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Hello!! I have been reading posts on this site for...

Hello!! I have been reading posts on this site for about 5 months now. This website truly is a blessing. I feel like it's only fair that I give back and write a review about my mommy makeover experience.
The "Mommy Makeover" has been on my radar since the day I gave birth to my first son. (About 10 years ago!) How could I be so young and have a granny body?? Any ways, I gave birth to two more healthy active boys . I'm a 31 year old mommy of three wonderful boys. When I'm not taking care of the home or working in the salon, we are on the baseball field. I was absolutely nuts for scheduling this surgery in the middle of the season!!!
I started by Google -ing day in and day out all the information I could find about the procedure. Then after a few months of researching surgeons in Colorado I came across Dr. Rhee by word of mouth from a friend. I had three consultations with him. I felt like I would have more and more questions after each visit , and he was never opposed to see me again to discuss the surgery! My wonderful husband finally made all my dreams come true by agreeing to this life changing procedure and putting down the cash!! (He's just always worried about me!!)
I cleared my schedule at work for a month, made all arrangements for care afterwards for me and the kiddos (hubby had to leave for a business trip two days after surgery! ) and began the month long waiting game for the big day!
That month of April was like mommy makeover month. That's all I could possibly think about. It wasn't the surgery was all the crap afterwards that made me worry...running the household and what recovery was going to be like! I have read every kind of review on this site. So I felt prepared for just about anything. I realized it took three people to manage my day to day schedule with these boys of mine!!
I spent mommy makeover April gathering all my supplies. Thanks to all these reviews I kinda made up my own list.
Non stick Gauze pads
Laxative suppositories (trust me on this one!!)
Recliner (a MUST) I just have a nice leather one
Shower chair
All my prescribed meds
I'm not big on clutter and massive amounts of crap laying around. These are the only things I bought to prepare and it was perfect.
The week before surgery I was so on edge. I was a bear to be around. I'm usually happy go lucky!!
The night before surgery I didn't sleep a wink! Not one little wink. I guess it didn't matter, I was about to have a six hour nap in the OR. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30. My poor hubby was a nervous wreck. I was nervous but I think I was so ready to do the thing you know!! You get to that point where you've thought and thought and researched and's just time!
Whatever the hell the sleepy time doc gave me in my iv was fabulous. I had zero cares in the world . Before I knew it I was off to lala land and woke up with an amazing set of new boobies! (And a flat little tummy to go with it)
I stayed overnight at the hospital which was amazing. Highly recommend that. You have constant care and no worries . I can't imagine being home right after that surgery. Pain wise , I have a high tolerance for pain . I had three c sections and took Tylenol after with nothing else. With this surgery I did take dilaudid about every 4-6 hours and never had terrible pain. It was more uncomfortable than anything. Like super tight all through the front of my body. Weird to breath , but hey, with that reflection, I'll take it!!
Overall my recovery has been awesome. Little tiny bruising, incisions looks awesome, little pain, had fabulous bowel movements...super tight, super tired, weird pulling sensations. I wish all of you super happy, speedy, recoveries and may your mommy makeover dreams come true !!!!! Thankyou so much to real self for really preparing me for what to expect!!! Xoxoxo


Love your review. Love your attitude! Love your results:) What size bra were you preop and what size, type implants did you get. Boobies look great!
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Hi ! Thanks! I really feel like a positive attitude is key in life and that negativity can really affect your own experience . I choose to focus on how freakin awesome this has been!!! Yay!! I was a small sad B before, I think I'm somewhere around a D right now. I haven't tried on any real bras yet. Dr. Rhee was aiming for a D. He used 360 cc silicone smooth round moderate classic. I wish you the very best!
U look fabulous.
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I keep forgetting to take a peak at my new self right when I wake up . That was my mission this morning. I'm 9 days post and WOWZA! !! My tummy is so flat and my girls and looking so good!!!! Happy Wednesday friends !


You look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your journey!
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Aw thanks!!! It is so mind blowing to me that I spent 10 years in the gym working out and being healthy and was never happy with myself....until I realized that a bit of surgery could finally give me that reflection I've been wanting so bad!!! That is my revelation of the day!!
You do look great already! Thank you for paying it forward and starting your story here on RealSelf. I'll look forward to your updates as you continue to heal. You must have a lot of help taking your boys to the baseball field this month! I know how much time that can take.
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To the Doc...

Although most everyone complains about compression garments...I think it's way more comfy then that hospital binder. I went to see Dr. Rhee today and got my garments as well as sutures removed from nipple and under my breasts. Everything looks good!!
I am way happy about this compression garment because of how much better it looks under clothes. Have to wear it for one month....ready, set, go.


