About 2 More Weeks! Nervous but Excited... – Miami, FL

Hello Ladies! Soon, I will be in the big boobies...

Hello Ladies! Soon, I will be in the big boobies club lol. I'm flying into Miami, I'm from CT. I'm super excited but nervous at the same time. I will be meeting up with my ps the day before my surgery. I've read so many good reviews about him so I'm sure I'll be fine. My ps is going to be Dr. Frieman frm CGCC. I def want a natural look. I'm 5'1, weigh 118lbs and I'm an A cup, no one believes it because I wear the miraculous bra frm VS all the time lol. I want a full C, not sure how many cc's that is.. I have a very small frame, so I don't want to go too big.. What do you think??

The day is getting closer!

Wow! I can't believe I'll be in miami in 4 days.. Woohoo! Warm weather and boobies lol

Today is the day!!!

My appointment is at 1130.. I can't eat or drink anything.. And boy do I need my coffee right now..
I met dr. Freiman yesterday, he was very nice and straight to the point. I feel very comfortable with him..
Omg I just want to get to there and get knocked out.. Lol I can't wait to wake up and see my new babies!!!! :)

400 cc! ( . ) ( . )

Hello ladies! sorry, I haven't posted anything since my surgery. Surgery went well! Everyone at CGCC was very nice and loving! Dr. Freiman is an angel!!! He's great! And Yadira is a doll! Love her....she is the sweetest! Overall my experience was wonderful! Quick and easy!
I went with 400cc, which that's what dr freiman suggested.. I'm very very swollen... The pressure on my chest is no joke! I went for my follow up the next day and I was given a strap to wear to help my boobies drop.. Ughhh that strap puts even more pressure, I basically where it on and off thru out the day then I sleep with it all night..

6 day post op

Here's some photos

Loving my Miami twins!

It's going to be 6 wks since I got my babies! The progress is going fantastic! I feel like a brand new woman.. The way I fit into my clothes are amazing :) they're still sitting pretty high but in time they will drop.. Just have to keep massaging :)

7wks pics

Finally got sized!!

I went to VS today and finally got sized after being almost 3 months post op lol.. I had two girls size me. The first girl told me 34 d, gave me a bra to try on and it was too tight so a different girl in the fitting room took my measurements and to me I need dd cup and she went a got me a bra and it fit perfect! Wow!!! I can't believe I'm a double D! Good job Dr. Frieman, you're the fn man lol!!! Wow from a A cup to a DD, amazing! So yeah I ended up buying 4 bras not that the semi sale is going on!!! =)

New bikini top

So I didn't try the top at the store and I'm thinking a bit too small lol what you guys think?! They do look sexy lol

Living with no regrets! Love my boobies!!!

I was at beach bum all weekend!! Definately enjoying this summer with my new boobies :)

