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It was a amazing experience that change my live....

It was a amazing experience that change my live. Now i feel proud about myself and skills! I seem gorgeous and dissappear lot of bad feeling that i used to have because of my fat situation (hipertention, diabetes and muscle pain). Now i can wear all kind of clothes, and i dont feel embarrous to shop and use tan up. Now i love to gym and beach. I didt have any complication with my sirgury and the precess to get well want that bad at all. Thanks to my sirgury now i feel so lucky and happy.


Hi there, Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience.

It would be great if you could give us a little more detail about your experience - such as why you had the surgery, tips for getting good results, pros/cons, information on the recovery/pain/downtime and before & after photos.

As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, which is so helpful for others considering these procedures. So please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.
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He was my best choice ever! After the process of figurate out the best doctor im pretty sure that i found him. Pablo is an excellent doctor and professional. He always try to be perfect and make his patients feel amazing and confortable. He really take care about his patient and is always by your side to make you success. I suggest to everybody that if you choose Pablo to your surgery you ll make your best choice.

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