The incision line is so low and everything looks awesome. Good for you!
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Wow you look amazing already!! I love how positive you are! I am much the same way, no sense spending your life looking at the glass as half empty:) Keep up the good healing and keep us posted. I'll be checking in on your journey!
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Positivity goes a long way! Of course you feel like crap after surgery....but I have wanted this for so long, I choose to focus on all the positive. I have taken it one minute, one hour, one day at a time. I just really can't believe that I'm looking at MY body in the mirror!!!! I wish you the very best in life :)

Good weekend, Very emotional

So most everything you read in all these reviews can be applied to your individual situation in some way! I was so emotional this weekend! Days 12 and 13 and probably today as well! #1) I started my period #2) I'm thinking it's a sign my body is ridding itself from all the heavy meds #3) my stupid achilles flared up!
Prior to surgery I have been battling achilles tendonitis. It reared it's ugly head last night. Can't walk without my boot. So frustrating. I know it only lasts a few days but I am feeling so good post op I'm ready to join humanity again. I see ortho on Thurs and start anti inflammatories and PT hoping to get rid of it once and for all.
I'm a super positive person, and the emotional period still came to visit. Cried watching JT last night on Oprah. ...strange . He is so dreamy though.
Update on my fabulous MM: 2 weeks ago today! I'm barely sore at all today. My hubby made me laugh so stupid hard yesterday and I'm still not sore today. My girls look amazeballs. My swelling has really gone down today. Still in love with my new reflection! Hope for some new pics today


Don't be do hard on yourself! You've just been through a very emotional and physical transformation, so it's natural to be a little emotional at times. I'm sure this too shall pass. You're doing amazing!
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I'm so jealous that you have no bruises!! I am still bruises everywhere. LOL happy healing!!
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I suck at selfies!

Today was a big day! I showered without feeling super uncomfortable taking off my cg. I had if off for about 30 minutes and was able to stand and breathe normal! Still swollen right around my incision, but way smaller than last week! Yay!
Took some selfies. Loving how I look in clothes! ( And out of clothes! Ha!) But I really suck at naked faceless selfies! Also, I never thought I would love my tt scar....but it's weird cause I do! I think it looks perfect and thin. I'm only 2 weeks and a few days and it already looks that good! Dr. Rhee has mad skills and so much talent. My bruising and scaring was so so minimal. He's a true artist!


I completely agree - in the scar category you do have a great one and eventually it will be barly noticable.
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It's so exciting! I never really gave the scars much thought.

better picture

A better picture of my new friends.....I love them!!!


My PS warned me about the post op "depression". I would not consider it depression but definitely emotional!! I am 5 weeks post op and still can get emotional (more than my usual). You look great and I agree your scar looks amazing!!
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For sure! Definitely not "depressed" with this new body! But I am so weepy about everything. Overwhelmingly thankful for every part of my life :) do you feel "normal" or close to at 5 weeks?
Each week I feel more normal. :) I still get teary more easily than before. I now tear up because I really don't want to go back to work!!

3 weeks post op!

Monday marked three weeks in my new body. It's funny to show my girlfriends my before pictures . I guess they all assumed I just had a rockin bod, but it's amazing what you can do with a pair of cutlets, designer jeans and a good bra. But those days are over friends . No more illusions! I finally look how I've always wanted.
I went to see Dr. Rhee yesterday. It's hard to express to your surgeon what this surgery has really done for you without being mushy and probably weird for him! But every time I see him I get emotional. Maybe it's the results, or the amazing care I received or both. I cannot ever thank him enough.
He removed all my glue from my incisions. They look amazing. Now starting with scar care. He gave me a few creams and potions to try.
I really really struggled with breast size. It took three app with him to figure out what I truly wanted and I am happy to say I think we nailed it. I started by saying I wanted just a lift and a small amount of volume ....but that was what I thought my husband wanted . So when I really truly thought about what I wanted, it was a much bigger size. I'm a curvy girl, I'm am so so so happy I listened to my inner self. I started wanting 250 cc and ended up with 360cc. Perfect. They're coming along nicely!!

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Still swollen in the tummy tuck scar, but in the morning I have a line that runs down the middle of my tummy! I've never had a line !!!!!!

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a few things...

I keep forgetting to mention a few noticeable differences about Dr. Rhee ' s method of care.
#1) I didn't ever have to walk hunched over !!!! That's a huge difference from other surgeons. He said it was something he did with my incision, not quite sure why
#2) I can already wear a real bra!!! Yiippeee
#3) he used glue for my incisions , not steri strips. Thank God. I had steri strips for my c sections and they're aweful.


Amazing journey
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Thankyou! Happy to share :) about this little beauty?

