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I am 5'3, 140 lbs and 27 years old. I have had 3...

I am 5'3, 140 lbs and 27 years old. I have had 3 kids (4, 3 and 1) and breastfed all of them. I have always had "ugly" boobs and big areolas. My boobs had always been different sizes and saggy. I have wanted a boob just for about 3 years now.

After I had my last baby I had about 40 lbs to loose before I would allow myself to get the surgery done. I have lost 37lbs and I have lost all motivation but I am happy with what I look like and I hope to loose about 10 more after my surgery.

I am debating on either going a big C or small D. I am not sure if there is much difference in the 2 but I don't want to go too big and look fat. I am leaning more towards the big C. I do have a big booty so I need my boobs to compliment it:). Any suggestions on size would be great!

My Dr. has done both of my sis-in-laws boobs and they both look great. I have waited for 6 months to get into this Dr. so I am beyond excited for Tuesday to come:)

Well, I personally do not think you have "ugly" breasts, but if you want this, then I'm glad you're getting it for yourself. Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right size for you.


Only 2 more days! I am getting so excited! I...

Only 2 more days! I am getting so excited! I went yesterday to try on a bra's in a C cup and D cup, I think I will be going with the D cup. I will go small D but I really don't want to reget my decision and have to spend more money down the road. I also picked up my meds today. I think I am all ready. Tuesday morning at 6:00 will be here before I know it:) If anyone has any advice for me I would love it. Thanks!!
My turn and I leave in 10 minutes....super scared today but excited non the less
Thank you!! I'm excited!!
Good luck tomorrow! And happy healing. :-)

Post op day 2- Everything has gone perfect. I got...

Post op day 2- Everything has gone perfect. I got to the surgery center at 6 am and they started checking me in and getting dressed for surgery. Then the dr came in and did all his markings on me. After the dr was done the anastesiaologist came in and put in my iv. Then they took me to the operating table and they were cracking jokes with me. the next thing I know they are telling me "wake up sweetheart, your all finished"!

It took me about an hour to wake up and realize what was going on. I woke up with a ton of pressure and a little bit of pain. It felt like I could'nt breat and they told me to just take kind deep breaths. They also gave me some more Demerol through my iv.

My husband and sister were there to pick me up and they were laughing because I wouldn't shut up. I guess I just kept talking and taking. I guess my brother is the same way when he is on dugs.

Yesterday also went great! The nurse took off my bandage and it felt so good. The dr said everything looks great. My right breast is sitting a little lower than my left but he said give it a couple of weeks and it will all fill in very nicely together.

I am wearing the little white band 24/7. I really don't want my boobs up in my neck.

The dr put 500 cc in right breast (larger) and 550 cc ( smaller) in my left breast. I think they will be right on size.

Luckily I have had no pain. I keep up on my pain pills and everything is great. So far I have nothing negative to say about my expirence. The nurse told me I get 2 free rounds of botox for using the silicon implants that I did. YAY!!!

I will update again in a couple of days
Gorgeous cleavage ! Congrats, enjoy
very nice boobs.. i am waiting your new pictures.. see you..
Good luck!! You will do great! Hope all went well!

So far I think I am healing just fine. It is...

So far I think I am healing just fine. It is still hard to sit up on my own and sometimes I have a weird feeling in my implant if I lift anything or when I go to sit up. My right implant sits a little higher than my left. I am getting sick of sitting on the couch and not be able to take care of my kids. I'm ready to go back to normal life. Has anyone else had the same problem with their implants? Is it normal to feel like it moves a little bit?

I do wear my bank about 2o hours out of the day. I am doing everything they say so I can have the perfect breasts that I have always dreamed about:)

Thanks for your help.
How are you doing with recovery ? hope everything is going good, keep us posted ! take care

Hi Everyone! Sorry it took so long to write...

Hi Everyone! Sorry it took so long to write another update, but I finally am! So far things have been going pretty good. It was a hard adjustment when I had to come home to my 3 kids. I couldn't really lift my arm to help them get food or do anything. I am now 2 weeks out and I can finally lift my arms and snap my own bra in the back. I still have bruising and my cuts still have alot of healing.

I have been having sharp pain in my right breast. I went to the Dr. and he checked them out and said that everything looked great and that is just part of the healing process. They finally took off the bandages over my areolas. They were really swollen so they taped bandaged down like a cast to help with the swelling. They are still a little swollen but not as bad. I do with they were a little smaller. Do they seem large to any of you?

I wish I would have had 2 weeks with no kids to recover instead of 1. It was way too hard to coming back to taking care of 3 kids. Do I regret it? NO WAY!! I am so happy!! I love the size, the look, the everything! I couldn't be happier and I can't wait for a few months to go by and see my results. I am so glad I did this and it is so worth the money and the wait.

I still hope to loose about 10 more lbs. For some reason I can't seem to get motivated. I hope to loose 10 lbs before Christmas becuase I always seem to gain wait during the holidays.

If anyone has any questions I am more than happy to answer them:) Thanks for all your comments:)
Hi Katekb ;) just now I see your pictures and your breast look gorgeous! About the size my personal opinion looks great;) I got 425cc myself and I love my size also. I am 4 weeks post op now and still have the implant feeling if that answer your question. Especially when I move my arms or I am driving or I am in my bed and support my hands on bed to get up I feel my pectoral muscle moving. The sharp pain I felt it only for seconds sometimes but since my week 3 don't get really any pain just the implant I feel it, I guess is when it's trying to settle down in pocket or I don't know but I feel that too. And my right breast still a little higher than the left you can see the pictures I posted today and you will see. Well, best regards and hope and pray we recover very quickly ;)
That feeling has gone away. It lasted about 3 days. I think I must have had some loose fluid.

I am recovering ok. I have good days and bad. I only take tylonel during the day when I take care of the kids and then I take the good stuff at night so I can sleep.

How are you all doing with your recoveries?
i got my full lift and implants put in on 09//13.... i dont really feel it moving around but i havent been doing much since the surgery

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post op and FINALLY feeling...

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post op and FINALLY feeling like myself again. I didn't realize it would take so long recover. I still get sharp pains every now and then but not as bad as it used to be. I can now hold my baby again (which I missed) without feeling pain. I got the ok to start walking on the treadmil. I can't wait to get back to working out! I am still going to the Dr. once a weel since I still have 2 open wounds that I have to care for twice a day. How many follow up appointments did you guys have? I am so happy with my boobs! I love them and look at them all the time. My left side had dropped more than my right but I am sure it will catch up.
Hi! I'm doing great! You look amazing! I have only purchased a non underwire bra and it was a 36D. I am still not at a 100% but I am getting there. The boobs are settling in nicely:) My husband and I both LOVE them! I had a few wounds that took longer to heal since my stitches didn't desolve like they were suppose too. I sometimes wish I would have gone a little bigger, but too late now. I am sooo happy with my boobs!! How are you? How is everything for you?
Hi;) how are you? hope all is well with you;) I imagine you are shopping for DD's like me ;) I know you are busy with your babies, just update when you have a little time. Take care;)
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