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My appointment is today with dr. bottger i'v very...

my appointment is today with dr. bottger i'v very scared I had a bad dream .I really am so afraid of going under also all of theses what if's I mean its so easy to slip and cute something . I know people have used him but I'm more concern with bryar medical center only reason why I'm writing this review is because I wanna be remembered somehow .

still have presurgery gitters

I'm still scared something bad is going to happen during surgery ? nervous as a fly. my judgment Is clouded by "FEAR" judging by my photos you guys how long do you think my surgery will take?.
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Dr. David Bottger,MD

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Hi There! I totally understand your fear!! It's completely understandable. I really didn't have any REAL fear set in until just this week. I am also having Dr. Bottger perform my BA this Thursday, and my stomach is in knots!!! Lol!! I've never had surgery before and I've never been more scared!! Just try to focus on the end result, and the "new" you which will be the ultimate reward :) I have total confidence in Dr. Bottger and am so happy I chose him. You'll be just fine in his hands. Good luck to you and keep us posted!!
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Hi! I agree with breezebaby, ask lots of questions. Fear is a part of everything we do :). Just a guess- are you getting a lift? My PS told me in total with lift and augmentation that my surgery would be a max of 3 hours. On the anesthesia part, search your family history, how well has your mom or siblings done under? I have never had a problem being under and I have had multiple surgeries. Take care sweetie and we are all right here for questions :)
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Who did you use?
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HI!! my surgery took about an hour.. with anesthesia and recovery about 3 hours total. It was my first time ever having surgery or anesthesia. I have a small fear of needles too. If your scared ask a lot of questions ! I asked anything I thought of.. even silly things! Honestly going under was what scared me the most. I had the best doctors and nurses. I don't have ant bruises from the needle from IV. I had no sore throat from breathing tube. The pain I had from surgery has been very mild. the worst part was not lifting arms above my breasts.
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Welcome to RealSelf. Hoping the community can support you throughout your journey. Reading reviews about other women doing similar procedures might help ease your mind a bit. How did your consult go with your doctor? Did you decide on breast augmentation only or a tummy tuck too? 
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