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I have not had the surgery, but I am excited about...

I have not had the surgery, but I am excited about it. I am still in the process of researching more about my breast lift. I am going with Dr.Freiman. He was recommended to me by close family friends. Here's to having the breast I once had before breast feeding. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for breast feeding them, but momma want to look good too. :-)


You have chosen an amazing doctor. Good luck on your journey
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Thank you so much! I am excited!! :-)

Surgery Scheduled

OMG!! It has happen so fast. I have battling with this decision for so long. I am a single mom of 6 beautiful children and I have always thought about them...put them first. It hurt me to my core when my daughters would see me and not realize the reason why my breast were flat. I would tell them because I breast fed all of you. It still hurt when they looked and made faces at my breast BUT guess what??? As soon as the 15th of August, the flatness will no longer take precedence over my life. lol I have a schedule date and I pray all goes well and I will have confidence back. Don't get me wrong...I have good self esteem and confidence but c'mon ladies...we look HOTT filling out those bras we always wanted to wear and better going braless. lol

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Tickets brought

Theres no turning back now...well I can up until the day of surgery BUT I do not think I will do that. I am super excited! I will post before and after photos the week of surgery. I just want to make sure I do not chicken out. lol


He was so charming! Felt great and now I'm not as nervous. Good luck!!!
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Thank you. I do over analyze the procedure and the "what ifs?" Lol I'm trying not to back down. :-)
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Oh don't chicken out!! Even though my experience has been a little rough, I love having nice boobs. I so think its worth it. Especially if you go with an experienced Dr you should be great. Best wishes!!!
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A little confused

I have read some many posts/reviews about what to take to surgery. I am out of the state where I am having my surgery. I want to be prepared before I get there because I might have to travel alone. I have family in the state where I am going but I want less stress on them as well as myself (post op). If I can bring what I need with me, that would be great. So many different things to bring. Do I need to buy bigger bras or get maternity bras for post op? Do I need to buy bigger shirts for post op? B/c the lifting and reaching up. Will the PS let me tell me all this stuff at pre op? I think I am letting my nerves get the best of me. Pls forgive me...I just would like to be prepared. Thanks


I am planning to do a breast lift with Dr. Freiman in the October. Are you going to post pics of before and after? It would be great. Good luck with your surgery!!!
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Yes, I will post before and afters. Thank you. I am still nervous. :)
Thank you. That put my mind at ease a little bit.

Time is vastly approaching

I spoke with my coordinator, Yadira (she's the best) and she said everything is good and still a go. WooHoo! Yadira is so sweet, answered ALL my questions eventhough I know I asked her the same questions several times, and she was very comforting. Gosh I wish I could bottle that up and take with me on the plane b/c I do not like flying. :)
I told my sister, that I want to eat everything I can before 10 pm the night prior to my surgery, lol. Nope, I am for real because I know I will sleep the whole day of my surgery. :) Ok, I just need to release a little nervousness with all of you. Thanks for the ear. :)


Hello Keisha congrats on your decision, it's so close to your boobie day! Don't start thinking of all the what ifs, you're going to look great and everything will be fine just focus on that. As for what bras to buy, they say to just buy one size bigger. For example, I usually wear a 34b so I bought 36C or if it's a bra that doesn't go by letter then buy a 38 so you can be comfortable. Also, buy clothes that's bigger and that can be zipped up so you don't have to lift your arms. Good luck, you're going to look great, you chose a good doctor.
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Thank you so muh for your reply and suggestions. I will do this. I apologize for the late response. One of my boys has football practice and my oldest daughter has dance class...they're trying to keep momma busy. Lol

Posting pics

I have a review with pics, but it's not loading. I will try again

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Old boobies

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Tomorrow is the day!!

Yes, tomorrow is the day and I am excited! I am happy as well, until the meds wear off, lol. Ok, that's the nerves. I know the pics are late and I will post the new boobies later. I was just self conscious but after tomorrow I will flaunt my new girls! Is there anything else I should know it do? Thanks


Hope you're doing well after your surgery! I look forward to reading about you are feeling afterwards and if you are happy with your results. I am sure you're going to look awesome!
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Thank you. I am still a lil sore, not much pain. I had to switch to tynenol for the pain. The other meds made me itch very bad. I will post after pics. I just did not like that I did not get to talk Frieman for my follow up. There were questions I wanted to ask him and the doctor I saw could not answer them.


