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4 weeks PO...headed to gym for light cardio- worth it!

After giving birth to my son I gained so much...

After giving birth to my son I gained so much weight. 5'9 and 200 lbs. I linked up with a trainer who convinced me to do a figure body building show but even as a result...I had remaining skin.

I can't wait until my procedure..just more so to gain my confidence back! I have considered a TT for 2 years however assumed if I could get my weight down, my stomach would no longer be a issue. Well even at my figure show, I did place very well however that skin remaining on my tummy, almost drove me insane. Outside of shows...I do not feel comfortable at the pool with my son or anywhere top less.

I made it! They noticed m nervousness and gave me some med to relax....called it a cocktail. Well I don't remember a thing past that...lol. Pain is ok for now...I do have on a full body compression garment, can't wait til Fri. I will see Slatton and hopefully can take a peek. Thank each you.
Woohoo!!!! Glad you made it.....now rest, rest, rest!!! You've been through a lot. YOU MADE IT!!!!
i am with you today! Just got home a little while ago..feeling alright but it msy be the pain pills

Glad I am on the flat side!

Glad I am on the flat side!
Don't regret the lipo. It is a good use of money. They suck out fat cells - no other way to lose those things! I did lipo, too. When I made the decision, I also decided it was better to be a few pounds UP and get all that sucked out, then lose it evenly after the surgery. You're a brave woman. I was terrified to look at my tummy and didn't even want to know what was going on until day 5 or so!

Day 3 not bad. Slept well last night and did not...

Day 3 not bad. Slept well last night and did not need any pain meds! Today is shower day...hopefully it will go well.
Good morning ladies, best wishes to all that live in the north east! stay safe and may Sandy stay away from our homes.
Ok Ladies. Colace and milk of magnesia is not working....day 6 and no #2 yet. Any ideas?
i ate activia yogurt twice to three times a day everyday until i had my firsr bm. then i eat 1 to 2 a day and its working. had my first bm 4 days po.

PS did not remove my drains however I see him...

PS did not remove my drains however I see him again this Friday!
here is a link to the dandelion root tea I am drinking. I got it at a health food store. I drink it 3x/day. http://www.vitamins.org/Alvita/dandelion-root-roasted-tea-bags-caffeine-free-30-tea-bags-2-oz-57-g.html?utm_source=googlepla&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=AVT-006&id=39826223171&gclid=CJX5zb2ox7MCFcRU4Aodk3gAUQ
thanks Michtrif!
I'm so with you with the return to work thing... i was allowed to work from home last week and yesterday and today. supposed to go in tomorrow, almost 4 weeks po and I'm wondering how I'll make it. this recovery is no joke! you look fantastic by the way! i love the mark up pic, some ps' mark up so much that you look like something out of star wars or some sci fi show... haha. my ps drew 1 line under the panties I wore in and that was all. i often wonder why! it turned out ok, so i guess 1 line was all he needed... hope you get the.extension!

Today marks 3 Weeks for me PO! No more bandages...

Today marks 3 Weeks for me PO! No more bandages and just tape now on my scar. And I can start light cardio and bicep and tricep exercise next week...yeah! Updated pictures coming soon.
Hi, still traveling, just wanted to check in. Glad to see you will be released to start training. I am so excited for you! I've been using the tapes can't wait to hit the gym. I'm about 11 week now and let me assure you it gets even better. The HLT scars and the hour glass look is definately the way to go!
Hey Sexy....things are better. I am walking more upright...however if I sit for a long time, when I stand things are very sore and tight. Also when I eat, I get very, vey tight as well. Do you experience that when eating? Speaking of eating....I had better get it together..my diet has been horrible...I think once back in gym/training I will get back on it. Dr. Slatton mentioned that he did not do lipo on my lower abs....and an area where fat could store...so I must watch it! Do you still sleep on your back? I am ready for at least my side....especially since I am a tummy sleeper....ugh.
Hi...Glad to hear things are getting better. Sitting for long periods does make you stiff but your recovery times will be faster. Your body probably needs the extra calories for healing so don't stress out too much about the calories. Just eat healing foods and good proteins and you will be fine. Not sleeping on my stomach yet, my core is a little too weak but it is coming. I know you are excited about hitting the gym and can't wait to further shape body 'cause Dr. Slatton did that thang and your results are phenomenal! Watching you ladies just pushes ME further!!! I know I've said it before but It's nice to see more ladies lifting and not afraid of a few muscles. As a result and since my tuck I'm getting hit on by guys in their early 30's....and I'm 55!!! So you go GURL and do that thang!!!

Ok...I put a few more pictures up today. Headed...

Ok...I put a few more pictures up today. Headed to the gym for biceps, triceps and light cardio....swelling is a trip but assumed.

Sorry...somehow not worth it was a default! This...

Sorry...somehow not worth it was a default! This TT is very worth having!
You look freaking great! OMG!
Thanks my friend...I just wish I can get this diet together. I am just not in the zone yet...but will be soon!
You look wonderful!! How much did you weight just before you went in?
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Slatton office is located in the same building as my fitness trainer. I seen him for a long time and decided to pay him a visit. He is very patient and seems to be very knowledgeable and looking at his pictures and talking to a few clients of his within this site...he is my choice.

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