Long Awaited Journey. Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Lipo - Chadds Ford, PA

This is something I've wanted to do for 20 years! ...

This is something I've wanted to do for 20 years! Finally at 59 years old I'm going to do it, and I'm so psyched! I met with the 2nd of two docs today for a consult, though I was relatively confident that I was going with this doc before even meeting him, due to all the positive feedback from ladies on this site. I've always been a yo-yo dieter. Each time I start losing, my final goal is to do a TT and BL. I never quite make to goal. I'm not quite there yet now. Over the last 7 months I'm dropped 26 pounds with Weight Watchers, Zumba and the occasional trip to the gym (my least fav activity.) I'm 5'5 and 165 now. I am 2 months from surgery and realistically will be happy if I drop another 5 in 8 weeks. I do plan to hit the gym more for strength training. I think it makes sense to get my body stronger and healthier for a better result and recovery. If nothing else, it will ease the stress, right? The doc said I can expect to lose about 5 pounds from procedures, which is more than I expected but will happily accept, thank you! I'm confident that my new body will give me the motivation to get the rest of the job done and maintain the results!

5/5/13 7.5 weeks till surgery. Very excited and...

7.5 weeks till surgery. Very excited and nervous. I wish the time were here already. Still working on dropping weight before 6/26. Now down 27 pounds. Did a 5k (in 1 hr) walk-a-thon today and leaving shortly to do another 45 min walk and plan to step up the exercise. Losing weight has had it's ups and downs when it comes to motivation, but I've been pretty motivated since scheduling the big event. If anyone knows of a good 'to do/buy' list pre-surgery, I'd love to take a look. Until next week...

6.5 weeks to go! Still excited and nervous! I...

6.5 weeks to go! Still excited and nervous! I appreciate all those who have come before us for their sharing and look forward to paying it forward. I do have a huge concern right now.
I told my employer that I'll need 3 wks off following surgery. I reviewed the FMLA leave form and it's very probing. I did not want to share the nature of the surgery I'm having with anyone at work, so I'm hoping the doc can write something that allows for a 3 wk recovery without disclosing the nature of the surgery. I am a part timer. I do not get paid vacation/sick/holidays. Should be interesting.

My next concern....I am menapausal. Thursday evening I had unexpected bleeding and lost about a liter of blood. I had to have my cervix stitched in the ER. Because I lost so much blood, I'm hoping my energy level will soon return. I was put on iron and trying to eat a high iron diet. I'll discuss with doc and keeping fingers crossed that I won't need to delay surg. I scheduled surg after a work conference and 2 months before the birth of my 1st grandchild, so timing is tight!

5.5 weeks to go!

The recent weeks have flown by! Hoping the same holds true for the next 5.5 weeks! I've been on Weight Watchers for 8 months, and it's been a very slow journey. I haven't been to a meeting/weigh in for 3 weeks and finally got back to it. I'm up 2/10 of a pound, which is expected, since I'm on low exercise do to a recent injury AND I've been eating out more frequently recently and enjoying 2 glasses of red wine when I do dine out. (Red wine is good for us, ya know?)
Here's the plan. 5.5 weeks to go, so my goal is to drop 4.5 pounds, which will put me just under 160 pounds. I'm 5'5 so 160 is still high, but I can tackle a few more pounds post surgery, and surgery should remove a few also.
I meet with my PS in 1.5 weeks for pre-op consult. Someone here shared the following link: http://www.tuckthattummy.com/ I'm using it for my shopping and to do list, which I have started working on. Will add more next week!

4 weeks 1 day to go!

I had my pre-op visit today! I was given 4 prescriptions to fill and instructed to pick up a pair of compression socks and wear them the day of surgery. My medical leave was approved, the bill is paid in full and now it's just a waiting game. I was also instructed to rest at home post-op with legs at a 90 degree angle, so now I have to figure out how to elevate my legs. Doc said this was to help with drainage. I was going to rent an remote controlled recliner, but won't produce the angle I need.

Since I'm spoiling myself with this long overdue surgery, I am going to also schedule a housekeeping service o clean the house and get my carpets cleaned the week prior to surgery. All for now!

3 weeks 1 day to go

Time is flying by! I'm feeling stressed and instead of losing weight, I've put on 3 pounds. My goal now is to drop the 3 prior to surgery. I started back to Zumba yesterday after an injury 1 month ago. Not to much to report this week, other than I am getting more and more nervous!

2 weeks and 1 day to go

Wow...2 weeks to go. Hoping that these 2 weeks will fly by as quickly as the last 6 have. I feel totally prepared BUT I have an issue! For some reason, I've been having a problem with reoccuring UTIs. I started my 4th course of antibiotics last night, which is a 10 day script. Hoping and praying this thing will resolve soon. PS said it shouldn't interfere with scheduled surg, but I'm still worried.

Nothing else to report this week

3 days till surgery/pre-op pics

I've been keeping super busy, trying to put the surgery out of my mind as much as possible, while still preparing, if that makes sense. Very nervous and excited.

one more boob shot

Todays The Day

Finally it's my turn! I set my clock for 9am, to get to the doc at 11:30. I've been up since 5 am after a restless night's sleep. I'm so hungry, I keep having an urge to visit the kitchen! I'm not particularly nervous today for the first time in a while, must be the over whelming hunger ruling my body and emotions.

pot op pics


5 days post-op

5 day post-op check in. I had my first post op check up w/ doc today. He's pleased with progress. I am thrilled with tummy tuck, incision line and new belly button, as well as ease of recovery...I expected worse. I had a pain pump and have only used a few Percocet for pain, mostly using tylenol. Here's the part I'm not happy with. I was a full D (with plenty of volume), and had a breast lift. My boobs are lifted and perky....that's the good news. Doc had recommended we go down 1/2 cup size so my chest would be proportionate with my new belly...exactly what I wanted, however my boobs are too small. He said I am now a small C, and said it was the best he could do. I'm still about 15 pounds overweight. In the past, when I've lost weight, I've never lost in my chest, so I'm hoping I can drop 15 and look more proportionate. I also had lipo to my flanks, and see only a small amount of definition. Doc said it won't change much. I'm hoping he is just giving me a conservative view, as I am still very bruised and only 5 days out.

