IPL and Active FX Resurfacing - Chandler, AZ

I had IPL done about 3 times after my first...

I had IPL done about 3 times after my first pregnancy. I had it done for brown and red spots (sun damage) and for melasma. I was very happy with the results at first. My skin looked great and then over a period of about 4 months, I started loosing more and more fat from my cheek area which left me with saggy skin and fine lines all over, especially when smiling. The sagging got better with time, but no where near what it was before and the lines were there to stay. I tried chemical peels (mild to deep TCA) with no change, microderm with no change.

A few years after the IPL's, I decided to have the Active FX resurfacing done. This was fine, but did nothing for the fine lines. I did get rid of red marks left over from acne marks, but left me with a whole new set of problems. I have the same kind of holes on my face that Jaylyn posted plus enlarged pores and scarred pores. All over! Plus, I now have about 50 shallow ice pick scars over my cheek area. I know this because I am now taking a toothpick to apply a high concentration of copper peptides into the ice pick scars. It is a blue color so I was able to count them.

The texture, tone of my face has been destroyed by lasers. I am sure that a lot of people have good results, but it is definitely not for everyone! Wish I would have seen these pictures and postings before hand. Maybe I wouldn't be where I am now. I am praying that these copper peptides will help to fix some of the damage I have. Thanks and I will post this to everyone with pictures and keep you updated if I find something that helps.

Thank you for coming back and telling your update. It gives hope to the rest of us. I pray this will provide a resolution.
Did you go to Dr Lam in Texas website? He talks about that at about three months you may see it collapse some but it recovers again. It looks interesting but expensive. He has had good results, so who was your doctor?
Does the doctor doing the transfer think it is fat that has "melted" from the laser? My P.A. said it appeared that it broke down the collagen and never recovered as it should. Just wonder why they think lasers can not go into the layer of fat? Look at the procedures that is suppose remove fat like lipo but is done with lasers what is the difference? I have scars all over my arms from Fraxel and a year later more are still appearing. Just horrible this happens.

Hi everyone... still on a quest to improve what...

Hi everyone... still on a quest to improve what the lasers did. I just went in for my fourth tca and have seen improvements in texture and color of my skin... going in for 3 or 4 more over the next 6 months. Here are pictures to see the difference. Hope everyone is well!
Does anyone know how Chrus is doing after her fat graft? I am considering but am scared to death. Or does anyone have any updates on things that helped? Teana Beana and imsorrynow2...how did things turn out for you?
LMS i have had some luck with using products that are natural and organic that I purchased at health food stores. I totally stay away from anything with retinoid retinol or Vit A they made the damage much worse. I use Arbonne skin brightner you can find someone who sells in your area on the Internet. Botox has helped but I had bad side effect from fillers. I am going to my aesthetician to start with derma pen treatments next week. I am starting with my chest and a small area on my four head just to see how my body reacts to it. I have learned a difficult lesson that is always be patient start with a small area wait 30 days to see what happens. I will keep everyone posted on how the derma pen treatments work. It's taken Six months for me to get up the courage to do this because of my lack of trust of what I'm told by a doctor. I will keep everyone posted on what my results are. Good luck!
Just wanted to let you know since your damage is pretty close to same as mine. I found a product that is called Osmosis Pur skin products. The doctor has a different outlook on lasers, peels, etc. he doesn't believe they help in fact help that are harmful. Anyway being that we are always searching for help I thought I would let you know. At least check out his website and some of his videos. So far it has no negative effects but time will tell. Good Luck
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