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Hello Ladies. I'm new to Real Self but have been...

Hello Ladies. I'm new to Real Self but have been browsing the site and reading all the reviews for several months. Decided it was time to introduce my self so I can have some one to talk to who understands what it's like to have a BA.
I am 32 with 2 daughters 4 and 2 1/2 yr old. I am done having children and decided it was time to get me back. I have always been small chested, 34 B with a push up as an older teen early 20's. I am a slender person 5 ft 3 inches 115 pounds. i have a 32 band with. the girls went to a 32D/DD when I was nursing. I loved them! I nursed my girls for 18 months each and thought about pumping forever after they weaned... LOL. I don't want to be "bam! In your face", but would love a 32D. I finally scheduled my surgery last week. I am undecided between 300cc right/325cc left mod profile plus silicone or 325ccR/350ccL. I think I'm going to order the Purlz sizes to test CCs before my pre-op which is early Sept. I have a great support team at home. My husband has always said when ever I was ready ( have wanted a BA since teen years) now that the time is hear he is awesome and not pushing for bigger CCs. My mom is a little unsure but she's never had to think about small boobs as hers and her mothers are huge. My mother in law is great. She wants a total body makeover so she's totally understanding. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm excited for the future and hope to make a few friends here :)


I think it is awesome that you are doing this for you. Super that everyone is so supportive too. Good luck and enjoy!
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Sounds like you scheduled your surgery a little ways off like I did- My preop is 9/25 and surgery scheduled for 10/8. When is your final surgery date?
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i think 340 cc wud be right for u...
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Thanks ladies. My actual BA is Sept 26th. I'm now having selfish mommy guilt. What if I have a complication and need more treatment, what if the anesthesia doesn't agree with me and I don't wake up? What will happen to my two girls? Will I leave them mommy-less? Oh my, the scary what ifs are too much. I really want to do this for myself, but what if?


Thanks. I'm far away and already having second thoughts lol. See my other post for my rant lol.
My BA is Sept 26th :)

Pre BA

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My fav bra

My ads 2 cups bra


I got the sizers yesterday! I think I like the 325/350 sizes. I'll Post pictures later.
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! The mommy guilt is intense...it just shows how much you love your children! It's nice you can find some support here and know that the feelings you're experiencing are quite normal. Here is a quick video to show you how to make your own sizers at home. Looking forward to your updates!

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That you. Getting over the mommy guilt. Biting know it will hit me again the closer to my BA.


After reading up a lot on breast implant removal, I have decided to stay with the smaller ccs. I was in between 300R/325L or 325R/350L. A lot of removals I noticed were because of size, weight, I know 25ccs is not that much but I am afraid of being too big. So I'll stick with my original decision and keep the boob greed down lol. Still have a long time till Sept 26. Time is going so slow :(


Wishing you good luck!
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You sound a lot like me! I worry about everything. I think I'm going to go through with a BA, just trying to figure out which dr. I like better. Good luck!
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I know the waiting is the worst part:/ my ps was so backed up I was supposed to have to wait 6 weeks out after I made my decision but I was put on a back up list and ended up only having to wait 3 weeks which still seemed like forever . Try not to think about it to much lol I know that's not going to happen . Everytime my kids walk in they would see me staring at boobies on the Internet . It tooke almost a year to find a ps I trusted . I did so much research I thought my brain was goin to turn into a booby lol . Be patient my dear ;)
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