I am 2 days post op and my skin is stretched (I know b/c of the surgery) but it's stretched that I can feel stretch marks forming. What do any of you suggest to do for the swelling or stretched skin?

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New boobies

I am 2 days post op and still a little sore. You can see the tightness in the skin being pulled. It wasn't too much pain for me, mostly just being sore. On Monday, I go back to see the dr, hopefully my PS because I have a lot of questions to asks that Dr. Ortega couldn't answer. I found out that I have 330 in each breast an a lollipop incision was done.
If you have any questions, ask because I would like to inform others and vise versa.


Hey Keisha I started using Vaseline with Cocoa butter for stretch marks Bc it keeps the skin well moisturized
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Thank you so much. I will get some today. This feeling of my skin being stretch to the max is no fun. Lol

Tingling feeling???

Hello ladies, I was wondering has anyone else had this tingling feeling at the bottom of their breast that feels like your implant is leaking?
Oh pls don't tell me I'm the only one!!?! I would lay down and cry if I was the only one. Lol


Hi Keisha7, congrats on your new self. I can say the girls looks marvelous. I've been thinking for several years to have mine done too, but trusting a surgeon and also having a good price has been an issue. Would you mind giving more infos in that matter?
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Hi Fleur77 The PS I had was great. He listen and also gave his input. The waiting time for me was not that bad. I was just a ball of nerves. Lol My coordinator, Yadira was amazing! She answered all my questions and more. The only thing I did not like was my first follow up where I saw a different dr. He told me all the wrong things b/c when I saw my PS on my next follow up, he told me not to do any of those things. The pain was not that bad. I was just sore ALOT!!! I tried taking the pain meds they gave me, but it made me itch a lot. Found out, I cannot take it, so I switch to Tylenol. Other than that, I'm trying to heal. Hint I said trying. Lol anything else pls ask.
Lol yes, you know your body's been cut out so be patient, it will take some times in the next 2-4 weeks or so. It just so happen few days ago. What does the $4000 cover? How much total did have to spend? I hope you're getting a post care and check up in the next upcoming weeks...

More pics

Four days po. I can move my arms a little more freely. Yay!!!


Hi sweetie, you look great! I am considering coming down to see Dr. Frieman. How long were u there before you flew back. Also, I have always wondered why some BA's look so low. Now I see from what you're saying that u shouldn't wear the band. Is this correct?
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Hi. Thank you. I was down there 6 days. He would like a week, but I have 6 lil ppls waiting for me. :-) Well, one of my concerns was that I wanted the fullness on top. I did not want them to have the low look. This was also the reason why I wanted to have my po with him because he knew my concerns. He just told me not to wear it, that everything looks good. I am so excited he listen to my wishes and concerns! :-)
Me too! Thank you so much for sharing, because I will have to have the same procedure. I was a little bummed about that. I though it would just b a simple BA, but no I need a lift to :(. ... But if they are going to look this good and perky, I'm all in!! :) I will b going down by myself, and probably hiring one of the nurses Norma told me about. She's my coordinator there. I'm a little scared honestly about that. Plus the cost. How I wish I had a close friend who lived there :-/

Serious Question...

Today while I was at my children's back to school event, I saw familiar faces. One person in particular helped us moved. I went over to give him a hug and hugged me so hard that I felt a pop in my right boob. I checked to make sure that the implant was still inflated and in place. Well, after that my right boob started to hurt. It is still hurt and on that side and under the armpit is hurting REALLY bad. I do not know what to do. I have emailed my coordinator to ask what I should do, but I know they are closed now. Can someone please help me or ease my mind with this? It also feels different from the left side by the armpits. I have a knot in my right arm pit. I think it's my lymph node, but that is also hurting me. I am applying heat and ice to help with the pain.
Thank you.
If its nothing I PROMISE, I am not allowing another person near my boob again. Everyone is getting high-fives, thats it. lol


Hey girl, I've read your comment. I'm checking to see how you are doing. It must have been a difficult night. Sorry for the pain...and the stress.
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Yes, it was. Still waiting for a call. Thanks for checking on me. :-)
Hey, I just read your blog. Are you ok??! Did anyone from the ps office called to tell u what to do?
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Great News!

