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Hey girls! so my surgery is in less than a week...

Hey girls! so my surgery is in less than a week its this friday!! im super excited and im just trying to be as positive as possible... i decided to go with Dr. Anthony Berlet who is located in north jersey. i love his work i have seen and he is just easy to talk too... i went in for my consulation two weeks ago and explained to him that i wanted bigger boobs (obviously) lol i said i wanted a full c small d but i didnt want to get the surgery done and they look just slightly bigger or overly too big and he understood exactly what i mean.. i wanted more natural cleavage look... he told me that he reccomends his patients over 22 to go with silicone (i am 23, no kids never breast fed) which is what i was looking to get anyways and when he measured me i thought i was only going to be getting 425 to 450 ccs but he said that he wanted to do 475 ccs because my boobs have a decent width so i didnt refuse!! lol so i decided on going with 475 ccs mentor profile plus implants and i am getting them placed under the muscle because when i do have kids i want to be able to breast feed without complication.. the surgery is all paid off so now all there is to do is wait an wait haha... i am so psyched about the timing as well i only need to take one day off of work which is that friday and im off up till wed so i only needed to take one day which i was so happy about plus the fact that i will be drugged up on new years eve which is perfect cuz i absolultey am not a fan of that holiday haha.. but anyways im posting a few pre op pics and i will keep you all updated,.,. if anyone has any suggestions with pre op recovery please let me know.. my friend is helping me out a couple days after surgery so anything i can be prepared to annoy him with please give me ideas!! haha thank girls

Well my surgery is tommorrow so im super excited!!...

well my surgery is tommorrow so im super excited!! my boss is making me go to work on monday so i hope ill be fine by then but got to do what you got to do.. i dont think ill be able to sleep tonight cuz im so nervous but im sure everything will be find.. oh and my surgery place called me today and asked if it was ok if some women can watch my surgeon do the operation.. they said SHE WILL NOT be touching me just watching so i said yes but that makes me nervous.. im going to have to talk to them tommorrow to make sure she wont be doing anything cuz i dont need to be stressin about that too lol.. ill try to post pics tommorrow if not the next day!!

Hey girls!!.. lets just say i feel great!! i...

hey girls!!.. lets just say i feel great!! i thought it was going to be ten times worse the first day but thats prob cuz im all medicated up!.. im not going to write too much today ill explain how it all went but for now just posting pics.. again i went with 475 ccs mentor profile plus under the muscle incision... i love them because they are not high at all and this is just the first day!! thought they were going to be ten times higher and thats what i was afraid of but their already starting to look natural... i love the size i dont think they are too big or too small it proportions my body. let me know what you guys think so far. ill keep updating pics week by week... be honest ladys!!

Hey girls so im ready to tell you my journy!! let...

hey girls so im ready to tell you my journy!! let me tell you all that are skeptical about having implants its a piece of cake.. i know its only the first day but i am super super happy i have absolutley no brusing at all what so ever.. i got to the surgery center at 630 payed off the rest of the surgery so dont need to worry about that whew lol... the people at surgey center were sweethearts i mean many nicest people i ever met along wit my doctor i definitly went with the best choice surgeon so they started my IV at 730 and i signed all the papers and what not... the lady wasnt touchin me she was litterally going to stand in the corner and just visualize what my doc was doin so that was ok... so i got in the OR the anesthisiologist or however you spell it was great! they just but it through my IV and i was out in like 2 min haha.. so when i woke up i didnt feel naucious at all i was just a bit sore... i also wasnt covered with a bra or a dressing cuz my doc likes then to hand down naturally not not be pushed or irritated.. im still surprise how small incisions were with no brusiing !!! vitamins are crucial crucial crucial!!.... so on the car ride home i took a nausea plll and i been fine since.. i went home and and just layed down and took pain and knocked the hell out!! lol so i love the way my boobs so far... they are very swollen and what i am shocked about is that they are not high at all.. most girls pages that i have looked at all their boobs on first day of surgery they are so high up to the collar bone but mine is complete opposite my implants are more wide to my side of the armpits and not high at all.. is this normal or will i get more cleavage?? anyone know?.. posting more pics!!

