51 Year Old, 3 Kids (Teens and Beyond) Getting Lollipop Lift and Silicone Implants - Chadds Ford, PA

I'm excited yet nervous. I'm a little saggy after...

I'm excited yet nervous. I'm a little saggy after nursing 3 kids and recently losing weight. Not exactly sure on size yet. I'm a 34B now and can get away with a C. I'm looking to go to a D. I have pics but have not discussed with dr. yet. I am most concerned about the recovery phase. I really don't want anyone to know, especially my kids. Trying to think of what to tell them, all boys. Has anyone had that same dilemma?
The only people I told was my grown daughters and sister. They were happy for me since they known I wanted this for a long time. Funny part is my daughters were very interested. One has a child and got saggy and the other is just small and wants to go large. My son (he is only ) found out by accident due to my daughter asking if was getting excited. I have a dark sense of humor. He persisted in wanting to know, so I told him vaginal rejuvenation. He like to die. I never laughed so hard then I said actually I was getting a lift. He said thank God. I asked if he felt better and he said he rather me do that then the other thing.. Lol People that asked what surgery I had, I just told them it was personal and they didn't question any further. My recovery was only a few days and I had a lift with implants, liposuction & he fixed my dog ears from a tummy tuck I had done 5 years ago from another surgeon. Wish you the best of luck and a fast recovery. Also I only had to take pain meds for 3 days...
hi I was trying to secretly do this too but I don't have a lot of support system so I had to tell somebody just incase some bad happens you know
I did tell a friend and was trying to get her to take me there and home but she can't . So back to see who else I trust lol.

Pre Op and less than a week away

I sent the dr. pics that I thought must be a D cup but he says they are a C. He asked if I was more afraid of being too big or too small and I read so many on here that wish they went bigger. I am going with 400cc which should get me to a large C or small D. I will leave bandaged, no bra. I am getting very excited to have it over with. I am enjoying reading all the posts and getting some good information.
So, my son is a bit younger..but I just came out and told him the truth. He was really concerned that I was having surgery and kept asking why. I would tell him its nothing bad and he would reply " people dont just have surgery for nothing mom". So I decided to explain it to him rather than him worry. It actually went well..he giggled and said "eewh you are so weird mom". And that was that! Id rather him know the truth than worry and besides, im sure he would have noticed at some point lol.
Have you figured out what to tell your sons? I have heard other women just mention the "lift" part to their children as that can be fairly understandable for kids. How will they know there are implants?! Keep us posted!
I'm just telling them female stuff. Then they won't ask another question. Lol I will post tomorrow or wed.

Post op

Can't wait to see what is under bandage!!
Good idea about telling your sons "it's female stuff." :)

Congratulations on your surgery. Can't wait to see what's under your bandages. 

Thought I'd let you know I started a forum for women in their "50's" who are getting breast augmentation. I keep coming across more and more women in their 50's doing this and I think it's great. 

Happy healing and keep us posted!

72 hours post op

3 days after surgery.... I have barely slowed down. I have had virtually no pain, except muscle aches under arms. I just took the bandages off and showered. Not exactly pretty yet but very little bruising and swelling. I was told not to ice. PS thinks they look great,

Pics 72 hours post op

Looking good! That's the look I want in terms of size.
they look good!!!
Beautiful, youthful tatas!!!

