While watching a local TV informational program, I...

While watching a local TV informational program, I was made aware of the tummy tuck procedure and decided to get a free consultation. I have had two children, one by C-section and have lost over 50 pounds and maintained my weight for over 3 years. Even tough I have exercised and am quite active the last several years, that darn abdominal apron just would not let me remove it! So I have decided to get it removed and my surgery date is Friday, August 9, 2013.

Taking off my apron

I decided to post my before pictures
I'm 5'4" and my current weight is 184 lbs. my highest weight was 234!
My TT is scheduled for Friday, 8/9.
Good luck!
Good luck on Friday. I can't wait to see your results.

All set for Friday

Well, thanks to all of my new TT friends, I feel like I am as ready as ever for this procedure on Friday. I have my Gatoraide, MOM, elastic to hold the drains when I shower, etc. I am going to a concert to hear a Canadian singer, Corb Lund, the evening before my surgery,(might be a good distraction?) I really appreciate you all!
Good luck!

Off to the hospital

Leaving for my TT! Will check back in when I can!
Congratulations :) I know you're loving it! :)


Slept good in rented hospital bed. Still draining about 50 cc in right drain but less than 10 cc in left drain. Will watch closely to be sure not clotting? I can't say enough about the pain control drip system inserted near the muscle repair! It really helps.
Had to take one pain pill at 4:15 am but am up in a chair drinking coffee now.
Have heard that day2 and day 3 may be a bit more challenging so am mentally prepared if that happens. I hope all my other TT buddies are doing OK. Later........

Flat Stomach!!

Went to my surgeon today- day 3 after surgery. Amazing!! Still lots of expected swelling but I was told he repaired a muscle split of 3 finger widths and removed 8 pounds of skin and abdominal fat! I am doing great with minimal discomfort ! So worth it!!!

5days PO

8 days po

Today I had my 3rd shower still with some assistance with drains. It works great to pin the drains onto one of those stretchy exercise band while showering. I went out into the back yard and did some hand watering of the garden but was careful not to get into a lot of harvesting or weeding yet.Had a protein shake for lunch and am now planning to relax and read or nap. Very little discomfort and usually only take something for pain at bedtime now. Still enjoy the rented hospital bed because I can change positions so easily. Probably could do without but minimum rental was 30 days, so I will enjoy it while it's here. 2nd po appointment is Monday so I'm wondering if my drains will be removed? They are still both draining > 50 cc per day but the color is clearing up from the dark red to a light orange with sediment. I still strip the tubing several times a day to keep them open. The compression garment sometime rolls and rubs so I put a piece of gauze if any velcro rubs and try to keep it smooth around the edges if it rolls under or to the side of my breast. The center of the cg actually feels good and supportive. Later.....

Day 10 po

Just returned from check up and had one drain removed so all will drain into one rather than 2. I am so happy with the results so far and very happy i had this done!
I had posted before pictures on this site but deleted them quickly. Now, I got a new before picture that I will scan and post. Amazing difference after only 10 days!!

Before TT

Wow!!! You look great ! Hope your healing is going well and ya for your drain removal (well the 1st ;)

Back from doctor's appointment- day 17

Well, it looks like everything is healing just fine. Sutures removed from BB. Didn't hurt- parts of tummy are still numb. Swelling is down and PS is pleased with progress. Still have one drain that is draining 70-80 cc in 24 hours. Need to decrease to 30! I'm to call back in 3 days and plan to try to remove later this week if at all possible. I'm getting some walking in and went to the grocery store yesterday with a friend. Still get tired and need tokay down in the afternoon. Will be glad to be able to do more exercise but need to be patient and continue to heal now. Loving the results!
Isn't showering without the apron the best feeling ever?
yes! yes! That darn apron was like having another set of boobs to clean under.... ugh!

Day 17

A few more pictures
Cindy, you're looking great!!!! Sometimes it takes a lite longer to lose drains but better safe than not. (((Hugs)))
Thanks d37! Yes, I will keep the drain to avoid trapping the drainage under my skin. But, my wardrobe will increase drastically when I don't have to hide the drain! lol
Lol, I understand :) I didn't really hide mine , just tried to keep the nasty stuff away from view ;) glad you're doing good girl!

Day 22 PO Pictures

Day 26- feeling great!

