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I am male, 43 y.o. with very fair skin and a...

I am male, 43 y.o. with very fair skin and a redhead. My overall skin condition is good to excellent as I’ve tried to take care of my skin on a regular basis including the daily use of a high SPF sun block since my 20’s and have pretty much avoided un protected sun exposure. However I did experience some severe sun burns as a child up through the middle teens.

My decision to be treated with eMatrix is for anti aging, reduction of fine lines, skin tightening and pore size reduction. Its also worth mentioning that I will have either 1 or 2 IPL treatments at the end of my eMatrix series to refine color and reduce redness and capillaries. I received the treatment from a plastic surgeon’s office which also specializes in laser treatments. The actual procedure was performed by the office’s RN. It’s worth mentioning that my family and I have received various procedures performed at this office over the last 8 years. So I know the staff and doctor pretty well and have had good experiences there and trust the care we receive. Knowing the quality of care you’re about to receive makes a huge difference in the comfort factor.

I am 2 hours post treatment for my first eMatrix procedure in a series of three that I purchased which includes micro dermabrasions, light therapy and post op skin care product for $1500.00 all inclusive. This price does not include any post IPL treatments.

I arrived at the office and received some topical numbing cream and waited about 20-30 minutes to get numb. The treatment itself took about 25 minutes to complete on my face and neck. The eMatrix machine was set to mid power on level B. For the most part there was no pain while receiving the eMatrix “zaps”. Treatment to sensitive areas around the temples and upper lip received a sensation that I would call “annoying” but not painful. During the procedure air is gently blown over the treated area which has a cooling effect and helps clear the air of the slight odor of your skin be tinged or burned. After the procedure when the fan was turned off I could feel the sensation of heat on the treated areas.

Sun block was applied to the treated areas and I was good to go. My face and neck color was pink to red and looked welted. I could feel the heat sensation increasing in intensity more upon checking out and during the drive home. I’ve heard the heat sensation described like a bad sunburn I would describe it as having cayenne pepper on your face. The good news is the burning, redness and welting has subsided substantially in just a couple of hours post treatment. As I am finishing this writing the burning is barely noticeable.

I was advised to not do the following for the first 3 days post treatment: No exercise, strenuous activities, direct sun exposure, use of any retinols, glycolics or skin care products except what was given to me to use post procedure by the office.
While it’s still too early to tell what kind of results I will ultimately receive by the eMatrix, I can say the process has been exactly how it was described to me. The redness and heat sensation has subsided quicker than I expected as well. Over the next few days I am expecting to start seeing the appearance of the mirco sized scabs in the matrix pattern left by the equipment treatment head.

I will post updates.


7 days post first EMatrix.

95% of the of the redness and swelling has subsided. I never really noticed the mirco dot sized scabbing that was supposed to occur. I did see some mirco sized grid patterns left from the head of the EMatrix machine, but you would have to look very close or even magnified to really see them. They appeared in some areas and not others.

About the 3rd or 4th day post procedure my right side nasolabial fold looked "pronounced" where I had never noticed or paid any attention to it before. Others have written reviews about the EMatrix making the folds look deeper. I quickly realized that it "appeared" more pronounced because the surrounding areas were swollen making the fold appear deeper. In reality it wasnt. Today the fold is almost non existant.

The skin appears smoother and more luminous. Its obvioulsy still healing and as mentioned before the best results are not due for 90 days.

I'm scheduled for a mirco dermabrasion late next week. In the meantime I am cleansing 1x per day and moisturzing 2x per day in the morning and night and of course using sunblock each morning before going about my day. One last thing to mention to any male's considering this procedure, your not going to want to be dragging a razor across your face for at least the first 3-4 days post procedure. The first shave post procedure would also be an opportune time to put a fresh good quality blade on to reduce friction, burns, knicks and other possible complications.

Overall, so far so good.
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I looked pretty horrible the first night. Swelling increased. Both face and neck were welted red and angry looking. I cleansed and applied the moisturizer that was provided to me. The cleansing process stung a bit. I wasn't sure what to expect the next day but was surprised to see the swelling and redness subsided a lot. I cleansed again and applied an SPF moisturizer. Went out to shop and run errands wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses. My wife says it looked like I got too much sun, but not bad at all. As directed I cleansed again and moisturized that evening. I can start to see my normal color and texture returning and grid impressions diminishing. My skin does feel dry to the touch in some areas more than others. I have not noticed the appearance of the mirco dot scabs yet. Last night at the peek of the swelling and redness I was thinking I would not have wanted to use a more aggressive level than what I got (mid power B level). I recommend that anyone considering this procedure take the following into consideration. Swelling and redness and looking relatively "horrible" for a few days is part of the process. For some people prone to anxiety this can be a stressful time and understandbly as its your face and skin and your trying to improve it not mess it up. I've read some of the other reviews on here and I would recommend to anyone that is prone to scarring or hyperpigmentation as part of their healing process to take the time and do "test" spot treatments to see how your skin will react to this procedure or any other. I'm not sure how practical that would be, but its worth considering and erroring on the side of caution. Also I recommend being conservative with the power setting's I can only imagine how much more redness, swelling and healing time would be involved if I received a mid level C treatment. Start slow, see how you react and increase the power settings slowly if necessary or maybe not at all and just do 1 or 2 more treatments instead of packing more intensity into fewer treatments. Finally realize this is NOT an instant fix solution. It will take approx 90 days from your first treatment or longer to start seeing appreciable results.
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