29 Years Old, Breast Lift and Lipo After 40 Lb Weight Loss - Cary, NC

I am 29 years old, 5'4, and 150 pounds. I have...

I am 29 years old, 5'4, and 150 pounds. I have lost 40 pounds in the past 3 years through diet and exercise, and over the past several months it has hit me that not only are my breasts not what they once were, I no longer remember what it was like to have pretty breasts. They are so saggy now that I feel like they look like udders on a cow. The skin on the upper pole is very crepey and wrinkly looking, sort of like a popped balloon. When I lay down on my back they nearly roll flat on my chest and dangle off my sides. I work out every day (high intensity intervals, step, T-25, spinning, circuits) and am in the best shape of my life. I want to look like the fit woman I am.

I realized that there's no reason I can't do something about this, and I found realself and began researching plastic surgeons in my area. I decided upon Dr. Stoeckel in Cary, NC.

I had my consultation with Dr. Stoeckel recently and have decided on a date in September for my surgery. I will be having a full breast lift with no implants. I would like to end up as a D, and Dr. Stoeckel thinks that I will likely end up as a D without a reduction because some tissue is inevitably removed in the lift. I am not looking forward to scarring or recovery, but after reading so many breast lift reviews and seeing so many transformations after successful breast lifts, I am SO excited to have this done. I can't imagine what it would be like to look in the mirror and see my breasts sitting higher and not like floppy bags on my chest.

In addition, I discussed the possibility of having some lipo done on my inner knees as well as saddlebags. Although I am in great shape, my lower body hangs onto its fat - I have my mom's genes to thank for that (thanks, mom). Dr. Stoeckel agreed that I could see improvements with inner knee lipo as well as lipo of my saddlebags. I also wanted him to lipo my calves, but he looked at my calves, felt them, and said they were just very strong and there was not enough fat there to be able to lipo them. (I disagree, I can feel lots of fat that just won't go away, but I guess you can't argue with a plastic surgeon, lol!) I don't know which I'm more excited about, the breast lift or the lipo.

Getting excited.

I am getting so excited for the surgery. I am thinking of asking Dr. Stoeckel about more lipo to my thighs. I know they will keep getting better the more exercise, but the fat on my legs is SO stubborn. I am also curious to see what he would say about doing a little lipo on my stomach. I am pretty sure I have some killer abs...somewhere under a few layers of flab, lol.

I have taken some more "before" photos.

Surgery's over...let the healing begin!

I had my surgery with Dr. Stoeckel yesterday. Everything went smoothly and I am at home healing now, taking Percocet every 4-6 hours as I am in quite a bit of discomfort. Now, where to begin....

I checked in at 12:30 yesterday and by 1:20 or so was meeting with the nurse, Emily, who took my vitals. Then the anasthesiologist, Linda, came in to talk to my mom and me and explained all of the drug cocktails I was going to get during the surgery. Then Dr. Stoeckel came in and marked me up with a permanent marker. The nurse then took me into the OR, where I got into a narrow little bed that was SO warm and cozy. It had lots of warm inflatable blankets on it that were amazing. They got me all tucked in - I was SO comfortable - and hooked the IVs up, and next thing I knew I was waking up from surgery and talking to Emily. She said it went very well and they removed a liter of fat. I think the surgery took about 3 hours.

My mom told me that when Dr. Stoeckel came out to talk to her after the surgery, he was smiling and excited that the surgery had gone so well, and he said I would be VERY happy with the results. He said he knew the results would be good, but that it turned out even better than what he had hoped. When he came to talk to me very briefly after the surgery, he told me the same thing and said I would feel like I had little implants. Needless to say, I am dying to see them.

After the surgery, I could not feel any pain in my breasts. On the hour drive home, however, my thighs were in a LOT of pain. I took a Percocet as soon as we got in the car on the way home, and when we got home I was still hurting. Dr. Stoeckel called to see how I was doing, and when I told him I was in pain and that the Percocet wasn't working, he told me to tough it out - lol. So I did.

Woke up at 6 am and this time my breasts were hurting. Took another Percocet and went back to sleep. Today, I am in mild pain all over. When I have been sitting for a while and then stand up, my legs say "OW, WE DIDN'T WANT TO MOVE!" My breasts feel very tender as well.

I get to take a shower tomorrow, so I am looking forward to taking this stuff off and seeing what I look like underneath all the bandages and compression garment.

