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My Journey Through B.A., Will Post Pics Soon - Carmel, Indiana

I will be 25 June 12th, I have wanted to get my...

I will be 25 June 12th, I have wanted to get my breast enlarged for a long, long time now. I was always very skinny and shapeless growing up, as I got closer to 18 my boobs grew, I was around a small C. I left for basic training, and lost weight, and breast volume. It never really came back. Throughout the years I gained 30 lbs [i needed to], I still didn't get that fullness completely back, but my boobs at least filled out my bras [the huge ones from VS that add two cup sizes], then due to a medication change, i lost 20 lbs in one month, which has made me decided to go ahead and get the boobs. I went to two consultations, and my boyfriend and i really connected with the first doctor. I am nervous about the healing, about contracture, but I kno this is something I really want so I'm going for it!

I am going to go with SALINE, implants, filled to...

I am going to go with SALINE, implants, filled to approx 371 cc, mod. plus profile. I initially thought I wanted to go with silicone, but I want to make sure that if it does rupture I will know an can get it corrected, plus the doctor confirmed that i have enough breast tissue to do saline. I also am going through the armpit. I plan to post pictures tomorrow after I do my pre-op appt. I've been trying to make a list of things i need to have ready, any suggestions are appreciated.

Had my pre-op today, still having buyers remorse,...

Had my pre-op today, still having buyers remorse, and starting to get scared! He said that he imagines I'll end up anywhere from 370 to 400 cc. The prescriptions the PS wrote me are for Norco 5/325 for pain, Duricef for antibiotic, Valium for anxiety, Flexeril muscle relaxer, Zofran for nausea, which they informed me happens to be a very expensive medicine but works great.. I asked for the valium. He said he didn't feel any herbs, such as arnica montana would be beneficial, only vitamin necessary would be C, but that a supplement does not need to be taken. He doesn't want me doing any massages or exercises for 1 week, which is when I have my first post-op appt. I will leave the surgery center with a strap on, I will not be wrapped up, I'm guessing that is because my incisions will be in my armpit? I'm having SEVERE buyers remorse!!!!!!!!! Oh, also I bought my first sports bra, it was only 15$ at JCPenney..I'll post a pic. I'm honestly really nervous about not taking any supplements or doing any rapid recovery techniques to help healing along?? A lot of the reviews I've read on here said that these things helped them!!??!!

OHOOHHHH by the way, please excuse my face/facial expressions in the pics, I thought he was cutting my head off the entire time!!!

So its getting really close. I went last night...

So its getting really close. I went last night and got all my prescriptions filled, the Zofran they had told me was 20$ a pill but my insurance covered it so i was able to get 4 pills for under 5$!! That made me excited! I've been wanting to back out at times, I think its just the stress, I have other stress going on in my life right now, and from reading thru all the reviews on here it seems like a normal part of the process for most people. I got everything off my list, such as a backscratcher, waters, ensures, frozen veggies to use as ice packs, sports bra. I started taking vitamin C and have been trying to eat more fiber. I haven't really changed much though like I wanted {i have bad willpower}. I didn't get scar cream yet, I got cocoa butter for now, it's going to be in my armpit so I'm not super worried about it. I also got a collagen boosting vitamin to start post-surgery. I plan on taking some more pics in diff tops. I work in a nightclub on the weekend and I'm excited this is the last weekend I will have to pretend to have boobs!!!

Well its the big day, I have to be up around 630,...

Well its the big day, I have to be up around 630, be at hospital at 8, surgery starts at 1015. I know I should be sleeping but I'm still up...prolly will regret it later. I got my bag packed. I packed a towel, large freezer bags [incase I'm sick], an extra zip up, ice packs, sports bra, blanket, my folder of all my paperwork, and my pain pills jus in case. I got my area set up on the couch and put all my meds, back scratcher, etc into a small box so it's easily transported up and down stairs depending on where i am most comfort. Showered with antibacterial soap. It's killing me to not be able to eat or drink anything. So thirsty. Will try to update tomorrow after I get home and get settled. Also, took some comparison before pics in certain tops, etc. that I will post later. Thanks for all the support, I have relied heavily on this website!

I've been home for about an hour or so. I'm in A...

