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Giving Myself a New Belly for my 35th Birthday!!! -

I'm a 34 yr old mother of 3. I started having kids...

I'm a 34 yr old mother of 3. I started having kids young, so my body bounced back after my first child. No such luck with the next two, the last of which I had 8 months ago. I had my first consultation with Dr. Stoeckel last week for tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and upper and lower back. I was a little surprised at the cost because of so many reviews I've read on here where the price was much cheaper. Anywho, he didn't sugar coat it one bit! I need to lose weight before the surgery! Ugghhhh!!!! At 5'1, 190 lbs, I would not be able to get optimal results from surgery alone. So now I'm on a journey to try to lose as much weight as possible before August, because I'm having the surgery either way. Because anything would look better than what I do now! I'm going with August because my birthday is in November and I'm going out of the county and I needs to look SEXY!!! I want to give my body a chance to heal before my trip. Any suggestion on how to get motivated to lose this weight would be greatly appreciated. More to come...

New Doc...maybe

So, I have been stalking this website daily and decided to think outside the box and look into going to Miami for surgery. Tonight I had a phone consultation with Dr. Salzhauer, and I must say, I'm very excited! He has awesome reviews and he made me feel really confident that he can make me look exactly how I imagined. He did say I need to lose a few pounds, but nowhere near as much as Dr. Stoeckel. I'm waiting to hear back from his office regarding price, but if his numbers are right, Miami here I come!!!!

Surgery Scheduled With....

I did it! I made the choice to go with Dr. Salzhauer at Bal Harbour!!!! I paid my deposit and scheduled my TT and Lipo for August 1, 2014. I decided that, even with the cost of travel, I would still come out cheaper than having the surgery locally. Now I have to get serious about losing weight. Since I have scheduled a date, I guess it's time I post some before pics...

Surgery less than a month away...

So, my surgery is scheduled for August 1st and I still need to lose 15 lbs! Any last minute suggestions? Help! Also, I know some of you ladies have posted lists of items that you used post op but I don't know where to find them. I'd like a list of only things you actually used. I don't want to waste money on stuff I don't need. Thanks!

Wish Pic

Maaaannn! If I could have this waist to hip ratio, you wouldn't be able to tell me (or my hubby) NOTHING!!! Lol!

Six More Days To Go!!!!

Ok, so much has gone on since I posted my initial review. First off, I had to send Dr. Salzhauer a text message about a month ago and confess that I had actually gained weight since my initial consultation. He texted me back later and told me to call the office and ask them to right me a prescription for some diet pills. I almost started shouting!!!! Lol! I ended up losing 15 lbs on the diet pills. Of course, at your pre-op appointment, they tell you that you have to stop taking all supplements, including diet pills. I was cool with that though because I was going to use my last 10 days before surgery to so the 10 day green smoothie cleanse. Well, I might be the only person in history to gain weight on this diet, but I picked up 3 lbs in 3 days!!!! Ugghh!!! Now, I have to try to get down 9 lbs by August 1st.

On top of that, my best friend, who is my travel buddy/nurse, was just offered a new job and guess when they want her to start...July 31! Man, stressed is not a good enough word to describe how I'm feeling right now! My husband had taken off work to stay home with our kids because we don't have anyone to take them for 9 days. I'm struggling to try to work something out at the last minute. We are not prepared to spend the extra $400 to get him there, plus pay someone to watch our kids, on top of paying daycare for a full week for my 1yr old.

On another note, I am super excited that my date is so close! Everyday I look at my belly and reassure myself that Rasputia will be gone soon! Thank the Lawd!!!! ***praise break*** LMAO!!!

Day 3

I had my surgery on Friday and today I've been well enough to walk around. I hate taking prescription pain meds so the extra strength Tylenol had been working well for me today. Doing my belly, sides, back, and arms all at the same time may have been a bad idea. Especially since my friend is very little help. She wouldn't even help me wash up today. I wish my husband were here with me. I guess I'm just home sick... On another note, my results are good so far. Of course I'm still swollen but I can really see a difference. I'll try to post pics soon. My follow-up appointment isn't until Friday. Uuugghhhh!!! I hope my drains can come out so I can go home.