This is late but it gets so busy around here.
So, I heard back my from coordinator and I explained what happened. She told me not to worry, things like that happen, but it is nothing major. The only down side is that my healing process in my right boob will revert back to day one of surgery. :(
I am happy about that. I thought it would be worse but it was not so. She also told me that I have to massage that breast more. PHEW!!! A sigh of relief.
Ladys, pls be careful with the new ladies and tell others to "hug gently!" :)
as for me "High-5" :)
I will post pictures later...I am going to get gel sheets. The scar area is sensitive now that the sterile strips are off.


Very good news!!!! I freaked out as much as you did and got speechless. It will be best to high five for sure. I will keep my distance until at least a month or two in my case. Take it easy and stay strong.
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Yes, high fives for sure, lol. I did not mean for anyone to freak out, but i am glad that I had concerns and well wishes from others like you. Thank you :)


Here they are 2weeks. I have the feeling my boobies have a mind of their own. One min, they swollen then the next they're not. I'm like...make up your mind because feeling like my milk has come in is NOT fun. Lol I have to admit massaging them makes them feel better but I also think it's aggravating them.
I know it will take time and I'm all in. :-)
My nipple are is sensitive, what would some of you ladies recommend for that? The silicone sheet too? Thank you!
Oh...I'm still waiting to hear back from the po doc about my updates. I will update what tell me. :-) have an amazing weekend!!


Hi sweetie! Quick question for you...how was your interaction with Dr. Frieman?? I just read a horrible/scary review about him.
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I replied in the update. Section for you. It was too long to type it all in this little box. :-)
Hi, I have picked Dr. Freiman as well...I do have a couple of questions for you :) how long did you stay in the area after surgery? What did you end up finding useful to take? Did you go alone? I might be doing this solo as well. We could be boob twins (pre surgery) now you're were I want to be :). You look great
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Here's your answer (prettyboobies34)

Hi. My experience with him was as others spoke of. My sister went with me and she's a nurse. All the questions I forgot to ask him, she reminded me of them. His facial expression told us, he was a lil ticked off, but nonetheless he answered all the questions. The next day he was much better. I was his first patient and it was early in the AM (7:30 am). Much too my surprise I did not think he woul be that happy in the morning. We arrived at 6:30 am like they asked, we waited a while, but it seemed like forever for me because I was sooo hungry. He was jolly, kind, soft spoke, relaxed. He did not tell me my cc's either (the day prior). I had to find out on my card. For my case, I asked but when I went into deep conversation about what I wanted he figured out what he was going to do. I am glad he did not tell because I would've been hurt to find out he changed it. I took a chance and trust him. I am extremely happy.


Thank you for your review. I have researched over and over and not too many of Dr. Friemans patients get breast lifts. Please keep us posted on your progress. Also, your breast profile seems similar to mine. I had a consultation with a doctor yesterday and knowing I need a lift I was told that I had to get an anchor lift which is the most harsh. He also gave me a quote of $7k... Needless to say I am definitely shopping around and weighing my options. Also, if you don't mind could you PM me some questions that I should ask? Thanks again for your review.
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You're welcome. I sure can. I am on the road but when I get home (hopefully it is not too late). What time zone are you in?
Never mind I found it, Miami. :-). You are 3 hours ahead of me. It will be late when I get home so after class tomorrow I can send you questions.

1 month ANNY!!!

Here are pictures of the girls healing fine. The only thing I am having a little problem with is my left side. Whenever I stretch that side seem sore. I also found myself massaging my right side a little extra on top of the extra massage I an doing because of hurting it earlier in the recovery process. The scars are flat and semi smooth. Under the breast crease is where I need the silicone sheets. :-) sometime I wonder if I really need them, then I say, "yeah!" :-)
Oh I am also sleeping on my stomach without any problems. At first it was kinda weird and I slowly tricked my body into laying in my tummy. One day I slept with a pillow on my side. The next night, I readjust the pillow till my girls were resting in top. I continued that until I could fully sleep on my tummy without any weirdness.


You look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey as it's inspirational and hearing all your details really helps us know what to expect! Thank you!! I know you must feel so fabulous!! You look it! :)
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How are you doing?
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you look amazing! Your scars are healing well and you can barely see them! Did you get saline or silicone implants?
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