POD 10 update and pics

POD 10 w/pics

Healing is going extremely well. TT scar is nice and low, belly flatter than ever. Still have bruising on sides from lipo which are fading. Hoping there is some swelling there that will add definition to flanks once healed. Boobs are much smaller than anticipated and will probably get smaller still once bruising heals. Doc said with lift I would go down 1/2 cup size. I've gone from a full D to a small C. That's my only gripe, but a significant one. Will discuss with doc once I'm healed and see the final result.

pod 10/pic

one more pic

3 weeks post op

Seems like the weeks leading up to surgery went quicker than the post op weeks. I guess that's because I go back to work tomorrow. I've grown quite comfortable being home all day! lol
Tummy tuck and breast lift are healing well. I'm walking now, to try to regain my stamina, though I still tire easily. Still not happy with appearance of breasts. Small, lumpy and misshapen, but giving it all time to heal. I'll post updated pics in a week or two to track progress. I started back to Weight Watchers last week, and dropped 2 pounds! Would like to drop another 10, give or take.
West Chester Plastic Surgeon

I met earlier this week with a PS in Newark. My daughter accompanied me. We both felt that he and his assistant were 'selling' us. I met with Dr. S today and felt comfortable enough with him that I made a deposit for June 26th!!!! I requested a consult with him through this site and mentioned that due to a tight schedule I needed to get things moving. He returned my E-mail the next day and saw me a few days later!!!! I'm confident the rest of this journey will go smoothly too! Saying a little prayer for all of us and for those who will be assisting us! A HUGE THANK YOU TO REALSELF!!!! SO glad I found this site.....Will post pre-op pics prior to surgery! Till next time!

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did you still have the lump or hardness on your incision? I'm 6 weeks and still have hardness and little lumpness on my
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You look great! So happy for you and your progress!!
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looking awesome!!!
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My boobs were a little lumpy, boxy and goofy looking after my surgery.  Mine took about 4-6 months to take the full shape on.  Hang in there!

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Looking good girl! I finally got some pics and will post later today. I pleased with what i see so far. We will keep improving based on what the girls ahead of us are saying. Glad you are doing well
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The lumps will even out. Mine were the same way and they look so much better since day one...
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for some reason it won't let me post on your comments on the forum. So far I am pleased with the recover my - slept in my own bed last night and even got up without help this morning - woo hoo. Drain will come out next Tuesday but it doesn't bother me. New baby is great - congrats on your next! I posted 2 boobie pics just a little while ago -I am pleased with those so far still need to drop and fluff. I peaked for about 2 seconds at my tummy when I was at my apt yest. scar is nice and low, like the bb but couldn't tell how bad my stretch marks are due to all the wrinkling from the CG. May get brave and take it off in the next couple of days and Ill post pics. Really trying to concentrate on recovery and then Ill pay more attention to results Glad you are doing well!!
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You are so brave to take everything off I am too scared. Your bb looks great mine doesn't look very deep I did peak at that it is very shallow so not sure what that will be like and I looked at my boobs they are frankenboobs very long with the implant sitting above the breast. He warned me about that but still was hoping it wouldn't be that way. Haven't seen my scar or how many stretch marks I have left.
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I got to take every thing off yesterday for shower. Even w/ help it was a tiring exercise, though felt good. Wanted to wash cg today with sheets, so it was a good opp to take more pics. Didn't end up washing cg, as I don't think it's supposed to go in dryer. How are you feeling? I'm just on tylenol now and doing extremely well with that, though may take something stronger at bedtime to help me sleep. All in all recovery is much easier than I expected, or easier than c-sections.
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Did you have your post op today? I am doing well too :-) haven't needed anything for pain since day 4 early morning so I am glad about that. Still very stiff when I stand and can't stay upright very long without sitting back down. Guess I will see what everything looks like tomorrow.
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How are you? Can't wait to hear from you
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How are you doing? Thinking of you
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thinking of you!
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Sitting in the waiting room. Omg. We are really doing this! Hugs your way!
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Good thoughts heading your way!
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Good luck.!
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Can't wait to see both our transformations -holy cow almost there!
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Good luck Wednesday. Will be thinking about you. You will be so happy.
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Infection in the body period is not good when dealing with surgery so for the surgeon to say that I'm totally surprised. It raises a brow follow your gut if its not cleared up I think you may want to reconsider postponing it until its resolved. Your body will have enough to deal with trying to recover. You can also go to the dr forum on hear and pose the question as to if you have a uti would they feel its safe to go forward with the surgery while you are still treating for it.
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Hey surgery twin...post some pics so you can do before and afters :-)
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Keep up the good work with the weight loss!!  You can do this and will get to your goal.

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Good luck! Dr S rocks! He is a great doctor and good bedside. He will give you awesome results!!!!! Keep us posted. Two months will fly by trust me!
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Welcome to the community.  I am so glad you joined us and look forward to hearing more from you.  Way to go!!!

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Good or you for scheduling. I too am 59 y.o. and had my TT April 19th...yes i am 10 days out today. Had my drains removed this morning at my first post-op appointment. Please with everything! Feeling good. Glad you are confident in what you're doing. Best wishes!
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