Please excuse the dirty compression socks. They only gave me one pair and I'm so afraid a blood clot will rush straight to my brain if I take them off. Lol! I can't wait to see myself with the full garment off. Anybody know how soon I can shower? I've been "washing up" daily but I'm def ready to shower!

My View

I really want to go to the beach!!!

One thing I wished I had picked up before hand...

Hey ladies! I'm feeling so good today! So much so that I took a walk on the strip today. I may have over extended myself though because my back was so sore that I had to take a shuttle back to the hotel. Anywho, the reason I went out was to get the dreaded yeast infection cream. I know, tmi, but being that you are on antibiotics, if you are not staying hydrated, chances are, you will get a yeast infection. I wish I had gotten a Diflucan from my Dr because the cream is messy. Please keep this in mind. Peace out!


First bare belly pic

I still have a lot of swelling but I think I'm going to be super happy with my final result!!!!

Family Reveal

Hello ladies! Today I went to my cousin's going away party and lots of my family members who had not seen me since my surgery were there. Needless to say, they all noticed the difference. Some were happy for me, some were haters. Either way, I knew I looked good!!!!

I think I have a New obsession with leggings...

I'm still swollen but I know I'm 100% better than I looked before! I'm wearing the cardigan to cover up my arm garments. Did I mention how much I hate that thing? It squeezes my boobs flat like pancakes and they are super right on my arms!

Small Victory for Me

Hello ladies! I just wanted to share a happy moment with you guys. I bought this shirt in 2012. Got home and tried it on and guess what? I couldn't even button it! I had planned to sell it at a Yard Sale, but I liked it so much I figured I'd hold on to it until a miracle happened and I could fit it. So as I was getting my clothes out for work this morning, I ran across it in my a drawer and figured I'd try it on. Now, it's still a tad tight across the back, but I could button every...single...button!!!!! The cost of the shirt in 2012=$12.99. Finally being able to wear it in 2014=priceless!

Feeling a little discouraged...

As I've said before, I've been wearing some sort of garment for at least 23 hrs a day since surgery. Friday made 4 weeks post op for me and I'm starting to think my result won't be what I expected. My stomach is still big. I think it's actually getting bigger each day. Early on I was excited about my results, now my body is starting to make me sad. I bought some really cute new jeans today. I had my spanx on when I tried them on. When I got home, I decided that I would wear them without it, since it seems like I should be able to go a few hours in a day without it. Boy was I wrong, by the time I got where I was going, I was embarrassed by my outfit because my shirt was fitted and you could see my stomach. When I wear a garment under my clothes, they look great, but I thought the point of spending all of that money was so I wouldn't have to keep wearing shape wear. Plus, I haven't heard anything from the Dr's office since the beginning of week 2 post-op. Although I have been able to text Dr. Salzhauer and get short responses. I wish he were closer so I could have a face-to-face follow up with him. But, even if he thought I needed a revision, I wouldn't be able to afford to go back there because I don't have the time or the money. I honestly do want to stay positive, but it's really hard to when I'm starting to hate the way I look. Oh, and did I mention how bad the skin on my arms and back hurt?! I had lipo to my upper back and arms and the only difference I see is that I now I four scars that I have to constantly try to hide, two of which show outside of tank tops. My skin is so tender, I can't even enjoy hugs from my husband and kids. ... My arms look EXACTLY the same way they did before. Can you say $500 wasted?!...

First day at the gym...

I decided to take the day off work so I went with my husband to the gym. Twenty minute brisk walk on the treadmill then some circuit training for arms and legs. I tried to work abs but I was nervous so I didn't do the crunches. My husband was proud of me because I really pushed myself. I was a little intimidated by the girls who work at the gym with their 0% body fat. But then I looked in the mirror and saw how far I've come. Plus I live my curves! My husband would probably leave me if I lost my hips and thighs! Lol!

Scar and Belly Button

Waist Measurement

Last October I joined a weight loss challenge and I had to send in my measurements. At the time I had a 42"waist. Decided to take my current measurement to see the difference. 34"!!!!!!!! Yaaaassssss hunty!!! If I can get a 30" waist to go with these 45" hips my head might explode because I will truly be the Shiz-ny-ee!


