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Gravity and a baby. This is the first of many...

Gravity and a baby.

This is the first of many reviews I will be posting. I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift/aug, and lipo of flanks in January.

The first problem was an infection. I had an infection and called to tell them on a friday. They said I had to wait until monday to be seen. I have mitro valve prolapse and an infection in my bloodsteam could be fatal. Anyways by the time I got there I was soaked. Sweated thru my clothes in zero degree weather. Even though the fact that I called on friday is not even in my medical records!(I have phone records to prove this). The fact that I called for my medical records is accually in my medical records. I am going to be uploading pictures for anyone who wants more info to see.

My extended tummy tuck did infact not extend to my flank areas. My areolas are very well let's just say I have one oval and one circle. When I asked dr k he said I was oval before. Oh. Ok. Then why are they not both oval. And you get a year guarantteed but when I went back for him to fix my tummy tuck I was supprise to receive a seven thousand dollar bill. I then called for my medical records. Then they said they would tack down my sides.I don't know what that entails so I went ahead to my next visit. Dr k informed me that everyone is unsymetrical. Yes. This may be so. But when you spend $$$$$, you expect to be a little symetrical...sooo noticeable. Anyways I will let everyone to judge for themselves. oh...and now I have capsular contraction.

This is the truth. I am out 25,000 dollars and am so disappointed...I have to have my tummy tuck totally redone. My lift redone and I have basically already paid for a second augmentation...I am seeking legal council and will be peacefully protesting in a bikini when the weather permits....oh and I am having some "ask ME about Advanced Aesthetics" shirts made....I will never have to say a word.....I am a walking bilboard and until this is fixed I will show anyone who wants to see! And maybe some who don't.

Champaign Plastic Surgeon

Accually I didn't have capsular contration. This was a mis DIAGNOSIS for Dr. K. I had another surgeon remove two liters of fluid from my left breast and a half of liter of flid off of the right breast. To recap: Delayed treatment of an infection with a heart condition Heavy scarring Disfigured/deformed(I have a pouch in front that hangs over my underwerar and the other side dips in like a huge dent) Xtra large dog ears Unsymetrical nipples with heavy scarring 2 1/2 liters of combinded fluid removed Misdiagnosis And too much more to even post

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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This is an unfortunate incident and I am sorry this happened to you. That being said, I want people to keep in mind that as with any medical procedure, things can go wrong that are out of the professional's hands. The body is an organism, not an object. The surgeon can do everything 100% perfect and by the book, and things can still go wrong. I myself am a biologist, and I feel that those in the medical field can get demonized for things out of their control. Cosmetic procedures are a risk, and the responsibility for those risks should be shared by the surgeon and the patient. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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I am not demonizing anyone. I would have gladly let the doctor fix it. His arrogance got away from him. The warrant was for anything unsymmetrical over 1/4 inch. Honey I look like Frankenstein himself. When my breasts swelled up and I had no choice but to go back, the doctor and Kendra REFUSED to talk to me bout my end result. Do I look better than what u did? They did remove a lot of skin. I was probably more comfortable the way I way. At least I was even! You know you go spend 20 grand on a car and get home and the front end is all jacked up you would be unhappy to. All in all to date I am out 28,000 dollars and I look scary as heck!
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I have not had it fixed. My second surgery was a sign that my body was rejecting my implants. I was told they were ruptured. I accually had two liters of fluid off of my left and a half off of my right. I believe I had large cell lymphoma which is common with the textured implants. After a year of being so extremely sick I opted for an explant in january. The implants were yellow green with black spots(I have them in my possession ). I am so much better after explanting. I would love to have my tummy fixed and your right it should be on his dime. Trust me I show everyone. I have spent over 28,000 dollars and look so rediculous. I am super crooked and I have what I like to call frankenboobs. My next surgery is to remove my right lymphnode that has been enlarged since feb of 2011.. that surgery will also be outta pocket because you can not get medical insurance after you have implants.
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Just curious if about your case and if you were able to get the revision you so righteously deserve. This can be fixed and should be fixed on his dime! I know it means more pain for you having to go under and having those tummy muscles sutured back together again but I hope you proceed. BEST of LUCK!! They are not all hacks!
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Wow, I have no words except I'm sorry and I pray for you to get it fixed and win your case. This "Doctor" should be ban from practice.
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Well at least its not my face. Funny thing is this doctor accually markets himself as a perfectionist.
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So sorry to hear you have been through this!! What a nightmare. I hope everything gets fixed SOON.
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Thanks so much for posting your photos. It definitely does look like a revision is in order. Sending you support....

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I'm so sorry to hear of your results! My thoughts are with you.
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This was considered body contoring. By who I don't know. Not me.
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I'm so sorry to hear about what happened and honestly slightly more freaked out about mine now as well. I hope you get it fixed and win a lawsuit!
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I'm really sorry this has been such a harrowing experience for you. If you would post photos so we can visualize your situation, that would help a lot.

To others in a similar situation, I would definitely suggest heading straight to an emergency room or other urgent care facility if your surgeon is unresponsive to an infection.

Please keep us posted on who you find to do your revisions.

Virtual hugs!

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