Hey girls!! so the pain isnt unbearable but it...

hey girls!! so the pain isnt unbearable but it hurst most under my armpit when i move it feels like i worked out at the gym for like hours lol believe it or not i slept on my couch all night i felt it to be more comfortable and i didnt wake up once so those pain killers are amazing.. i am taking nucyenta not percocets so i dont get that nausia feeling after taking the pain meds so im very happy about that!!.. so i have a question.. i know im only day two of revocery but i was wondering when the boobs start to drop? i love them and they are even but my only concern is that i have absolutley no cleavage:( ,, my implants are so wide that they are almost touchin my armpit.. well not touching but they are wide, not high but i was wondering if when they drop will i get some cleavage? is this how it normally is? please look at pics ill def keep posting more day by day but im just worried about that!! and my nipples are so much lighter than my pre op pics. so vets any advice please share cuz idk what to expect.. oh! an NO BRUISING at all!! im so happy for that i guess i just dont bruise easy :)

Oh and one more thing.. when boobs drop do they...

oh and one more thing.. when boobs drop do they look bigger than in the begginng?

Hey guys, sorry for bombarding you all with...

hey guys, sorry for bombarding you all with pictures but im addicted to taking pics cuz im either blind or being paranoid.. i feel like they look like two cones were places on my chest and when i look down i see absolutley no cleavage and i know its only the second time but im scared that this is how they are goin to stay looking... do they even look like a difference from my before pictures? i think im just getting depressed cuz i been alone for almost two days and have nothing better to do than look an study my breasts lol .. i keep looking at other girls pages and to me they look more high and bigger and fuller or is this me just being insane ... i just did a lot of research and i thought that all implants were suppose to start off being really high. mine were not is that normal? i dont want them high like that forever but i just thought that was one of the process of healing and how girls come out with a dressing pushing down on their implants to make them go down my doc didnt give me a bra or wrap me up he just said he wants them to fall naturally ... ugh idk i guess this is the depression stage im going through cuz i have no one to share to about it. i dont have family or friends so i turn to realself lol.. i just dont want my money to go to waste cuz these surgeries are not cheap at all.. let me know the honest truth even id it hurts cuz i rather just know other peoples perspective... and again sorry for bombarding everyone with so many pics i just cant help it....any input at this point would be helpful

So the pain is much less today.. i can actually...

so the pain is much less today.. i can actually move and lay without pain.... are my boobs suppose to be hard on day three because they arent? they are soft.. is that weird is something wrong? lol and i have absolutley no feeling in my left nipple but all feeling in my right. is this abnormal? my post op appointment is on thursday and my doc said not to do massages still after that appointment but i started doin light massages cuz it makes it feel better plus they arent even hard like girls on their pages are saying i dont feel it.. their a little sore thats about it.. if i wanted to i would be able to lift my arms over my shoulder and i take showers perfectly normally it doesnt hurt.. is anyone else experiencing what i am or have?

Hey girls, so im about to go to work in a few , i...

hey girls, so im about to go to work in a few , i woke up with absolutley no pain at all.. i feel as if i didnt get anything done lol. so thats good. i can officially put my hands over my head and when i lift semi hevey things is doesnt hurt at all... im itchy where my stitches are but thats prob cuz my skin in healing. post op appointment is on thursday. ill keep posting pics... happy new year to everyone!

Well i went to work today and i felt perfectly...

well i went to work today and i felt perfectly fine.. i can lift thins without hurting, easy showering and basically everything is going tood so far... they are starting to drop slowley little by little but patiences is a virtue i guess thats what they say lol.... so far im liking how they are droping.. they are symetrical with each other and they arent high at all..... only concern is i still have absolutley no feeling in my left nipple.. how long does it usually take to get feeling back cuz my right nipple i feel everything... getting my stiches out on thursday cant wait so i can actually start doin real massages... for the ladys that have no had their procedure lets just say its definitly worth it but you need to be a patient person and its definitly an emotional rollercoaster.. at first youll weither like them or hate them or vice versa and its like a never ending thing.. some days you will think you wasted you money other days youll be in love with them its like a girl pmsing on their period lol!! but im post op day 5 so i still have weeks and weeks to go for them to drop and get fuller.... i like realself cuz i can vent without anyone complaining haha even if no one reads this just typing my thoughts is making me feel much better!!

