3rd time is hopefully a charm!

So I've been thinking about getting breast...

So I've been thinking about getting breast augmentation to fix my SEVERE asymmetrical breasts and finally have set a date! Since I was about 12 I started noticing that one breast was growing and the other one just, wasn't. When I was younger I always thought that it would catch up but I'm not 24 and as you can see by the picture, it hasn't. My right breast is an A cup and my left breast is a C cup and is very heavy, saggy, and uncomfortable. Dr. Saunders is going to do a breast lift with silicone implants and I'm so excited that I'm finally going to feel like a "normal" girl. I've always wanted to be able to be comfortable with myself and wear certain clothes and with the asymmetry it makes it incredibly difficult to wear anything- even wearing a bra is uncomfortable. I'm just hoping that after the surgery I'll have more confidence in myself and be able to wear bathing suits and tight fitting clothing and feel BEAUTIFUL! I'm also hoping to be more comfortable with my boyfriend (of 3 years) touching them because right now I feel awful and guilty when he looks at them or touches them and I don't want to feel like that anymore. I'm going for my pre-op on Monday and will be making final size decisions- I've been doing my homework and I feel that Dr. Saunders is a great doctor who isn't trying to push me to do things that I'm not comfortable or happy with. More updating to come!

So I just saw Dr. Saunders this morning for my...

So I just saw Dr. Saunders this morning for my pre-op appointment and I had ALOT of questions that I wanted answered. 1.) why do I need to stop taking my birth control? Birth control creates a higher risk of blood clots and just for the best healing result it's recommended that you discontinue for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery according to my PS. 2.) since I need to quit smoking 2 weeks prior to the surgery- can I still use nicotine patches and can I wear a patch the day of surgery? He said YES! Thank goodness bc quitting will be hard enough with the patches. I'm hoping that since I have to quit for at least a month I won't ever smoke again! Keeping my fingers crossed :) 3.) what are you going to do to make my nipples more symmetrical? He said that my right breast is 4cm nipple and the left is 7cm. He says that 4cm is the normal size but I asked him to make them both a little smaller. 4.) a lot of people are recommending vitamins, should I be taking any? He says that there is no evidence that says vitamins help in healing and that he actually asks you to discontinue vitamins bc sometimes they can cause abnormal bleeding. So that's something I'm glad I don't have to worry about.
We talked about size and since my chest is severely asymmetrical we discussed realistic results. Obviously I'm not expecting perfection because the difference is so severe but he says he thinks he will be able to get them almost perfect but they won't be identical "twins", which I wasn't expecting. He said that he is going to put 450ccs in my right size and then use a sizer to determine exactly how many ccs to put in the left so that they are even. He also said that he's going to remove about 100ccs of breast tissue before he puts the implant in. This should bring me to a small D and he said that I should be able to get very close to the pictures that I brought in.
One of my major concerns is the scarring. As you can see from my pic I have a pretty gruese hypertrophic scar on my chest from a cyst removal. Dr. Saunders didn't do the surgery, I had it done by a local surgeon, and it DID NOT heal well. I think that is because I didn't stop smoking or taking medications and my bra rubbed on the incision. Dr. Saunders said that he's going to give me a steroid injection and this should make the scar flatter. But since it scarred so bad he said I have an increased risk of scarring on my breasts which worries me because I'm going to be having quite a few incisions. My right breast will have a lollipop lift with the implant but he said he thinks he will have to do the lollipop on the left and maybe another incision under the breast. I'm worried about the way that they will look because I want them to be as symmetrical and natural looming ad possible which he said he believes is achievable. My mom came with me today to ask questions and get comfortable with the PS since she won't be with me on the day of the surgery. She was concerned about breast feeding and sagging afterwards since I already sag so much now. He said that 90% of women can still breast feed after implants and that I might have sagging sooner than others and have a higher chance of needing a revision sooner than women with small breasts who are just getting implants.
I also got my scripts today and talked to him about the lidocaine lines and he said they will be easy to remove and won't be painful at all. I also ordered a Victoria's Secret VSX sports bra for after surgery, got the crockpot out, and started looking up some good recipes for soup and crockpot to make things easier and as stress free as possible fog my boyfriend and I. All in all I'm happy with the answers that I got today and now I'm just waiting for the time to drag by until its FINALLY surgery day!