So I don't think I've ever really liked myself in a bathing suit! Until now!! It's always been because of my friends up top. Well not anymore. Cannot wait to sport this little number at the pool in a few weeks! ( lucky for me I live in colorado so I get a few more weeks of tummy recovery till its pool season)
Monday marked 4 whole weeks since my mommy makeover! Today is my first day back to work. My clients are begging for my return. There's hair to be done people!! I feel really really good the past few days. Not as tired. The exhaustion was definitely my biggest issue. Getting less every day. My tummy is still tender. My girls have weird feeling every now and then. Realized I cannot wear most of my old shirts. It's time for more fitted tops! (Or else I look like I'm wearing a tent!) Happy healing friends !!


You are rocking that suit! Wow! Gorgeous!
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You look hot in that bathing suit. Lots to be happy for!
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Rock it girl! How awesome is it to look in the mirror in your beautiful, sexy bathing suit and love what you see!!!!! Very cute suit. Where'd yea get it?
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Back to work!

I'm a part time stay home mommy and a part time stylist. Yesterday was my first day back to work and it went great! I was worried about how it would go, but other than some tugging and pulling at the end of the went pretty smooth. I wasn't even exhausted. Not a ton of swelling either! Continuing my mommy role was much harder actually! I think after this point, it's just gonna be the day to day grind and my results will just get more and more amazing.
It's weird not seeing Dr. Rhee and his staff! I don't see them again till end of june. I got so used to seeing them over and over again.


omg. your progressing very well already..... i'll keep myself posted on your progress
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You look awesome in that bathing suit, love it! Glad you were able to return to work without any major exhaustion or melt-downs. LOL at your "tent" reference. You hit that on the head, so true!
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Thanks so much! I really really love the color!

5 weeks!

5 weeks post op today! Now that I have started back to work, days fly by. My energy levels have come back significantly. I'm no longer exhausted at the end of the day. I noticed that changing last week. I have an hour glass figure in the mirror! Yay for that! My girls have settled alot this week. Less and less swelling every day.
My PS cleared me for light cardio at week three. So this week I have actually stepped it up and am breaking a sweat during my workout. I started with 30 minutes and have worked up to add 15 minutes of resistance too. Yay! Makes me happy to workout again.
Had a little retail therapy today....first time shopping with the girls. Super fun.


It excites me that you have full energy at week 5. I have to admit that I'm feeling better in the evenings these days too. I think some of it is the pain killers, they really zonk you out. Did you buy anything today or just try things on to see how the new breasts looked? I would love to see a new nude photo of your breasts to see how they've progressed from your 3 week photo. Seeing your breasts (and a few other ladies) is now making me wish I had gone a touch larger. But then I'd probably fuss over them sagging.
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Hi! I definitely had a hard time choosing breast size. I did NOT want to end up saying "I wish I'd gone bigger"! I started by wanting 275 cc and ended up with 360. I tried those darn sizers on three times. I am super happy with my decision . I'll post a 5 week photo in just a bit. I agree, the drugs definitely affect your energy level. Also, my surgery was 6 hours long so being under for that amount of time messes you up big time! Where are you in your recovery?

5 week pics

New pics for five weeks. I also got a new garment without the shorts and suspenders. I can actually wear summer clothes now!!

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o. m. g.

Woke up to this reflection yesterday!!! Yay! Tummy is looking better than ever!! 5 1/2 weeks post.

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Fun before and after!


Wow! You look amazing! With each new pic you just keep looking better. Very nice!
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U look good girly what size implants did u go with
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Hi! 360 cc moderate classic. Gives more cleavage as apposed to outward projection. I have an extremely convex torso . High profile would look ridiculous!

8 weeks!

Time really flies after a certain point in your recovery. 8 weeks since my surgery as of Monday! I had my last post op today with Dr. Rhee. I felt like he was sending me off into the world with my new body and a new perspective. bitter sweet. The whole experience from start till now was so smooth and drama free.
I never really had any pain, just discomfort. I was exhausted afterwards for quite some time. I would do it all again tomorrow if I had to. I really consider this such an amazing experience and life changing. My self esteem is through the roof!! I wish you all the very best. Hope my little slice of the story could possibly give someone hope that this could be not as scary as others have made it sound..... find the right doctor, be healthy, and take time for yourself. Xoxoxoxo


You look amazing!! I am having a mini TT with muscle repair and BA July 16. Do you have a full TT or mini? My surgeon said I would not have to walk hunched over after either:) He must do the same thing as yours.
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Hi! I had a full TT for sure! Lots of damage from big huge babies. Not walking hunched over for a few weeks will make a huge difference in your recovery. GOOD LUCK!!
Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! Great procedure pictures. Meticulous. Measured at every single consult! Awesome attention to detail and never felt rushed or annoyed by questions over and over again. Amazing results! Everything about my experience at Dr. Rhee ' s office - the office itself, the staff (so friendly, caring, helpful!) my results! - top notch, 5 stars across the board. I am beyond happy with Dr. Rhee and his practice!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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