Removed my 'Meme' Implants 'en bloc' (with lift) May 8th 2013 After 25 Years ~

Today is the 27th of March..Last week i scheduled...

Today is the 27th of March..Last week i scheduled surgery for removal of my implants along with a breast (anchor) lift. I have been reading all the posts here and they are helping me tremendously, as this is a something i have wanted to do for the last five years but didn't have the money, or i had fears of the surgery. Anyway it's time to get these things out. I am sixty two and although i am slender i just feel that they are too large.. and my left breast has contracted somewhat because it feels a little hard. Also with the years they seem to have become huge!!

I live in Mexico now and wanted to be sure i would have a good surgeon so had consults with three different ones. I decided to go with a very popular surgeon here where i am living as a friend of mine had had the same procedure done by him about seven years ago. and her results were beautiful.

Six weeks seems like an eternity and i can hardly wait. I am literally counting the days. The doctor was fully booked though (good sign) and couldn't get me in any earlier.


Well I am now exactly five weeks away from surgery..and my guy is very supportive of me.I talk to him about it every day (must be getting on his nerves). Anyway i have been looking at a lot of photos posted here and reading all the stories i feel a connection with all of you. It takes some courage and self examination to do this. I look back and think how silly i must have been when younger to get sucked up in all this brainwashing of how a woman should look. I really think putting foreign objects in our bodies is dangerous and natural is much more beautiful..even if i end up being saggy and scarred ..though i doubt that from looking at all of your photos. I can hardly wait to hug my friends with my little I am grateful for this forum and for all you beautiful ladies that have shared their journey. It's truly inspiring.. My daughter who is a nurse was seriously contemplating having implants.. Now she is proud of me and says she is going to just stay natural..besides, clothes fit much better !! Love all of you :)
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Wow, your skin looks GRrrreat!!! You have natural breast tissue which is on the underside of your breasts. Mine looked very similar before my implants exchange with lift. All that breast tissue you have on the underside coupled with whats above, nipped and tucked will give you beautiful youthful breasts. With me all the breast tissue that was on the underside of mine was removed :( which makes me sad, but we live and learn the hard way right? Do you dance? xx
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Yes ..I am a tango dancer..the big boobs are not attractive or comfortable dancing this type of dance!! Thankyou for the very positive comments> Don't be afraid of having the implnts removed. I know you will look great!! Huggzz xx

Three weeks to go and i am on this site every day...

Three weeks to go and i am on this site every day reading everyone's experiences. I just checked this Mercola article out :
My doctor is taking them out 'en bloc' which means the whole capsule.but says i will only have the drains for one day. I am going to ask him about this when i go in because i absolutely do not want fluid accumulation. Oh it's all so nerve racking. Wish it were over. Three more weeks and counting every day..


Look at ittybittiesagain, she did well without lift has good skin like you!
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Hi there toomakeup.Thank you for your concern and kind comments. When iwent to see Dr. barrerras originally five years ago i had wanted an explant and lift but at that time his price was higher and i was still 'on the fence'. This time when i went i told him i just wanted them out (no lift) and he quoted me $3500 which i thought was high for just removal, then he explained to me that normally it would be a simple procedure if they were not textured meme implants over 15 years old. He told me that he would have to use the hospital because the removal would require removing the capsule which would have adhered to my own tissue...this was why he had to charge me more. So i asked him if he could at least lift my nipple (crescent lift) he said no i am going to give you a lift. It will be include in the price. I didn't say anything i was actually happy! My nipples have always been a bit large and it will be nice to have 'perkier' boobs. Really i would have been happy either way. I just want them out..but if he is including the lift then i am accepting it!! :) Not long to go now about ten days so it's on my mind every waking minute and just before i go to bed. Some of my girlfriends just don't get why i am removing them because in clothes i look 'alright'. I have had thyroid (low) and tachycardias among other possibly related health issues, so i am hoping the removal will eliminate some of these things, as well as give me a more slender shape. Thank you again for your concern :) I feel a real kinship and sisterhood with all of you wonderful ladies. Huggz and best wishes...xxxxx
You will be so happy's getting closer! I'm so excited for you to be free! I think your doc is spot on! And with meme capsules must be removed. Yes until the surgery day is here , it does remain on the mind , so much happy anticipation for a positive decision. Cannot wait to here your updates after explant. All my best to you! Hugs

Today is 1st of May and next Tuesday the 7th i go...