Today, I finally got my last drain out and I feel like a new woman! I can wear the compression binder either during the day or at night but don't have to wear it 24/7. Activity level is as tolerated. I am having someone mow for me today but may mow myself next week. Have lost 7 pounds since my TT but am not concerned because I still have quite a bit of swelling that may last a couple months or more. But the bottom line is that I am so glad I had the Tummy Tuck and really am seeing a difference !!! Will add a photo soon.
Thanks or sharing your story...and reminding us NO MATTER WHAT our AGE ! We are worth it!!!!!!! Your looking great !!!!! Keep us posted :)
Thanks LiveLiveBelieve!
Yes, seriously, age is only in our heads! Thanks for sharing, you are healing so well!

Day 28

One month ago today I had my TT transformation. This morning I showered without drains and put on my new compression garment after sleeping with it off in my own bed.
Awesome! Still swollen but suture line and BB look great. Continuing the healing process. So happy with the decision!!

Day 28 frontal

Day 28 right side

You're looking better every time you post! Hope my recovery goes as well as yours!
I left you a note on your on your story page Blubberbelly . You will do great!! Thank you also for your kind remarks! This site is really helpful when you feel that you can't tell many in your support system. I'm glad your husband knows!

7 weeks

I can't believe I am already 7 weeks post TT! I am do happy I took the risk and did this for myself. It is great to have a nice shape at age 63! No rolls to try to hide with loose clothing! I'm almost back to full activities . Went hiking in the mountains and did great. First day I hiked 4.5 miles and the 3rd day, hiked about 3 miles at 10,000 ft over the continental divide. Still very careful of my repaired abdominal muscle and do not lift heavy things, mow or do any abdominal exercises. I wear a binder or Spanks most days but can go without at night and parts of the day. Still swell a little but usually down in the mornings.
Love the transformation and I'm still healing. So worth it to have a nice shape at age 63!! Never thought that was even possible.
Very nice!
Just for the record that is a nice shape at any age. You look great and you are already back in the swing of things at 7 weeks. Good for you.
Thank you CJD mom!

8 weeks!

Feeling great at 8 weeks post TT. Pretty much back to normal except I'm still careful not to strain my abdominal repair. Trying not to list heavy things and not lifting weights yet. Flat tummy except for some swelling at the end of the day . Suture line looks good. Getting ready to travel to DC, NC and SC next week. I love the way dresses fit. Before I had too many rolls to have a dress lay nicely. I love my results and would do it again in a minute!!
Looks like you're doing awesome.  I liked reading that you were able to hike a reasonable distance at 7 weeks.  I'm a hiker too and am now at six weeks post op.  I hope to get the go ahead from my surgeon today to do some cardio (hiking uphill) as I'm concerned about losing muscle mass.
You should be able to hike but I recommend wearing your binder for comfort on your first hikes.
THanks for sharing!

12 Weeks post TT / muscle repair

Today is my 12 weeks anniversary date for TT / muscle repair. I am doing great and love my results! I have a shape now at age 64 (tomorrow) I love the birthday present that I gave myself. Went to my PS last week and he is pleased also but wants me to return in February for my " after pictures" because he thinks the swelling will go down even more and the scar will fade even more. I got released for full activities but so far have only hiked and walked and done some yard work and basement cleanup. I have hesitated doing major ab toning and think I'll still wait on that but need to get back to toning , strengthening and yoga. I have been busy with a couple trips and out of town company, but time is good now before the holidays are here. All in all, I am so happy that I did this while enjoying great health. It is motivating to me to keep doing healthy things to maintain this/ or even look better next year !!
Congrats on your recovery you look great! I'm 18 weeks & love my results:) I'm still extremely tight & still swell up after much activity but it'll all heal with time.
Looking good at 12 weeks!!! It will only get better! Once you've healed completely you can get back into working on those abs. I'll be 8 weeks post op tomorrow and did a 7 mile hike (much of it uphill) yesterday and had no trouble at all keeping up with the fittest (and much younger person) in the group! It felt great and I had no pain afterwards either! I'm a bit afraid of doing abs so I'll hold off with that for a few weeks longer.
Nice recovery, and inspiring to all of us no matter our age. I am 16 days po today, 52 yo, and want you to know I followed you all the way. Keep on going girl,

16 week update

I can't believe that it has been 16 plus weeks since my TT with muscle repair. All is still great. I still get swelling just above my pubic area and have some numbness but seems better. At times, my abdomen gets really tight. Haven't worn CG or Spanks and sure LOVE the way my clothes lay over my waist- do not miss the bulges! Lots of walking but not much strengthening/ toning yet. I plan to work out more after the holidays. Would also like to lose 10-15 pounds then but just maintaining for now. Have a reunion in May and my after pictures in February!
Your scar looks better than mine and I'm three and half months post op. I wonder if mine is EVER going to lighten up. Oh well, nobody sees it so I won't fret about it too much.
My scar has healed really well but has really just started to fade at 5 months post TT. I hear it fades more over time and really gets better after a year. Keep the hope! I'm sure yours will improve even more with time too!!
Thanks, maybe at 5 months it will get with the program.