I've been home for about an hour or so. I'm in A LOT of pain, I wasn't expecting pain this bad, and guess I didn't realize just how much you can't do without someone else's help. They took me back to the OR, They were all checking out my tattoos and then he must have put the medicine in my IV because I remember it hurting like hell, my PS rubbing my side to comfort me, and thats it until the recovery room. I felt really good in the recovery room, soon as they moved back into my out processing room the paint hit me. They gave me a vicodin and I ate some jello, been drinking sierra mist. They put the patch behind my ear for nausea, which has come and gone. Don't feel it right now, at first it seemed to just come on if I was getting up, moving around. I just ate chicken and string beans and white rice, drinking water. Just took another vicodin and an ibuprofen. They look as good as they hurt so thats nice. Will post pics when I can move around more.

So its been 24 hours, I'm in less pain today. I...

So its been 24 hours, I'm in less pain today. I got up and took a shower and got ready and had very minimal pain, but after running a few errands i started feeling it. I love how they turned out, the swelling is making them kind of funky, pointing diff directions, etc. I've been trying not to take my pain meds, I've only taken like 3, and been using ibuprofen and flexeril. My appetite has been great. I hardly have any bruising., I've been putting ice on, but I'm not too sure its really helping. Thanks for all the encouragements and advice : )

Pain is starting to get a lil better, they get...

Pain is starting to get a lil better, they get softer each day. The strap is really bothering me, causing rub burns on my sides. Feels much better without it but I'm still going to wear it. I got my implant warranty card and it says he filled both sides to 400cc. They look really big to me. The doctor called me the night that I had surgery done to check on me, and the operating/hospital staff sent me home with a card that they had all signed and wrote a positive little note in. And today the hospital called to check on me. I'm really bloated, I dunno where all the food I'm eating is even going at this point because I have not had a bowel movement yet...

I finally was able to go to the bathroom today, I...

I finally was able to go to the bathroom today, I took a laxative last night before I went to sleep. I'm still in quite a bit of pain today, each day the pain is different. Today I'm having more of the burnings/tinglings sensations, which I guess means my nerves are healing. I was wearing a sports bra with the strap over it, but it got uncomfortable so I switched back to just the strap, and put gauze on the sides so it wouldn't bother my armpits anymore. I'm a little worried about going back to work monday.

Well we are 4 days in, I expected to be further...

Well we are 4 days in, I expected to be further in healing by now. I'm still having A LOT of pain. Mostly just morning boob and ZINGERS. The zingers are what are bothering me, they hurt really bad! Everything looks fine otherwise, no redness, they aren't too "hot", no discharge, so I guess it's just part of the healing process, and I'm one of the "lucky" ones that gets it bad. Swelling hasn't gone down very much either. They pretty much look exactly the same as they did 4 days ago...I'm a little worried about going back to work tomorrow with the zingers. And I have my post op with my PS tuesday morning. I should be able to start doing massages after that appt, so I'm hoping that will help. I've always thought I have a really high pain tolerance, but this is kicking my butt! I"m just now coming to terms with the fact that I really did it, and they are really there.

Alrite, the day of firsts...First day back to work...

Alrite, the day of firsts...First day back to work [im a dental assistant], first day driving, first day taking less pain meds [only 2 the entire day], first day pulling a shirt over my head. It went ok. The zingers are better, now I'm getting all those lovely spuishy, gurgling, blurbing sounds from the pockets [weird], and just general tightness/soreness, mild zingers. I had to take the strap off when i got home for a lil bit, it drives me nuts, and seems to make them hurt more. I was able to do pretty much everything at work, I just made sure I wasn't lifting anything too heavy, or lifting my arms up too high. Driving was different, some of my muscles still seem weak from the incisions so turning the wheel was a little akward. My steristrips came off in the shower last night, the incisions...well..although ugly and swollen, seem sealed and healing, it's driving me nuts not being able to shave my armpit completely, absolutely nuts. Getting dressed was a little difficult. I'm going to try not to take anymore pain meds from here on out, just ibuprofen and an occasional muscle relaxer if needed. I'm still pretty swollen, especially if i take the strap off, they swell right back up, my nipples are really swollen still [im starting to wonder if they'll ever go back to normal] but they are getting softer, so hopefully they will start dropping soon. I have my post op in the A.M. Oh, The doctors office sent me flowers today : ) I'll post a pic later : )

I went to my post op yesterday. It went well. My...

