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I am 8 days post op from having a drainless...

I am 8 days post op from having a drainless extended tummy tuck. I am so far amazed with the results. The surgery was preformed on a Friday. I stayed overnight and the doctor himself visited me the next day. On SUNDAY he called me at home to check on me. I'm just impressed beyond words with him. All I have now is some swelling but I'm sure with time that will go away!

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I'm now 10 days PO. Went to work this morning...

I'm now 10 days PO. Went to work this morning thinking everything would be great since I haven't had hardly any swelling and felt great until about 11 o'clock. I was so swollen I felt more hunched over than I was day 2 PO. Called the PS and he wants me to work no more than part time this week and try again next week... The swelling today was horrible. I think I now know what "swell hell" is.

Oh and no pain med. today not even Tylenol.


I went back to work after a week. The first couple of days I left crying around lunchtime too. I work 4 or 5 hours each day that week and part of the next. It's rough. The swelling is the worst part. Hope your swelling goes away soon. Take care.
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Day 11 post op. kids and husband went back to work...

Day 11 post op. kids and husband went back to work today. I was told yesterday by my PS that I can only work part time this week and to gradually get back into the swing of things. I tried yesterday and I was so swollen it hurt. Going to try 2nd shift tonight (less moving). Took a shower all by myself today too. Seems crazy that I'm excited about that but this just means I am 1 step closer to recovery.

Lets hope for less swelling today!!

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Day 12 post op and my swelling is down enough...

Day 12 post op and my swelling is down enough today that I can actually wear my pre op jeans. I was afraid I might not ever be able to button them again! Lets hope the swelling stays gone for the rest of the day :)
Oh and one last thing my side is having burning where the cut was made. Called the PS and he says this is just the nerves and vein re grouping.


I had the burning on one end of my incision at about 4 weeks or so. I was worried that something was wrong. Searched this site and drs said that's what it was. I was so relieved. When I woke up the next morning it had stopped. Thank goodness for this site.
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I honestly think I have been on this site everyday 3-4 times a day for the last month… I too love this site it helps so much I think if it wasn't for here my PS might have already got a restraining order against me :-)
Lol Mine too!!

Day 13 Post op. I can't believe it almost been 2...

Day 13 Post op. I can't believe it almost been 2 weeks since the surgery. Last night was a bad night felt like it set me back to the beginning. Found an area on my back( since it was an extended tummy tuck he went all the way around) that was pussy and open. My PS said this was normal due to lack of blood flow and to put neosporin on the opening. Still really freaks me out though. But the late night call I made to him he ended it with this statement. You will heal and look wonderful. Not on my or your time but gods time. I think that was the perfect answer.


Wow! You look great! Congratulations!
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Thank you!
Amen to that! I truly believe as women we are resilent and anything that keeps us down for more then a day is frustrating! So what he said is absolutely true and we need to just breathe and know everything is going to be good!
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Exactly 2 weeks since my tummy tuck. So far I'm...

Exactly 2 weeks since my tummy tuck. So far I'm still excited. I did however not sleep very well last night kept wanting to roll to my side and those are still a little tender. Woke up with a horrible headache. Hopefully everything will get better as the day goes on.
I did add a before and a 2 week photo yesterday. Never realized the difference until I seen them together. Also just a question. I had a follow up at 1 week and now I don't go back to my PS until I'm a month out. I've noticed on here it seems as if everyone is going @ 2 and 4 weeks… are your schedules the same or does it seem like I'm waiting to long?


Thanks for the kind words I never actually thought my tummy was that bad until I final went though with the tummy tuck. I am so excited to see what I'll look like in a couple of weeks. Ill try and post pictures weekly of my progress.
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I guess I should clarify. I knew it was bad but didn't think that horrible until I seen the before and after side by side.
You look awesome!
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Day15 Postop. Yesterday was a lot better with...

Day15 Postop. Yesterday was a lot better with swelling and it seems that everyday I feel more and more normal again. Today is the first day that I am actually going to work a 12hr shift so we will see how the swelling is tonight. I finally slept last night not all the way but I only woke up twice and then I was able to fall back to sleep. I think my body is just finally that exhausted.
After today I think I'm just going to do weekly updates unless I have questions or concerns. I love this site it just wonderful how you can actually read from people that's been through the same thing!! Happy healing!