So I just some clarification on the implants!...

So I just some clarification on the implants! Getting Allergen silicone implants under the muscle in style 20/ high profile for the more "natural" look.

Hello all! Only 9 days until the BIG day! I've...

Hello all! Only 9 days until the BIG day! I've been getting myself prepared and have also been trying not to look at too many boob related posts/websites. I've got a lot of recipes down and have started the big clean since I'm going to be out of commission for a bit. Today is my 5th day as a non-smoker and things seem to be going really well. I haven't been that irritable but I have been starting to feel a little congested and under the weather which I assume is from not smoking but as long as it doesn't get any worse I'm happy. I've been smoking for about 8 years so it makes things a little difficult but I'm getting thru really well and everyone has been so supportive! This year has been a really great year for me and I can't wait until I have my boobs! The last step in the puzzle will be complete. This year I've quit smoking, stopped biting my nails, went back to school, am in the best healthiest point in my relationship with my boyfriend, finally getting my boobs, and then on Nov. 16th I'll get my new iphone 5 that I just ordered today (lol)!! Anyways right now I'm just trying to take it easy and de-stress before my surgery. My dad is coming to be with me for the surgery so I've got to wash and clean everything in the second bedroom but other than that I think I'm as prepared as I'm going to be. I have a zip front bra, a little wedge type thing so I can sit up in bed, extra pillows, stool softeners, just got my scripts filled, and bought some new button up shirts and sweat shirts that are larger in the top and less form fitting so I'll have something to wear after the surgery. Trying to stay hopeful, happy, and not too anxious for these last few days! :) Thank goodness it's halloween and I've got lots of horror flix to keep my mind off of the upcoming surgery. I feel like I'm just rambling at this point butttt if there is anything else that you ladies thing I'll need to be well prepared- lemme know. Oh and I better get some bendy straws! Totally forgot about those.

So only 4 more days until my surgery and things...

So only 4 more days until my surgery and things are going well and I'm as prepared as I'm going to be but now there is this hurricane sandy coming sometime this weekend or beginning of the week and I'm starting to get really nervous that my surgery will be postponed. This is really stressing me out because I have coverage at work and it all just fell into place so perfectly I don't think I would be able to get so many days covered again. Day 9 as a non smoker and things are going well with that but I've realized the last 4 days or so that I've been feeling a little rough. I feel like I've got a cold and have been coughing a lot and have really been craving a cigarette but I'm assuming its withdraw from the cigarettes and supposedly it will go away after the 12th day. We also had a problem with our well pump and didn't have water for 2 days but it is fixed now but that was a real stressor. Anyways everyone cross your fingers that I will be able to get my surgery on Wednesday and that hurricane sandy doesn't hit us as hard as they're predicting....or that every thing is back in order by Wednesday.

Finally the eve of my surgery! So excited and...

Finally the eve of my surgery! So excited and anxious and nervous all at the same time. Hurricane Sandy has come and went and everything seems to be going just fine on my end of things. We were only out of power for maybe 10 hours last night and by the time I got up this morning work was still on and the power was back. Just went to the store and got some face wipes and a really soft fleece zip up jacket thing to wear to surgery tomorrow since its going tone cold and wet and I have a "breakfast in bed" tray that I borrowed from my mom so I think I have everything together for next week. I can't wait to have my new girls! I hope that I don't feel awful and that I don't get sick on my way home. My biggest worries are getting sick afterwards and the thought that I may have to be cathed...Scary!!!! Anyways only 16 hours until the big event. Wish me luck :)

Ugh been about 12 hours since I had my surgery and...

Ugh been about 12 hours since I had my surgery and im finally starting to feel a little better. So I got to the center at 9am and got taken back within 10 minutes by a really sweet nurse. She set me up on the bed and starting giving me an iv of fluids and a valium and some 2 zofran for nausea. In about a hakf hour they had me walk into the operating room and Dr. Saunders was there and did some drawing and took some pics then I laid on the table and waited for the anastesiologist to start her part. While I was llaying there I was talking to the nurse and PS and he ws really sweet holding my hand and making sure I wasn't nervous and knew he was going to take good care of me. He was so sweet it made me feel safe and secure which I needed. The next thing I know im in the recovery room puking my guts out for an hour and a half. Finally they send me home and I thought ahead and had a bucket in the car so the whole way home I was puking in that ugh. He gave me another script for some suppository antinauseous stuff as much as I didn't eant to have to do it I did and it maade me feel much better and then I napped for a couple of hours on and off. He told me he wants me to hold off on the vicodin and try to just take 4 motrin every 4 hours and I've been doing that with ice packs and I feel as good as I expected. I was trying to describe how I feel and its really just a lot of pressure and reminds me of when I cracked my ribs. Anywaay I see him for my post op tm at 730 so I should have more instruction then. Thanks for your well wishes ladies!