A word on the compression garment: everyone acts like it's the worst thing ever, but it's not bad! The material is soft and it's actually quite comfortable. I don't even know I have it on. I guess maybe it's because I'm from the Spanx generation - I'm used to wearing tight things that suck you in. Dr. Stoeckel told me I needed to wear it 24 hours a day for the first 2 weeks, and then 12 hours a day for the next 12 weeks. I think I can handle that. I told him I was planning on buying a second one to wear while I cleaned this one, but he said that wasn't necessary - it would be OK to take it off for a few hours while it was being cleaned and that I could put a Spanx on during that time if it made me feel better. He said I would keep this post-surgery bra on for a week, and then I can switch to a sports bra but no underwires.

All in all, I don't regret this ONE bit and I am so excited to see my results!!!

I have added another set of pre-op photos here as well. I had my mom take some because the ones I took of myself and posted were not very good.

2 days post-op update

I got to take a shower today! When I took the gauze and bra off, I just stared and stared at my new breasts in disbelief. I can't believe they are MINE. It is definitely going to take some getting used to, but WOW, I love them!

I am very bruised from the breast lift. Before my surgery, Dr. Stoeckel told me he had intended to do just a vertical mastopexy but that he might add a short horizontal incision as well. I told him that would be fine, as I expected him to do that from the beginning. It appears from the scars that he did do a short horizontal incision. In one of the pictures it looks like a very long incision, but it's not - that's just bruising.

My breasts are very tender today. I took a Percocet at 7 am, 5 pm, and 10 pm today. I went out and about with my mom for a few hours earlier and after a few hours I could feel the soreness creeping back. I am going to try to only take Tylenol tomorrow.

As far as my lipo, I am VERY swollen and VERY sore. When I stand up and start to walk, it is pretty painful, but once I am up and walking I can manage, albeit slowly. I put some jeans on today that shouldn't be tight, and they were very tight. I am just very swollen and puffy all over. I am also bloated and constipated - lovely side effects, eh?

All of this said, I am SO happy I did this! I wore a v-neck tee today and have been enjoying looking down and actually seeing the tops of my breasts. I had forgotten what they looked like! I have been so used to them going straight down, it's great to actually SEE my own breasts the way they should look. Even though I'm bruised and tender and sore I am so happy with my results already.

Day 3 post op

Still in love with my new breasts. I have had a bit of oozing out of the bottom incision on the right breast, but I think that's probably normal. I have just changed out the gauze a couple times. It still looks normal to me.

I took 3 Tylenol at 9 am and have taken nothing since. I am in very little pain. My legs and breasts are still a bit sore, but nothing I need painkillers for. I am amazed that after only 3 days I am off painkillers. My mom and I went shopping today, so I was on my feet for a few hours and I feel great. I am walking normally today, unlike yesterday, when I felt like Frankenstein.

My legs are still very swollen from the lipo. They are bigger now than before my surgery. I can't wait for the swelling to subside so I can start seeing the results of the leg lipo.

Day 5 post op

Five days after my surgery, I'm in very little pain. I took 3 Tylenol this morning to be on the safe side. My breasts are not hurting or itching (yet!). I feel like myself today - yay! I have still been sleeping inclined on the couch, propped up with pillows, because I don't want to take any chances on rolling over on my new breasts. I have been healing so well that I just don't want to chance messing up any incisions. I might sleep on the couch a couple more nights - I don't mind it.

I washed my compression garment and my post-op bra today. The brand of my compression garment is Caromed, and I love it. It's black and has lace detailing on the cuffs and the tummy section, so it's actually pretty. (I wore it under a side-slitted maxi skirt yesterday and it just looked like leggings.) I have no problems wearing it. It basically feels like a Spanx.

I think my breasts have settled into place a bit and are sitting a bit lower (which is good!) and they feel softer/squishier than they did the first couple of days, when they were very firm. I love, love, love them!

My leg swelling has gone down a little bit, along with the pain. I'm not any smaller in my lipo'ed areas yet, but I am not expecting to see results yet, either.

I have my post-op follow up visit with Dr. Stoeckel tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say about my healing and results.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stoeckel immediately put me at ease. He has a very warm, friendly, and easygoing demeanor that made me feel like we were already friends. He took my measurements and discussed my options with me, answered my questions, and showed me tons of photos of other patients. At the end of my consultation I knew I wanted to go forward.