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Ok I know I said just once a week now but I have...

Ok I know I said just once a week now but I have an important question for you fellow tummy tucks. Have you ever experienced pulling on your belly button. This just started yesterday evening and has been off and on all day. Is this something I should worry about or is that completely normal? Anything would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


I am 7 days post op extended drainless Tummy Tuck. Dr. Jones did my surgery also. I totally agree with you on what a great PS he is! Thanks for your updates. I'm doing pretty well, also. Still have the pains that feel like labor contractions. But the muscle relaxant that he prescribed helps. Happy Healing to you! I am just a few days behind you. = )
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I was lucky when it can to the muscle contracts. They would move but I never had but one that was super bad and that was in the hospital. I am swelling pretty bad during the 2nd week. I hope it ends soon but he said I'd be fine. Hope the heal process goes well for you.
Hi Miranda, Your results look excellent! We must have had surgery right around the same time - March 21st? I also got a reality check when I went back to work at 11 dpo. The first few days I got very swollen by mid-day, but I didn't freak out because I knew it was just my body's reponse to not being horizontal for most of the day! By the 3rd day or so, my body adjusted, and although I still do swell later in the ay, it's getting better. I have a desk job though. What do you do that you work 12 hour shifts? Healthcare? I think it is awesome how you ps called you at home to check up - you don't get much of that anymore these days. I had follow-up appointments at 4 dpo, 6 dpo, and 2 weeks po, and my next appt will be 5 weeks po. I think every ps has their own protocol, and it also depends on whether or not you have anything they are "watching".
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I was just kidding about weekly updates I guess I...

I was just kidding about weekly updates I guess I just can't stay off this site.
I am on day 14 Postop. I worked my 12 hour shift yesterday and I made it!! I was swollen by the time I was going to get off but I had already prepared myself so I wasn't to shocked. I still have my tugging in the belly button area but PS isn't to worried with it says it could be as simple as the swelling making it tight and suggested I stay away from as much sodium as possible.
Also it is a SUNDAY and I received a call from Dr. Jones to see how I was and that's when he shared this information with me. I just love the way he actually cares make me happy that they're still great doctors out there.

Hope everyone is having an amazing recovery!!


Sounds like you did a great job picking out a PS! You look wonderful! 2 weeks out and back to work is great! This website is very addicting! Congrats on a successful TT! :)
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Day 18 post op. If I could scream I would!!! My...

Day 18 post op. If I could scream I would!!! My insision on my back is open and burns. I was told I need to be seen by my PS. That's not that bad I guess but to top it off I started my period 2 weeks early. From the swelling, cramps and just being plain uncomfortable I think I am at my breaking point. If feel absolutely helpless. My children are taking care of me. This is not how I pictured recovery at all. In my mind I would have been shopping for new clothes right now not lying in bed at 2 1/2 weeks unable to clean,cook and barely go to work.

Sorry about the negative outlook today lets hope I can be more positive in the days to follow.

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Day 29 post op. first I'd like to say that you all...

Day 29 post op. first I'd like to say that you all for the kind words. That why I like this site :-). Yesterday I went and seen the doctor. It was an unexpected visit but my insision on my back was open and he want to check it out. Come to find out all I need to do is dress it and ill be ok!

I have a lymphatic massage (I think that's what it's called) scheduled for tomorrow. My PS keeps saying it will do wonders for the swelling and that ill be amazed! I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Thanks again for your support! Happy healing!