Had my first post op visit this morning and my PS...

Had my first post op visit this morning and my PS says he is very pleased and everything went well yesterday. I am allowed to shower Saturday afternoon and will only have on steri strips so ill post some pics then. I've just been relaxing and am in quite a bit of pain but ice really has been my best friend. I notcie more soreness on the left side but with the ice its not too bad. My boyfriend has been amazing! He's been so sweet and nice and is cooking beef stew in the crock pot now :) yummm! Anyways I think hats all for now. Can't wait to see what they look like!

In max pain. Feel like i'm dying. Any tips??????

In max pain. Feel like i'm dying. Any tips??????

So last night I couldn't sleep AT ALL. I might...

So last night I couldn't sleep AT ALL. I might have gotten about an hour of sleep all together and had to call my mama at 2:30am for her to come over and take care of me. I had a bandage on like a strap at the top and it was KILLING ME. My left arm was completely numb and I couldn't get any relief no matter what I did. I went and saw my PS this morning though and he said everything looks normal and he's very pleased and took the strap off thank god! My lidocaine pain buster fanny pack is almost gone and I get to take a shower and take the lines out and hopefully I start feeling better tomorrow. I've been in a pretty chipper mood and from what I've seen of my girls they look GREAT! My larger breast is SO sore and swollen and I think that its because on that side he removed breast tissue, did the lift, put a water sizer in, and then the implant sooooo I think that's why it hurts so bad. Who knows. Lol. I can't wait until I start to feel better! I can't wait to take a shower. I feel so stinky. I've been laying on the couch and got a hot pack because my back is killllling me more than my chest at this point. Oh and I've found that using a cervical/neck ice pack works the best for me because then I can wrap it kinda in my arm pits and then over the top of my breasts and I have found that it really helps me. Oh and I haven't really been taking the vicodin- its not really doing anything for the pain. I've been using motrin and valium which really seems to be helping. I think that's all for now. Without sleep I'm rambling and a little loopy.

Adding some pics with the bra on. They look pretty...

Adding some pics with the bra on. They look pretty rough without and my left side is still very very swollen. But you can totally tell they look more symmetrical!

Went and had my 2nd post op appointment today and...

Went and had my 2nd post op appointment today and he said all looks well! Im very excited but still a little scary to see them. They are bruised and swollen and the steri strips look horrible but I think each day they look a little better :) they are riding very high right now but my PS has instructed me to start massage tm and honestly I AM SO TERRIFIED! Im so scared its going to be incredibly painful and my nipple is going to explode or something (lol) not really but you know what I mean. Ill start taking progression pics after the first week bc right now its hard for me to look. My boyfriend and mom have been the most incredible caregivers ever and I haven't wanted for anything since I had the procedure! He even gets in the shower and helps me wash my hair and back that I can't reach which is very sweet and I feel like I got so lucky with all of the support I've received from them and all of you guys of course have been wonderful especially my boobie buddy al84! Tomorrow my iphone should finally be in and ill post more pics when I actually have a decent camera. Anyways what can you ladies tell me about the "massage"? Im scared and would like to hear what experience you guys had. Thank you!

Today when I woke up I actually didn't feel as...

Today when I woke up I actually didn't feel as tight as I have since the surgery which made me very happy! I've been doing pretty well and have started to be able to do things for myself. Lifting my left arm is still a problem but when I do my massage it gets a lot easier. Going to the PS on Friday again and I have lots of questions for him- including giving me the strap back to help settle faster. When I do the massages I can see how good they're going to look and it looks prettier each day! They still look asymmetrical but that's normal and I think it's bc they haven't settled and the fact that there was more breast tissue in the larger breast which makes it still look bigger but I can tell they will be so similar when they are settled. How long does this usually take? 4 month? 6 months? Talking to the PS about that on Friday as well. I've also been dying for a glass of wine so I can't wait to find out when I can finally have one! I'm going to post a picture without my bra that I took today. They look scary but so much better than day 1 and I couldn't be happier with my decision already :) if anyone can help with a settling timeline or just let me know how it worked for you that would be awesome. Tank you ladies!

