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I haven't wanted a smaller nose with a smaller...

I haven't wanted a smaller nose with a smaller bump for as long as I can remember. In middle school I would even hide my nose from the people sitting next to me.. Yeah it was that bad to me. In only two days I'm getting the surgery done as a 21st birthday present to myself! I haven't been nervous until today, but that is mainly because I puke after every surgery I have. I'm allergic to the anesthesia and I've read that they take extra precautions wi rhinoplasty but it still makes me nervous. I've had a lot of different surgeries (none cosmetic) and was told no puking but still did. If anyone else has this reaction please let me know! Other than that I'm just excited!

So first off sorry for all the type o's on the...

So first off sorry for all the type o's on the first entry! I was up late reading about experiences and quickly decided to make my own!
But anyways my surgery was today And I am honestly feeling pretty great. I had absolutely no nausea thank god and only a little pain. Michelle, my nurse, was amazing and made the whole experience actually pretty fun. I don't have much bruising yet much well see tomorrow. The worst part is the dry mouth. I've been home for about 2.5 hours and took a nap. So far so good!

Okay so its been about 6 hours since I got home...

Okay so its been about 6 hours since I got home and I honestly feel great.. Ive eaten a lot of ice cream and ice chips, and have had no nausea whatsoever. I have been through about 5 or 6 surgeries and every single one has been hell. I wake up puking, crying, and just completely out of it for days so this has seriously been a fantastic experience. I could kiss Dr. Baron if I saw him right now hahah.
But as far as pain, I have only taken tylenol. Pain medicine also makes me sick and I knew I wouldnt want to take it so I kind of wish I never spent the money but its better to be safe than sorry. My drip pad seemed to bleed alot at first, but that has also slowed down a lot and is more comfortable. My eyes have some bruising now but really they just look super tan. I was surprised to find out they ended up breaking my nose so Im expecting more bruising. Overall, I feel like I didnt even have anything done!! Seriously.. my nose just feels stuffy and my lips are super dry. Other than that Im sitting on my bed doing homework right now... amazing.
Congrats on the surgery hun! I'm a little over 3 weeks post op and although it's been an up and down process. I'm happier everyday and like you it's a procedure I waited a very long time for
Glad you are doing ok! My surgery was Monday and I have to say the experience really hasn't been that bad. Happy healing to you! You are going to look amazing! ~Maggie

Thanks for sharing with us on RealSelf! Your son is adorable and you're a pretty lady, of course. You're almost there! I haven't regretted my rhinoplasty for a single second and I hope you like your results as well.

Make sure to have lots of lip balm and cold beverages on hand.

Do you have someone to take care of your son for the first several days after surgery?


Last night sucked. I woke up around 3 and didn't...

Last night sucked. I woke up around 3 and didn't fall back asleep until around 5. I was so nauseas falling asleep and in some pain at the tip of my nose. It's now only 8 and I am exhausted but know I won't be able to fall asleep. I'm still pretty nauseous and eating some ice chips. I can't wait to be able to take the drip pad off, but the tape at the tip of my nose has a ton of dried up blood. I'm supposed to return to work on Monday and I'm not sure that will be acceptable.. Anyone else have this problem?
Katie...omg you poor thing! I wish I can come take care of your baby for you! I don't care how easy your job is..you have got to rest a few more days before you go back to work. I don't know everyone is different so I guess play it by ear. Take it easy though. I will keep watching your updates. I'll be in the same boat in a few days:)
Hahah I do too!! My boyfriend is doing an amazing job helping out tho. I talked to my doctor's assistant and I do have to keep the bloody tape on so ill most likely go in to work on Tuesday instead. It's my family's business so it's hard to get out of!! But That's awesome!! It will be so worth it, it's totally not as bad as I imagined it would be! All it feels like is a stuffy nose :)
I am at day 5 and still using a drip pad pretty regularly. I seriously doubt you are going to be able to return to work that soon! Good grief, think of the trauma your body has been through! My doctor had me clean my nose with an aerosol saline spray every 2 hours along with changing the drip pad and adding Vaseline to each nostril and my stickes. It seems to help with keeping the nose clean and speeding up the healing process. Good luck to you! You will feel better soon, the first 3 days are zero fun.

I woke up today with ridiculous swelling.. I slept...

I woke up today with ridiculous swelling.. I slept pretty good last night but underneath my eyes is swollen so bad and I can't really find the energy to get off the couch. I've considered calling my doctor but don't want to be annoying on the weekend since a lot of people online said that the third day is the worst for swelling. If anyone thinks I should be worried please let me know.


Your morphed images are amazing, you're going to look SO great! By the way, your son is adorable :)

Day 4 and I feel almost like myself again!...

