30 days PO

I'm 30yrs old, mother of 2, age 10 and 2. Got...

I'm 30yrs old, mother of 2, age 10 and 2. Got pregnant at a young age which gave me a lot of stretch marks, just totally ruin body. Have never worn a bikini in my life. 2nd baby was C-section which left a scar so I figured, ya kno what the scar is already there, if I get a TT, it's just gonna be longer so why not and since I'm already under GA, why not get a BA/lift also. I've been wanting this for a very long, just didn't have the courage or funds to do it but after saving up for the past 10 yrs im finally able to afford it and my determination have never been stronger.

I have to say, this is a wonderful website, I'm so glad I stumbled on it. Everyone here is so supportive of each other even though we are strangers, we have the same goal and reasoning for getting this done.
I'm having my surgery on Sept. 20th, so far it has not hit me yet because I am not nervous at all and have not got any supplies yet. Physically im ready, mentally...idk what to think,I am going to need a lot of help from all you expert who have done this before me.

I'm 5'1, 135 lbs, belly rolls that won't go away no matter what I do, saggy, lop-sided boobs so gonna all that fixed or alter or whatever u wanna call it. Well that's it for now.

Good luck to you! I'm from the central valley but I moved to Sacramento area years ago. I only have days left before surgery and I'm still getting some supplies but I'm mostly prepared now. I'm glad I found this website too. It has been a great help to me.
Thank u ladies! It still hasn't sunk in yet but I know it's getting close. I'm going in for my pre-op on tues 9/4 so I'll make sure to ask plenty of questions then I can stop procrastinating and start getting supplies and mentally prepared (don't really know how to do that).

I love this site! I have learned so much from it and it so wonderful to have th women on here for support. You have a little less hen 3 weeks! You have to be excited! :-) I look am excited to follow you.

Omg did I just paid in full for my MM! Sure did,...

Omg did I just paid in full for my MM! Sure did, I'm officially Broke! Lol...I guess it's no turning back now. Had my pre op today and it went well. Now let the countdown begin...15 more days... Yikes! >_

Woohoo 15 days you must be so excited!!
Oh I'm so excited and scared at the same time. I still haven't gotten any supplies yet, maybe I'll do that this weekend. Thank you so much for your support, I'm so glad I found this website. I don't even have to do a lot of research because all the helpful info are on here.
I'm so happy for you and all the mothers on here, it's nice to know that we can relate and be able to share our stories :D

Me too! It's great we are able to do these surgeries. This website rocks. Sp much info!

Okay so it's starting to sink in that I'm really...

Okay so it's starting to sink in that I'm really doing this. My boyfriend went and bought me a Lazyboy power recliner (he loves me). Im organizing all my meds and dressing supplies, clothes...etc. im so anxious I hope I'm wont be disappointed, well I hope I wake up! I keep reminding myself that if a C-section is worse than this should be a piece of cake...omg I want this done and over with already!
@Blonde, Super excited and anxious but glad its gonna happen soon. Have you got all your supplies? All I got so far is
a recliner, which my boyfriend will benefit from when I'm done with it
Anti nausea med
Dressing supplies (gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointments, dressing tape..etc)
Arnica Montana
Sports bra
Canned soups
No salt crackers
And that's about it so far, might need to get a toilet seat riser, the ladies here said it's a must have but like I said everyones body is different so I'll just wait and see what else I'll need when I'm in recovery mode.
so how u doin what all suppiles did u get and goin oct 1 for tt/mr/lipo

4 days away!!! Are you excited?

OMG! This is Not happening right now. Just 3 days...

OMG! This is Not happening right now. Just 3 days before my surgery and I have a UTI. This sucks so bad and I come home to find out my 2 yr old has a fever!? Why of all days!
goodluck tomorrow!!
Thank you Blonde! I'm better now, antibiotic kicked in and son is better too, ain't nothing gonna stop me now. Wow it's getting so close but I'm not nervous one bit.

Wow so close! I am def getting a toilet seat riser! Sorry u have a UTI and your child is sick:-(

Today is the big day. Wish me luck. Oh can someone...

Today is the big day. Wish me luck. Oh can someone please tell me how to upload pics? Omg my stomach is in knots right now, I'm driving to the hospital in a couple minutes.
where you update your review scroll to the very bottom and there is an option to upload pics. hope you feel better tomorrow!