Well just posted new pics... went to my first pre...

well just posted new pics... went to my first pre op and doc gave me a bandeau to wear so push my boobs together...... all i can say is that im thankful they are healing normal and i am not having any complications knock on wood but i also been thinking to myself that it was technically a waste of money... i feel like i only went up a cup size if even idk if its cuz i been seeing them everyday but yea.. if feels like they are already done dropping and completley soft after a week idk how thats even possbile.... i just sort of wish i did something more with the money that i spend... posted more pics

Oh and sorry for being so negative its just the...

oh and sorry for being so negative its just the guy i been seeing we broke things off today so now im going to be back out in the dating world with falke boobs that dont even look that much bigger than my old ones so now i have to deal with that and im just depressed and stressed out and this year was suppose to start good but its nott.. sorry girls but i have no one else to vent too so here i am venting on realself woo!

Sorry i meant went to my first post off......

sorry i meant went to my first post off... getting stitches out next week

Well its day 10.... i have no pain at all but...

well its day 10.... i have no pain at all but still dont have feeling in my left nipple however when i get cold it gets hard so that means my nerves are not damaged they are just numb thank goodness for that!!.... im getting happier everyday with my boobs i like the fact that they look natural and not fake and i cant wait to buy some push ups to really make me have a whole bunch of cleavage!! i miss bras haha... im posting some pics in a white cami with those bras in the shirt type thing... they still have so more droppin to do but overall they are pretty soft. cant wait till they can jiggle lol so i guess the more patient i am the happier i will be,,,,, i am getting my stitches out this thursday so im excited about that AND my ps told me i can go tanning not this week but next i just need to cover my incisions so i am so psyched about that i cant wait to go tanning!

Hey guys just going to post an update real quick.....

hey guys just going to post an update real quick... in the begginning i wasnt so happy with my results but thats cuz i was being impatient.. my boobs are starting to drop !! looking much better each an everyday its so true time is a virtue!!.... went on thursday and got my stitches out!! doc told me i just started to drop so still have a few months to go!! havent worn a bra yet but still using a bandeau for most of the day!! posted some new pics.. boobs are starting to bounce and becoming a part of me so happy!! no complications so far thank goodness.. i love my doc haha

Hey girls so its 17 days.. i have absolutlry no...

hey girls so its 17 days.. i have absolutlry no pain at all.. just waiting for my boobs to drop. just took two pics sittin down you can see that they are still very high... and i can not feel my left nipple still.. i mean it gets hard when im cold but its completley numb is anyone else having a problem feeling their nipples after two weeks?

Hey!! so my recovery is a breeze... boobs finally...

hey!! so my recovery is a breeze... boobs finally dropped and they are the perfect size. they dont look fake at all.. still didnt measure my size cuz cant wear bres for another few weeks... still cant feel left nipple but i get pain sensations sometimes in that nipple so hopefully that means im regaining some kind of sensation... otherwise there isnt much to say;... im doiin great feeling great and they feel completley natural, not hard cant even tell i have implants in to the touch

Hey guys so 40 days is today .... im feeling good....

hey guys so 40 days is today .... im feeling good. im starting to get feeling in my nipple back however no matter how much more my boobs are going to drop i still feel like i should have went bigger... im a very shy person so i emailed my plastic surgeons office anonymously and explained my situation and they were very helpful.. they told me that he wouldnt charge full price if i decide to go bigger and that i should make an appointment to see him and discuss this with him so that he can tell me when he can swap them out for larger implants... well im glad i contacted them when i did because i have a follow up on monday so im going to tell him i want to go bigger then... has anyone went through this? if so how did you bring it up to the surgeon without sounding rude.. i dont want him to think i dont like his work its just i wish they were bigger and fuller than what they are now and them dropping a little more isnt going to make a difference... i posted a pic i took real quick today... but we will see.. if he can drop the price much lower than what i originally paid then im going to do it.. if he only drops it a little than im going to just keep what i have.. things always happen for a reason so i guess i will take it a day at a time!

