there. Don't expect too much time with your PS for routine post op checks if you don't have any problems they are a quick 15 minute appt. Fortunately for me my surgery and post op care was/is a breeze. I had no pain after surgery and i had no problems with my implants. They dropped within the first month and a half and at two months post op right now, my incisions are healing nicely.

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