Today is 1st of May and next Tuesday the 7th i go into the hospital for my explant which will be the following morning. I can hardly believe it's so close...have mixed feelings sometimes feel very excited and at the same time feeling nervous. I can't wait though to get these things OUT!!They feel sooo big. I am wondering how long before i will be able to exercise and do long walks again. My daughter says she is excited for me...she has never seen me with little boobs. Anyway i have ordered my Marena bra in a small since i am 28 1/2inches under the breast. (Hope it fits) if not i still have my medium genie bras and a champion sports bra... i've been wearing sports bras for years in the hopes of squashing them The surgeon will provide the post surgery bra but i've a feeling it will be so ugly..will update again as it gets closer.


You be lighter soon! Thinking of you and happy you will be free soon! Cannot wait to hear of your wonderful outcome! Hugs!,0000
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Thank you sweetie..I am getting very excited..only three days to go, wonder how they'll look. I hope my nipples don't fall off or anything horrible like that!!! I suppose all kinds of thoughts can go through our heads when we go through this kind of thing. Thank you so much for thinking of me..and i shall ask everyone to say a little prayer for me on Wednesday morning!! Huggz and love to you xx
I am so happy that your day is coming really soon. I'm having mine on May 14th and it feels like its so far will be in and out of surgery before u know part is when they ask you to count to sleepy best time is when u are sitting on the potty and emptying out LOL..:0) just kiddin, but its true isn't it..... I am so proud of you and all these gals going to take back their life and fixing them to be natural again....Please let us know how your doing and you can also let us know when the 2nd happy time occurs after you and I'm full of humor because I'm anxious to have it over with.....Hugzzzz angelface
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Two days more with my melons!! Tomorrow at 4:30...

Two days more with my melons!! Tomorrow at 4:30 the doctor sends someone to pick me up and bring me to the Hospital in Celaya (I'm in San Miguel de Allende) then Wednesday OUT with them!!

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Going into hospital tomorrow to prepare for the...

Going into hospital tomorrow to prepare for the surgery early Wednesday. Was jittery all day today and yesterday but feeling better now as i have talked to the doctors assistant about a few things and tomorrow will meet with the doctor shortly after i am admitted. Wish my daughter and grandson were here with me..but my boyfriend will be able to spend the two nights in the hospital with's all included in the price:) For pain meds i will apparently be given an IV before surgery and it will stay in place for 24 hours. Of course i shall ask the doctor what kind of pain meds!!! Very excited can barely wait for this to be over with :) Will you all please keep me in your thughts on Wednesday and say a little prayer for me?? Thankyou girls for all the support you've given me. Huggzz and love to everyone :)


Sending you lots of positive thoughts for a successful surgery Dancelite! I hope your recovery is swift and that you are very happy with your results. All the best for tomorrow...please keep us updated when you can.
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Aww..thank you TC. Shall be posting updates at every step!! Huggz and i'll take a peek at your profile too :) xx
You're welcome, Dancelite. I have my natural breasts and was always happy with them until I noticed that age and weight loss (a positive thing) was starting to creep in and affect how perky they used to be. Out of curiosity I was exploring the idea of having a BA in the future but have absolutely changed my mind after reading the stories from women such as yourself who have discussed how uncomfortable (and problematic) it can be to live with implants as you get older. I have learned a great deal from you and the other ladies and now have no desire to alter my natural-born boobies even if they are a little less perky. ;)

Feeling a bit tired so i won't update much...They...