Hey girls so i have a question for those girls who...

hey girls so i have a question for those girls who had a BA and wanted to go bigger and went for round 2.... did you guys go back to the same Plastic Surgeon? or did you seek another Plastic Surgeon to get the look your trying to accomplish... if you did go back to your original PS how did you tell him you want much bigger without offending him? im stressing out because i feel like if i tell him im unhappy with my results he will take it a wrong way...

Sooo im officially going bigger... over the...

Sooo im officially going bigger... over the weekend i ended up emailing one of dr. berlets assistant and i expained the situation over email so its so much easier to talk to them over email than in real life being that im a shy person.. and im so very glad that i did that because when i went in for my appointment today they brought me in the room before seeing my doctor and i ended up asking to talk to the assistant that i spoke too.. she was such a sweetheart and i felt more comfortable telling her that i want to go bigger and showing her pictures that i brought in to show them exactly what i wanted.. so when the doc came in they both looked at my chest ( this doctors office is more like a sophisticated older clientel btw) and they were both like how my chest looked wonderful so and so forth and i agree with them my doctor did an amazing job!! but its not the look i was looking for. i explained to them that the look was just tooo natural for me and that if im going to have implants i want implants so when i showed my doctor the pictures he said ahh you want to really have them huh and i said yes!! and i was like i rather you tell me you cant do it than do it and im not happy with the results.... he ended up saying that he can do it he just needs to change the profile to high profile ( i have profile plus) and at first he was like we need to do a 550cc and thats when the assistant looked at him and said she is already a 475cc.. the doc was surprised because as i thought it doesnt look like i have 475ccs so he was like well then were going to have to go up to at least 650 to 700 ccs high pro to get the look i want but he wants my current implants to drop more before switching them hence why my surgery date is may 3rd.... so im going back on april 18th to determine the exact size im getting and im also going to ask him about the insertion site, im scared that if we do the crease inscision my existing scar is going to get worse so im going to see if it would be better to get them put in under the armpit but we shall see!.... oh and the best thing of all is that he is NOT charging me anything what so ever on his part... the only thing i have to pay is for the implants and i have to pay for the anesthesia and the surgical center but the inital 4500 he would normally charge ontop of all of that he said he will not charge me anything at all.... My doctor truly cares about my happiness and the staff is amazing and far from judgeful so far i have nothing but nice things to say about them. they are very understanding!! so im very happy right now and now im going to have to decide what cc i want and its hard because i dont want to go tooo big but i dont want to not be satisfied .. i definitly know im switching to high profile and staying under the muscle but my ccs im still unsure :/

Hey girls so im just about two months post op and...

hey girls so im just about two months post op and my incision scars are a bit raised.. did anyone look like this and later have them flatten out? i sent pics to my PS and they said that they look normal and that it will eventually flatten it just takes time.. i been useing scar cream and i just orderd curade advanced strips heard they work good. would i be able to ask my PS to cut out the bumps during my second surgery in may? i just hope they start to flatten! any advice would be great!!

Well a lot happend since last time i posted... i...

well a lot happend since last time i posted... i am exactly 2 months and 2 weeks since my surgery. originally i was going to go back to my original surgeon and from one of my previous posts he was only charging me 4k (for implants and anesthesia/surgical center) but after doing research i found out he went through litigation for $800,000 and that scared me... dont get me wrong he did a wonderful job on my implants. the size was my fault i told him i wanted to be a full d and supposedly thats what he gave me but like we all know our bodys are different and the same size implant can look ten times bigger on one girl than another... as you can tell from my wish pics i wanted them much bigger than i got and he was very kind to not charge anything on his part however after finding that piece of information out im scared i wont get such lucky results the next time... plus the fact my scar incisions are still red hard and bumpy as my pics show they have not changed at all and i used everything from bio oil to curad strips and scar guard but with that being said i decide im switching my doctor to doctor michael gartner located in paramus nj.... dr gartner specializes in breast augmentation where as dr berlet specialzes in the face and skin... i had my consulation with dr. gartner yesterday and i explained to him about my situation and initially i was going for 700cc HPs UNTIL he looked at my breasts and examined them and told me that i have plenty of extra skin and fitting 700s would not be a problem and he said i can even go up to the highest mentor silicones make which is the 800cc HP and he told me that he will excise the existing scars and make new ones and that he will not have to make the scare any larger since "the scar made for 475cc was made bigger than what he normally does" his exact words lol and the thing that really sold me was i stressed to him about my scars turning hypertrophic again and he told me not to worry and that if they end up healing the same way he will start scar treatments with me such as shots and what not to make them as invisible as possible..... so my surgery date is still the same which is may 3rd so im very happy about that. bad news is there is no discount for implant exchange its still the same price as a regular breast augmentation which is 7750 when all said and done :( unfortunatley i didnt find him the first time however i rather spend the extra 3 k and feel confident and safe rather than taking more of a chance and wasting more money . so my breast will be a total of 16,550!!! thank god for care credit haha only reason why im not hesitant with it is because dr. gartners office offers 18 month non interest financing so its really not that bad and hopefully the end result of my second BA will be worth it ! anywho ill keep you all posted :)