One week post op

I am one week past my surgery. I have not had much down time. I think I took 24 hours to rest and get over the nausea and drink water! I am used to being very active and I just don't have time to sit and rest. The timing for surgery collided with a lot of other life events so it's just the way it is. I can take the steri strips out tonight and will post pics. My left breast looks great, the right one is bruised and more sore. It has been since the first day. I have been so afraid of the incision opening up, especially around my nipples. I think I even had a dream that the areola was hanging from one of the breasts. I feel like I have two torpedoes sticking out in front of me. LOL and they seem a little high and feel like they have gotten higher. I just started icing over the weekend to try to get swelling down. My boobs feel like they did when I was nursing my kids and was overdue and full. When I get cold my nipples hurt so I know there is still feeling there. All part of the lift experience I guess. I started massaging but was told not to until tomorrow (I guess after steri strips are out) I like that I have not had to go back to the PS except for first day post op visit. I text him pics and ask questions via text. That's great for me because he is an hour away. I'm wondering what I should put on the scars now and hoping not to have stretch marks. yikes. There are some things that I found to be important or helpful through this. 1. Be knowledgeable before the surgery. 2. Trust your dr. and his opinion, he does this all day long! 3. I think I got excited and spent too much money on post op bras when all you need are the basic no seam, no support sports bras from walmart or target. I got 2 surgical bras with front hooks that are comfortable and came with cold packs especially for the breast and i love them! I also bought 2 front zip sports bras and one that has more of a V in front for a more low cut shirt or dress. I went to thrift stores to get bigger T shirts and zip up hoodies, etc because I don't want to look obvious with my boobs up to my neck. LOL I also found a bed wedge for like $4.00 and it has helped with sleeping upright, with about 3 pillows on top. 4. I packed a cooler to keep in my bedroom with snacks like jello, applesauce, pudding, saltines, animal crackers. The best thing was a bowl of chicken noodle soup on the first day after anesthesia was wearing off and I had the anti nausea meds working. 5. Miralax is the best to keep the constipation under control. It's tasteless and you can mix it in anything. 6. I also bought a box of instant ice packs from my local pharmacy. I can keep them by my bed and use them without worrying about getting things from the freezer. Ice feels so soothing!! I can also take them with me anywhere so if riding in the car or whatever, I can put them on. I only have minimal soreness under my arms if I apply pressure, to use them to stand or pull on something. I made the mistake of putting my dog on her leash and she saw a squirrel and took off with my arms and I thought my boobs were being ripped off my chest so be careful if you have a pet, or strong dog. She also jumped up to greet me and hit the areola dead on. OUCH!! My sons still have no idea, although I think one used my computer and I had it on this web site so who knows… They think I had a stomach virus and now pulled a muscle in my back. That was my biggest worry is that they would know. They are oblivious! Hopefully this helps. I think my biggest worry was the recovery time and that was a piece of cake, but I wish I realized how long it takes the implants to settle and become more natural. I'm very anxious for that!
I will get on that forum! I was feeling old for doing this but also have found others in my age range. I think we get to that stage where we can finally do something for ourselves and breast augmentation was not as prevalent when we were in our 20's, then we had babies and then there was the breast cancer scare so now timing seems better.

one more comment….

When I can comfortable lay on my front I am treating myself to a good massage as well! My back feels stiff from going through this and my shoulders seemed hunched over for a few days. Just something to look forward to!!
Thanks you!! It's supposed to be a large C or small D…. I got 400cc. I couldn't do the rice test because of getting lift, it would not have been accurate. I had lots of pics. He felt the pics looked more like a C, but since I was afraid of being too small, we went more toward D.

Pics 6 days post op

Well good choice they look great
I agree with you. Besides, isn't 50 the new 30? ;) 

Feel free to direct other women your age to the forum as there are plenty of 'em out there!  

Steri strips off

The areola looks weird and feeling on nipples but not areola
Ooh look at you mah!! Congrats on ur new boobies and going thru with it all on ur own!! What a strong woman you are ;) looking good too:)

New Pic

Front hook sport bra
You look great, perfect size! Thanks for all of the helpful tips. I hope my recovery is as easy as yours!
Looking too fab;)

11 days post op

Still a lot of swelling :( trying to be patient. Massaging 3x a day and putting on cocoa butter lotion helps. Also started using Medea for the scars, but I think that they look pretty good! Bruising is all but gone and healed. Slowly getting strength back in my arms. My right side has been more painful from day one. Also most bruised. Trying to dress so as not to draw attention to them just yet. Lol. I keep icing them too!
not2old, how are you doing?
Thanks Redglory! I'm doing well. Still tinges of pain and swelling, but nothing to get worked up over. I started running a little. Just put on a really supportive sports bra so they don't move and jog lightly. It's the one thing I love to do and was making me crazy waiting when I feel fine. I have a couple of pea sized hard lumps on the scar underneath that I'm not sure about. Have to check in with PS I guess.
You look wonderful not2old. Great recovery advice.

2 weeks/3 days post op

It feels like it's been much longer than 2 weeks! Maybe I'm starting to get used to having them. The boobs are still pretty high up but the swelling is less and I think dropped a little. They are an inch smaller going around. I massage three times a day. I do get a red blotch on the skin of the right boob. Not sure what that is. The scars are looking good. I did start back to running. I just can't wait 6 weeks! I put on a firm sports bra so they don't move and go easy!