Going to the Domincan Republic in about a month and a half with my husband. I want to surprise him with a new sexy swimsuit but I can't decide which one I want. Which one do you ladies think? Note: the one in the middle costs about 1/4 of the price of the other two...


Not sure why pics didn't load....

I'll try one more time

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salzhauer seems genuinely concerned about making people beautiful. I'm so excited to go to him because I feel that he can give me the best results. I don't have unrealistic expectations. No I will not look like Beyoncé when this is over, but I think he will make me a more beautiful me and that's all I can ask for!

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Your results look fabulous! I can't wait to have mine done in December. Did you have a lot of pain? Where did you purchase your postop garment? As for the swimsuits, I like the one to the far right, which is probably the most expensive, me knowing my taste.
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Thank you! The swelling is worse than the pain. Just take it easy for the first few weeks. All of my post-op garments came from Target. And yes ma'am, you are correct. The suit on the right is the most expensive! Good luck to you. I'll be sure to follow your journey.
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I love#2 it may also conceal the scar the best, Very SEXXY Bathing suits! You're gonna LOVE DR!
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You look great! I love number 3!!! Wooo hooo .... don't show your husband until you're down there! It's getting hot in the DR :)
  • Reply
I like all three!!!!! Of u order one soon enough..when. u get it home and try it on if u need a different size or design u can seen it back. So go on an order one!!! They all sexy u going to look great! And u know we want to see pics!
  • Reply
The two on the outside are custom so they take longer to ship. The one in the middle is super cute and cheap so I think it might be the winner. I'll post pics as long as I don't look cray cray! Lol!
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You look great. Go with the middle suit, super sexy.
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I think that's the one I'm going to go with! Thanks!!!
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You look great, congratulations on a successful transition!
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Thanks doll! I'll be following your journey.
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Congrats Girl! You look really good! I hope my results come out like yours for my body shape is curvy size "14" which is fine but this waist and lower back fat must go LOL......Oh and let the haters hate....they be alright!
  • Reply
Thank you! I'm currently a curvy 12. I want to lose a few pounds but I'm afraid to lose hips and but!!! Lol!
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It's was a major surgery so your healing takes time. Don't be filling down from the women in the gym , you will be working probably even better than they are. Im happy you took the first step just attending the gym so be HAPPY , with your progress . I wanted to tell you UR husband is the best workout partner to have.
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Thanks for your kind words. My husband is awesome! I used to complain when we would work out together. Now that we've spent all this money, I don't want it to be in vain. Plus he is genuinely proud of me when I push myself in the gym. He's a runner and he once told me that he wished I liked running too so this could be something we enjoy doing together. Maybe one day...
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Hilarious In my Funky Divena...and Lilscappy voice =). U look good!!
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Thanks Hun! I know you are counting down the days until your surgery! I'm so excited for you!
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I think you look great!!! I was reading your updates about feeling like you've gotten bigger but it's just swelling - can last up to 6 months and sometimes longer. Don't overdo it with the exercise and definitely don't try crunches yet!!!
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Looking good! !
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Congrats on the workout,good for you. keep i tup :) TGIF!
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LOL! You go girl. That's great that you are getting to the gym. You should know that none of those girls have 0% body fat. We only need to compete with the woman we were the day before and you are in way better shape than her.
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Thanks doll! And yes, I am much better than I was before!
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Thank you for sharing updates! You look great! I amm considering Dr. S. Is your TT scar low? Do you like the shape of your bb? Is the scar hidden? If u r comfortable, do u mind posting pics of your scar and bb? I wish you all the best to your recovery :)
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Just posted the best pic of scar and belly button that I have.
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Thank you! Your scar is very low and your BB looks very natural! Congratulations!!! I am sure once the swelling goes down you will be so happy! :)
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I wish the best for you. I can empathize about the scars on arms. I have 4 scars&the left is more prominet. I haven't tried any scar creams but maybe I should. I truly hope by month 2 you have a change of heart&are Amazed with your new body. prayers&positvite thoguhts. stay hopeful.
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