I went to my post op yesterday. It went well. My incisions look good { i think they look gross but he says good}, Boobs look good. I go back in about 3 weeks. He thinks the swelling will be down in a couple weeks. I'm having a lot of pain in my right arm, he said its a nerve so he wrote me a Rx to calm the "nerves", not anxiety, my actually nerves. I haven't hd any zingers for a few days. Just sore, and achy, and still swollen. Right now it looks like I have high profiles, I feel like the swelling will never go down. My left is larger then the right, I'm trying REALLY hard not to focus on it, but its simply larger, and the nipple on the right is pointing slightly downward compared to the left, and the left has more "sideboob". I feel like he filled the left just slighty too much, but trying to be optimistic that its just because everything isn't healed yet. I can feel the implant on the left, he said I probably always will, but it just creeps me out a little. Overall they are getting softer, I think they are going to feel and look very natural. Doctor suggested I'm having a little harder time with this since I have not had children or surgery before, this is the most "painful" thing I have been through. Makes sense. I still haven't had that overjoyed, awesome feeling yet..probably because of other stuff going on. Hopefully when they settle and I can go fitted and buy new bras it will all be more exciting!
My Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Jones

Dr. Chris Jones is awesome, he made me and my boyfriend feel very comfortable right away. He made sure all my questions were answered. I rated payment process lower because I really wish the office had more options for the care credit, they only offer 12 mo no interest or 24 mo @ 14.9, The dental office I work at has at least 5 options. And wait time, when I went for me pre-op appt I waited a very long time. I eventually had to go up and say something, but after that they got me right back. I would recommend his office to anyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow really looks great!!!!!! How long do you have to keep that strap on for? After seeing these photos, i may consider doing the same type of incision! I havent seen a surgeon yet, im a bit nervous just to find the right one. Any tips?
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Ya, its tough going through the changes. Try to stay optimistic! I have seen boobies change drastically from right after surgery to weeks out. I think you got a nice size, make sure you take pics weekly so you can monitor your changes (even if you dont post them). Happy healing chica! =)
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The Transaxillary is a longer recovery and I understand it to be more painful as well. I chose it because it seems (from what I have seen ) to give a more natural result and no obvious scars. It all depends on the PS as far as that goes with the natural look and mine has really good results from what I have seen. I am sure that your issues with size etc. will correct themselves. I have read of others with the same issues and they evened out fine. Swelling is funny and we use both arms differently and out dominant arm has different muscles to start with so that makes the pocket harder to stretch on one side. Do not worry.
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I hope your doing well, hopefully having a nice quiet weekend to relax and heal. Let me know how your doing when you get a chance. My pre-opt is tomorrow then 11 days till surgery date. Oh boy! Did your scrubs fit ok after? I'm thinking I need to buy a S since I'm a XS now. More boobie room! I need new scrubs anyway.:)
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My scrubs fit almost the same but I always wore the big bra.. I can wear an XS or S, theres not much difference so you should be alrite! How was the pre-op appt for you??
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Whats up with the one that looks like as you called it, a "vagina"? Is the incision not closed?
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Its almost like he/she didnt stitch it closed, or it opened??
Esp. seeing the diff between the two sides.
I am concerned about that. Has the doc seen it?
I would hate for it to heal like that with the skin pulled up.
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It's mostly just the picture, they both looked pretty similar but the picture doesn't show it, now that they are healing more the left does look a lot better. He told me that they pinch them together so that when it heals it create a crease/fold to look like a wrinkle. I;m not sure how they are sealed, the steristrips came off after 4 days and they were completely closed then.
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Ok, well I am glad they are good to go then! =)
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t-rex arms describes it perfectly, scrappy.
HB - you look great. Please be patient with your body and the healing process. It's a lot harder than it looks. I've had 3 children, a tubal ligation and a hysterectomy. This hurt a lot more and for a lot longer than any of those. It does get better every day.
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Thank you! The nurse called it "guitar arm". I was really expecting it to be easier just due to what I read on here! Majority of blogs were saying "oh its not too bad, a lot better then i expected, i feel great, day 3 and no pain!!" UMMM, not for me!!! lol. So I didn't really prepare for the pain part because I'm like, oh i have a high pain tolerance, it won't be too bad....I wished I had expected more pain! Good to hear your input on your other procedures and this being the worst! I've been having zingers again today, this time only in my nipples lol. They are more "surprising" then the previous ones, the previous ones just felt like searing hot liquid going through my boob, AWFUL. BTW, how long were you numb for? That was one thing I wasn't expecting also, part of the unders of my arms are still slightly numb at times, and parts of my breast and nipples still.