Day 4 and I feel almost like myself again! Yesterday my face blew up like a balloon and I was having serious doubts about why I did this to myself, but I'm feeling so much better now. I still woke up feeling pretty bad with a dry mouth, but by 12 I was playing with son. My dad also said I don't have to go back to work until the cast is off so Im so excited to relax finally!
I have literally had no bruising whatsoever. I have the tiniest yellow lines under my eyes. I've been taking Bromelain and Arnica but I honestly think its the work of my doctor. Anyways, I finally showered today and ate some real food. Now I'm just sitting back waiting for Thursday morning to come!

By the way, I have to write about how my PS sent...

By the way, I have to write about how my PS sent me flowers, chocolates, and bath beads!! I got them the day after my surgery and was ecstatic. It really is the little things. I am so glad I chose Dr. Karam and his staff.
It's going to look great! Can't wait to see he result!
Thank you so much, me neither! These days are going by so slow!
Ah thank you so much! At first I was worried the morph was too pointy but I have faith my doctor will make me as natural as possible. So well see!

Tomorrow I get my cast off! This week has gone by...

Tomorrow I get my cast off! This week has gone by so fast, but the first few days were soooo slow. I almost didn't know if Id make it. Today I literally feel back to myself. There was barely any pressure on my nose, but I still can't breathe out of it. I even got up and showered and did my hair and makeup. My boyfriend was shocked! Haha.
I'm nervous about tomorrow. I'm afraid it won't be what I imagined and ill look weird or something. I keep reminding myself that I trust
Dr. Karam completely but it's still so nerve wracking. I understand it will still be swollen and I won't really know what the end result will be but I just hope I'm happy with it for now!
your son is adorable!!! good luck tomorrow and remember this is the first day with your cast off on your way to recovery...! I almost fainted when I saw myself lol.. seriously! I know some people LOVE themselves right after and then their nose swells, other people are not as happy immediately. Either way, its NOT an indication of the final result! I'm adding pictures so people see how much swelling I've had...I'm only 2 months out and theres been a lot of changes! good luck tomorrow!

I got my cast off! I seriously thought I was going...

I got my cast off! I seriously thought I was going to puke on the drive there because I was so nervous. I had my son with me so that made things a little better. The woman slowly pried it off which was a little uncomfortable but not at all painful and explained how swollen everything was and that it would go down. Both her and the other receptionist who have helped me had their noses done by my doctor and they look FANTASTIC so that has kept me reassured this whole time also. I do want to warn others that after the cast came off I got a terrible headache for about an hour and didnt have my tylenol on me so be prepared!
But anyways I love my profile!!! It's still super swollen but even so it is such an improvement from what I had. From the front is a little embarrassing because it seriously does look like a sausage. Haha I dont know how often Ill be going out this weekend, but I know it will go down. Overall I couldnt be happier with my decision to do this. This is the best birthday present I could have ever given myself.
Congrats, you look fantastic - definitely a huge difference! It's only going to get better from here :)
Thank you!! I cant wait to see the final result
Looking good so soon out! Wonderful!

I am already two weeks post op! My nose is still...

I am already two weeks post op! My nose is still pretty swollen and maybe even bigger than when I first had the cast off but I am still so so happy with it! I can feel the swelling get worse throughout the day but I'd say the worst part is the stitches. They still haven't all fallen out and some are right where you can see them so I look like I have a booger! I even tried pulling and that was a huge mistake haha. I blew my nose yesterday and can now also breath sooo much better!
I am getting my nose done in Aug. as a 21st birthday present also! Thanks for sharing!!
No problem, congrats!!! I hope it helps :)
you look so good congrats! :)

Over a year post-op

It has now been over a year since having my surgery and I am beyond happy with the results! I honestly feel like this has been my nose my whole life and I no longer constantly check myself from the side. I used to be SO self-conscious of people seeing my profile and now I never even think about it. I have also lost weight and am simply happy.
If you are reading this and thinking about having this operation done, do it. Find the best doctor you can and just go for it. I promise you will love the results if the doctor is as good as Dr. Karam.
Omg my surgery is tomorrow and I am praying I look as beatiful as you! Did you experience any post-surgery depression? I've noticed about half of people do and I am depression-prone
Your new nose looks fantastic and you are such a beautiful girl! Congrats!
He does beautiful work!
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

After months and months of research, I found Dr. Karam's website. His before and after pictures amazed me and I would stare at them day after day. After emailing for a consultation but deciding to wait, I went back to his site a year later, still amazed. During my consultation he stated everything that he thought should be done and literally read my mind. I always said that I would choose the best doctor around if I ever had the chance to go through with the surgery and I truly feel that he is. My rhinoplasty operation went smoothly and I felt the best I ever have after coming out of anesthesia. I had basically no bruising and feel like an entirely new person only one day after cast removal. I could not be happier with my decision to choose Dr. Karam and his staff and would make the same choice over and over again!

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