2nd day post op and I'm feeling okay, it feels...

2nd day post op and I'm feeling okay, it feels like a c-section all over again, boobs feel so engorge and incision hurts but too bad, been sleeping all night but goy up to use the toilet 4 times. I can't wait for the soreness to go away. Have not vomit which is good but my throat is so dry I've been trying to cough up thiS nasty phlegm, is it ok to take a halls drop?
How's all sept surgery buddies doing? Would love to hear y'all, happy healing ladies and Whoo Hoo we made it to the flat side, finally in recovery mode!
I'm sorry you are feeling so sore, but at least you made it to the flat side. ;) I'm not sure if you can take a Halls, but call your PS and ask him. You paid a substantial amount of money and I am sure either your PS or someone in his office would be more than happy to answer any questions for you.
Just read your review. Wishing you a good and uneventful healing! Keep us updated when you feel up to it. You are going to look great when all this is over. Have someone bring you a Victoria Secret magazine or bathing suit catalog so you can keep your mind on the prize (btw... this is Aussiemum's idea, but it's a great one).

2 day po. Took a shower and it felt great but took...

2 day po. Took a shower and it felt great but took a toll on me, almost past out. Boobs are hard as rocks, more like boulders and it's so high. Feeling better noe that the dressing is off, couldnt see my TT incision tho since there's a big tape covering that whole area. Gonna have to ask PS if I can pull/peel it off.

4 day po, yesterday was the worst experienced in...

4 day po, yesterday was the worst experienced in this whole process, I've encountered the dreaded BM nightmare! I was breaking out in sweats, my stomach cramping and on fire, wanted to die and just kept crying and praying to God and pretty much wanted to turn back time and not do this. Took awhile but I finally went and felt better afterwards. Whew...stopping the pains and just sticking to Tylenol.

Bored to death and this whole laying down sleeping in the recliner is really getting to me. It makes me feel tired, headache, and just not good. When I get up to walk around I get winded o easily and have sit back down. I'm all alone at home, BF is at work and grandparents just came to get my son, I hate it that I can't interact with him I miss holding, hugging and kissing him. I really hate this, I really wisd I hadn't done it, what was I thinking, I wasn't thinking...

So I went in this morning and got one if my drains...

So I went in this morning and got one if my drains removed which didn't hurt at all, the other one will come out thurs. can't believe I drove myself but feels good to get out. Just have to keep telling myself to take it easy and let the healing takes its course but definitely never ever having another surgery again!
I understand. From all I have read, it's normal to experience these feelings. It's your party and you can cry if you want to.:)
Thanks Jen. It's just one of those days, I just want to get better soon, I hate the feeling of not being able to do anything and I can't see my stomach yet cuz the the big tape. I guess we all go thru this phase, just wish I can fast forward.
Oh (((HUGS))). I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. You won't regret it in a few days when you pass this hump. Remember this part is only temporary. You are going to look gorgeous when this is all over. Try to keep your head on the prize. Did you get the magazines? Try to pick out some nice lingerie or a nice bathing suit you will like to purchase once the recovery phase is over.

1 week post op today and I'm feeling pretty good....

1 week post op today and I'm feeling pretty good. Made some breakfast on my own and my boobs which was bothering me the most feels like its starting to settle, the hardness and tightness is still there but not so much, I can kinda tell a little difference. Both drains are out, only issue now is the swelling on my belly, it's not pretty at all, looks like a big bulge above my BB, good thing is, no more stretch marks or at least not so visible anymore. I guess it's true when they say that each day you feel better so looking forward to that, I just wanna go back to be normal. Happy healing ladies.
Yeah I didn't think I could drive either but the thought of getting the drains out was more than enough to encourage me. I find it hard to concentrate when I'm watching tv or on the computer, I think it's the anesthesia that's still in my system, at least tats what the doctors office told me :( they say it'll take about 2 weeks for it completely get out of my system, I guess it makes sense considering I was under for over 5 hours. Slowly but surely well get better. Hey that's a great idea doing the Christmas shopping online, I'm always behind or procrastinate when Christmas comes around and I hate going shopping around holiday times but it may be different this year since I'll be looking good and be able to fit into some cute clothes. I'm so excited for all of us. Take care and rest up too.
Wow! Impressive that you drove yourself. I'm still too weak and shaky to think of driving. Glad to read you are doing well Sept buddy! I'm using this downtime to re-organize my iTunes library, crop and organzie my photos, update my computer software and read old romance novels I haven't been able to read in years. I'm also making lost of lists of things to do when I feel better and surfing Amazon looking for potential Christmas gifts for the family. Hopefully you can find an idea in there somewhere to keep you busy. Rest up. We will all be back in the grind soon enough!

