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Taking my time now... Must lose some weight first!

I´m a 25 year with no children, no massive weight...

I´m a 25 year with no children, no massive weight loss or anything else Ive read around here, but for the past 5 years Ive been wanting a TT badly.
I had lipo when I was 18 and even though it had a great outcome, my skin never retreated. At 21 I had a 2nd procedure laser this time, with the hopes that my skin would tighten or something. It never really did, even when Ive been the thinnest, working out the most, its never smooth, to the day I've never worn a two piece.
I had a couple of reasons why not to get a TT
1. too young
2. maybe Im just fat and should work out to get rid of it
3. I have no children, I should wait til I have them
4, not loving the scar
But now time has passed and I feel like Im missing out, and really Im not planning on having children for the next 10 years (I'm a med student, and you know that takes forever). After my last surgery I decided to step it up with the work out, and I really did, I felt awesome even though stomach still sagged. So I worked on my stomach hard every day, until I got a supra umbilical hernia. Now I cant work out anymore, I can hardly do anything without that thing popping out and hurting. Even standing straight is annoying.
Ive been currently assisting a PS during vacations (holding suction, and cutting sutures) and Ive been able to see a couple TT. I know all the procedure, the recovery and pros and cons, blah blah, but its still pretty scary, and its still a big scar.
Nonetheless I need the hernia repair surgery, I really do, I cannot wait another year slouching around, short of breath. I spoke to a general surgeon and he told me all of my options. I told him about my desire for a TT and he said that if I decided to go along with that it would actually benefit the repair since he would have better access.
The surgery is scheduled for next week, Im still having doubts of wether I should do this, or if Im a lazy butt and its not loose skin but my fat.
Please review my pics and comment on what you think, it would be very helpful!! Thank you!

So I went to see my PS and she told me I should...

So I went to see my PS and she told me I should lose weight before the surgery that that would bring me the best results. Also she said I had to change my eating habits if I wanted long term effects, so I decided I would do that, I want to do this right and not rush into things if I can do them better.
So its been a week since I started my new ¨ healthy way of being¨ and Im gonna wait a couple of months til I get to my goal weight.
Ill post pics as I go to remind myself of the changes Im going through and what its worth.
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Hello hun and welcome so your frm Central america yay ...ima state my opion if you wanna do this and it makes you happy then do it.. If your worried abt no babies now my only question would be are you gonna do it again after you have children...i have a gurlfriend who had it dine and jst found out she is prego doll and she wouldnt change a thing she did.i have muly cousin whom got her fat transferred to her but and he has no babies either...i say go with what makes you happy nothing else matters and yes your pics dnt look bad at all lol not compared to mine ahahah but niether did my cousin butt..its not abt wht my eyes see its about what u feel is gonna make you happy..have you looke at drs what are the prices of there..
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Thank you for replying! Im glad I found this website, its nice to openly talk about it without being judged, and be able to show my body because most are going through the same thing. Like you say, it really is a release to post those pics. I guess if I needed it I would be willing to do it again after pregnancy, but then again thats not for the next 10 years, and I do wanna enjoy whats left of my 20s, you know? Prices here range from 2000 to 5000 depending how much work you get done in a single surgery. Thank you so much for replying, makes me feel a little less alone in this hehe
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Awe sweetie you are not alone....i say you do it your a smart chic you know what u wNt and desire....this site is very informational...: i say you do what makes you happy no one else is living your life but you...i only asked abt doing it again because Me I would lol good luck to you sweetie your on a new adventure
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