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I've been considering Butt injections for over 6...

I've been considering Butt injections for over 6 years. I could never bring myself to get them because of how detrimental & deadly they were. Not to mention illegal & not FDA approved. So Brazilian Butt lift became my alternative & it soon figured out that this is exactly what I want. although I have an average petite frame I've never been happy. I've actually have been unhappy at who I saw in the mirror my whole life. I'm beyond ready for change.


Hey I'm new and I was scared about the same thing. I've seen so many botch jobs with illegal "doctors" that it had me scared to goto a real one. I'm going to Dr. Yily in DR and I'm soooo excited. what Doctor are you thinking about going to?
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I wanna go to her too but I have children to care for & not enuff vacation time to go out of town to bet it done. I was trying to find a great Doc here in Cleveland but I dnt see anyone posting about any docs in Cleveland.
I live in Philly and the only doctor that does BBL is Dr. Gabey but all the the ladies I've seen reviews on looks I wasn't impressed with so I'm going elsewhere.

Sooo.. I've had two over-the-phone consultations....

Sooo.. I've had two over-the-phone consultations. I've spoken with Dr.Green's office here in Cleveland & I would b lookin at an estimated 8000 to have my back, abdomen, & my sides liposucted & fat injected including anesthesia & evrythng needed in regards to the procedure. I also spoke with Dr. jimmersons office & for the same thng he wants around 10,000. I luv his work buying really can't afford to travel with my schedule. Idk what Im gonna do but I am scheduled to meet & speak wit Dr. Green next Thursday.. I'm actually excited because I've never heard a complaint about him ....


I will be having a tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and abs and fat from that transferred to my tush all from dr green. He was my third Cleveland consult and I met him and he is so nice. He is older and been practicing everything for a while. Also he using the fat grafting technique that the original guy who invented it does so I am faithful with him. Inbox me for any questions
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Have you seen pics of his bbl?
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I saw his ratings & peoples blogs & pictures & admired his work.

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