I'm having a little bit of a hard time with clothes and tops. I think because I bought some looser tops for spring but it's still cold out! I'm usually a small and am needing a large if I want cover them. I'm not into spending money I don't have to.. So I got a few ver comfy Ts at Walmart and some pretty spring scarves at Target ( I saw someone else post that is what they were going to do and thought it was worth trying) I bought a couple new seamless stretchy bras at Walmart because I had only bought 2 and these have a little lace..gotta be pretty!! And I wear cami's over them. Right now my right boob is feeling bigger than my left so have to take a look at it.
Thanks. It's a coobie bra... So comfy! And needed something bright! All my shirts are small and more fitted. I just went thrift shopping to carry me over till they settle! And we are still having chilly weather here.
Looking good!! Love that hot pink bra! I can tell clothing is going to be a challenge too, especially while waiting for the drop&fluff! All of my old tops are small/fitted. Spring scarves are cute idea!
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who won't have much time to take it easy after surgery! We'll be getting ready to move within about 40 days after my surgery. Obviously you have no basis for comparison, but do you feel like your healing has been hampered by not having much down time? They look REALLY good-especially in the pink bra.

3 weeks post op

The first two weeks went so slow! But wow! Here I am at 3 weeks! Still swelling if I don't ice.. By the end of the day I feel like a nursing mom who hasn't nursed the baby all day.. About to burst. I think things are dropping and softening. Scars seem good. I bought 30 SPF mederma ointment so that just in case sun gets through bathing suit, the scars are protected!
I'm feeling back to normal energy wise... Anxious for nice weather so I can start showing them a little bit. Lol. I'm definitely going to need to get a new bathing suit top! Took a pic to show everyone. It's funny!
Haha, that pic in your old suit is great! Thanks for posting the Champion bra pic. I will get one of those as soon as I can run again! Good tip on the Mederma sunscreen ointment. I never thought of the sun getting through the fabric before! (Probably because I've been protected by all that padding for so long ;) I am finally allowed to ice and you're right it helps so much!! Glad you're feeling good!
Sunscreen is a good idea, I'm planning to do that too. I know you got 400ccs but what profile? Cuz they're jacked up there girl (in a good way)!

3 weeks

4 weeks post

Wow all of a sudden I'm at 4 weeks! They are a little less swollen, scars are healing but still bumps at crease. Continuing to ice though. I'm posting pics of the ice packs I bought online. They are the best!! Very soothing!! I still ice a couple times a day. I found a bathing suit top for now but not happy I gained weight over summer .. I have these great boobs so need to shape up fast!

4 weeks post

Added pics
Wow lady, you are looking goooood!!
Awesome ice packs! Good tip
Where did you get the ice packs??

4 weeks and scarring

Just wanted to show the scars for those afraid of getting a lift. I still have minimal pain there and had a dream my areola fell off. Lol I'm using mederma but will also try one of the others I saw on here.

New bras and swimsuit top! Yay!

I'm so bored with these bland yet comfy sport bras! Went shopping for something inexpensive to hold me over. I found another bathing suit top. Shopping is fun now that I feel confident in how I look. I had a hard time finding non underwire but decided I would just remove the wires. I can't wait till size settles to head to Victoria secret for something really sexy! Yes you should be sexy at 50+!
You look absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing!
You are looking great and I totally agree it is awesome t0 keep ourselves up and look good. You can be older than you 20's and still be hot!
It's nice to see someone else in my age group. Your results look great, I'm getting 400cc also. What implant did you end up with? Silicone or saline? Over or under? What profile was it? How did you kids react? I have two adult daughters, and a 1 year old granddaughter :) it took my daughters some time, their first reaction was what do you need to do that for? I'm always working out, keeping up with styles, trying to be youthful, I'm not ready to be old! From the looks of it you do too :) I hope my results are as good as yours.