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps for...

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps for the past couple of days. I feel like a worthless burden and I just want to feel normal again. I'm scared that I'm not going to heal well or I'm going to mess something up. I'm scared of the way my incisions look. I'm just terrified. Maybe it's been being cooped up. I go back to work tomorrow so hopefully that helps things but I'm scared for that too bc I feel exhausted just after showering. So glad to have my BB and my family by my side because I've just been so down and randomly crying. I know I made the right choice and things will look up but right now it's just so hard when I can see how terrible they look which I was prepared for its just scary. He removed my steri strips and stitches on Friday and looking at my breasts now scares me. I had a lollipop lift and I've seen lots of pictures but when it's on me it's just different. Just rambling. When do these feelings go away?

Saw my PS yesterday and feel a lot better about my...

Saw my PS yesterday and feel a lot better about my progress so far. My implants are still pretty high but they are large so I know it will take time for the skin to stretch and for them to settle in the pockets. I definitely notice that they look lower than they did week 1 so I'm happy with how things are going. The process is a little slower than I thought and according to my PS it will take between 3-6 months for them to settle. I've been working on my massage and am going to try to do that as much as possible to help settle them as fast as possible. I also get to start scar treatments next week and I already have the epiderm that the PS recommended at home! My back is starting to feel better and work seems to be getting a little easier but things are still pretty difficult especially with my left arm. Every time I do the massage I feel like it loosens things up and is easier for me to move around. Still sleeping on the couch because laying flat for a long period of time makes my breasts heavy and sore and my right arm hurts which is weird but the couch is much more comfortable soooo that's where I'm staying. I want to be in bed with my boyfriend and to cuddle with him but its hard and uncomfortable and I'm scared I'm going to hurt myself. My PS also said that I could have sex but every time I try I just can't stop thinking that something is going to happen and I can't concentrate but I've started feeling less ripping and burning so hopefully soon I feel comfortable with trying again. Anyways all in all I think things are getting better and I just need to be patient. My incisions look much better and I'm just hoping that I can focus on other things until my ladies are settled. Time is flying!

Hey ladies! I've been so busy I haven't had a...

Hey ladies! I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to update! I've been doing so well! I think it must have been right at 5 weeks that everything started to change for me. I can now drive without searing pains, sleep in bed, sleep ON MY STOMACH! or my side, and I'm back in the bedroom with my man :)! It was so strange bc one day I just woke up and felt...almost normal! I'm still waiting for the boobies to drop into place but according to my PS this can take anywhere from 3-6 months so I'm just trying to be patient and massage as much as possible to try to move things along. My larger breast is still sitting awfully high but I can tell that it has dropped so much and I'm pleased! I feel like if things keep heading in the direction that they are now I'm going to look GREAT when all healed. They are certainly starting to become softer and fuller but I can't wear a normal bra and I can't even go get sized or anything yet which kind of stinks but in the end I think all of this is going to be worth it. I've just been trying to keep my head up bc the shape of them is still not great and it makes it hard to find clothes to wear, especially bc I don't want to buy anything new until I know how they are going to sit in the clothes. I'm also just starting to walk and do the elliptical bc I need to do something I've gained 7lbs since I quit smoking and the surgery bc I couldn't really move around and now I feel like a bump on a log and need to work at looking good for summer :) my boyfriend seems to be happy with the progress even though its slow and has been very good at reminding me that it will be worth it in the end.

Forgot to mention- in the pics you can see that...

Forgot to mention- in the pics you can see that I'm using the silicone strips for scar treatment and it has been working wonders! The scars are already much smoother and lighter! Will take pics and post of the scars. Still have a scab that just won't come off on my right breast that I've been avoiding with the scar treatments. Hopefully it fixes itself soon! Also I added a profile view and you can see that the right implant is dropping much faster than the left and I believe that's bc of my natural breast tissue? I was supposed to see my PS this morning but I'm coming down with a cold and have a 10 hour work day ahead of me so hopefully ill get to see him tomorrow or Thursday if not ill have to wait until after New Years I'm sure. I just want these babies to drop and settle already!!! Trying to be patient but I've never had much of that lol

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already since my...