Taking down pics for now.. ill repost after my...

taking down pics for now.. ill repost after my revision

Hey girls, I know I said I would repost after I...

hey girls, I know I said I would repost after I had my revision but I just wanted to stress to women who are in new jersey thinking of getting a breast augmentation to stay away from dr berlet.. I was just searching through realself and another patient of dr. berlet had a problem just like me... im just doing this because I would wish I would have read something bad about him before going there.. he will seem super nice and knowledgeable at your consultation and don't get me wrong he is is nice man but not so great plastic surgeon.. as I said before he was sued for an obscene amount of money in 2009 and he is very expensive 9k!! so beware so you don't waste your money and have to start from square one all over again

I forgot to mention my scars are horrible still...

I forgot to mention my scars are horrible still raised red and hypertrophic and I have no feeling in my left nipple at all and I have ongoing pain in both breasts :( cant wait for my revision!

Hey girls so I am no longer going to be writing on...

hey girls so I am no longer going to be writing on this page.. I made a new page with current results! check it out :)

Will periodically post up to date pics of how im...

will periodically post up to date pics of how im lookin but posting updates will be on other page :)) so happy with results so far!!
Clifton Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner is my new doctor.... ratings are invalid to further notice!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just stopping by to wish you The Best of LUCK tomorrow.
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Two more days uhfectionate89!!!! Cant wait to hear your results with Dr. Gartner!!!! Good Luck!!!
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thank you hun!! ill try to post pics that day haha im actually going to start a brand new page so im sure youll see it haha... I just read your posting and the feeling your feeling is totally normal cuz I was the same way but when the week of your surgery comes your going to get ten times more excited.. just stick with positive thoughts that's all you can really do. we have a great doc who does millions of these things haha so no worries and I was smart and did my research on him including background check and he is completely clean no history of anything bad happening so just be excited.. were going to get boobies!!!
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Girl I did the same thing. I did a complete back ground check LOL!!! Its in my nature to not trust hahaha. But thats what made it easy to choose him as my PS. He didnt rush me on making a decision and thats what I liked. I started my healthy eating today (I didnt really eat bad but God knows I didnt get my veggies in. And tomorrow I quit smoking Ugh. But Im looking forward to getting healthier so thats the positive side then comes the boobies YAH!!!
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U took pics down?
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yeah I will be reposting my pics from before any bas , when I had it done with dr berlet and my final results after I have procedure done on may 3rd
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Incisions look pretty good to me!
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Too funny! Today was the first day I could begin massaging Bio Cream into my scar area, so I was paying very close attention to how the scars look 10 days post-op. Then, I saw your post and looked at your pics and was so encouraged by how great they look! I can only imagine how much better they're going to look with a bit more time, but I know how challenging being patient can be! I'm going to be referring back to your pics before the week is out, hoping to look that good!!! And, congrats! Your girls are looking really great!!! So happy for you! :)
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hey hun hows the recovery going?? sorry i just realized in my scar pics i put up 2 weeks but i really meant 2 months... unfortunatley by now i thought they would look much better then they do being those pics were taken today (2 month post op) but your right i have to be patient
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They will eventually flatten. I have scars from other surgeries and it took time but they flattened and lightened over time. I actually posted pics on my review of my scars. I'm 2 months out along with some old scars for comparison.
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thank you!! i just checked out your posting you look great!! your scars are hardly noticeable!! im just worried about how raised and bumpy they are being this far along :/
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I said I would rather be slightly on the bigger size than too small, I am happy I went bigger than my Dr wanted to, he said C's and I said no way at least a D, so he said he would go as big as he could and still look natural, I am so thrilled, I am so happy for you, usually people are upset that they didn't go big enough and rarely that they went too big (in my personal experience)
