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3 Weeks Post-op I am turning 40 in December and...

3 Weeks Post-op
I am turning 40 in December and wanted to do something big for my birthday. Well my thighs are big and my stomach is big so.... I decided that I would finally get the body I have been working for for almost 10 years. I just got a divorce and my lovely ex-husband managed to lose 80 lbs. and drop like 10 inches around his waist in 6 months. That made me crazy so I joined Curves with no results after 4 months of diet and exercise. I actually gained 2 lbs. and added an inch to my butt! I am just really tired of not fitting in my clothes I bought a year ago and I REFUSE to buy a bigger size. Ain't nobody got time for that! I have a little settlement from the divorce and you only live once, right? So I scheduled a free consultation with Beleza Med Spa in Cedar Park Texas after thoroughly watching Dr Lawrence Broder's YouTube videos. I met with his nurse the first go round and she looked at me very quickly and told me that physically I would make a good candidate. I had mostly fatty areas around my mid-section and thighs to get rid of with a lot of loose skin around my mid-section as well. She also told me I would probably need a mini tummy tuck for this extra skin but the Doc could just use my C-Section incision. She quoted me a price of $4599 for the smart lipo around the belly and mini tummy tuck, then $999 for the lip on the thighs. This came out to $5599. I told her that the amount was a little high and she told me about the financing program which I happily agreed upon. Luckily my credit is still good!
I went back for the pre-op with the surgeon about 4 days later. He asked me some questions about my health history and told me to take down my pants. I was like, "You're not even going to offer me a drink first?" He pulled and tugged at my skin and told me that i have a lot of loose skin so he would have to do a mini tummy tuck. He had to check with his assistant to make sure she had included this in the price she had given me, which she had. So that was all taken care of and I am very excited about my procedure on Sept. 12!!! I am not nervous yet because I am so sick of this fat being on my body!!! I have had two C-Sections, (one emergency), Varicose Veins stripped out of my leg, a LEEP procedure and arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. I think I can totally handle this! But I will make sure to keep you guys updated on how the procedure goes and how the pain compares to these other procedures I have had done. Here are some pictures of me 3 weeks Pre-Op... not great pictures but you see my major problem areas!
I am wearing a binder that they gave me at the hospital, need to keep it on 24/7 but it's all in a good cause, don't want to wreck it after waiting such a long time and money to have it done. It's just a stretchy band that runs from under my breasts down to my pubic bone and velcro holds it together, so you can make it tight as you want. I have no pain, not taking any pain killers and feel really good, looking forward to getting the stitches out on Tuesday..
2 more weeks!!!!
good for you girlfriend, I am in day 3 post op..and feeling awesome..good luck..

OOps! I meant Pre-Op!

I accidentally wrote Post-Op in my last review title! If those were post-op pictures I would be very angry at my surgeon. LOL! I am 2 weeks pre surgery now and I am wondering if I am doing the right thing. I have just started taking classes again after a failed marriage and 11 years of being a stay-at-home Mom. I am studying Dental Hygiene so I can try to make a living for me and my two girls. I am worried that the surgery is going to interfere with my classes. How long should I give myself for recovery time? Is it really only 2-3 days for a mini tummy tuck and lipo? I guess everyone is different but I don't want to be all goofed up on pain meds when I go to class. I have a 40 year old brain already and this school thing is already hard enough! I am wondering if I should postpone the surgery. I really want to get it done because I have become so obsessed with this extra fat, I have not been able to concentrate on much else. It sucks. So, I would like to get it done ASAP!
So happy for you ! Sorry about your divorce . I'm so anxious to see your results . I'm thinking about having a mini TT because my sis on here doesn't think I need a full TT . If I could only take off one wk end from work I could do it now .
Hey there, don't put it off, you will regret it, best have it now then you have time to recover. Give yourself some time to feel heal, I am 10 post op and am feeling great but for the first week or so I didn't feel like doing very much and slept a lot. I'm not wearing my binder just those tight big undies but for me they seem to be doing the same job and are heaps more comfortable. I think my recovery has been good due to being quite fit and very healthy. Good luck, excited for you and we're all here if you need us. cheers

About One Week to Go!

Okay. So I have about a week to go. I am having my surgery Sept.12. and i just feel like I am packing on the pounds. I am not eating any differently, in fact, I totally stopped going to fast food places, but i just feel....bloated. I guess I am wanting to know if I am going to see real results after the tummy tuck and lipo. I just feel so gross now, like none of my clothes that fit 2 months ago are fitting now. I exercise. A lot. I walk 2 miles a night and do Curves strength training. I can't imagine how big I would be without exercising! Geeze. I am also worried about gaining back the weight after the surgery. If anything I want to step up my workout routine but I am feeling like it isn't going to do any good. I guess I am feeling down on myself and a little hopeless. I just feel so bad about myself after my divorce and my husband losing 10 pants sizes. I know I need to get over it. I am doing this for myself, not him. I want to feel comfortable in clothes again. Anyway, he's the one that gave me this pooch by getting me pregnant! LOL!
Anyway, encouragement needed! :)
Good luck today !
Tomorrow is your big day ! I'm so happy for you . Did you buy a binder or do you get one from your PS ? I haven't asked mine about it yet . There isn't much on here about MTT . I don't know what all I will need .
3 days to go ! I bet your so excited . What time is your surgery ?

Decided to go With the Saddle bags first

Well, I was having second thoughts on doing the mimiTT because of all the things I read on here about the recovery time. I called Beleza Spa and talked to Tori. She was incredibly nice and we agreed that I would start with the saddle bags so my recovery time would be less. That way I can schedule the mini TT when there was not much going on.
Anyway, it worked out. These people are so nice and respectful, and the doctor even cracked a smile a couple of times during surgery. (love trying to get serious people to smile) The only part that felt weird but not painful was the initial shot of numbing juice that was added first. It felt like a tool used to crimp pie crust was being moved under my skin. Weird, but not painful. The initial shots were not too bad either. Just a little bee sting. They made sure I stayed calm with meds and all I felt through the process of sculpting was a little heat every now and again. Not a big deal either. When I was done, I was wrapped up with gauze and put in a compression garment which is not bad at all. The only thing is that it is already soaked with blood and other fluids! Yuck! I can wash it tomorrow but now I understand why people buy two! It has been about 6 hours after the surgery and i am feeling pretty good. And yes, I am looking for food to eat, eat, eat, So I need to be better about that.WATER & VEGGIES! But I want OREOS!!! I was told I could even start walking tonight! So, now I am SO ready for the MiniTT. I am not so scared about it and Beleza Spa in Cedar Park was top notch!
Hi lady, I'm also a mommy if two w two csections and I live in cedar park if u can least call me.. I am thinking about a tummy tuck im older than u 43 . .. and works like to talk about your experience. Maybe be can get some coffee at starbucks I would really love to talk to u...
Hope your doing great ! I'm always thinking about you . 
How are you feeling ? I hope your doing good .
Dr. Lawrence D. Broder, MD

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