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already since my surgery! Things seem to be going pretty well. My scars are healing really great and I have been taking a break from the scar treatment because I felt like it was making the incisions sensitive but am planning on starting back on Monday. All in all I feel pretty great I still can't raise my left arm all the way up but am hoping that when I'm allowed to start strength training and stretching next week it will all get easier. The only thing that I'm worried about is that my left side is still very high. I talked to my ps and he said to continue being aggressive with my massage. I'm now massaging 3x a day and have added 2 new massages that I found in hopes that helps speed things up, I've also been taking vitamin e and wearing the strap at night. My boyfriend thinks its working but I'm not too sure. I posted a question asking if losing weight might help drop the implant?! Does anyone have any tips? I know it's still early but it's been almost 3 months and I'm so worried about having to have a pocket revision surgery which I REALLY don't want to do and don't know how I would afford it or afford to take the time off. I see my ps again on 1/14 and have a lot of questions. I'm really nervous about still being so high. I added me pics so you ladies can see what I'm talking about.

So all day today I've been crying and feeling...

So all day today I've been crying and feeling sorry for myself. My breasts do not look like they should!!!!!! I'm devastated feeling like I spent all of this money to still be deformed and still have to hide myself from the world. My left breast HAS NOT BUDGED!!!! I was looking at the picture from the first week of my left side profile and my 9 week pic and the implant is still sticking out like a water balloon right under my collarbone. I'm an idiot and didn't ask his policy on revisions and I honestly won't be able to afford to pay for a revision. I see him again on Monday and am going to ask his opinion but I have this terrible sinking feeling I will need a revision. I've been massaging, pushing diwn, wearing a strap at night, taking vitamin e, stretching, and even getting PT on my pec muscle to help it soften and stretch, andddd I haven't seen any progress which is making me feel sick to my stomach. I'm at the point where I will get down on my hands and knees and beg him to fix me bc I CAN NOT afford another surgery and I just wanted to be a normal girl who didn't have to hide and now it's just different. I still don't want my bf to see me or touch me and I won't let him do anything with my breasts....at this point the only thing I'm happy with is that my scars are starting to fade sooooo much. Hah it's so effed that before my surgery the biggest concern I had was if my scars were going to keloid but this is literally something I never thought I would have to worry about. I never expected them to look exactly the same but this is almost too much at this point. I don't know what to do. The only reason that I can find that this is happening is either because my pecs are way too tight but with everything I have been doing it should have moved a little orrrrr the pocket wasn't dissected properly either too high or too small. This sucks. Sorry this is a total bitch post- I also added week 9 pictures.

I text my PS today in reference to changing my...

I text my PS today in reference to changing my appt time tomorrow and to tell him I had some stuff to discuss with him. I was very surprised when he called me and asked me what was going on so I told him about my left side still being so high. He said he wants to see me for an exam tomorrow afternoon but that ill probably need a revision which won't cost me anything and shouldn't be very painful. I AM SO RELIEVED! He said this is something that is pretty common and should be easily fixed. Ill know more about details tomorrow after my appt and will update again then. I feel so relieved! I'm going to be fixed!

So I went and saw my PS yesterday and I'm...