5 Month update

It has been 5 months in 1/9/14 since I had my TT with muscle repair. I am feeling great and have finally started going back to the gym to do strength training and toning. Up to this time, I have been walking, hiking and snowshoeing. I think I waited to do machine work because I wanted to be sure my muscle repair had healed. Then came the holidays so I decided to go for January. I am pleased but still am working on losing 10-15 pounds now that I have lost my apron! I did 2 weeks of South Beach- phase one and lost my holiday gain but I'm having trouble going lower. I do however love the loss of the bulges! I really love the feeling of having a shape again and feel feminine and sexy again.
I'll post some updated photos

Photos- at 20 weeks

Cindy63, I can't thank you enough for sharing your story and pictures. I am 62 and active, but heavier than I would like. My TT with muscle repair is scheduled for February 28 and I can't wait! I have lost 60 pounds with diet and exercise and have an apron of low-hanging skin that I just hate. I think I have been afraid to lose the next 20 pounds because I am afraid the apron will get worse! So, I have found a surgeon I trust and a facility I like, so will get the work done. I just decided I couldn't wait to be at my ideal weight. Thanks for all the info and inspiration. Hope you continue to do well.
Congratulations Picklejama on your weight loss and decision to move forward. You will love it when your apron is gone! Even still about 15-20 pounds away from my ideal weight, I can wear a dress without a sweater or jacket to hide my rolls. I have a shape! Now, I am excited to lose a few more pounds to see how that will enhance my figure even more. We have many more years to live and we might as well be able to feel really great about our bodies! I love feeling sexy at 64!! Hugs to you and thank you for letting me know that I may have been a factor in your transformation !
Good for you, getting off the holiday weight. You are disciplined, and that's what will keep you lookin good ;-). Thanks for sharing and continued good healing to you

10 months post Tummy Tuck

What a difference a a few months makes. I feel incredible. I just returned from a high school reunion and loved the way I felt and looked. I have a nice shape and wore a fitted dress to the party. Remember that I am 64 years old and used to have a couple large rolls! I have lost 14 pounds since my tummy tuck and am pretty close to my goal weight.
I don't swell but I do have a small amount of fatty tissue just above my pubic area that I may elect to have removed by lipo sometime around my one year appointment. My scar looks great. I'm wondering about having lipo on my back just above my waist but I haven't asked my doctor yet.
I am very happy with the results so far and would have it again in a minute knowing the results i have now.

10 months

Here is a photo of the dress that I wore at my 46 th HS reunion at about 10 months post tummy tuck
Looking great lady. So glad to hear from you...can't believe you are 10 months PO. How wonderful you must have felt at the reunion. Congrats! :-DSuzy
Thanks Suzy! Yes- I'm feeling great and hope you are too!

The next step (scheduled for 8/15/2014)

It has been almost a year since my tummy tuck and I have been very satisfied with the results. However, I do have an area of fatty tissue that has continued to be present just above my Mons area. Yesterday, I returned to my PS and we have decided to do a revision in the lower front area of my abdomen. He thought it to be rather minor compared to my full TT with muscle repair. I also have an area on my back (upper hip) area the has fatty deposits that do not seem to go away with diet and exercise so I decided to have lipo in that area since I will be having the revision and it can be done at the same time. So here I go again. You will be hearing more from me as I found this cite extremely helpful last year when I had my full TT.
Thanks Ladies! I will post new pictures. My other photos show a bit of back and hips but I'll try to post one more before revision/ lipo surgery that is scheduled for 8/15/14.
Thanks for posting your TT journey. You look amazing in the fitted dress. Best wishes on the new surgery for lipo.
You look great! Be sure to post pics after your revision and lipo!

