Vibrant with Vibraderm - if You Can Stand It

After a few years of doing microdermabrasion on...

After a few years of doing microdermabrasion on and off, I finally decided to try the new Vibraderm after my regular physician mentioned it as an alternative to the messy, noisy microdermabrasion treatments. I waited for a sale and went in on a Monday morning after a busy weekend, ready to relax (I hoped!) and get beautified. I signed a release form that explained possible side effects including infection, burning, skin redness and so forth - same risks as for microdermabrasion, but without the risk of a scratched cornea, so of course I signed!

The esthetician explained about the different paddle sizes/types that would be used on different areas of the face and about the sound of the machine, the feel of the strong vibration, and how she could use a light touch or a heavier touch, depending on how it felt to me and what the face needed. She put a paper cap over my hair, I made myself comfortable on the padded table, and let her go to work after she cleansed my face.

The first thing I felt was embarrassed - it felt like vibrator (you know what kind)! I started to laugh, but then I got used to the feeling. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't as relaxing as the microdermabrasion. I could feel my body tensing up in anticipation of when she got to my nose - it tickled a lot and made me want to sneeze, but I didn't sneeze.

Anyway, she worked the face, neck and decollete area (chest) in calm sweeping movements. After that she cleaned my face (again) and applied first a moisturizer with the Vibraderm, and then a sunscreen with her gloved hands. She also showed me my face in a mirror. Definitely the skin looked better, but only in a modest way, and for sure I looked like a grease monster with all those products slathered over me, but I knew it was for my own good. Went home, splashed water on my face, and put on mineral makeup and went to work. Later in the day I noticed some slight peeling here and there, but I know my skin was somewhat dry before I even had the procedure, so this didn't bother me.

The next morning I woke up and my face looked MUCH clearer, cleaner, and with a little bit more flecks of dry skin here and there. My doc had told me the Vibraderm can, with repeated treatments, possibly help rebuild some collagen in the face. I want to sign up for another treatment. The esthetician said once a month should be enough to see results. The regular price is $130 but on sale right now for only $79. I think I will wait another day or two before purchasing one more treatment (to be done next month). I want to make sure my face doesn't react in some weird way. I was told to be 100% diligent in using a UVA/UVB sunscreen, also. Others who skipped this step got a rash/sun poisoning after Vibraderm. I am using sunscreen all the time anyway, but will be very careful.

The pros of the treatment include how non-messy it is, how it can be kind of funny to try (it feels weird!), it's less noisy than microdermabrasion and you can even talk during treatment.

Cons may be that you don't look in the mirror right away and say "WOW. What a difference." It's more of a subtle change. Another con is the price. It costs a lot, like any technology, and the clinic must use patient-specific wands (attachments) or disposable attachments. You cannot use the same wands on different patients. Make sure your clinic is careful about this!

The other con would be that, if you are like me and have a black eye that is healing up (I took a fall recently) or a nerve disease that makes your nerves sensitive, the vibrations from the machine may be painful enough so that the treatment cannot be done in certain areas or completed to your satisfaction.

Right now I am withholding judgement as to whether I will do this again. I want to wait a few days to see how my skin is. Sure, it's softer and somewhat clearer-looking, but will the results last a full 10 days or more, like when I do the microdermabrasion? Time will tell.

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As a safer alternative to microdermabrasion, I recommend this option.

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Try the Multiderm instead. Same technology but much quieter and therapeutic. Google multi-derm Heard Vibraderm went out of business early 2010.
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Thanks for your update, AceQu! It could be either the sunscreen or the "purging" period...but I'm not qualified professionally to say it. Good luck!!!
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Ten days after the Vibraderm and my face and neck do not look better, but rather worse. Could this be due to the gobs of suncreen i have been warned to apply every time i am going outdoors? Not sure. Maybe just a sensitivity reaction like others have experienced. Anyway, i am going back to microdermabrasion for now. I think the "vacuuming" part of the technique is more helpful to me somehow. Everyone is different, of course. Thankfully there are many options for each individual!
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I just had my second session today. I admit, I have never had the traditional type of microdermabrasion done before. My dermatologist's office uses vibraderm and I trust their opinion. My skin definitely gets better. My sessions are 2 weeks apart and my skin looks better a week after the session. My skin is sensitive to everything afterwards, the only thing that doesn't sting is the B5 lotion (I'm not sure what brand, maybe skinceuticals) my aesthetician uses on me right afterwards. For me, the redness fades away after a few hours, might come back with applying lotions. I definitely saw improvements a week, 2 weeks after my first treatment. I also use tretinoin (retin-a) but I wait 3 days after the vibraderm and stop using it 3 days before. I had a bad post-inflammatory response when I used the tretinoin the night after my first vibraderm session. Itchy hives was my reaction...but went away after 3-4 days.
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Had this procedure on Monday. Here it is Friday. Here's my update: My skin has remained softer and smoother, however!! I have more little acne spots on my face and new ones on my neck that I did not have before. These could be spots that were lurking under the skin, I suppose, but I have never had spots on the front part of the neck before, and this is exactly where the treatment was done. While I cannot say I am surprised, as I was warned that new spots might appear after the exfoliating treatment, I am going to say that a person should not have this procedure done if they have an important function to attend in the next 7-10 days! I will need a couple more days to "heal up," while I apply a benzoyl peroxide lotion all over the face and neck to try to dry up these spots. Mind you, they aren't huge or anything, but they are definitely acne-type dots, not a rash or a reaction. Maybe by another few days all will be settled down again. Will update again then!
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Great insights - Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep us posted on your progress; I'm curious to see how the results turn out.

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