So I went and saw my PS yesterday and I'm scheduled for my revision. I go in 2/14 yes valentines day to get the surgery. Supposedly according to him this is pretty normal and should be a pretty simple procedure. He said he is going to go in thru the "stick" of my lollipop, revise the pocket, sew me up and I'm all done. He said ill be out for about an hour and th surgery should take between a half hour and an hour. I'm excited but also very nervous bc I was in a lot of pain and am not really forward to being restricted again. I'm sad that I will have to sleep on the couch and that I won't be able to do my yoga class or sleep on my side but if it fixes the high implant its definitely worth it. I was hoping that I could get in sooner but 2/14 is the earliest that he has available so I have to play the waiting game AGAIN! At least ill know what to do this time. He says that he thinks the muscle pushed the implant up and now it's too high to budge in its own so we need to revise for it to drop and settle properly. He also said that the pain shouldn't be too bad and that I will be able to return to work Monday the 18th so that's good at least. Supposedly we will be wrapping the left breast tightly in ace wraps to ensure that the muscle can't push it up again and that it stays in place. I don't want to have drainage tubes because that would totally gross me out ewwwww. I just hope that this fixes th problem and I start to look gooood! I can tell that if the implant was down where it was supposed to be they would look so beautiful and symmetrical. I have faith in Dr. Saunders but I'm terrified and a little disappointed that I have to have a revision but I'm glad we can do it so early and that it is supposedly a pretty easy fix. I'm also incredibly relieved it won't cost me anything and that I don't have to sacrifice care and comfort to fix this. I have my preop on Monday at 8am so if I hear anything me or anything changes ill let you ladies know :) send me positive vibes! I'm really nervous! I was thinking maybe I should post in the revision community too...what do you guys think?

Got the call yesterday with my surgery time! I go...

Got the call yesterday with my surgery time! I go in at 330pm and can't eat or drink after 630am. Think ill probably clean the house before surgery to try and keep my mind off of it. I've also scheduled a couples massage for the day before as a valentines surprise for my boyfriend since we can't do anything for valentines day this year. I'm not feeling too anxious but I am excited! I can't wait to look normal and even!

Things have been so hectic and busy lately I...

Things have been so hectic and busy lately I haven't had a chance to update! I was unlucky enough to catch the stomach flu last Sunday and that lasted all of the way until Wednesday! My surgery was scheduled for Thursday so I was kind of freaking out but I didn't have a fever since Tuesday night and had drank lots and lots of fluids so I got the ok for the procedure, thank heavens! I really DID NOT want to put this off any longer. So I went in at 4:15pm, starving, bitchy, and faint! I was dehydrated from not having any food or drink in so long that it took 4 times to cath the IV and get me pumped full of fluids. By 5pm I was on the table talking to Dr. Saunders and getting ready to go down for the count, next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery! Last time I woke up I got incredibly nauseous so not only did I have zofran but also a composite suppository just in case, and of course I totally needed it. Once the nurse gave it to me it was only a matter of minutes until I was feeling normal enough to get in the car for the hour long trip home. I couldn't end up eating anything until around 11pm and once I did I felt like a million bucks! The pain has been SO minimal! My incision looks great and you can barely see it! I think the worst part was the drain, Ew! I had to have that until Monday and the hole is wayyyy bigger than I thought but, at least it's grossness is out at this point. The procedure was supposed to be pretty quick bc he thought he was just gonna cut thru some scar tissue and it would drop down and be fine and should take less than an hour. The surgery lasted over 2 hours and ended up having a lot more very hard scar tissue that had to be removed bc it formed after my breast never settled. I have the strap and have to wear it 24hours a day until next Monday and he also wants me massaging 3x a day on that side. Whatever I have to do to ensure this never happens again is what I plan on doing. I feel better already! I look so much more even and natural :) I am very swollen right now so pics don't really do any justice so it will be a while until I post. Thanks for the support ladies and ill keep you guys up to date on recovery. Finally getting the results I always hoped for :) plus Dr. Saunders is GREAT and I am so glad I chose him as my PS!

3rd time is a charm...right?

Everything went well with the previous revisions and the implant is in place where it's supposed to be but, my boob is still bigger and saggy! Went and saw my MD and we decided to do another revision on the left breast and go with a lift and reduction and hope that it fixes things once and for all. My surgery is set for 9/12 and ill be back to work 9/16. I'm excited I won't have a drain this time and I'm not so worried about pain bc the last time it wasn't so bad. So. Stressed. Lol I'm also moving to Texas at the end of this month so hopefully everything goes according to plan. No lifting for 2 weeks so it's cutting it close but I have a lot of support so I think thing will go well. Anyways just wanted to share the news. I added a new picture so you can see what I'm taking about. Good luck ladies :)