Hi Miranda! Thanks for keeping us up to date on how you are doing. Your results look great! I am now 13 days post op. I woke up Monday feeling great and my tummy looked amazing with just a littel swelling. Monday evening, however, I started feeling terrible after cleaning up dinner dishes. I went straight to bed. Yesterday was a full blown set back! I woke up shaking unconrtollably and had a fever of 102.4. My abdomen was swollen huge and felt really hot to touch. I called Dr. Jones office and they told me to come in. (which was really hard to do because I kept breaking out in a sweat and felt like I was passing out) He looked at my incision and ask me a few questions and I went back home. My husband is a family physician. So I asked him if he would please let me try to take an antibiotic. So he let me take an Avelox.( a pretty strong antibiotic) I woke up this morning with no fever, but my abdomen was still really painful and swollen and hot to the touch. The erythema(redness) that he kept telling me would be there with infection presented itself. I took another Avelox with my lunch today. I also sent an email to one of Dr. Jones' nurses. Just to keep him up-to-date. He now wants me to go get a CBC with diff. drawn tomorrow. I'm not sure the bloodwork will show any infection now that I have taken 2 Antibiotics. He says that infection with this procedure is highly unlikely. All I know is how it feels and it does feel better after taking an antibiotic. I'm really hoping to start feeling like I did Monday morning again real soon. So dont feel alone in your healing. I know exactly what you mean by the set back being frustrating. I was the same way yesterday. My husband came home on his lunch break to help me and my kids were being my nurses the rest of the time. I thought I would be much better than this by now also. I just keep remembering how awesome my abs looked Monday and I know when the swelling from infection goes down It will look great again and be worth it. Your abs really do look great!! Before long we will forget all about the setbacks and be ready to go bikini shopping = ) Hang it there! Its going to get better soon, I just know it!!
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Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope everything heals up fast for you. Today was a little better day but Dr. Jones nurse told me yesterday that it will be at week 6 before my swelling will start to go away. I am having a massage tomorrow and they say that helps greatly with swelling. Ill let you know how I feel. Maybe it could help you too.
You will be amazed how much better you are feeling by 4 weeks. This surgery is definitely hard on your body and takes time to recover. But 4 weeks seems to be a major milestone. Take care and enjoy being pampered. It will end soon enough and you'll be back to taking care if everyone again.
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Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my tummy tuck!!...

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my tummy tuck!! Today has been an amazing day. I'm a little swollen but nothing I can't handle. I also went to get my lymphonic massage today. All I can say is it was amazing. The massage therapist wants to see me at least once a week for awhile I told him it was going to be to pricey for me to be able to do that and he cut the price in half!! To top off my good day I went to the mall and purchased 2 new outfits. Medium shirts, probably could have gotten a small but still unsure and size 8 pants. Before my surgery I was in an XL shirt and had to lay down to button my size 12 pants. For only being 3 weeks out I think that's pretty amazing.

I hope you all are having a great recovery...


you look amazing!! if you dont mind me asking what size were you post op and what size are you now??
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Before surgery I was a size XL in shirts and my jeans were a 12. The jeans were tight but I wasn't going a size up :-). Just yesterday I purchased a size 8 jeans and they fit perfect even with my swelling and a medium shirt. I don't think that's to bad for 3 weeks after sx
Thats awesome! Congrats Miranda! I haven't tried my jeans on yet or went shopping for any yet. Still have an awful lot of swelling in my lower ab. So happy for you!!!

Yesterday marked my 3 weeks. It's amazing how much...

Yesterday marked my 3 weeks. It's amazing how much better emotionally and physically I feel!! I am still swollen but I'm not going to let that get me down. I knew about swelling and I've just decided to embrace it.

I added a photo of my new outfit I was able to buy! So excited to buy smaller clothes. Maybe now ill enjoy shopping!


Hello sistah you look great! I had a complete tummy tuck on March 21st in Florida. Surgery went well until the end of the second week. I have massive swelling it feels as if though my stomach is going to burst open. My lower abdomen is hard also is this normal?
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I had my surgery on March 22nd. I too am swollen on my lower tummy. I was told this is completely normal especially when you are up and moving around. The fluid you retain goes to your lowest point which happens to be there. Lymphanic massage has helped me greatly with the swelling… if you haven't had one I would check with your PS and see if he recommends them. Good luck on your healing. We'll be flat in no time :-)

It been a little over a week since my last post. I...

It been a little over a week since my last post. I am 4 weeks post op and I am amazed the difference I feel after the 3 week mark. I still swell at night but it's not as much or as early on in the day!! My incision is looking better but I still wonder when to start scar therapy on it. I have an appointment with my PS in a week and ill ask then. Along with the 100 other questions I have written down. I did go down another size!!! I am sure when all the swellings gone I'll be even smaller!!

I would like to thank all of you for the support the last month. You all have really been a god send. THANK YOU!!


You look great! :-) 
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Hi blossomedLily. I am 12 weeks po and my lower tummy above the incision has been hard since surgery. It's getting a little better, but still hard for the most part.
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