Feeling a bit tired so i won't update much...They are OUT!! I did forget though to ask the doctor for my implants :( When he came later and i asked him. . he told me they had already been disposed of. He did say he took them out en bloc with no problems or rupture and will send me the photos :) (Can't wait to see) I asked them not to withdraw the pain meds as i don't like i'll just take a little parecetomol... Excited to be rid of them but will feel better in a few days..night night all.. and thankyou for being there with me on this journey.


To Dancelight... U could have let us know pre op you were switching to Light again ... You are dealing with an elderly dark blonde gal from the south and well it takes me awhile to catch on :0)))))). Just kidd'n, but true... I was a teeny bit confused. :0(. But got it now)). Lv u anywho ... U look beautiful, and really are luck to have a successful lift... You must have had a good amount of healthy breast tissue. I'm sooo happy for you... Get a lot of rest and please don't over due it.. Lv & later sweetie. angelface
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Congratulations! You look so much better already to have those things out of your body. Happy and healthy healing! I can't wait to join you on Monday.
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Thank you...what a relief. A bit swollen but i suppose that's normal after an explant en bloc and a lift!!! I'll be watching your profile :) xxx

Well i am on my 3rd day post explant and just...

Well i am on my 3rd day post explant and just really happy to feel my natural breasts again and know that those horrible bags are out. I didn't expect to have so much tissue. I was a B cup pre implant and then post implant was a C. Then over the years with a little weight shifting around (and menopause) my breasts went to a D. I am sore though not in pain..i just have to be careful not to pull hard on anything or bump into anything. Overall i am thrilled with my results and only wish i had found this resource and the lovely ladies on it a lot sooner. Love all of you xx


Please explain the enblock if u can. I wish you all the happiness with your new girls, much soft hugs and happiness. Angelface
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Hello angel...Here are some links about en bloc.. The next link will require you scroll down to almost the end: Hope this helps....
Congratulations. What a lovely story. I had a facelift from Dr.. Barrera on April 29 and I also think the world of his skill. You are going to love the "new" you.
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Ladies..if any of you would like to be my friend...

Ladies..if any of you would like to be my friend on FB that would be great..You can find me under Anis Hdz....I just feel i know you all as in a sisterhood!! :)

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Photo of removed implants eeeeeuwww!!

Photo of removed implants eeeeeuwww!!


OMG, look at how much you have left!!!! And they don't fall into your armpits anymore! lol. ;-) Happy healing! You will be Dancing Lighter very soon!! Hugs!
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Thankyou sweetie...I was a bit surprized, (happily) still such a long way to go though. Yours look beautiful :) Soft hugss lol..I can say 'soft' now!! xx
Wow, that new pic looks so gross! :-/ Glad that's out of you now! Your PS did an awesome job at the en bloc! Looks like a very clean cut removal! Soft hugs to you too! I would FB you, but I don't have an account! :-) xx

My doctor just came to my condo to check on me and...

My doctor just came to my condo to check on me and remove just a couple of sutures and the ones i had on my upper eyelids. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy with the results. I feel so much lighter. I am really praying for a miracle.. that maybe the arrythmia will subside I have paroxysmal Multi focal Tachycardia (It's like atrial fibrillation) Paroxysmal means occasionally and sudden onset. I really do think these things can cause problems in some women. Anyway just feeling very grateful at the moment :) Love to all of you lovely ladies who are also on the road to recovery, not only physically but in a very spiritual way too. xx


You look fantastic!
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Thanks...hey..Why don't you write YOUR review? I think this forum really helps a lot of women...
I did! Now it's on approval, but my english it's not so good, when I was writing I got nervous with language and I think that I summarize too much my long case hahaha.


Still very bruised but here's a photo 9 days PO without bra

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With no bra!

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Forgot to add Day 10

Stitches won't come out until Friday...can hardly wait!! Hope the bruising will be almost gone but i'll post photos then. The doctor told me NOT to put ice on them..I ws really wondering about that but found out today from his liason Dawn...that in breast lift and repositioning the nipple he wants to be sure the blood supply is good.