5 weeks post op

Ok Ladies... Here I am 5 weeks post op already! I was asked to say if I think it was worth it. The first two weeks honestly I was questioning my decision. They seemed huge and up high, firm, and I was not liking the look. But now that they have settled a little and the swelling has subsided I am loving the way my figure looks, especially since we are moving into summer and less clothing. I have worn a bra to go out without any trouble. I've been showing more of the girls, they are looking more natural. I'm a confident person and don't believe our appearance should determine our self worth but I feel a little more feminine or womanly with them, a little more sexy and happy in my own skin. I just started at new office so mo one would know the old me. I have not been back to PS... Can't remember if I was supposed to schedule another follow up. The muscles under my arms are healing and nearly no pain.
Hiw much did he charge you? I go next month!
Looking awesome!! Are you out of sports bras now? I'm tired of them and don't know how long I have to wear them. I'm assuming at least another 3 weeks til my next appointment. Boo.
I haven't seen Dr since surgery only a couple of pictures texted. I decided to try a bra... I don't want them sagging! My plan was to take the wire out but it doesn't bother me. Just cheap bras because they could shrink I guess. I started with it once or twice last week.

8 weeks post op

Hi everyone... Sorry it's hard for me to keep up with everyone and all the email. I read some but can't comment a lot of the time. You are all in my thoughts and I'm here if you have a specific question. I am officially 8 weeks! Wow! I lost track of time. The healing is going well. I've graduated to support bras .. Don't want these getting saggy any time soon! Sports bra at night. I still put mederma on daily. I am enjoying the look in summer clothes and bathing suits! The PS was pleased with the results and I'm proud of being able to keep going through it all. They have been dropping and are soft and squishy! Lol. No regrets! My first 5k was a week ago and I ran do bad! All the extra weight lol. And time off. Scars are getting better as well.
Do you go to same PS? It was a promotion on breast augmentation so a good price. $6950. I wish I didn't need the lift but glad I got it done
Yes going to Dr Saunders too..hoping he can do a Benelli lift instead of lollipop...im going for saline because of the amount of breast tissue i have...a 36D now. Already had another consult with the plastic surgeon from my hospital, so going off what they said. Your boobies are great! I know you are happy...im praying for the same. I had to book surgery for july 9th because i dont have another vaca until Sept. Dr. Saunders was personally referred from 2 Of my co-workers. ..so im positive that i am doing it this time!!
I really like him and his staff! I trusted his judgement. He is very thorough. I'm glad I got it done when I did, but you will be fine. He does a lot of communication via text. I had a concern last week texted him, he replied right away and had me come in. I just had a scab that was not going away and I couldn't see what it was. LOL I was unsure but I am happy now! Good Luck. Let me know if you have any questions.

12 weeks post op. Woohoo

Here I am at 12 weeks and very happy with my new boobs. Love how they look in all the summer clothes and bathing suit. Got a great bikini too at Victoria secret that holds, covers and is still sexy! Lol. I'm a 36D usually. I'm posting new pics so you can see the scaring has minimized. Mederma once a day! PS told me a good support bra during day to prevent sagging and sport bra at night.
I'm not on here much but glad to offer support. Either private message me or comment. It goes to my email.
Omg that would be soooo awesome i couldnt find any like those! I am only a little over a day away!! I am so nervous!! Had a dream i woke up with two scabs fir boobs!! I saw the mederma with sunscreen at Walgreens. I havent bought any new sports bras yet was waiting to see what my size will be like. At the last minute i changed my implant size to a 500cc...read so much about laege implants and complications. Been extra netvous because i smoked a couple cigs a few days ago...i have been super good as of the last few days. None at all. I just want everything to go smooth. How are you looking and feeling??? How long would you say before you were happy with the results? Please email me personally about the ice packs..that would be a God sent! Emarinnie@gmail.com
I think too large is more difficult to stretch the skin. It took about 3 weeks to start feeling comfortable and 4-5 till I started liking them and now at 8 weeks they look great! I can't tell if people notice and wonder or they just think I gained weight, which I did! I will email u for address. If u want to delete so people don't see it go ahead.
Oh you are so nice I totally appreciate that, truly I do! I am so anxious I don't know what to do with myself. I think it is some of my medical background and knowing that things go wrong, and partially just my crazy mind...LOL! I see it is a long process.. When were you able to go swimming? I'm hoping I can in Aug.

Why I love the new and improved tatas

I am thrilled that I can wear a bikini top and not sag!! I have to work on the stomach again but top is good! Lol
Thanks for sharing your story they look great!
West Chester Plastic Surgeon

He is very knowledgeable, great bedside manner. I was hoping not to need the lift, but I want the best results, so I trust his judgement.

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