What in the world was I so worried about?!?

I have wanted boobs from before I can remember. I...

I have wanted boobs from before I can remember. I have had three kids, breastfeed them all, and now they show some wear and tear ;) My husband and I decided we were done having children, I lost all but 10 pounds of the weight I wanted to (those are the vanity ones), so I thought this could not be a better time to get them. I am 35 years old, healthy, and was thrilled to get them until I ran across the breast explant community last night. Now I am getting concerned with my decision to get them. So my questions to this community would be, do you regret them? How long have you had them? Any advice for a newbie? Is it worth it?
I have chosen to get memory gel silicone, under the muscle, but am stuck on what size between 350cc and 400cc. My PS said I am borderline for a lift and it could go 50/50 needing one or not. Please help clear up my fuzzy head :)


I'm 7 months out and no regrets at all. Every day I am grateful that I did this for myself. Most women have a good experience with it. I'm 39 and 3 kids also. Best thing I've done for myself in a loooong time. Also, go with 400!!! You want the largest your PS recommends. They are worth every single penny!!
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Thank you so much for the reassurance!! I overthink everything!! Do you think it's a big deal that my PS has only been ASPS certified for two years, he has been practicing for 7 years.
All I know is that my surgeon does the most in the country (practically) and he came highly recommended by a good friend who had other friends who had successful surgeries with him. I know of a friend who went out on her own with the consults (many many consults but no personal recommendation) and she had to have a revision by another doc (double bubble -- she needed a lift and her doc didn't do that and put in smaller implants.)There's really no way to know for certain, I just recommend looking at his work, researching his patient reviews, and going with your gut. People mess up when they pick the cheapest quote, also.

Anybody with boobs like mine???

I was wondering if anyone had pre BA boobs like mine that had great results without a lift?!? Going crazy with the should I/shouldn't I get the procedure at all, wish my operation was not so much time after my consult because I have had entirely too much time to think!!

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Insane amount of research!!

I have done sooo much research on breast surgery, that I feel like I could answer any question that is posed to me from friends and family. I am feeling a lot more confident with my decision to get them, what kind to get, and what surgeon to use...I sent myself into a whirlwind of emotions and craziness there for a minute, I'm sure that's normal. Now I can start to look forward to my January surgery and hopefully my not-so-painful recovery *fingers crossed* Pre-op is one week from tomorrow, had to schedule it a bit early due to the holidays. I can't believe I am this close, I can feel my heart begin to speed up at just the thought :0 BTW I am sooooo thankful for this site!!!

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Decided to go with saline instead!

I just feel more comfortable with being able to adjust the size once inside, a smaller scar, and not having to get MRI's every five minutes :) I know they may not feel as natural, but I will have nothing to compare it to so hopefully it will not bother me. 4 weeks away..yeah!!

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To lift or not to lift, that is the question??

I am curious if anyone on here was borderline for a lift going into surgery and ended up not needing one after the BA only?? Please say yes, please say yes *fingers crossed* :)


I'm 7.5 weeks post op now and my doctor said I could use a lift but not required based on the look I was going for. I got 425/450cc hp saline implants. Good luck with your decision!
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Tomorrow is the big day

I can't believe that the day has finally arrived. I feel like a subject matter expert on breast augmentations due to the insane amount of research I have done on the topic. I have switched back and forth with everything so many times it would make your head spin. My final decision has been to go with 450cc, under the muscle, silicone. My stats are 5'2, 130 pounds, athletic build. I am so nervous right now I can barely think of anything to write. I have added the dreaded "before" pictures and I look forward to adding the after ones soon. See you all on the other side :)


Congrats ..did you go for the lift? Good thing is you can always go back for a lift later if they arte too saggy. I got a donut lift.mine were just a little saggy. I had a friend that was borderline and after she got her implants went back for the lift a couple months later because she didnt like her results
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No lift, thinking I might get away without on...crossing my fingers :)
Go girl, you'll be a happy lady with boobies Sooooo soon. Pain is only a state of mind ........;-) sorta.....Ok not really....but it's honestly not that bad.....
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I survived

I am sooo drugged right now that I can't go into detail about my experience, I will update you all in the next few days of my procedure. I can say that the whole thing could not have gone any better, and from what I can see, they look good. I'm too chicken to take the bra off yet lol. Just to clarify, I am a HUGE baby on pain and it is really not that terrible. I made it out to be much worse in my head. I just love the encouragement, advice, and support we give one an

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Oops i updated before I was finished

We give one another on this forum, *Hugs* to each and every one of you!! :)


Im debating if I want a lift. .but lifts seem like they cause more scarring
Exactly why I didn't want one. My surgeon suggested to get the BA first and see if I need one or not. It really depends on your measurements.
Men don't know pain really, till they've had babies..... so noooooooo never ;-) ......lol...yes pain sucks, but it'll be Sooooo worth it..... I see your out. Yipppppeeeeee, can't wait to see your after shots. Sleep time now for you....zzzzzzzzzzz

Boobies :)

The big reveal :)


Yipppppeeeeee look gorgeous, well done. Bet your happy as can be.
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Thank you!! I am super happy with the outcome, if only the pain accompanying it would go away!
Awesome result. You should be thrilled!
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Hi there side boob :)

I am seriously so happy I did this and I am thrilled with the results. Besides being sore and a little more tired, recovery is going quite well. Looking forward to the dropping and fluffing part, I'm ready for them to be squishy already ;)


It'll go away, but it's worth it don't you think? Every last cramp and stitch is all worth the results ;-)
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Totally agreed!! I got ahead of myself yesterday trying on old clothes and tried on one too many, I am soooo sore today. I looked at new bikinis online forever last night, thinking I'm gonna really enjoy summertime this year!!

2 weeks out tomorrow

I love the results!! I have no more pain during the day, occasionally some tightness but no pain. No more painful morning boob, I can sleep on my side, and they are getting softer daily. I could not be happier with the outcome! 475cc, silicone both sides with a dual plane lift :)

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Forgot to mention I have been working out doing cardio since Monday and I feel great. I was approved to do lower body exercises and will begin that again in about a week. If I feel a pulling of stretching during my workout, I stop doing that part but I do go very hard with cardio and he gave me the thumbs up to have a high heart rate.


Great Results! We Have The Same Surgeon & I'm Going Under The 28th Of Next Month! Thanks For The Review.
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He is the absolute best!! Good luck to you :)
You look so great for your two week update :) they are looking extremely natural which is the look I am going for :) congrats n I hope you continue to heal well !
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3 weeks

Still enjoying the new accessories :) morning tightness still exist and sometime I over do things and get a little sore but other than that, doing great!


You look fantastic! Congrats. Love the tat...too :)
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Thank you! I used to hide my tat a lot but I have a feeling it might get more exposure this summer ;)
And so it should ;)

Boobie greed :)

So I was getting a little boob greed thinking that my new boobs looked smaller than I wanted. When I told my husband this he sarcastically said that they were much too small and I should've gone with 1000cc instead; we were texting this back and forth. He asked if I wanted to see something and sent me this picture from his phone right before my surgery along with the picture of my last update. I smiled and said okay your right, their perfect!!


hi! what are your implants dimensions? projection, width and height? Thank you
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Congrats they look great, you have a very supportive husband.
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Congrats! They look great! How are you feeling? Updated pics/any update would be awesome! How do they feel?
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Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Not one single complaint!! Could he be anymore perfect?!? My breast augmentation was a very scary process for me and he handled it with kid gloves, I am sooo happy with my results!! Not only is he a fabulous doctor, but he is a fabulous person. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Dr. Stoeckel or his amazing staff...thank you so so much!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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