Hello sweet light, been out of commission last couple days with head aches... I have had good healing with breasts and TT, no problems. But near 3 or 4 in the afternoon I start with a headache mostly back of neck into head .has anyone experienced this with taking Bromelin & Armica. Also , how are you doing with your new sexy breasts and eyes. The little bit of your face I see you are young and beautiful. Wish you much happiness . Your pics bra-less are awesome. Hope and pray all is well with you. Lv. Hugzz angelface
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So happy to see your great results, and that your recovery is progressing so well.
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Looking awesome my friend!! Ya-hoo!
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Photos 12 days PO withut tape

More photos!!


I love my new small soft 'chi chi's' I had forgotten how good natural feels :) Now YOU young are you doing ? Did you ask the doc about your headaches and neck problems? Might be hw you are sleeping. Can hardly wait to see more pics as you heal but i know a TT is difficult. So happy you are doing so well!Sending you love and huggs xoxo
Hi honey, am going to the dr. For post op visit tomorrow, it may be the rejection of the drain that's giving me the discomforts. Please ask all your contacts if they had any side effects from Bromelin or Arnica??? You message with so many that maybe you'll get some answers for me. So happy for you Lv @ hugs sweet lady.. Angelface
Thanks so much..feeling great about everything.. now if only i can tone and get in shape again!!! lol



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Wow!! Funny t..o have this..but know they will 'shrink!! But that's ok, i love them small


Hi sweet light, feeling stronger each day. Still weak when up doing little things like getting a snack or something, last two nights have had the night sweats like when you've had a temp and it breaks and you wake up all sweaty.. Feels so good with drain out, going back to doc Tues again, it'll be 2 weeks post op. would it be time to have any breast sutures out or TT sutures out. Every thing seems to be healing nicely. I keep my compression garments on around the clock . So my swelling is under controller and a little fluids still present, I'm just pooped when up and about so I spend most of the time in bed with my .3 pups and Mia the calico cat... Honey, I hope you r doing well and ate happy.. I see you are seeing the doctor today...I'm sure he'll tell u that swelling comes and goes depending on your activity level.uch luck and Lv and hugs to you. Keep us posted on drs. Visit. Do good to hear from you.. angelface
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So glad you're feeling better every day, & good that you're taking it easy. I have 25 more days to wait! Not tooooo long, but I'm anxious. Are you back to work? Wish I didn't have to...I'll have 7 days off, vacation time, but that's all....take care & good luck!!
Hi Verana...I work independently so follow no schedule...besides, living in Mexico is much less costly!! You should be fine after seven days particularly because yours should be an easy removal with no lift involved. I'll be right there with you in spirit when you do yours :) huggzz

Stitches out today....YEAH!!!

Shall post photos later...have some hardness on my right side..wonder what that is? Hope to get all my questions answered today.

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Just to let any of you know...If you want to friend me on FB please be aware i am a vegetarian...and also an animal/earth rights type of person..One of my purposes on FB is to educate people about the sensitivity of other sentient creatures besides us humans..ok if you are not..but just to let you know :) xx


Hi lovely, just checking in to see how you are? And how everything is going? Love me x (I have 5 weeks to go now, nearly there :o) ) x
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Hi my dear friend, I was cleaning out my FB and somehow deleted you. I'll send you another request. I didn't want you to think I did it on purpose!
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Hey LTT. How are you sweetie? How did your explant go? Are you feeling okay? I'll pray for healing and little discomfort. Lv n hugs, keep us posted angelface

Front view of my little ones

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Side view (small)

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Some cleavage ..yeah!!!


Perfect amount of cleavage- and all yours! No more bowling balls rolling under your arms when you lie down! lol. :-) xxx
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LOL yes that's what it felt like!! Although they were still soft they just started to hang and were too big. I ran into an ex the other day and he just didn't get why i wanted to remove tham. Men are so weird bout boobs...most (not all) don't care at all if they are implants!! Although one time i went with a guy i liked very much and as we started to you know...I told him they were implants and he lost his erect. Told me he wanted them out..Killed that relationship because i wasn't ready. My guy now whom i have been with three years just loves them small and has been totally supportive with my decision.. BTW Yours look perfect!!!
I don't know if I said this, but you look fabulous!
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Compression how long?