Day 4 after lift

Hey all! I feel pretty great after surgery. I was a little sore and had some burning but that's pretty normal. To get the left breast to "perk" up and stay up I ended to getting the anchor incision instead of just the lollipop. I can shower in a few hours (thank goodness bc I SMELL) and I go back to work today. I'm a little swollen but they look much closer than they did before. I'm much more happy already! I am however worried that when I take the steri strips off it will hurt...lol I take them off Wednesday so hopefully showering a couple of times will loosen them up. Anyways just wanted to give a little update and added a new pic! Can't wait to see what I look like when I'm more healed and the swelling goes down. So far, so good though!
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:O!! You look amazing. They look perfectly symmetrical! I am so happy for you! I am glad your PS decided to go with the anchor lift, that makes sense. Congrats on what looks like your LAST surgery!! :)
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Yay! I think so too :) can't wait til the swelling goes down. I feel like a rock is in there lol
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I hope your surgery went well! I know the last thing you probably want to do right now is type a new update. But get a lot of rest and good luck going back to work! :)
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Surgery seems to have gone SUPER well. Iooks a lot more perky and I'm not even that sore. I've just been sleeping on and off the last 2 days lol ill post an actual update in a day or two! Thanks for asking about me :)
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Thanks for sharing! You are getting there! Best wishes to you. It seems like a small revision procedure, so hopefully the third time is a charm!!
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So good to hear from you!! Good luck on your upcoming surgery!! :)
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Hi dear! how are you? just passing by your profile to say hello and hope all is going well with you;)
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Eh. Another revision in my future but hopefully this will finally fix the problem. How are you? You look great!
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You're story is somewhat similar to mine. I went to a PS in Greenville, DE. I had had a breast reduction 12 yrs prior and wanted a lift and implant put in to have more projection, tightness and fullness, also have my left breast size corrected because it was larger than my right. I am 6 months post op now and am not that happy with the results. I feel they r too far apart, my implants sit higher on my chest and my natural breast tissue kinds sags on the bottom. My left breast is still noticeably larger, which was supposed to be corrected! Now what... I will have to pay probably $1600 to have it redone, and to not ensure it will be what I want? I am very upset :-/
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I'm so sorry to hear that. He's not willing to do a revision free of charge? I am extremely thankful that my surgeon has been so good about revising at no additional cost bc I spent money I didn't have to feel better about myself. You could private message me and we could talk more! Hope all is well for you.
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yay!!! Congrats! I've been wondering how things went. Glad to hear it was a success so far. Do keep us posted. Happy healing! :)
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Happy for you! Wishing a speedy and "normal" recovery! : )
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Sorry I didn't check in sooner. How did everything go last Thursday??
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So much easier than the first time! I'm feeling pretty damn great! I still get tired and a little sore but it's like nothing in comparison to how I felt before! Thanks for asking! How are you?? Do you have any pics yet? I do love how the results were INSTANT!
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I can't wait to hear how it all went. I hope it is utterly fantastic. You deserve beautiful breasts and congrats for perservering! I was so happy with my revision on week 4, it turned out really great. The pain was very challenging but life is back on track and I even ran a half marathon on Saturday. I hope that you have a similiar experience after all is said and done that I have had. I am thinking of you!
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Thank you! This experience so far has been much more pleasant than the first. I'm not in nearly as much pain and have a strap but its kind of comfortable and it makes things right I'm okay with that. I'm glad to hear you're doing well now too! I hope I'm back on track soon!!! Thanks for the support.
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Hi there :) how are you doing ? Hope everything went well.
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I'm doing really well! Hopefully ill be able to have pics Monday! Saw a peek of them yesterday and they look AWESOME :)
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So happy for you :)
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Anxious to know how you are doing and how it all went! Hope you are doing great and taking it easy! :)
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Things are going REALLY well! The paid is minimal in comparison to the original surgery which I sure am happy about. The only really sucky part is that I had to get a drain and I only got to glimpse the girls yesterday at my first post op but they look BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for wondering :)
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Hey, my left implant revision is Feb 1 yay! It is annoying to do this all again, but you're right; it's worth it. I will let you know how mine goes. Mine just NEVER DROPPED AT ALL. lol so annoying!
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That's literally the exact same thing that happened to mine! It sucks but hopefully this is the last time! I can't wait! I feel like my surgery is so far! I wish you the best of luck and please keep me updated :)
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That is great news! Sending positive vibes your way!
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It'll go by quickly, and you'll be back to your yoga in no time. That's good he's doing it at no charge, that would've been even more stressful. I think you'll be looking good and ready to put on a swimsuit by June. Good luck with everything, sending positive vibes your way.
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