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Your new girls look FABULOUS. :0) you may want to try eating fresh or canned pineapples for the swelling or pineapple juice.
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I know you won't belive it but you were really beautiful before, i was shocked you were so dissatisfied with your legs. I am so happy for you. I can relate to your frustration, I used to show my husband how my boobs were flat and gross and he just shook his head at me. Now I feel like my age instead of a 100 year old tribes woman.
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Absolutely GORGEOUS results!! We had almost the same starting point (I can fold mine in half too, lol!) and I'd be so thrilled with your results! I'm having a tummy tuck, too but your lift is perfection!!
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Thank you so much!! I am SO happy with the results. I feel a million times better now than with those floppy bags I had before. I feel like a woman again. Being able to fold your breast in half is NOT a good feeling. I know you must be getting excited!! You are going to be so happy you did it!
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You should be happy... you look amazing!! And nope, that's not a good feeling at all! LOL! I can't wait until mine are back up where they belong, too! I'm glad your recovery is going so well!
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Oh my gosh! I can't believe you don't have implants too. You look amazing!
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Thank you so much Beth! I am thrilled with the results - I can't believe they turned out this well. Thank you!!
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Wow. I had to take a look and just wow. You look really great. Totally different.
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So excited for you I'm 5'4 170 and plan on losing forty pounds within the next year hopefully. Cant wait to see your results.
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Thank you! I am about at 150 right now and this is a pretty good weight for me. I could probably lose 10 more, but I'm happy where I am. I had my surgery yesterday and will be posting photos once I get to take some of these bandages off!
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I'm doing this soon too! Can't wait to hear more about your journey!
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I am 5'3 and 150 pounds and my Breasts are very similar to yours in size and shape due to a pregnany and 50 lbs weight gain/ loss I'd like to lose another 10 pounds, but I get discouraged because I can't bear the thought of them getting any worse. Where does dr. Stoeklel do surgeries and what's included in his fees? Does he offer any discounts ? I am planning a surgery in December and I want to wait until oct/nov for my consultations and i am also going to try to Lose another 10 pounds.
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Congrats on your weight loss! Dr. Stoeckel does the surgery in the surgical suite at his office. The $6100 quote I got was for everything including anaesthesia and operating room. We didn't discuss any discounts.
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I live in the Rdu area and am thinking of a breast lift with DR. Stoeklel. How much for a breast lift no implants alone without the lipo?
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Hey there! My estimate was $6100 for the lift alone, no implants.
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Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing your results. His before and after pics are amazing and all if his patients seem to love him... so you don't have any desire for implants or any concerns about upper pole fullness?This is a concern of mine because this is the area of my Breasts that I hate the most, where there are the most deflated and where the skin is most lax and stretched out. So I worry that without an implant I won't get the improvement I want in that area. However on the flipside I'm a radiography tech that does mammograms and And CT's for a living and I think implants are kind of a gross concept and I know for a fact they hide cancer and make mammograms difficult and longevity of the results is important to me. I know the bigger and heavier they are the more likely they are going to sag again. I don't like the idea if needed further surgery down the road caused by implants. ....so yea....it's a lot to think about . I was just wondering because some docs will offer a discount if you pay cash upfront and do not finance.
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No, I am not concerned about upper pole fullness. I think it's been so long since I had volume on top that I don't remember what it was like anyway, so I don't think I'll miss it. The top part is the part I hate the most, too, but I am pretty confident that when they are put back in the right place on my chest and tightened back up, I will be happy. Dr. Stoeckel and I did discuss the option of implants. That is just not the look I want. I want them to look completely natural and I don't like the idea of having something foreign in my body for cosmetic purposes, but that's just me! So many people look great with implants - it's just not for me. :)
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Hey good luck with the breast lift .. I'm actually now reading about all kinds of breast lift because I really wanna get mine to done I'm 24 and I lost about 60 pounds in 4 months ,( yeah I know it's crazy ) lol.. I'm still diatting I was 300lbs now I am 217.5lbs And since I lost so much my boobs are disgusting it makes me insecure all the time :( I'm not married or have any kids yet !! do you have kids ? I still don't have a dr I'm still doing my research .. I'm from New York :)
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Hey there! Good for you for losing 60 pounds - that's awesome!! Do yours look like mine? I am sure yours are not disgusting....but I know what it feels like to be unhappy with the way they look. I am not married and have no kids, either. I don't know if I will ever have kids, but my Dr. encouraged me not to make my decision based on "what ifs." Good luck to you! Keep us updated. :)
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I just had my lift yesterday and I was also worried about recovery, but honestly I barely feel any pain and I'm taking half the medication they recommended. I know pain is different for every one though. Good luck with your procedures! :D
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Keep updated.
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You have a very beautiful body and I am sending you positive vibes that lift and lipo go smoothly! Can't wait to see your after pics!
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Thank you so much for the support and the kind words! I am more excited every day. I can't wait for them to be full again and not dangly!
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Just checked out your review - you DO absolutely have beautiful breasts (i think yours would be considered pseudoptotic? But people do treat for that as well....hopefully this will mean that post lift they will be drop dead **specatular**! The lift does remove tissue - i actually DID lose a lot of weight and with a lift only (because so much needed to be removed) I would have gone from a small D to a small B! (so implants it is!) I am **dying** to see post lift!
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