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aww im so happy your happy with your results that doesnt happen very often lol and your right majority of the people complain that they shoul have went bigger like my situation unfortunatly but im just thankful i have an understanding PS i guess the only thing im worried about now is getting stretch marks lol!
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you look amazing! i just had dr. b do a tummy tuck 4 wks ago and he did a fantastic job; i am healing with no complications so far and hardly any swelling. i agree, the staff is sooo wonderful to deal with!!
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Im so happy that your healing is going smoothly!! yes the staff is so helpful and curteous and non judgeful which i love and dr berlet does a fantastic job!! hows the scar with the tummy tuck??
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thanks! so far so good; i don't really know what to expect but there's no drama, so that's good i guess! still very swollen below belly button area, but hopefully that will subside within a couple of months. but have already lost 7 lbs. & 4 inches so i'm thrilled with that. thanks dr. b!!
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awww im so happy that your happy with your results and no drama is def good!! congrats on your weight loss and the swelling will take months to go down just be patient even though its hard lol
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Wow round 2 huh? Interesting. How will that effect your current crease incisions? Is it sane recovery time or different since its like a revision. Don't get me started. I'm going to roll with what I have but I know the next time I will go with the mod + It's so funny to me cause I feel as if they are really mine. When I see my old pics of my saggy boobies I say daing whose boobs are those. Lol. Well I wish you all the best and hope you are satisfied with your round 2. That's great that you're just getting charged for implants. Keep us posted. It's crazy though because I'm in week 9 post op and my babies are still changing. When I shop and try on stuff they seem really big and look great in my new bikini I bought last night. Yours will change and drop more too I think before your round 2. Mine look very natural but not too much projection. But great when I need them to sit out there. Lol
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well im not sure how its going to affect my current crease hence why im going to talk to the doc and see if he thinks i should go through the armpit this time but we shall see and yes they are still in the dropping stage thats why he wants to wait one more month before he does the procedure but i honestly dont think their going to drop all that much... i havent even worn a bra yet and i dont think im even going to waste money on buying one. i went to vs and she measure me at a d which means my boobs will start to shrink and when all said an d i will be a full c plus victoria secret bras run small compared to normal ones haha... as i said i love the boobs their just too natural for me.. im young so i rather look "fake " now and look natural ten years from now.. i didnt spend all that money to look super natural haha
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Interesting. I was measured as 36DD at two weeks post op. I was afraid too that they would get smaller and I would end up a full D but these babies have not failed me. I wasn't massaging them that much in the beginning and at my 6 weeks post op appt my PS said to massage them 6 times a day for the rest of my life. But I'm going to go to Nordstroms and get measured today because it feels as if my babies wanna fall out of the 36DD and my measurement around is 42 -36= 6 which would mean 36DDD. I will check it and see. Well good luck whichever way you go.
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thanx hun!!
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The new wish pics look like they could be closer to mid 600 cc range. The profile also makes a different. You probably want to consider high profile this time.
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yup we already decided that were going to switch to HP and yes the girl in the blue bikini has 650ccs its just that being that im very wide you cant really go by ccs hence i have 475ccs currently and it looks no where near 475 ccs lol
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Well, you look great now and even with the increase, I am sure you will be even more amazed! Like you, I'm also getting a BBL next week, then I get my BA in July. I will continue following your journey.
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thats awesome who is doing your BBL?? just be prepared the pain from the BBL is no where near the pain from the Boob job... your doing it in the right order cuz after you get your BBL the BA is going to be a breeze like minimal to no pain cuz youll know whats coming haha the two cant even compare.. and dont be scared about 450 i think that would be a great size for you considering you dont want them as big as me but big enough to see a difference than thats the way to go also remeber if your getting it under the muscle you loose ccs!
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