I am almost at my 4 week PO mark...since i had a breastlift as well as removal en bloc i feel that i will benefit by wearing a compression bra for awhile, even though my doctor has told me i can start to wear regular bras. I look so 'flat' with my compression and am thinking that when i go to dance maybe just at those times i could wear a regular bra..Any thoughts welcome!! :) Thanks


I too starting wearing a regular bra at about 4 weeks and have felt very comfortable. Just make sure it is supportive. I just started sleeping without a bra a few nights a week and I am almost 8 weeks post op. I wear a sports bra at night sometimes when I feel like I need it. Listen to your body and your instincts for what is right for you. You are looking great! I am so happy to be free of implants.
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Hey dancelite :o) Looking gorgeous in your black lacy top! I say, do what you feel is right for you. What does your gut instinct tell you? And go with. You could try going without, to see how you feel but take your compression bra in your handbag, just incase. You could also get a padded bra and put it over your compression. I bought some padded vests and a cop top so if I needed an extra umph, I could put it on over compression bra. I can add more pad's if I wanted to as well. Let me know how you get on lovely :o) x
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Hey sweet Rosie, Between what you and S&P said think i shall just wear a regular bra when i go out, but good idea to carry the compression bra. I think it hit me when i bought a new dress and had to have the top taken in!!! lol..then a friend of mine who had also had the same procedure ( like ten years ago) saw me in a restaurant and came over to take a peek and then said 'OMG you really ARE flat!!'...made me think a little.. I do love my little jelly tots and much more than the huge bags i had!!..Your day in three weeks :) am excited for you.. HUGGZZZ xoxxo

Trying different clothing now!!!

I had to try something sexy on...couldn't resist..but i am still wearing my compression bra for 100% healing.
They are small (actually the fotos make them appear a little larger) but really pretty!!! YEAH!! :) I am still wearing tape and don't know how the scarring will be but not concerned at this point. Still a bit more healing to go but all in all very pleased..


I have been reading more about breast lifts since reading about yours, and am wondering about scarring. Are the scars really obvious? Do you worry about how they look or will look in the future? Not that I plan to take my clothes off on the beach or anything, but i don't want to look disfigured when I do take my clothes off (in the privacy of my own home, lol!)
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Have you looked at the photos of the ladies here who do breastlifts? That should give you your answer.. myself i know i shall have scarring but know it will also fade within a year..even if it didn't i don't care!! I am so happy with the youthful shape i now have. I can ear anything and i feel so much sexier and sensual with smaller perkier breasts. If i were twenty i might be concerned about scarring ..but at 62?? !!!!
LOL, thanks for answering. I guess I'll have to look at the photos. I'm so squeamish, I have trouble looking at my own post-op facelift pics. It's hot and humid all year round where I live and I pretty much don't wear any clothes when it's just me and my husband.

Post Op almost 5 weeks Pics

As you can see i am left with scarring :(
It will fade a lot i know within the next few months...this is my first day without tape . I have to put it back on. As you can see there is still bruising. It's a long process but it's wonderful to be natural, warm and soft again. Wish my nipples were a bit higher though and smaller! They look beautiful under clothes, and with a push up bra (this is a 34 B) they look bigger!! I am still going to wear my compression bras though for another month..