8 days po and I'm itching like crazy! Ahhhhh don't...

8 days po and I'm itching like crazy! Ahhhhh don't want to scratch but I can't help it.
hope u doin better now u dont have any picture yet iam go oct 1 at 530 am

So today marks my 12 days PO. went in this morning...

so today marks my 12 days PO. went in this morning to see PS. He said everything looks great and healing properly. i can start wearing spanx now and also push my boobs down. he tooks stitches out and i can start on scar treatment. i have merderma but will order silicone sheets as i've read a lot of good reviews on it. as you can see i have dark skin pigment so im hoping to at least make the scar a little lighter if possible. feeling so much better than the first week. i guess its true that it gets better each day so all the ladies who've just had surgery, hang in there, it does get better.
ughhh everytime i look at the pics i get so digusted, it looks like ive been butchered..oh well, only time will tell...im just very impatient thats all. i hope that bulge on my tummy is just from swelling and not fluid build up. PS said not worry, its just swelling. well thats it for now. Happy Healing ladies.
hey glad to hear your doin better i to feel the same day by day get better iam happy with my tt but not my dog ears he said latter he can fix that i got my tt oct 1 wish the swellin on my belly would go away
I'm going through the same with feeling like I've been butchered. No regrets, it's just that everything seems foreign to me. Boobs are tight too. Hang in there. You look great.
Thank you so much for posting. I also have dark skin and worry about the scar, so will be following your progress. I am sure you will heal up great! ;o) I have been looking at my c-section scar a lot lately (I know I'm weird) and it honestly isn't that bad. It's flat and very skinny. I'm hoping my TT scar will be similar. Anything is better than my what my wrinkled prego looking stomach looks like now. My main worry are my breast. Have you heard of bioCorneum? Supposedly that works VERY well. It's a little expensive so I only bought a small bottle for now, but if it works as well as everyone states I will buy a bigger bottle. Here's a link, but I've heard some women have bought them at Amazon and Ebay: http://www.skinelite.com/biocorneum.html

So I'm 25 days PO today and went back to work. It...

So I'm 25 days PO today and went back to work. It was okay but by noon, my tummy swelled up like a balloon. Other than that, I feel great and boobies are dropping nicely. Happy healing ladies and for those who are close to their surgery, stay positive, you're halfway there.
Glad hear you're feeling great! Your girls look awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Your results look great...Thanks for sharing your experience. My date is set for 11-26, I'm READY....lol Did you get saline or silicone? Did anyone from work notice the new you?
I got 500cc Saline under the muscle. I work in a hospital so I'm hidden underneath srcubs all day, my co workers knows I had surgery but you can't really tell a big difference, I think I look the same, I still have a lot of work to do...workout, diet, etc.. You will do great, have you gotten all the supplies yet? The one must have item for me is the power recliner, it makes it so much easier to sleep.

My tummy have been itching like crazy. Anyone have...

My tummy have been itching like crazy. Anyone have the same issue?

Ok I don't know my pics came up upside down, I...

Ok I don't know my pics came up upside down, I apologize but I don't know how to edit that :(
Yes I've read many, many reviews that talk about itching. So seems pretty normal. Are you taking Benadryl? Most girls state that Benadryl works good. Make sure it's OK with your PS that you take it though. Thank you so much for posting the pics. I can't believe how awesome your scar looks so fast!!! What a big difference from your first pics and I can imagine it's going to get better and better for you. I truly hope I have the same luck!
Lookin good!
So glad to see you are doing so good!!! Are you going to update your pics? Would love to see how your scars are healing.

Not much to report but I took some pics down,...

Not much to report but I took some pics down, sorry ladies. I will post new pics later once i figure out how to make it not sideways or upside down...Happy healing everyone.


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