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I feel the same way. I thought I had read so many blogs on here and knew what to expect. Then I had my BA and the pain was worse than I prepared for and the healing slower. I've always been the "tough" one, high pain tolerance and back at it sooner than anyone expected. I didn't understand why this was so hard. Now, 2 weeks in to it, I'm finding all sorts of blogs talking about how the pain is so bad, that for at least a week you can't do anything close to normal and that healing takes at least a month. Where were those blogs before I had my BA? I wouldn't have felt so frustrated and depressed early on if I had expected it. Now I am giving myself time and trying to be patient. Even though I really, really want the girls to soften up already!! They do look fabulous though, lol. I LOVE my boobs!
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Hi! How's it going at work? Are you feeling better? I am a dental assistant too at a busy practice and I was wondering how it would be going back. I have 10 days off including surgery day which is June 29th. I'd love to get your imput. Did you tell your boss/coworkers that you were getting your BA done? I haven't yet and I'm so nervous to tell them.....Are there specific duties you are having a hard time doing? Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are looking fabulous, as I expected. :)
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Crazy coincidence! I only took 5 days off, the first day was a lil rough but not too bad. I just can't reach my arms out fully yet, so reaching up to push the X-ray exposure button, bending over to clean things, grabbing the X-ray tube head and moving it, mixing alginate are a few of the things that are a lil difficult but not too bad. Getting in moving around, using my muscles actually helps loosen everything up. I did tell my office I was having it done, didn't really intend to at first but theres no secrets there of course, you tell one person and the next day the whole office knows. The office I work in is VERY busy as well. Thank you!
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One of the gals called it "t-rex arms"...it still makes me laugh!
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Wow, you look great! I understand about the zingers, they are awful. Luckily I have a desk job and the only other person in my office is my assistant. Sometimes I just sit and hold my boobs because they are hurting so bad. I find myself massaging them without even realizing it. Good thing I don't work with the pubic, LOL. I'm 11 days in and I thought I would be farther along, too. I am learning to be patient with my body. Good luck at work tomorrow.
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Thank you so much, it makes me feel better knowing its happening to someone else. It's really bumming me out, pain was the least of my worries going into it. I also feel like my right breast is progressing better then the left, which has me concerned about capsular contracture, I kno it's still a little early tho.
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Hey hb~ you look great! Hope the pain subsides for you soon...I am 4 months post op and had those damn zingers for 8 weeks...OUCHIE!!! Lol But it does get better eventually. Your ink is incredible btw, nice sleeves. The cupcake, lollipops and guns are unique. Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Hey thanks so much! Theres still some detailing I would like done to my sleeves! The days are getting much much easier now! Zingers today in my nipples, but not super painful like the last ones, these are jus quick lil surprising pinches lol. I'm just ready for the swelling to go down, i feel like it never will. I want to get sized so I can buy bras, all I have are sports bras because my other bras are all so padded and too small anyways
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Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your experience! I am considering breast implants and your story has been very helpful. It has given me a realistic view of what I should expect about the entire process. I am looking forward to hearing more about your healing. Plus you look great!
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You're very welcome!! I relied on this website a lot! Its very helpful, and I must say all the women commenting on mine have been a great help so be sure to read those and check out their stories as well!
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Great pics, looks good! And you are filling out that sports bra much better too! lol
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He didn't really give me any specific directions, just to wear my strap and not to do any massages or exercises until I see him for my post op appt. I'm able to move my arms around I just can't lift them up very high, I haven't had any pain from the incision sites really.
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If you are having to continue wearing the strap, i had read somewhere someone put the strap over a shirt to help alleviate the rubbing.
You should prob start a stool softener or take a laxative as soon as possible. You dont want to wait till you are in pain!
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I tried your idea!! Even though Dr told me I can wear the strap a lot less, I want to wear it as much as possible, so I put it over a shirt, mostly just because my incisions have gotten more sensitive! I ended up only having to take 1 laxative! Got back regular very quickly
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