Looking good light again! Wish I'd had enough breast tissue for a lift! Maybe in a year or so :) Happy healing!
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Your post explant photos are amazing!! You look beautiful in your shirts at the end, very classic. Such a different look than when we had melons there instead. ;)
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Thanks Gingerelle, they look great in bras and in clothes but i have some scarring..just hope tha it will go away and really would have liked my nips a bit higher but the doctor tells me that the shape could change over the next few months. Still i love the way i look in clothes and how they feel!! Also i bought a Warner's Women's Unbelievable Unwire Push Up ...and it looked like i had implants again..(they were looking BIG!!) lol

Computer crashed!! :(

My computer crashed so i am on my Sweetie´s computer occasionally...should have one up and running in a couple of weeks so please don´t think i´m ignoring you (anyone)


Hi lovely, don't worry. Hopefully you'll be back up and running soon. Thanks for letting us know :o) Hope you're continuing to heal well and enjoying your dancing. Catch up soon xxx
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My healing process

Almost three months now, and i have an appointment on the 9th to see about a little revision. My left breast has a little fold of excess skin..not that noticeable, and i have some post imflammatory hyperpigmentation around my left nipple that will just take time to fade.. i think the doc may inject a steroid to lessen the pigmentation ..not sure yet what he plans to do..anyway all in all i love them and still so happy to be rid of the bags and they were old bags!! As they began to heal and i noticed the scarring more i did become a little down..but that didn't last long lol I wasn't going to post these pics because they are not very nice but in clothes i look great and much more youthful.


Chica, you must be muy loca to be upset about those boobs! I am looking at your pics again and you look beautiful!!! :-)) Glad to read that your lumpiness has improved!
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Hey always have such kind things to say and it is much appreciated.. I am off to the beach on Friday for two months YEAH!!! (North of Puerto Vallarta) to relax, paint, and practise my tango on the rooftop balcony overflooking the sea. On the 13th we shall return home to San Miguel because on the 14th i shall have my revision. He is just going to snip off that extra skin and make the other more even.. I shall just have to wait for the hyperpigmentation to fade. Funny it bothers me..but really i am happy, and my wonderful man is sooo sooo supportive. These are my feminine battle scars of protest. I wear them proudly lol...LOL!!!
Wow, enjoy your vacation!!! I'm going to have to find a reason to come and visit you! lol. My hubby *might* end up doing some construction in Cabo in the near future! :-D Your bf sounds like an angel. Yes, battle scars, absolutely! I'm still not sure if I will do a scar revision on mine- I might just hold off for a lift in the future instead. Have fun dancing and painting with your ocean view with your man! ((Hugs))!!! P.S. Do you find it hard to be a vegetarian in Mexico? It seems like so many people put manteca in stuff that would be otherwise veggie (including my beloved frijoles!!) grrr. xx

New photo, and small revision coming up..

Well it's been a little while since i wrote anything on this forum but wanted to update a little. I shall be having a little revision surgery done on 14th October at which time i shall post more pics..that little bit of skin under my left breast is not really noticeable but my doctor kindly offered to do a light revision if i wanted, he also injected a little steroid into the scar tissue where i hyperpigmented and it is starting to slowly what the heck!!! I've come this far...meanwhile this is how they look in a bathing suit!! I am Happy :)


Hey light again.. You are more beautiful since I checked out your photos awhile ago. Sweetie I need for you to share what treatment you received for the lumpy breast you had..and did your PS treat you? My rt breast is lumpy and massage isn't doing it, I see my PS tomorrow. Lv & hugs to you... Angelface1
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Hey Angelface!!! Nice to hear from you How are you..You took your pics down!!... Anyway I had terrible hardness (lumpiness) mainly at he bottom of and along my vertical scars. Iheard about microcurrent therapy and went to a lady who is an esthtician/facialist and she gave me two tratments a week for two weeks and then once a week after that. I did it for about two months and it resolved all the lumpiness..Here is a link explaining what it is... : It is not usually none by doctors...especially a PS! You will have to ask around.. I can attest to the fact that it does work! I had really hard lumps and now my breasts are nice and soft again... Let me know how it and huggzz, xx
Thanks so much sweet lady. My Ps put a needle in and the lumps in my breast are fat which is not liquified. He was able to Syringe out a little to show me. He said they will eventually Dissolve and fill my breast up.. I am going to look into the treatment you received to see if It would work to help dissolve my fatty lumps.. You are an angel to respond to me,,, otherwise I am doing great and am very pleased with my TT and My breasts are perfectly pleasing to me, about a full C Cup.... Love and hugs to u.. angelface

Revision surgery today photos

Today at 5 months Post op i had a little revision outpatient surgery. When i arrived i was in arrythmia, and with a lot of anxiety. I thought he would not be able to do the surgery..He did however calm me down, gently reassuring me that it was ok...he would be checking everything and that i would be fine.. It was a breeze and only took him about twenty minutes, his nurses were lovely. Dr. Barrera is very calm and confident and kind. I knew i was in good hands. Anyway here are some photos, and in 9-10 days he will do a home visit to remove the stitches.


