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I've always been a little chubby until college,...

I've always been a little chubby until college, then chubby, became obese. I went from a starting college weight of 180 to an ending college weight of 240. Freshman 15 and then some, right?

About four years ago, I kicked my butt into gear and got down to 160. In the past four years, my weight has ebbed and flowed around 20 pounds. However, after running many half marathons, marathons, clean eating, crossfit, nothing seems to get rid of my "tire."

Even though I am young (turning 25 next month), I've made the decision to get a tummy tuck. I know everyone says you shouldn't before kids. However, I feel that my confidence will really build when I get this surgery. I am a second grade teacher, and have been asked through the years by my students if I am pregnant due to the excess weight around my stomach. I'll be so happy when that question stops being asked!

Dr. Saunders made me feel quite at ease when speaking with him. He assured me that I could run another 4 marathons and not get the results I am seeking. My surgery is 11 days out at this point and I'm waiting for anxiety to kick in!!


Super job with the weight loss, congratulations.  

While you are waiting for your surgery day, take some time to watch a few of our great videos.
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Good luck to you! I'm in DE and I believe that he is the surgeon who did my friend's TT. She had it a year ago, and she looks amazing! Fyi--I'm a Dean in a middle school, and I know how you feel... you will look amazing!
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good luck! You will love the new you.
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One week to go

We have one week to go until the surgery! I'm started to feel nervous! I met with Dr. S on Monday for a pre-op appointment. I had a breast reduction done in 2010, and anesthesia and I did not mesh well, so along with the pain meds he gave me multiple anti-nauseau pills. Hopefully they help!

Since I had a significant weight loss, I worry that I am going to do this work and still have places that I'm concerned about. I brought up liposuction of the tops of my thighs (where they rub together.) Since I am a runner, its difficult to have to wear body glide everytime I run because I don't want bloody thighs! He said he could do it, but that the cost would be 1,500. I'm worried about spending the money, but I also want the results of my weight loss to show. Dilemma!

My surgery is at 12 noon next week and after that I stay at the med-spa in a nearby hotel with a one-on-one nurse and my family picks me up the next morning!


Good luck! I was a similar case (no kids, age 30, 60 lb+ loss, apple shape) and got a tummy tuck with inner thigh lipo and calf lipo. The thigh lipo did help (and 1500 is a good price, I paid 4200). However, I still have hanging skin in my thighs that only thigh lift would fix. All said, I would def do it again, and wish I had done it sooner (I've been at stable weight for over 5 years). Oh, and since you are recovering from tuck anyway, thigh recovery is a breeze... good luck!
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THANK YOU! You may have solidified my decision for me. I'm worried about doing all this work for the tummy, and still not being able to fit into my jeans! But really, I guess 1500 in the grand scheme of things is worth the risk of improving the inner thighs.
Here is a link to my pictures; more emphasis on tummy but you can see post surg brusining and thigh improvement - I haven't really had any leg/clothing issues after surgery; was a 12-14 pre surg, and am a 12 now.

4 day post op

Well it's been 4 days since surgery day!!

After surgery I went to a hotel next door with a one on one nurse. I have to say how amazing the nurses were! It made the first night with a pain pump and a catheter so much easier! My family picked me up the next morning and home I went!

Saturday was shower day, catheter and pain pump removal. I thought I was going to pass out during that process, but so happy it's over!

I haven't taken any pain meds since removing the pain pump so I'm hoping I'm over the hump! The most pain I've been feeling are from the drain sites.

First follow up appointment tomorrow! Can't wait to see progress!

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Day 5 post op picture

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