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24 Year Old Mother..ready for a Change - Cary, NC

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for soooo long. I...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for soooo long. I had my daughter almost 6 years ago and it changed my body a lot especially my tummy. Pre pregnancy I weighed 115 5'0" tall so of course being this small and petite changed after I had the baby. I am now 160 pounds but the weight is in all the right places except the loose skin around my belly button. I hate it soo much. It is so embarrassing but everyone keeps telling me "girl ain't nothing wrong withyour stomach" I finally decided that I was going to schedule a consultation but did research on three doctors by reading reviews experience and before and after pictures. I ran across Dr Stoeckel from Cary NC and fell in love with his work. I scheduled a consultation on Jan 16 2014 and upon walking in the office everyone was so nice and they already knew who I was before I even told them. My boyfriend went with me and he too was impressed by the office setup and the friendly staff. Dr. Stoeckel was very friendly and explained everything well. He showed pictures of people with similar body shapes and their results. He also to several pictures of me and decided that either a tummy tuck or lipo would work. My mother told me that he was gonna look at my stomach and say "girl u don't need it just go home and do some sit ups" lol . After the consult the patient coordinator Janell met with me in another room and reviewed forms and pricing and told me to send a email or call when I was ready to schedule the surgery along with a $500 deposit. I am so anxious for a better body


I'm 5'0 too! My surgery is in mid-February. Can't wait to hear more about your experience!
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Also, you are absolutely gorgeous!!!
Lol we are short lol...i will be updating soon I'm so excited. I'm hoping to see your results and updates

March 4: Birthday and Surgery date

I am excited about my surgery which is scheduled for my birthday ...yayy. Don't want to be in pain on mt bday but it will all be worth it. i paid my deposit today and my pre op appt is February 17. Omg i am sooooo excited because a chick gonna be BAD lol i already have the hips and booty but the small waist and flat stomach will top it off. my bf is ready as well. he's already tlkn about hiring help lol


Very pretty
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I'm 5'0 also..... gotta love us shorties! My surgery is February 28th ....38 days! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do! You look fabulous girl!
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Hey another shorty lol. we all go in around the same time . ready for your updates lol :)

body gon be right


U look Gud gurly I don't c a belly @ all
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Thanks. You can't really see it with my clothes on but i will post pics of my belly soon
We'll that's Gud I can't very lucky ur goin to look soo bootiful congrats

My Belly

Yes i do have a belly. everyone thinks i have no belly because. i hide it sooo well so here's a pic. its. not outrageously big but i do have loose skin..kinda embarrassed lol but hey this is why I'm getting the surgery :)


Your gonna look great keep us posted
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Thanks. i sure will
Awe, you're going to look hot, hot, hot! Smart to do this when you are young!
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Your waist is going to be so tiny! You are going to love it!
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I hope so. my waist now is 31 i hpe to be at least 28
I told u look Gud all ur doin is enhancing gurly
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officially obsessed: swimsuit shopping

Ok so am obsessed with this site and before abd after pictures. I've been online all day and looking at swimsuits i may look good in. I'm soo ready


Your body is fine. Your good looking, thick legs, ass & breast so after your belly done, your going to be 100%. Good Luck & looking forward to those Before & After pics.
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Thank you. i am very excited to have it done. can't wait to be flat lol
hey sis is lipo included in your tummy tuck quote?
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surgery canceled or maybe postponed

Sorry guys I really want to have this done but due to financial reasons I am goin to have to cancel the surgery.. :(


Ps also were they going to perform lipo on you as well ?
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So for $5,000 what were they going to do for u? Were they going to give u a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck and were they going to repair your stomach muscles as well? My reason for asking is because I'm seeing a lot of prices out here and wondering what r they getting for their money.
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A full tummy tuck no lipo
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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