My new "before" pictures

It has been one year ago today since my full TT with muscle repair. Then on Friday, 8/15, I get a revision on the lower front and lipo on back , hips and flanks.So excited to continue my journey.
Good Luck! you're looking great and I suspect you will look even better! good luck on your phase 2! I am thinking of lipo as well :)
Congrats on going for phase two. You're gonna do great. Can't wait to see your results. Best wishes for another safe surgery. HUGS :-DSuzy
You're as determined as myself with regard to achieving optimal results! Good for you! That dress looks great on you!

post op day 4

Took a shower this am and it felt great. Last pain pills were ES Tylenol, 2 caplets and that seems to be working OK. Drainage from the one drain seems to be slowing down and is not as bright red- more serous with red flakes. All is so much quicker than my full TT a year ago. I do have a fairly long and low incision but not anywhere near the length of last time. My hips and flanks do not have the bruises that I was expecting. I will update more tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. I still have so much swelling in my hips, it seems like he forgot the lipo part. Haha
I'll try for po photos also.

Post op day 4 photos

Here are the photos from Day 4 (8/19/14}

5 day post op checkup

Able to drive myself to my 5- day checkup because I'm just on ES Tylenol now. The drain needs to stay in a few more days but the suture line looks great. My hips post lipo look the same as pre-op but Dr. B says he removed 3 liters!!! Feeling happy with my progress so far and can't wait to see my hips when the swelling decreases!
Congrats, so glad all went well the second go round. I'm going in for Lipo of hips and thighs, possible revision to TT in 6 weeks. Hope recovery is better/easier and shorter for you...and me, lol. Sounds good so far, only on ES Tylenol already. Take care and keep us posted. :-DSuzy

13 Days post op

Day 10 po I started running a low grade temp of 99.2-100.1 so I called my PS and was told to go ahead and renew my Keflex prescription. After just 2 doses, I was afibrile and haven't had a fever since. I did still have a drain so matbe that was the culprit since my incision looks great. I do have quite a bit of swelling from the lipo on my back/ hips too but otherwise am trying to resume fairly normal activities except for keeping the binder tight. I went to my checkup yesterday and had my drain removed and that made a big difference. The drain just limits what a person can wear! I plan to be close to home this weekend, maybe harvest some in my vegetable garden or pull a few weeds.Happy healing to all m Real Self friends!
Awesome, drains out. Such a pain, but necessary. Glad for you. Take it easy, try not to do too much. Thanks for commenting on the lipo swelling. I'm going in for my last part (3rd surgery) of my makeover on 29 Sept, lipo sculpture of the thighs, hips/love handles and axilary (side boob). Didn't have any lipo at the time of my breast reduction or TT/MR, wanted to keep the surgeries as short as possible and was kinda scared of all the bruising and swelling associated with lipo (didn't want to deal with it along with incisions). So tell me, how much does the lipo areas hurt? Any feedback on lipo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and continued good healing. HUGS :-DSuzy
The lipo really didn't and doesn't bother me much. A little sore but not painful. The main issue is the time for the swelling to go down. After 3 liters gone, just now starting to see miner results after 2 weeks! I did weigh and lost 3 pounds even though still swollen so I'm excited to see what happens in a month, 2months, and 3-4 months! Really no brusing- which I expected but was told minimal because suction was deep?? I'll be following your lipo too!
Thanks lady, much appreciated :-DSuzy

Photos 14 days post op

You look great! I'm so happy for you! That pic of you in that dress is amazing! Keep resting and keep posting!
Thank you so much Conniescso!
Awesome! Congratulations!

19 days post op

I went into see my PS to check for fluid after my drain was removed a week ago and he drew off 250 cc!!! So surprised. Didn't hurt much because the area is still somewhat numb. I go back in one more week to check again. But my incision is remarkable for under 3 weeks!! and the lipo area is beginning to decrease, however needs a lot more to go away but at least looks better than last week. Will post latest photos.

5 weeks post tummy tuck revision/ lipo of hips/ back

Went for a check up today and all seems to be healing well. Only aspirated 30 cc fluid so I think that has finally stopped. My suture line looks great. Have been drinking Jusuru, or Liquid Biocell and my skin has responded remarkably well. Just returned from a 3-day hiking trip and did well. Wore binder (CG) at all times. I wear a snugger one during the day and a looser one at night but still trying to reduce/ compress the lipo areas where I still have the most swelling.
You look great! You are healing nicely! You went on a hiking trip 5wk po.? You are doing fantastic then! Congrats!
Wow! That is one awesome looking incision!! Hardly noticeable! I'm sure your revision was totally worth it to you! Great results so far!!
Matthew B. Baker MD, PhD

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