Merry Christmas ! Xx
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Do you have any recent photos? I can only imagine you look perfect!
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No...I may post in a month am using silicone strips 'scar away' because i had a revision...this is why i tell you.. you look perfect!! :)

After revision...

Had small scar revision in October but it is already lessening ..I think within a year the scarring will be minimul..I am very happy with the way they feel and my boyfriend loves them..he never liked the


*gasp*!! Perfect teardrop titties, Light! I am SO happy for you! You look incredible! Please send me your workout routine. ;) I do wish you would put one "before" pic up so the ladies can see what an improvement this was. Stunning...I am jealous! Happy Holidays, Chica! Xxx.
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Um... You seriously look incredible!! I wish I had that much tissue and I can only hope I look as fantastic as you !!! Xx
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Thanks Indy...I just looked at your pics again you look amazing ...yours already look prettier than mine!! Happy xmas xx


Just before round balls..


Ohhhhhh dame fuck im afried alone in the hospital my hosbund is a home With the children. Almost to afreid to wark into the bilding. The time here is 6.40 in the morning had nightmire dreamd that they put new and larger implant in. Her i go girls se you ALL on the oder side. Mary Christmas
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Loking god Girl
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You are much too kind NG...hope you are doing well would love to see a recent one of you too. BTW I just posted a before (at your prompting)lol Best to you swwet girl..take care xx

AtNine months post..Before and after lol

Still scarring but slowly fading anyway love my look!!


wow, your skin retracted really well! If I knew for sure i'd get results like yours, i think I'd have mine out now!
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Tracy my boobs were a bit like yours before the implants were placed . I had nursed my daughter for 9 months and the fullness was gone. I did the implants and enjoyed them for awhile (i had them for 25 years) the last ten years with them i absolutely hated..but every doctor i saw would tell me how awful i would look and consquently they would suggest replacements.. It took me awhile to make my decision, I can only tell you how much better and more youthful i feel. Also it seems to be a trend and i hate trends. Small breasts are very much the fashion and look so much more elegant in clothes..also what kind of men so women with huge bulging breasts attract?? Took me awhile to figure that one. UGH! Besides it's a foreign body inside you. They really are disgusting as far as i'm concerned. Look at the women in Downton Abbey. The most beautiful women have naturally small breasts :) Take care and i wish you the best with whatever decison you make, xxx
Thanks, that's kind of you. I have a lot of thinking to do...keep saying to myself I wish I'd never had it done in the first place..but like many others, I did! hey ho x

A year later

Well they still have scarring but i had a revision in October so that slowed the healing process. I am so so happy to be natural again. I feel more feminine, petite and healthy. I love how they look even with the scarring they still feel warm, soft and i'm very happy with the shape. :)


U look great
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You look beautiful and I can't believe you're anywhere near 63!!!! Thank you for sharing your story!
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Dr. Carlos Barrera

I cannot say enough good things about this caring doctor!! I chose Dr. Barrera, because he has removed implants before and understood perfectly when i told him i wanted them removed "en block", A: I have had them in for more than 15 years B:. Given the fact they are textured they will have adhered to my own tissue. He also showed me photos of removed implants and his breastlift work. I feel very confident in his abilities. One of two doctors wanted the same fee, but showed me no before or after photos, and didn´t give me enough information. The third doctor who is a personal friend felt that it would be difficult to remove them without poor aesthetic results, and didn´t want to risk our friendship. I am very pleased with my results. The hospital and after care were exceptional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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