6 months

My twins are looking better and better:)
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freiman is the best!!! He is very professional and gets straight to the point! He helped me with the size I wanted and made me feel very comfortable.. He's a perfectionist so if you want some beautiful boobies, make sure you have him as your PS, you won't regret it! And as for the coordinator, I had Yadira and she was an angel!! Sweetest thing ever!!! No regrets! So happy I went to CGCC!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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HOT!! You look amazing :)!!
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I just noticed we had the same surgeon! I only had one post op visit. I'm only 5 days post op now, when did you start your massages & how long before the "torpedo" look went away? I can't wait to see them looking better! TIA
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Thank u doll!!!
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Hey quick question for you. First, they look amazing!!! Congrats! Next, how long before it was safe for you to fly back home??
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Thank you! My surgery was on a Wednesday and flew back home on Friday..
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Did you have a follow up Doctor's appointment when you got back? Did they hurt from pressure on the plane?? Lol sorry, I'm just going to go through the same. Lastly, did u go under or over the muscle? Saline or silicone? I promise no more questions lol! ;)
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Lol no worries, u can ask as many questions as u want.. That's what we're all here for doll. The day after the surgery I went for my follow up.. As for the pressure it felt the same on or off the plane.. The pressure, tightness and muscle spasm grrrrr.. Lol thank god the it was a smooth flight.. I went under the muscle with saline.. I love them, they're squishy and very pretty lol you won't regret it!!
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Thank you sweetie!! ;)
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Your boobies look great. That size fits you perfect. Have you tried massages yet?
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Yes, I've been massaging them every chance I get lol
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Hey ok so i have the same intake/coodinator as you, and hoping i get the same doctor. I am nervous because of the price, i keep hearing that 3500 for silicone is too cheap for a board cert surgeon, but theres a million haters in life right? your look amazing and I'm a 31/32 a right now 5'2 110 lbs so pretty much the same size you were pre surg. A ton of people say oh don't do it your great how you are, but i know their really thinking WHERES HER BOOBS I don't see a thing? and after 14 years of wanting i think I'm finally getting. Ive only researched for a few days, but seen the price and all their reviews and guessing now couldn't be a better time, although I'm from Pa, which is a 24 hr drive...I need a vacation and can do a cheap hotel and not fly so that i can buy tons of new bras after day 4 :) lol any advice for me?
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Lol yes!! A lot of haters! That's why when I decided to get my boobies, I really didn't tell many people. I didn't want to hear the negativity, especially when I was ready telling myself "you crazy bitch, are u really doing this?!" Lol You can CGC, the price had me a lil worried too but after reading all the reviews I definitely felt comfortable and having Yadira to answer answer any questions was a plus.. Hey, if it's cheaper to drive, go for it! But being in the car going back home might be a little uncomfortable.. Everyone takes pain differently so I can really tell u about that... What I exoerienced was more tightness and muscle spasm that were so freakin annoying.. But other than that I was good.. I wish u the best of luck! Dr freiman is awesome! I heard dr.ortega is also really good as well. :)
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You know I feel the same way. But he has to be certified right? I mean his work is amazing!
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He is certified! And he does an amazing job!
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Hey! I'm going to freiman too! What was your pre op size? Did you show him wish pics or what size you were going for?
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Hi! My pre up size was a 32a .. I didn't show him any pics, I just told him I wanted a full c small D. I also told him I wanted my boobs to look natural and they look awesome! I have no complaint:)
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I got 265cc mod plus. I started with a saggy B/C. I'm happy so far. I took his suggestion and I'm loving my boobs!
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Yaay! Happy for u! They just get prettier and prettier as the days go by lol
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Your boobs look awesome! We have very similar stats, and I did 400cc's as well. I'm just over 6 weeks post op now. Do you recall if you noticed many changes after 2 months po?
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Wow!! U look amazing as well.. Crazy how your boobies look just like mine and as I'm reading your posts, I'm like damn this girl is just like me lol Yes, I noticed a lot of changes.. They definately got more squishy , thank god lol and also fluffier.. They just look prettier and prettier every day!! Did u go with saline or silicone? One thing I notice is that they sometimes seem to look bigger as times goes on, maybe because they're dropping more.. Idk lol
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Thanks so much! I went with silicone, on my PS's recommendation for my body. I have noticed that they are starting to look a little bigger and fluffier in the last week or so, I wasn't expecting it since so many girls feel they are smaller after a month but it definitely is a nice surprise! Even if I'm the only one who notices it lol! Thanks for the info :)
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I forgot to say I am 5'1 and about 105. My bra is 34aaaaaa.LOL. There is just nothing in my bra cup.I am really small now. LOL :-)
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YOU look amazing! I think I need to stop looking at reviews like your because I keep second guessing my choice. Your result does not look big. My surgery is this upcoming thursday and I am going with HP saline too but I am still in the fence. I asked for 330 but my husband saw me with the rice sizers and told me it looks too big for me. What is your advice! By the way congratulations on your surgery. I really believe it must be a life changing experience. You must be very happy. You look truly amazing! :-)
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Hi! Thank you.. U are going to look amazing as well.. You must be sooo excited and anxious.. I don't blame u, I was there 3 months ago.. :) I'm 5'1 and weigh 118lbs I was very flat chested, I always used extra push up bras.. I went with 400 cc and I don't regret it at all.. I'm very tiny too.. I thought I was going to look bigger and was nervous because I was reading different reviews by different ps. I personally think all woman looks different.. My opinion to u would be to go with what your ps suggested or a lil bigger.. But that's just my opinion though :)
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